15 best Peppa Pig Toys


“Jumping up and down in the muddy puddles” is Peppa Pig’s “most favorite thing in the whole world.” Peppa Pig also loves learning new things every day. Take your children on a lovely learning journey by introducing them to the best Peppa Pig toys that are fun and educational. Whether it’s a Peppa Pig plush toy, Peppa Pig family home, Peppa Pig doll, Peppa Pig Figurine, or Peppa Pig playground playset, there’s an ideal Peppa Pig toy for your child on this list.

These snort-tastic toys are inspired by the entertaining episodes of the Peppa series. If your children are Peppa fans, read on to learn more about these toys and pick one.

15 Best Peppa Pig Toys

1. Best Press And Go:Peppa Pig Lights & Sounds Family Fun Car Vehicle Playset

Join the Peppa family on a fun-filled ride on the Peppa Pig Lights & Sounds Family Fun Car. This interactive car toy moves with the press of a button with its headlights on and produces fun sounds and phrases. It is designed to provide room for four figurines⁠— Daddy Pig and Peppa have already occupied their places in the car. Get this Peppa Pig toy to teach your children the importance of family time and improve their imagination.

2. Best For Imaginative Play:Peppa Pig’s School Bus Vehicle

School trips are always entertaining. Let your children go on a trip with Peppa Pig and Miss Rabbit in Peppa Pig’s school bus. This interactive toy is designed with a removable roof and produces cool sounds and phrases, which can be activated by pressing the front grill. Miss Rabbit and Peppa are already in the mood and all set for the adventure trip, and the school bus has seats for more Peppa Pig figurines—so let your children go on an imaginative adventure with Peppa Pig’s friends. Click this video for a detailed review of the school bus.

3. Best Engaging:Peppa Pig Shopping Mall

Shopping is exciting, and there’s no shortage of activities your child can engage in at a shopping mall. Your little child can now join the Peppa Pig family at the Peppa Pig shopping mall. This three-floor toy features a working elevator and includes Peppa Pig, George, Daddy, and Mummy Pig figurines. Let your little one accompany George and swing on the red horse or slide into the ball pit, take Peppa to the dressing room to give her a dramatic makeover, capture silly moments at the photo booth, and enjoy yummy pizza on the third floor. You can also connect and disconnect this toy in multiple ways. Here is a detailed demo video of the Peppa Pig shopping mall.

4. Best With Articulated Figurines:Peppa Pig Playground Fun Playset

Playing at the playground is fun. And when your children have Peppa Pig and Suzy Sheep for company, their playtime can become all the more fun. These articulated figurines come with playwear outfits and are compatible with other Peppa Pig playsets, such as the Peppa Pig’s Deluxe House. Your little one can make the figurines sit comfortably on the slide or swing and help them climb the ladder. Bring home this toy to teach your children the importance of taking turns and enjoying the outdoors.

5. Best For Teaching About Occupations:Peppa Pig Firestation Playset

Your little firefighter can now join Mummy Pig and Peppa Pig to rescue the town in an imaginative way using the Peppa Pig Firestation Playset. The set includes a fire engine vehicle with a detachable and stackable ladder, a foldable firehouse, and articulated figurines. The firehouse doubles as a storage space for the figurines and also features a phone desk and a movable platform to let the firefighters reach the tower and keep a watch on the town. It is one of the best Peppa Pig toys for teaching children about occupations and the importance of serving people.

6. Best For Pretend Play:Peppa Pig Peppa & Friends Sweet Day Ice Cream Playset

Your children can now spend their lazy afternoons with Peppa Pig and her friends at an ice cream party. The Sweet Day Ice Cream Playset includes five articulated figurines⁠—Peppa Pig, Mummy Pig, Candy Cat, Rebecca Rabbit, and a bonus mystery friend! And guess what! Peppa and Rebecca are all decked up in an ice cream outfit. This playset also includes a menu stand and a shady umbrella table to enjoy the ice cream before it melts away. Your children can also capture funny photos of Peppa and her friends by placing them behind the funny ice cream frame.

7. Best Plush Toy:Peppa Pig Oink-Along Singing Doll

The Peppa Pig singing doll is soft and ready to be cuddled. This plush doll comes in an attractive red shimmery dress and a bow and holds a mic in one hand to entertain your child with her melodies. The Peppa Pig toy can sing three songs and say three phrases inspired by the animated series. And that’s not all! It laughs, giggles, oinks, and snorts when you press its tummy. So, get this doll for your child and watch them engage in imaginative musical adventures.

8. Best Convertible:Peppa Pig Peppa’s Family Motorhome

Introduce your little one to the Peppa Pig family home and let them go on a beautiful holiday trip in their motorhome. The motorhome converts into an RV playset, and the kit includes 13 themed accessories and four articulated figurines for hours of fun. A movable kitchen, a toilet, and a campfire are some attractive accessories stored inside the bus. Your little one can enjoy different sounds by pressing the steering wheel. They can also help Peppa in her pool, which doubles as a table, join her in a hammock, or help her pull down bunk beds.

