15 Best Pen Lights In 2024 For Portability

Penlights are sleek flashlights shaped like a pen used by medical professionals, police, and mechanics. The best pen lights feature a slim design, compact size, and portability. They have become a popular trend among those looking for a flashlight that is easy to use. You can also carry them in your handbag or pocket. Choosing the right product could be a challenge, but when you know the factors you should consider, it becomes easier. To help you with that, we bring you a list of some tried-and-tested and user-friendly pen lights and a buying guide.

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15 Best Pen Lights

1. Best Portable:Risemart Diagnostic Penlight

The Risemart nursing penlight is made from aluminum alloy and is portable. The tried-and-tested penlight comes in two colors, and the package includes four batteries. The LED bulb has a lifespan of approximately 100,000 hours. The rubber switch on the top is tough to ensure that the power will not be turned on by mistake. It has two light modes—white light to check the nose, ears, and throat and warm light to check the eyes. This video will give you more insights into the product.

Color: Black + Silver | Batteries: 2 AAA batteries required


  • Simple to use
  • Elegant design
  • It doesn’t break easily
  • Handy
  • Long lifetime


  • Light may be too bright.
Our Reviewer's Experience

"It's been a simple and fuss-free solution for my everyday patient check-ups. The light is bright without being overpowering. Also, it has proven its durability by enduring all the daily rigors."

2. Best Lightweight:Streamlight Stylus Pro COB

Why We Think It's Worth Buying

The product has garnered more than 23,339 positive reviews on Amazon.

The Streamlight Stylus Pro COB penlight is made of high-quality anodized aluminum to ward off corrosion and scratch-resistant coating. The flashlight provides 90-lumen output and can work effectively for about four hours. The unbreakable lens of this product is made of polycarbonate, so it is powerful. The high-performance pen light is lightweight, slim, stylish, and takes up little space, making it the ideal emergency light.

Material: Aluminum | Color: Black | Shape: ‎Round | Batteries: ‎1 Lithium Ion batteries required | Product Dimensions: ‎6.64 x 0.25 x 0.25 inches | Item Weight: ‎2.56 ounces


  • Lightweight
  • Advanced LED technology
  • Excellent grip
  • Versatile


  • The on/off switch is a bit sticky.

Our Reviewer's Experience

"I keep this penlight handy during travel. The COB LED light is bright enough for illuminating close quarters, and its rechargeable design makes it convenient, too."

protip_icon Quick fact
This pen light is easy-to-use as it comes with a battery indicator. It glows a red light when it’s charging and a green light when it’s fully charged.

3. Best For Medical Professionals:Cavn Pen Light

Cavn penlights are made of high-quality aluminum alloy and LED lights that have a long service life. The package includes two different LED light colors, with a pupil gauge and a 5cm ruler on the side. The penlight has an on/off switch and a pocket clip, making it ideal for medical professionals.This pocket-sized light features two AAA batteries. To make an informed decision before buying, you can check out this video.

Material: Aluminum | Color: Rose Gold/White | Product Dimensions: 3.94 x 1.97 x 0.39 inches | Weight: 1.41 Ounces


  • Pocket Clip makes it easy to carry
  • Cost friendly
  • Reliable
  • Sturdy


  • It may not be suitable to check pupils.

Our Reviewer's Experience

"The pocketable design is a much-appreciated factor, always handy during quick clinical assessment. Also, it has impressive battery life—another plus. Though not dimmable, its bright illumination works just fine for me."

protip_icon Do remember
This pen light may not come with batteries. You may have to buy them separately.
Risemart Diagnostic Penlight
Best Portable
Streamlight Stylus Pro COB
Best Lightweight
Cavn Pen Light
Best For Medical Professionals
Color Black + Silver Black Rose Gold/White
Batteries 2 AAA batteries required ‎1 Lithium Ion batteries required-
Material- Aluminum Aluminum
Shape- ‎Round-
Dimensions- ‎6.64 x 0.25 x 0.25 inches 3.94 x 1.97 x 0.39 inches
Weight- ‎2.56 ounces-
Weight-- 1.41 Ounces

4. Best With Anodized Aluminum Shell:Hatori Super Small Mini LED Flashlight

Hatori’s ultra-small mini LED flashlight is powered by an AAA battery. Tested and trusted by many, the flashlight has an anodized aluminum shell, which is robust, durable, and water-resistant. It’s one of the brightest pen flashlights with a maximum output of over 150 lumens. A keychain is attached to the flashlight for easy operation. The user-friendly keychain light has a clip, which is easy to use, and a switch button at the bottom, making it easy to turn on and off.

