21 Best Pimple Patches To Clear Acne, In 2021


The best pimple patches are designed to absorb impurities and excess oil around the cheeks, mouth, and nose. They also soothe, cleanse, and moisturize your face, helping you maintain clear skin. In addition, pimple patches help prevent breakouts so you can say goodbye to your skin woes, especially pimples and acne.

Check out our list of pimple patches (based on your skin type), which help fight the annoying pimples. Also, the post mentions the factors you should consider while buying the product.

21 Best Pimple Patches

1. Mighty Patch Original – Hydrocolloid Acne Pimple Patch

Keep pimples at bay with Mighty Patch’s pimple sticker, which flattens blemishes with hydrocolloid. The cruelty-free product effectively helps you eliminate pimples in as little as one night by flattening them.

It is appropriate for all skin types, including oily and dry skin. To get clearer skin, apply the patch to the infected area and keep it overnight. It also has up to 50% more ability to absorb skin gunk than other regular patches, and it remains on the skin all night without waking you up. It’s also easy to remove from the skin, so there’s little to no inflammation or redness.
Each box contains 36 patches with easy-to-peel perforated sheets.

2. Rael Acne Pimple Healing Patch

Rael’s acne pimple healing patch is available in 10mm and 12mm. One pack consists of 96 patches. The patch does not contain silicones, sulfates, mineral oils, or alcohol and efficiently retains skin moisture without clogging.

You can use it as acne patches. These are available in stick form and are suitable for all skin types. They work gently on your facial epidermis to absorb medical-grade hydrocolloids with anti-allergic, non-drying formula, thereby absorbing impurities such as oil and dust and acting as an absorbent.

The tapered edges keep them adhered to the skin for a long time, and the transparent matte finish blends perfectly with different skin tones. They also protect the skin from irritants such as germs and help prevent scars.

3. Cosrx Acne Pimple Master Patch

Cosrx’s acne pimple master patch comes with 96 acne spot patches, which can quickly and efficiently treat outbursts. The original pimple sticker is the first-generation patch of highly effective patches many people have loved for several years. It uses an A.D.H hydrocolloid dressing to gently cover the affected area to achieve faster and moisturized healing.

Now, you can set aside the acne popping habit and replace it with this easy-to-use patch, which can flatten pimples and acne painlessly. It includes 24 kinds of patches in three different sizes, suitable for various facial areas and contours. It is available in five, nine, and ten dots.

Cleanse the affected area of the skin, use a patch larger than the outburst for full coverage, and let it stand for several hours to get the best effect without redness and irritation.

4. ZitSticka Killa Kit Pimple Patch

The translucent microneedle pimple patch from ZitSticka heals the skin for deep, early-stage zit removal. The acne pimple patch is a salicylic and hyaluronic acid-based formulation that extracts hard-to-reach zits on the skin surface and treats upcoming zits to keep your skin clear of acne and pimple development. Further, its micro-needle delivery system works with an ex-zit strategy for clearer and well-moisturized skin.

The sticker enables quick extraction of zits. Its formulation is dermatologist-backed. Use it regularly to get clearer skin and prevent pimple outbreaks.

5. Haruto Microdart Acne Pimple Treatment Patch

Haruto Microdart’s acne cover patch is another micro-needle-based product that does an excellent job of eliminating pimples and acne from the roots. It combines hydrocolloid dressing with micro-needle technology to remove pimples from the core. In addition, its design helps unleash the acne-resisting ingredients in a super-dose to prevent outbursts long before they appear on the skin.
Six patches, each measuring 18mm, are included in the pack for optimum penetration of pyramid-shaped micro darts. It takes two to six hours for the patch to work up and eliminate the pimple roots. It has a high absorption capacity and is simple to use, with perforated sheets that peel easily. Use the cruelty-free product guilt-free on your facial skin to eliminate acne and pimples in a short time.

6. Jolvka Large Acne Pimple Patch

Jolvka’s large acne pimple patch comprises 18 XL strips dotted with hydrocolloid for effective spot removal. The acne dots are arranged in a contoured patch that conforms to your face for full acne coverage on the nose, cheeks, and chin. The healing patch is 25x60mm in size and has tapered edges for quick application to the skin. It heals blemishes with overnight absorption.

It is made of thin hydrocolloid patches that blend well with the skin tone, making it ideal for women and men. The patch acts as both an absorbent and a protective cover, and it takes anywhere from six to 24 hours to take full effect.

7. Baglak Hydrocolloid Large Acne Pimple Patches

Baglak’s 22-strip pack of hydrocolloid acne pimple beauty patches allows for fast acne absorption and prevents more extensive breakouts on facial contours. Its curved design, combined with a size upgrade, makes it ideal for preventing acne and pimples in other outbreak-prone areas such as the neck, back, chest, chin, and buttocks.