9. Best For Gifting:Peppa Pig Peppa’s Ferris Wheel Playset

Lay your hands on the Peppa Pig Peppa’s Ferris Wheel playset to let your little one experience the joy of attending a fair. This playset includes four attractive and colorful empty baskets and a three-inch tall Peppa figurine. Your child can become a ride operator and twirl the Ferris wheel manually. They can also collect other figurines from Peppa’s family and place them in the empty baskets to make the playtime more enjoyable. And as a child’s imagination knows no bounds, you can let them combine this playset with an amusement park-themed playset.

10. Best Portable:Peppa Pig Peppa’s Swimming Pool Fun Playset

The Peppa Pig Peppa’s swimming pool fun playset allows children to enact their favorite scenes from the series or come up with innovative play ideas. The set includes a Peppa figurine dressed in a swimming costume, a pool tube, a diving board, a food tray, and an ice cream dish. Your little one can make Peppa jump from the diving board or feed her with yummy snacks. Upon closing the door, the pool house doubles as a storage space for the pool accessories. The handle makes it portable and allows children to play with the set just about anywhere.

11. Best With Multiple Figurines:Peppa Pig Peppa’s Carry-Along Friend Case

Are you looking for a Peppa Pig playset with multiple figurines? Here is one to let your child pretend play with Peppa Pig’s buddies. The Peppa’s Carry-Along friend case comes with four figurines from the Peppa animated series. These three-inch figurines include Peppa Pig, Candy Cat, Suzy Sheep, and Danny Dog. All the figurines come in a portable carry case for convenient storage and allow children to engage in imaginative play anytime, anywhere.

12. Best Park-Themed Set:Peppa Pig Peppa’s Balloon Park Playset

Peppa Pig is all decked up in a balloon-themed dress to partake in the fun activities. Bring home this lovely playset to let your child join Peppa at the Balloon park and give wings to their imagination. The playset includes a seesaw, dino slide, tire swing, balloon ride, spinning roundabout, and a ladder with a corkscrew set—what more could your little one ask for?

13. Best Outdoor-Themed:Peppa Pig Peppa’s Outside Fun Toy

Your little one can now pretend play the playground scenes from the Peppa episodes with the Peppa Pig Peppa’s Outside fun toy. The set includes Peppa Pig and Rebecca Rabbit figurines that are ready to play and have fun and a swing and seesaw designed to be operated manually. So, lay your hands on this set and let your little one help Peppa and her friend swing and seesaw.

14. Best With Wheels:Peppa Pig Peppa’s Ice Cream Truck

Ice cream trucks fascinate children. So, here is the Peppa Pig Peppa’s Ice Cream Truck for your little one to pretend to drive. This truck set includes a Peppa Pig figurine dressed up as an ice-cream seller and also comes with exciting accessories. The truck also has rolling wheels to make your child’s playtime more engaging. One side of the truck has an opening that doubles as a table or ice cream stand. And what’s more, your preschooler can enjoy sounds from the series by pressing the steering wheel.

15. Best Detailed:Peppa Pig Peppa’s Adventures Picnic Playset

Peppa Pig and Suzzy Sheep love picnics. Get this Adventures Picnic playset and let your little one join them for a day of fun and frolic. The set includes Peppa Pig and Suzy Sheep figures standing three inches tall and comes complete with a duck pond, picnic table, picnic basket, two scooters, grill, pie, and two duck figurines. Turn the dial on the pond to make the duckies swim and flip open the tops of the accessories to find some lovely treats.

How To Choose The Right Peppa Pig Toy?

Picking a suitable Peppa Pig toy that’s apt for your child might seem challenging. So, here are a few factors you may consider to make the right pick.

  1. Interactive: Select a Peppa Pig toy set that can help recreate the episodes of the animated series, as such toys might make your children feel they are part of the Peppa world. Also, choose interactive toys that encourage pretend-play.
  2. Quality: Invest in high-quality toys that can last your children a few years. Also, ensure the toys are safe for children—they should be devoid of sharp edges and small parts that could pose a choking hazard.
  3. Sounds and lights: Toys that produce sounds and lights are attractive and grab children’s attention. Look for toys that produce sounds or phrases from the animated series.

Why Trust MomJunction?

Vibha Navarathna, the author of this article, has rich experience reviewing toys and gifts for children. She does in-depth research and compares several products to provide her readers with the best picks. In this article, she brings you a curated list of the best Peppa Pig toys that are interactive and ideal for pretend-play. The article also includes a buying guide to help readers pick a suitable toy for their children.

Peppa Pig continues to captivate little ones. And, it is common for children to desire all the oinktastic things, especially the best Peppa Pig toys. These toys are educational and interactive and boost children’s imagination besides providing entertainment. Your children can pretend-play and come up with imaginative stories or recreate the scenes from the series through these toy sets. So, go ahead and invest in a toy set that you think best suits your child’s interests.

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