Material: Aluminum | Color: Black | Product Dimensions: 4.8 x 1.04 x 0.64 inches | Weight: 0.63 Ounces


  • Water-resistant
  • Safe to use
  • Provides bright light
  • Easy to carry


  • Comes with just one battery
Our Tester's Experience

"This little guy has been with me like a true companion for a long time. It's easy to carry and sufficiently bright, helping me with my day-to-day tasks with ease. Plus, it has even survived a few drops and stayed durable."

5. Best With Adjustable Clip:Coast G20 Inspection Beam Penlight

Why We Think It's Worth Buying

The whopping 8,471 positive reviews on Amazon reflect the superior quality of this product.

The Coast G20 Inspection Penlight is a lightweight and durable product with a body made of high-quality aluminum. The stylish product is easy to carry and has an on/off switch on its rear. It includes two AAA batteries and can run for about 10 hours.

The compact light has a maximum coverage distance of 20 meters and features an adjustable clip, making it easy to store with minimum risk of losing the flashlight.

Number of Batteries: ‎2 AAA batteries required | Item Weight: ‎2.29 Ounces | Product Dimensions: ‎5.7"D x 0.63"W x 0.75"H | Material: ‎Aluminum | Color: ‎Black


  • Compact
  • Easy to use tail switch
  • Water-resistant
  • Lifetime warranty


  • The flashlight may not be bright

Our Reviewer's Experience

"This compact light has been a practical option for my mechanical tasks requiring a focused beam. While I like the solid build quality, the battery life could have been better."

protip_icon Caution
Pen lights need to be handled with care. Dropping them on a hard surface could damage the bulb or alter its function.

6. Best With Multiple Settings:Infray Led Pen Light Flashlight

The 5.7-inch long flashlight can provide up to 230 feet of light and is suitable for doctors, mechanics, nurses, electricians, etc. The flashlight cum medical tool has been updated with 220-lumen output and has three lighting modes: high, low, and strobe lights. The running time is about seven hours on high beam mode and 14 hours on low beam mode.

The compact flashlight is made of IPX4 rainproof, MIL-SPEC wear resistance, and rustproof anodized aircraft aluminum alloy, and a scratch-proof polycarbonate lens. The time-tested product is ideal for everyday carrying as it comes with a pocket clip for safe handling and an 18-month free warranty.

Number of Batteries: ‎2 AA batteries required | Item Weight: ‎0.11 Pounds | Product Dimensions: ‎5.83"D x 0.71"W x 0.71"H | Material: ‎Aluminum | Color: ‎Black


  • Convenient
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Multiple settings to choose from
  • Rustproof


  • May have a short battery runtime
Our Reviewer's Experience

"Its brightness has surpassed my expectations, outshining all the models I've used. Its beam is adjustable, making it perfect for my various tasks. I find it a tad heavy for its size, though."

7. Best Waterproof:Nebo Inspector Rechargeable Flashlight

Why We Think It's Worth Buying

This product is a hit with users, evidenced by the 3,076 fine reviews on Amazon.

The Nebo rechargeable flashlight uses the advanced Flex Power technology and includes a lithium rechargeable battery in the package. The flashlight can also be used with the help of two AAA batteries. The product is IP67 rated and waterproof up to one meter.

This rechargeable penlight has a detachable steel belt, which acts as a pocket clip and makes the product easy to carry without any risk of loss. The button has three light adjustment features and 4x zoom capability, which allows you to look into deep dark areas with precision.

Number of Batteries: ‎1 Lithium Ion batteries required | Item Weight: ‎2.1 Ounces | Product Dimensions: ‎6.42"D x 0.71"W x 1.06"H | Material: ‎Aluminum | Color: ‎Black


  • Waterproof
  • Impact-resistant
  • Provides the option to zoom


  • It may have low battery life.
Our Reviewer's Experience

"It fits comfortably in my pockets and stays put, and the build quality is decent. I find the beam reliable, and the strobe feature makes it even more useful, as it enhances visibility."

8. Best Impact-Resistant:EverBrite LED Penlight

The multi-functional LED penlight by EverBrite is suitable for home use, night walking, camping, reading, fishing, and cycling. These LED lights have a powerful life exceeding 100,000 hours.

This tried-and-tested product has a 25 LM solid bulb that doesn’t require replacement. The pack includes eight carbon batteries and four pen lights. Its metal clip helps to secure the penlight to your pocket.

Material: Aluminum | Color: 4-Pack | Batteries: ‎8 AAA batteries required | Product Dimensions: ‎5 x 0.5 x 0.5 inches | Item Weight: ‎1.06 ounces


  • Portable
  • Durable
  • Compact design
  • Lightweight


  • May look flimsy

Our Tester's Experience

"I've found these pens pretty sturdy and resilient, even against drops. They cater to my everyday needs quite well at the workplace and on the streets. The included batteries are a bonus."