The latest formulation of these stickers contains tea tree oil, which has anti-microbial properties and makes acne removal easier. The hydrocolloid patches are also simple to apply and peel off and are waterproof. These popular patches are translucent, making them ideal for various skin tones.

8. Peach Slices Acne Spot Dots – Hydrocolloid Patches

Peach Slices’ hydrocolloid acne spot treatment patches are suitable for all skin types. The pore cleansing strips are translucent, fast-acting patches that allow your skin to breathe, resulting in clearer and healthier skin. The stickers minimize skin inflammation, thereby accelerating pimple and acne flattening in less than 24 hours.

The healing patches are easy to apply and remove. The potent formula is cruelty-free and free of skin irritants and harmful chemicals. Choose from three different sizes from a pack of 30 patches to apply on your blemishes for smoother, healthier skin.

9. Liberex Acne Pimple Healing Patch

Libernex’s acne pimple healing patch is known for its quick absorption property and effective acne and blemish treatment. The invisible face zit stickers available as hydrocolloid absorbing bandages come in a pack of 200 patches. They’re made from sodium and mineral oil, and their anti-acne properties help them cure blemishes quickly.

With their translucent matte finish, you can expect them to blend effortlessly with a range of skin tones, effectively concealing unwanted outbreaks. They’re also ultra-thin (0.22mm) and breathable, making them ideal for all-day wear.

10. DermaAngel Ultra Invisible Acne Pimple Patch

The DermaAngel Ultra Invisible Pimple Patch comes in a pack of 48 stickers and comes in two sizes to cover blemishes on various facial contours. These stickers are suitable for people of all ages and with different skin types. Their performance is comparable to Korean pimple patches.

Cover and heal your acne dots and blemishes quickly with the alcohol-free and hydrocolloid zit stickers, which absorb up to six times more pus than their own volume. The facial healing absorbing patches come with an ultrathin edge of merely 0.01cm, which adheres to the skin for a longer duration without much resistance.

They are invisible with a matte finish to give your skin a natural look while you wear them day or night. You only need to tear one of these 48 acne patches and apply it to the affected area, and you are ready to go.


11. Glam Up Blemishield Patch

The Glam Up Blemishield Patch comes in four packs, each containing 36 patches for extended use. The blemish cure patch is made of high-quality hydrocolloid for faster healing of blemishes, pimples, breakouts, and acne. It’s one of the best pimple patches you’ll find because of its ability to absorb pus and prevent bacterial growth.

The breathable and healing patch reduces skin scarring, inflammation, and redness. It is a transparent patch that blends in with the skin and is ideal for use during the day and at night. It’s also easy to wear in the shower, thanks to its good adhesion, high absorption, and waterproof surface. Choose from any of the two sizes for maximum coverage of your affected skin and experience breakout reduction quickly.


12. Dermakr Discreet Acne Pimple Patch

With the soothing properties of Dermakr’s acne pimple patches, you can say goodbye to regular pimple breakouts. These are one-of-a-kind, waterproof, and almost invisible patches that conceal spots and serve as a helpful treatment for pimples and cystic acne.

These healing stickers come in a pack of two, each containing 36 patches. They help dry blemishes by absorbing pus and other irritants for fast recovery. The hydrocolloid formula also soothes and moisturizes the skin, preventing scarring during the healing process.

13. Clearasil Stubborn Acne Control 5-In-1 Pimple Patch

Clearasil’s five-in-one pimple patch is best known for its success in treating persistent and chronic acne and other facial blemishes. It comes in a four-pack with 18 pimple patches that work overnight to cure acne and leave your skin smoother and healthier.

Apply the patch to the infected area to help seal out dust and debris and prevent microbial growth under the pores. The natural formula absorbs pus and oil secretion under the surface to dry out the inflammation, resulting in the flattening of pimples and breakouts. Ingredients such as clove oil, lemon oil, and eucalyptus oil help reduce skin scars left after pimple treatment, providing a holistic cure for frequent pimple and acne breakouts.

14. Rael Acne Pimple Healing Patch

Rael’s acne and pimple healing patch comes with a microneedle acne patch. It features 96 healing patches and nine micro-needle patches to complement the healing process and absorb dust and oil in skin pores.

The skin patches are made of high-grade hydrocolloids that can extract impurities from the core. They have strong adhesives to keep the patch intact throughout the day, while the micro-needle patches can provide deeper healing for cystic acne and recurring blemishes. Leave it overnight to make the skin clearer and healthier.

15. Patchology Breakout Box 3-In-1 Pimple Patches

Patchology’s three-in-one breakout box is one of the best pimple patches on the market. The package contains 24 hydrocolloid dots, 24 salicylic acid dots, and three nose strips to cover pimples and acne. It cleanses the skin and unclogs and heals blemishes within a few hours after use.

