11 Best Pen Recorders In 2022


The best pen recorder comes with unique features that make recording an easy ride for you. Though it looks ordinary, a pen recorder can simultaneously perform several functions. You can use it to write, record important meetings, or even shoot a video of your pet at home, etc.

Another innovative use is keeping a watch over your personal belongings. This portable and easy-to-use device is handy and a must-have. Pen recorders come in various sizes, shapes, colors, and features. Below listed are some unique ones you can choose from.

11 Best Pen Recorders

1. Best Voice Recorder: Akaluli Pen Recorder

Akaluli Pen Recorder

A professional recording pen from Akaluli comes with a digitally upgraded voice recorder of 192kbps professional PCM recording. It includes a microphone for dynamic noise cancellation and records 1536kbps, clear audio. The built-in automatic voice detection function catches the detected sound and automatically ignores the silence, saving time and memory space.

The recorder has a 32GB capacity and can save up to 400 hours of audio-recorded files. You can quickly transfer the recorded files to your computer with the help of a USB cable. You can operate this easy-to-use device with one button, can be clipped on your pocket or book conveniently, and it also acts as a music player. If you want to know more about the benefits of this product, check out this quick review on YouTube.


2. Best For Meetings: Tctec Pen Recorder

Tctec Pen Recorder

With a 16GB internal memory, the TCTEC pen recorder can store up to 5700 songs or 260 hours of recorded files. You can use this pen for lectures, meetings, and several other occasions. This device also includes a professional, intelligent digital noise reduction feature designed by experts. You can operate it with the click of a button, and it has a powerful voice activation feature, so when it detects audio, it auto-records and saves time and memory space.

The recorder is lightweight and made from a high-grade Zinc alloy anti-rust metal shell with coating. It comes with a music player and free headphones for you to listen to your recordings easily. Here’s an honest review of the product.


3. Best Video Recorder: Leeboom Pen Recorder

Leeboom Pen Recorder

Along with working as a daily use pen, the Leeboom pen recorder comes with a slider-covered lens and has a built-in 350mAh battery that can work up to 150 minutes. You can also clip it easily on your shirt pocket or your notebook. This mini recorder records your videos in 1080P video resolution.

You can also record while charging, and it provides a loop charging function. It includes a card reader, ink refills, an eject pin, and a USB data/charging cable along with the recording pen. The pen recorder is portable and has a pen clip for fixing to prevent camera shake.


4. Best Easy-To-Carry: Seahon Yumfond Hidden Spy Pen

Seahon Yumfond Hidden Spy Pen

The recorder pen from Seahon comes with a six-layer glass lens to give excellent HD picture quality of 1080P along with supporting AVI format and providing clear video with stability. It can record the starting time and the ending time of the recorded file in exact seconds. The one-key operation allows automatic saving of the files as the camera turns off.

The built-in lithium batteries are resistant to high temperatures and have a large capacity for long-term work. It can make a continuous video of 60 minutes and has a standby time of 120 minutes. The device is easy to carry and has a retractable pen tip for convenient use. The plug that supports USB becomes visible after unscrewing that you can use for charging your device quickly. Here’s a video featuring a detailed review of the product.


5. Best Storage Capacity: Kokuji Pen recorder

Kokuji Pen recorder

Kokuji offers dual-upgraded noise-canceling microphones with a professional recording chip that records crystal clear audio. It can record sound at a distance of 30ft in full range. It features battery detection that automatically saves the current recording if the battery runs out.

The recorded files are easy to find, and the pen functions as an MP3 player. It is easy to carry and has a storage capacity of 32GB that can save up to 199 recording files and 10,000 songs. This device is compatible with WIN/MAC, and you can easily transfer the files via an included USB cable.


6. Best Lightweight: Atyime Pen Recorder

Atyime Pen Recorder

Atyime pen recorder can record 1536kbps clear audio. It also includes a powerful DSP noise reduction technology, sonic cancellation that filters the voice to give an ultra-clear recording. You can easily record within 10 meters under average decibels with this recorder. It has a 160GB storage capacity to store 190 hours of recorded files and 5000 songs.

The pen recorder is designed to fit your shirt pocket or book and includes six free pen refills to make it easy for you to take down important notes. It is small, lightweight, and comes with a standard USB 2.0 stable file transfer feature. The device is made from high-quality material and resists stress as well.