9. Best Durable:Milwaukee Penlight

Milwaukee Penlight Image: Milwaukee

Milwaukee offers an excellent, bright, and precise light output of 100 lumens. The rear part of the product has a unique protective rubber bite so that the penlight can be used safely. The product’s IP67 rating makes it waterproof, durable, and reliable. The penlight is characterized by its aluminum shell, which is durable, impact-resistant, and rustproof.

The metal clip of the product can be easily fixed on the pocket for convenient use and access. The portable penlight has a lifetime warranty.

Material: Aluminum | Batteries: 2 AAA batteries required | Product Dimensions: 5.39 x 0.65 x 0.65 inches | Weight: 2.24 Ounces


  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Handy
  • Great output


  • Fragile pocket clip.
Our Reviewer's Experience

"Although not rechargeable, this penlight serves its purpose well for my daily needs. It's durable and offers consistent brightness. Most importantly, it has a comfortable rubber grip, which ensures ease of use."

10. Best With LED Light:Meuut LED Penlight

The Meuut penlight comes with two LED penlights, four AAA batteries, and medical shear pack. There are two types of portable lights: white light is used to check the throat, nose, or ears, and warm light is used to check the pupils. The penlight is made of high-quality aluminum alloy and LED bulbs, with long service life and reliability.

It features a stainless steel blade, injection molding handle, high-quality steel carabiner, and a 7.5 inch medical shear. The penlight has a pocket clip that can be easily hung on a coat, shirt, or trousers. The battery-powered light also comes with a 12-month warranty.

Blade Material: Stainless Steel | Material: Stainless Steel, Aluminum | Color: Black+silver | Batteries: 4 AAA batteries required | Product Dimensions: 7.5 x 4 x 0.55 inches | Weight: 5.93 Ounces.


  • Unbreakable body
  • High-quality medical shear is included in the package
  • Inexpensive
  • Excellent warm light to check pupils


  • May be fragile
Our Reviewer's Experience

"The strong clip keeps these pens securely in my pocket, despite their large size. They are sturdy, and I appreciate the included sharp shear for medical use. The oddly placed switch can accidentally activate, but still, they are quite a find."

11. Best Ergonomic:New Hope Store Pen Flashlight

The New Hope Store offers a pack of six mini pen flashlights with high brightness, equivalent to about 1,000 lumens. Each flashlight is 5.2 inches in length and has a clip to make it easy to carry. The penlight has XPE LED lamp beads.

When powered by two AAA alkaline batteries, the pen flashlight has a brightness mode and can last for about 100,000 hours. The product has a robust body made of corrosion-resistant anodized aircraft aluminum and an IPX5 waterproof design. 

Material: Aluminum | Color: Black | Batteries: 2 AAA batteries required | Product Dimensions: 5.3 x 0.55 x 0.55 inches | Weight: 0.16 Ounces | Wattage: ‎3 watts | Shade Material: ‎Plastic | Shape: ‎Pen


  • Ergonomic design
  • Long battery life
  • Sturdy built
  • Water-resistant


  • The flashlight may heat up quickly.
Our Reviewer's Experience

"I find these penlights perfectly sized for carrying; they fit my pockets without bulging. They are user-friendly, with a straightforward on/off button, and have been a handy option for daily use."

12. Best Eco-Friendly:Opoway Medical Penlight

Opoway Medical Penlight Image: Opoway

The Opoway medical penlight is made of a high-quality LED bulb that works for exceeding 3000 hours. This expert-approved light is safe for the eyes. It comes with a pupil gauge that measures pupil dilation. The time-tested pen-sized light also comes with a five-centimeter ruler that helps medical professionals take pupil diameter and laceration measurements.

It is made of aluminum alloy for long-lasting use. The solid metal clip is easy to fix to the pockets. Furthermore, this penlight works on AAA batteries for hassle-free operation.

Color: White and Pink| Package Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 8 x 6 x 0.61 inches| Weight 5.76 Ounces


  • FDA-approved
  • Compact
  • One-hand operation
  • Versatile


  • Switch may look flimsy
Our Reviewer's Experience

"I'm impressed with its lightweight yet sturdy build and bright illumination. It's reliable and convenient to carry, and the inclusion of the printed ruler and pupil gauge enhances its utility."

13. Best Rechargeable:Olight Rechargeable LED Pen Light

Olight penlight is a two-in-one product that can be effectively used as a smooth pen and a powerful LED light. With 120 lumens output, it provides high levels of illumination. The flashlight has a built-in 110mAh lithium polymer battery, which is rechargeable and can provide about 10 hours of intense light.

