13 Best Piggy Banks To Buy In 2022


Piggy banks bring joy to children and encourage them to save and manage money. As children, we have all wanted to have the best piggy banks that we would happily break to buy something we fancy. It was a sheer pleasure, and nothing was truly enjoyable like it. And no matter with changing times, today’s children would also love them.

If your child wants a piggy bank, you can bring home one to help them save money. In addition, piggy banks can help teach your kids to learn about finances. Here, we list some classy piggy banks lined up for you, ranging from mini ATMs to Halloween-inspired ones. These are easy-to-use and great for the environment too.

With several options available online, we have handpicked a few good options so you can choose one for the money saver at home.

13 Best Piggy Banks To Buy!

1. Pearhead Ceramic Piggy Bank

Pearhead Ceramic Piggy Bank


Let your baby boy’s first savings account be the classic piggy! Super cute and just like the one you had in your days, this glazed ceramic piggy will save all the coins in his enormous belly with ease. With a smooth and shiny construction making it a perfect addition to the nursery or kid’s room, Pearhead Ceramic Piggy Bank is easy-to-use and has a large coin slot too. So, if your little boy is saving money in pockets and drawers, it’s time you give him his very own classic piggy bank!

2. Lefree Digital Counting Money Jar

Lefree Digital Counting Money Jar


Don’t just save money, keep a count too! This digital coin counter by Lefree will keep a tab on every penny you deposit. Designed with an LCD screen that provides an accurate display of the total amount, it allows the users to subtract on removal too. And that’s not all — it recognizes all the US coins and can store up to 1000 coins! Wow, right? One of the best piggy banks for kids and adults, it is made of high-quality ABS transparent glass, which means you can also track your savings with ease. And unlike ceramic money boxes, it won’t break on falling. A must-try if your family loves to save, this digital coin counter will not disappoint.

3. HmiL-U Panda Stealing Money Bank

HmiL-U Panda Stealing Money Bank


To watch an adorable panda take away the coin will make your child enjoy the money-saving lessons even more! Cute and compact, this mini piggy bank makes a unique gift for children and is environment-friendly too. And what really makes it fun is the voice feature that says “hello” on placing the coin and “thank you” after it steals the coin away! Plus, it can save up to 40 coins and also comes with an on-off power button. So, if you want your child to save money more often, this panda can be their go-to banker!

4. iefoah Pineapple Coin Piggy Bank

iefoah Pineapple Coin Piggy Bank


Here’s a piggy bank that can easily double up as a premium decor in your room! Adding a fruity and exotic touch (pineapple lovers, indulge!), it will also save up all those extra pennies in your pockets through its large coin slot. Recommended to use for both kids and adults, it is made of high-quality ceramic stoneware, and the pineapple design adds a convenient grip to the structure too. And, since it is so luxurious and efficient at the same time, we think this durable piggy bank is too classy to miss!

5. PHOCAS Pig Money Box

PHOCAS Pig Money Box


Now anyone can save money in Toy Story’s adorable piggy, Hamm! An ideal option if you are looking for a plastic piggy bank, this one will last longer and is made of high-quality material. Making saving and depositing money a fun experience for kids, this plastic pink piggy bank can double up as a toy too. A great addition to your kids’ toy story collection, it accepts all the US coins and has a large coin slot for an easy deposit too. And for retrieving the money, the pig head is removable, and it also has a rubber stopper at the bottom. Still, wondering how to make “saving money” fun for kids?

6. Younion Piggy Digital Coin Bank

Younion Piggy Digital Coin Bank


Your classic piggy bank just got a digital and electronic upgrade! Watch your kids keep track of their finances, while you keep a track on their savings with this transparent and high-quality piggy bank. With an automatic built-in coin counter and easy-to-read LCD screen, kids can even practice Mathematics with the add and subtract options. Compact and cute, this piggy bank may look minimalistic, but it recognizes and accepts all the US coins. Designed to run on 2AA batteries and easy-to-use, watch this durable piggy bank turn into a money saver for the entire family instantly.

7. Adsoner Cartoon Piggy Bank

Adsoner Cartoon Piggy Bank


A mini ATM for your little girl to deposit her precious savings! If classic piggy banks are too old-school for her, go for this large-capacity ATM that not only saves coins but paper notes too. Easy-to-use and durable, all she has to do is place the note on the scroll and it automatically rolls in the money, just like a slot machine! Ideal to save up to 600 coins and 100 paper notes, this mini ATM comes with a password feature and produces bank sounds too. But what really makes it a great option is that this piggy bank is absolutely non-toxic and environment-friendly, thus safe for children.

