Our Top Choices For The Best Petite Maternity Clothes

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Shopping for maternity clothes can be confusing. Your body is growing continuously and soon enough, you will grow out of your clothes which used to fit you perfectly last month. If you are petite you might be even more confused when it comes to buying maternity clothes. You don’t want to be swallowed up in a dress or end up wearing something that doesn’t flatter your body type. We all know looking good can make us feel good. And there are numerous options for you to choose from to make you look good without giving up on comfort.


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When confused about what to wear, always go for overalls. It is hard to not look stunning in overalls with your baby bump. There’s no hassle of putting together your complete attire as well. Just throw on a simple tee underneath it and you are good to go. You can go for colors like yellow, red or neutrals like grey, white. You simply cannot mess it up! This dress will make room for your pregnancy belly while completely complementing your petite figure. You can choose flats or casual shoes to go with it.

Ruffle Off Shoulders

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You can wear this dress as a summer dress or for an evening dinner date. Ruffle off the shoulder will look great on a pregnant woman. If you are going for a body-hugging dress, make sure that the material is very stretchable. You can go for plain solids or go for different patterns or colors as you’d like. If you are going for a formal party, choose a plain solid color that hugs you at all the right places.


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All petite ladies out there, it’s time to don that bodycon and flaunt your figure. Choose a dress that has stretchable and breathable fabric. You can layer it with a cardigan or a camel coat for a more sophisticated look. You can go for knee-length or above-the-knee bodycon as well. Pair it with your favorite footwear and shades.

Shorts For Summers

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Don’t you ladies miss wearing shorts? Whether it’s to go run some errands or a casual outing, shorts can be your perfect companion. Especially during summers when it’s hot and humid outside, nothing gives you comfort like shorts. Buy shorts that are stretchy and easy to wear. You don’t always have to go for denim. Wear what you like and what feels comfortable for you. You can go for a low rise or mid rise shorts.

Wrap Dress

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Here’s some great news for you! Wrap dresses are perfect not just for pregnancy, but for your postpartum period as well. Breastfeeding can be a breeze with this one. You can be sure that you won’t outgrow this one with your growing belly. Plus, it also looks cute on every woman. You can adjust it below the bust by tying it up. You cannot go wrong wearing a wrap dress. You can shop for floral prints or fabrics with small prints and patterns. It makes for everyday wear or an evening out with your friends or family.

Leggings For Comfort Leg Days

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You cannot always wear jeans even though we love jeans. Especially during summer, you might be looking for something else. Leggings can be your best buddy when you are craving for some comfort. And with a petite figure like yours, you can never go wrong wearing them. Go for the ones made of natural fibers like hemp, bamboo or cotton.

Flowy Dresses Are All You Need

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It is a dress that you can wear on any day of your pregnancy. It gives you enough room below the bust. You can go for plain solids or colorful patterns. Going to the salon or for some shopping? Put on your favorite flowy dress.

Don’t sweat it if you don’t know what to wear during your pregnancy. With our style guide, you can be sure to never go wrong. And if you already have a wrap dress or overalls in your closet, with some luck you might not have to buy new ones. But remember that pregnancy is also about comfort than just looking good. So wear outfits that make you happy. And spend your time and energy on other things like eating right and sleeping enough. Did you like our style guide for maternity wear? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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