The portable and rechargeable pen light has an excellent stainless steel pocket clip, a unique L-shaped design, and an aluminum alloy body with a firm type III anodizing surface, making it durable and reliable.


  • Elegant design
  • Battery recharges quickly
  • Robust body
  • Light to carry


  • The ink cartridge may dry up

14. Best Compact:Aokin Medical Penlights

Aokin penlight is a compact penlight with easy to control on/off button on the top. The portable device has a metal pocket clip, a high-quality aluminum alloy body, and a high-quality LED light, making it durable and reliable. The flashlight uses two AAA batteries.

Item Weight: 0.04 Pounds | Material: Aluminum | Color: Rose Gold


  • Easy to control
  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Sleek


  • The power switch jams sometimes.
Our Reviewer's Experience

"As a medical student, I appreciate the functionality of this penlight. Its beam is bright enough to check various body parts, though it's overwhelming for eye examinations. And with the cute color and design, it looks like an actual pen."

15. Best Scratch-Resistant:Molaer Led Pocket Penlight

*The prices provided in this article are based on the latest available information. However, they may vary due to changes in pricing by the seller and/or promotional offers.

The Molaer penlight has CREE XPE LED light, three lightning modes –  high, low, and strobe lights and provides up to 300-lumen output. Two AAA batteries power the flashlight. The portable penlight has a compact design with a detachable pocket clip with an IP67 waterproof function.

The tried-and-tested product is 4.8 inches long and has an anti-slip handle for easy holding. The inspection light is made of military-grade aluminum alloy, which is resistant to scratches and corrosion. The package includes a user manual and an 18-month warranty.

Batteries: ‎4 AAA batteries required | Product Dimensions: ‎4.8 x 0.6 x 0.6 inches | Item Weight: ‎1.56 ounces


  • Waterproof
  • Reliable
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Bright and even light


  • The build may be thick to hold
Our Reviewer's Experience

"The zoomable feature is a standout—something I haven't seen in regular penlights. Plus, it's bright and sizeable enough to fit both in my pocket and purse. A built-in rechargeable battery would have made it perfect."

How To Select The Right Penlight?

Here are a few considerations to buy the right product.

  1. Size: The portable and compact penlight is larger than a flashlight and is easier to fit in a backpack. A penlight with a detachable pocket clip is preferable as it ensures safety, as it has little risk of being lost.
  1. Built: A penlight with a sturdy and unbreakable body made up of high-quality materials, such as aluminum alloy, lasts longer. People who work outdoors should choose a flashlight that is waterproof, impact-resistant, and shockproof.
  1. Ease of use: A penlight that is easy to use and carry is the right choice because it can be used indoors and outdoors.
  1. Runtime of light: There are different types of lights available on the market, but a penlight with a long runtime should be preferred. The penlight with adjustable settings can help save the runtime of the penlight.
  1. Battery: Look for a flashlight with a long-lasting, reliable, and rechargeable battery. Durable batteries such as AA and AAA are the right choice for buying a penlight.

How Is A Penlight Different From A Tactical Flashlight? 

Tactical flashlights and penlights are reliable, durable, well-structured, and high-quality products that are more effective than a conventional flashlight. The only difference between the two is that tactical flashlights are manufactured for use in military operations. In contrast, penlights are manufactured for daily use by medical professionals and the general public.

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With his experience in writing product articles on books, home gadgets, electronics, and kids, Wedetso Chirhah gives his readers easily understandable and high-quality information. With this experience and thorough research and reviews across websites, he has compiled a product list of the best pen lights for you to carry around with ease. Also, he added the product specifications and the buying guide to help you make the right pick.

The Bottom Line

Penlights are the best option when carrying a torch light is not a viable solution, especially when you’re out and about. They have a sleek and lightweight design, making it convenient to throw them in your bag or carry them in your pocket. When buying a penlight, ensure that it is built to be durable and unbreakable. The runtime of a penlight depends on its battery configuration. You should also check the battery capacity so that the penlight has a long runtime. Our top picks from this list include the Streamlight Stylus Pro COB for its advanced LED technology and the Milwaukee Penlight for being lightweight and durable. The compact Coast G20 Inspection Beam Penlight also stands out for being compact and water-resistant.

Infographic: How To Select The Right Pen Light?

Pen lights are portable, making them an efficient substitute for torches when traveling or camping. However, buying a suitable pen light involves keeping in mind certain factors. Check out the following infographic to learn about the features to consider when shopping for these pens to ensure the most appropriate selection.

Points To Consider When Buying A Pen Light (Infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

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