8. LIKE Toy Piggy Bank Safe Box

LIKE Toy Piggy Bank Safe Box


Saving money can’t get any more real and fun than this! Just like a slot machine, this sturdy and professional-looking ATM will roll in the paper note automatically. Plus, the kids will have to set a password to retrieve the money, thus helping them learn all about financial safety. Besides this, to make the experience all the more genuine for the little users, it comes with a pretend fingerprint, produces bank sounds, and has a UV light to check paper notes! And that’s not all — it records the last three deposit operations and has a built-in voice clock and alarm too. Just what you need to encourage your kids to save money, don’t miss out on this mini ATM.

9. Kijea Spirited Away No Face Man Coin Bank

Kijea Spirited Away No Face Man Coin Bank


Spirited Away fans, this one’s for you all! Just like the on-screen character, No Face Man will swallow anything and everything that comes in its way. In this case, being coins that once placed in the red bowl, the figurine will open his large mouth and swallow it all in! Super durable and unique, it also has a money retrieving lid at the bottom and plays funny sounds every time it swallows the coin. And if you are wondering whether it will last? It’s made of high-quality ABS material and is a great prop to display during Halloween too.

10. Baby Aspen Princess Carriage Piggy Bank

Baby Aspen Princess Carriage Piggy Bank


Right out of a fairytale and into your princess’ bedroom, this ceramic carriage will make your little girl squeal with joy. A perfect addition to her princess-themed room, it will double up as a timeless masterpiece on the shelf too. One of the best kid piggy banks to encourage young girls to keep track of their savings, this one also has large storage and a coin slot for easy deposit. Want more? It’s easy to use, surface-washable, and comes with a rubber stopper at the bottom! Isn’t it perfect for your princess?

11. DomeStar Cute Dog Bank

DomeStar Cute Dog Bank


Brace yourselves for this husky-inspired adorable piggy bank will make your heart melt. An ideal company for your dog-loving child and even better if you have a husky at home, DomeStar Cute Dog Bank is lightweight and made of high-quality plastic. Besides this, the 3D-designed head and tail are movable, all thanks to the premium workmanship, and it also has a cute dog tag! Being your child’s playmate and encouraging them to save money, the dog head is removable too but by adults only, thus preventing kids from retrieving money often. And the best part— the product is non-toxic and environment-friendly!

12. Wait Fly Green Dinosaur Piggy Bank

Wait Fly Green Dinosaur Piggy Bank


This little dinosaur will not roar but save all those pennies like a pro! So, if you are dealing with a mini wildlife explorer or dinosaur lover at home, this cute piggy bank will not disappoint. Also, besides being a piggy bank, it will sit on the shelf like a classy figurine since it is made of high-quality resin. Easy-to-use, with a coin slot on top and money-retrieving lid at the bottom, watch your little one go wild with happiness on receiving this little money-saving dinosaur.

13. Hapinest Rocket Piggy Bank

Hapinest Rocket Piggy Bank


Lastly, this rocket-shaped piggy bank for the budding astronaut in your house! Encourage your little one to save money for the next science fair by gifting them this hand-painted piggy bank. Helping them track their savings at an early age, this high-quality ceramic figure is glazed for a smooth finish, making it a delightful décor in your child’s bedroom. Also, it comes with an easy-to-deposit coin slot and a rubber stopper at the bottom for removing money. And as far as the storage capacity is concerned, be rest assured as it is large and ideal for saving both coins and (folded) paper notes.

Why Trust MomJunction?

If you would like your child to develop the habit of saving money, getting them a piggy bank will serve the purpose. Priti Bose, a toy and gift enthusiast, suggested the names of some of the best piggy banks. These look cute and are easy to use. You may read the article for detailed information on products to ensure quality, durability, and design. So, scroll through the list and choose the right piggy bank for your child.

Piggy banks are excellent tools to help children develop the habit of saving money. And since they’re something children cherish, especially when it’s their first piggy bank, you can look for a cute and colorful one so that your little one looks forward to using it as frequently as possible. And what’s more, a piggy bank, despite what its conventional name suggests, doesn’t have to be a piggy. You can also look for dino, rocket, or other designs as per your child’s likes so that they’re happy with the piggy bank.

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