The paraben-free formula prevents skin irritation while gently extending to the skin pores to extract and clean black skin. All you need to do is gently apply the patch on the blemished area and leave it for at least eight hours to get a more transparent skin texture.

16. Avarelle Hydrocolloid Acne Patches

If you are looking for healing patches with high anti-microbial properties for a natural blemish cure, try Avarelle hydrocolloid acne patches. It combines the advantages of tea tree oil and calendula oil. The high absorbing properties of hydrocolloids make your skin more transparent than ever before and quickly flatten pimples and acne.

It comes in two sizes. The original acne patch includes 40 stickers, while the XL package contains eight patches to maximize the coverage of the affected area. These patches, recommended by Allure experts, are suitable for all ages and skin types. Its ultra-thin and transparent finish makes it invisible on the skin, making it ideal for daily use.

17. Si Doux Microneedle Pimple Patches For Face

Si Doux microneedle pimple patch has a unique salicylic acid composition, hyaluronic acid, olegopeptide-76, and niacinamide. The potent active ingredients and micro-needle technology aid in healing blemish cores when they are still maturing, preventing further growth in the buds. They do this by creating 24 micro-darts, which break up the debris that causes acne and release red pus for absorption.

Essential ingredients prevent abnormal skin shedding while unclogging pores for lesion reduction. The painless acne remedy outperforms many hydrocolloid-based stickers.

18. Paulinrise Acne Patches

Paulinrise’s acne patches come in a pack of nine stickers and are infused with tea tree oil and hyaluronic acid to treat and reduce blemishes. The skincare product absorbs skin pore secretions through infused micro-needles and provides the necessary nourishment for quick healing.

The product, made of high-quality ingredients, uses a unique formula that helps protect damaged skin while preventing any build-up of impurities in the affected facial contour. It is also easy to use as you can apply it in the comfort of your home after cleaning the affected spot. Leave it on the affected area for two hours for the best results.

19. Olive Young 1 Pack Care Plus Spot Patch

This Olive Young product works effectively to dry and flatten pimples, putting an end to your quest for appropriate Korean pimple patches. The hydrocolloid patches produce visible results with overnight use.

It sticks to the skin all night with a powerful adhesive, allowing you to have a peaceful sleep. The patch is easy to peel and is ultrathin with a matte finish, making it suitable for various skin tones while concealing pimples and blemishes.

20. Catch Me Patch Blemish Spot Care

Catch Me Patch’s ultrathin, non-drying drug-free hydrocolloid pimple sticker comes with 96 dots for spot-fee and blemish-free skin. The unscented impurity-absorbing patches are ideal for all skin types and easy to peel.

The patch aids in faster healing of the inflamed facial contour and creates a protective layer. The patch’s ultra-thin and transparent body makes it ideal for daily use while entirely concealing blemishes. It comes in a range of 10mm and 12mm patch sizes and is waterproof.


21. Pretty Much Acne Dots Pimple Patch

Pretty Much’s acne dots pimple patch is one of the most preferred maskne remedies for pimple treatment and prevention. The anti-pimple popper patch dries out and flattens the inflammation to soothe the skin for quick recovery. The ultrathin and invisible patches are ideal for daytime wear and conceal your blemishes.

The kit includes 72 patches that you can use for a long time and is made of an ultra-sticky formula that holds it in place all night without waking you up. Apply the patch with precision using the included plastic tweezers. It also prevents pimples from coming into direct contact with your fingers, preventing bacterial infection and growth. It is ideal for all skin types and comes in three sizes for maximum blemish coverage.


How To Choose The Right Pimple Patch?

Keep the following points in mind while choosing a pimple patch for your skin.

  1. Ingredients: Healing patches for skin primarily use hydrocolloid as the absorbing and curing ingredient. You can also find patches infused with other ingredients, such as salicylic acid, hyaluronic acid, and tea tree oil.
  2. Ease of application and removal: Ensure the patches are simple to apply and remove without causing any redness, scar, or irritation.
  3. Type of patch: Acne curing patches are available in two types: sticker and micro-needle patches. Check their differences before buying the best pimple patch.
  4. Skin type: The patches must be appropriate for your particular skin type, whether normal, combination, dry, or oily.
  5. Patch thickness: The thickness of your chosen pimple and acne patch determines the ease of use, with ultrathin patches allowing for daytime use with minimum visibility.
  6. Duration of use: A pimple patch should also be most effective in the shortest amount of time. Before making a decision, consider how long you’ll be using it.

After you’ve gone through all of these points, it’ll be much easier to choose the best pimple patch from the list. Also, read the reviews online to make an informed choice before buying one.

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