7. Best One-Click Operation: SpyCentre Security Pen recorder

SpyCentre Security Pen recorder

SpyCentre security pen can easily start or stop recording with its one-click operation. The headset included in the pack allows you to listen to the clear recorded audio and download it to a PC. It also consists of date and time stamping functions that mark the recorded video for easy access.

The device comes with Windows-only software or cable recorder, and you can adjust the recording quality from LP to HQ and even XHQ for high sound quality. It can also store up to 71 hours in LP and 35 hours in HD recorded files. You can use any Windows or Mac computer to play your recordings with MP3-compatible players.


8. Best Storage: AIUAIUGO Digital Voice Pen Recorder

AIUAIUGO Digital Voice Pen Recorder

The pen recorder by AIUAIUGO has a storage capacity of 32GB. It can store upto 15,000 songs and 400hrs of audio recorded files. The device is helpful for recording interviews, meetings, and lectures easily. It can capture up to 1536 kbps audio.

This device operates with one button to start and end the recording. It comes with a light indicator that glows while recording the audio. You can also use this device as a music player. Moreover, the device supports Windows and Apple OS. You can transfer the files safely to your laptop or PC.


9. Best Voice-Activated Function: KerLiTar Pen Recorder

KerLiTar Pen Recorder

With 8GB storage, the KerLiTar pen recorder can store up to 100 hours of recorded files or 300 songs. You can clip it to your shirt pocket or a book, and the 192kbps professional PCM recording is suitable for meetings, interviews, and other occasions.

The voice-activated function of this pen recorder prevents any blank fragment from saving up space and memory and offers crystal clear recording. Once the recorder detects low power, the recording file saves automatically. It also supports two-channel audio output and includes an independent VOR sound dynamic feature that captures sound control technology and enhances efficiency.


10. Best Compatible With Headphones: Qzteleelectronic Pen Recorder

Qzteleelectronic Pen Recorder

The pen recorder from Qzteleelectronic has a large storage capacity of 32GB to save up to 376 hours of audio-recorded files. This device comes with a recording time of 14 hours with full hours charge and does not require any extra memory card. It supports standard USB 2.0 high-speed stable file transfer and is compatible with WIN/MAC.

The unique design of this pen recorder can be clipped to a jacket or a book, and the refill allows you to write extensively. It is portable and can automatically save the recording of up to eight hours to prevent filling up space. You can plug in headphones and listen to the clear recorded audio.


11. Best Quick Charging: Sleuthtek Pen Recorder

Sleuthtek Pen Recorder

Sleuthtek pen recorder supports up to 19 hours of continuous recording and does not make any noise. The voice-activated recording feature turns on the recording whenever it detects voice and turns off when it detects silence. You can connect it to your computer, listen to the recorded files, or connect it on your OTG capable Android devices, such as smartphones or tablets.

The device has up to 144 hours of recording capacity and includes a light indicator while recording. It has a date and time stamp feature and takes only about two hours to recharge fully.


How To Choose The Right Pen Recorder?

Here are some features that you should keep in mind to buy a pen recorder.

  1. Storage capacity: Some pen recorders have 16GB storage capacity, while some have 32GB storage capacity. The more the storage space, the more files you can store in the device.
  2. Sound cancellation: Almost all the options available above have the noise cancellation feature. This feature can help in recording the files clearly and save up a lot of time and space.
  3. Portable and lightweight: Choose a lightweight pen recorder to carry it around conveniently. A pen recorder should be helpful as a pen also to maximize its features.
  4. Battery: The battery life of the recorder should be able to record audio or video for the desired time. If the battery runs out before the application is completed, the pen recorder may not be beneficial.
  5. USB support: The pen recorder should have standard USB support compatible with Computer, Mac, or smartphone.
  6. Additional features: Choose the pen recorder with features that fit your desired preferences to complete essential functions.

Pen recorders are useful devices for recording a meeting, presentation, or lecture to ensure you don’t miss out on anything important. These pens are multifunctional, as they help you write, record, and even shoot a video. Choose a pen recorder that has sufficient storage capacity, sound cancellation features, long battery life, and USB support and is easily portable. Further, opt for a beautifully designed pen with significant storage space, crystal clear audio quality, and other essential functions.

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