11 Best Pirate Board Games In 2022


Pirates and their adventures on the seas have long captured people’s imagination. The exciting life full of adventure and action would lure many into a fantasy world. The best pirate board games are a source of entertainment, bringing the complete family together from the comfort of your home. In addition, they offer several positive effects on children’s mental, emotional, and physical development. Here, we list some of the best pirate board games and a buying guide for you to choose a suitable one.

Top 11 Best Pirate Board Games

1. Best Strategy:Hasbro Gaming Risk Junior Strategy Board Game

Hasbro Gaming’s Risk Junior is one of the best strategy games designed to help children improve psychologically, emotionally, and physically. Players can put a die on their pirate ships, press a lever, and launch them to claim islands and treasures. This pirate board game allows players to sneak pirates into islands, defend their territories, and control the treasure they’ve accumulated. Your victory is defined by the amount of treasure and island acquired, making it a competitive and entertaining pirate-themed board game. Here’s a video to help you know more about this product.


  • Involves up to four players
  • Easy to set up and play
  • Bold and colorful artwork
  • Helps improve critical thinking
  • Less than 30-minute playtime


  • Cardboard tokens may be thin

2. Best To Improve Social Skills:Catan Studios Catan Explorers and Pirates Board Game

The Catan Explorers and Pirates board game is suitable for children aged 12 years and older. With five novel scenarios, players use their ships to navigate the seas and build homes in the discovered islands. Its variable board allows replayability, so you don’t get bored of playing the game multiple times. It is easy to learn and offers a 90-minute average playtime. This video takes you through this product’s details.


  • Helps improve social skills
  • Allows three to four players
  • Multiple components
  • Lightweight


  • Needs CATAN base game

3. Best Double-Sided:Lost Boy Entertainment Plunder A Pirate’s Life

Plunder A Pirate’s Life’s double-sided board tiles allow you to create different map configurations for a thrilling adventure. You are the pirate king, and there won’t be any problem if you sink your rivals to the depth of the sea. Since players can construct ships, fight wars, find treasures, and conquer islands, you’ll find this pirate game board challenging and exciting. If you have gold, you can spend it on nearly anything. However, wood earns you additional ships, iron gets you more cannons, and rum can keep the crew’s spirit high. For a more detailed review of this product, here’s a video.


  • Easy to learn
  • Suitable for two to six players
  • Includes player interaction
  • Team play option


  • May have a choking hazard

4. Best Sturdy:Facade Games Tortuga 1667 Board Game Of Strategy, Deceit, Cards, And Luck

The Tortuga 1667 is designed from wood and rubber material, safe for your children as they do not contain toxic elements. Accumulate your treasure by strategizing, using cards, deceiving your friends, or through luck. This pirate-themed board game is suitable for children aged 12 years and above. It can accommodate up to nine pirates and offers a playtime of 20 to 40 minutes. The set includes 75 cards, one wood explosion token, eight wood treasure tokens, nine wood pawns, and one cloth bag.


  • Attractive faux book box
  • Includes a rubber playing mat
  • Sturdy
  • Includes a rulebook


  • May be difficult to board ships

5. Best With Quick Playtime:Brybelly Liar’s Dice Game Set

Liar’s Dice, one of the best pirate board games from Brybelly, features a 12.25×8.75-inch neoprene treasure map with pirate decorations. Its 30 custom bullseye dice are suitable for chucking craps. The reusable storage box with a sleek design keeps your items safe, and it’s designed like a treasure chest. This pirate board game is designed for pirates, monster hunters, bandits, gamblers, or cowboys, and two to six players can play simultaneously. The players can track their bids on the functional bidding track.


  • Includes six leather dice cups
  • Easy to play
  • Includes instructions
  • Quick playtime


  • May be too simple

6. Best Treasure Chest:Plaid Hat Games Forgotten Waters Pirate Board Game

The Forgotten Waters pirate board game lets you assume the role of a pirate and sail with other pirates on the same ship. Pirates may be forced to steal or fight to stay alive and desperate struggles lie ahead. This world is magical, and the encouraging stories keep the pirates together as they laugh and explore. Its five unique scenarios enable replays, and the massive location book offers an adventure that can last a lifetime. There are streamlined rules that enable up to seven pirates to explore this world.


  • Longer playtime
  • Highly variable
  • Immersive story-driven game
  • Includes a free app


  • Set up may be complicated

7. Best With Attractive Components:Z-Man Games Merchants & Marauders

Players can get treasures through the plundering trade hunting expeditions. This pirate board game features a thematic combat system and unique trading system that offer intense excitement and critical thinking. The game gives room for ship modification, purchase of impressive vessels, loading deadly special ammunition, and hiring crew members with special skills.


  • Three-hour playtime
  • Allows two to four players
  • Attractive components
  • Easy to learn


  • May have a choking hazard

8. Best Entertaining:Forbidden Games Extraordinary Adventures: Pirates!

The Extraordinary Adventures: Pirates board game includes plunder merchant ships that grab the cargo and add new crew cards to build your deck. Whenever you play cards, you’ll move your ship three tracks, and soon, you’ll be the richest pirate in the Caribbean. This pirate-themed board game is for children aged eight years and above.


  • Easy to learn
  • Educative and entertaining
  • 60-minute playtime
  • Sturdy and durable game tiles


  • May be rushed

9. Best Cooperative:Peaceable Kingdom YARR Har Hunt

Unlike other pirate board games, the Peaceable Kingdom YARR Har Hunt was built as a cooperative game for children. Players must help Captain Casey and her crew discover clues to find Shell Island treasures before getting to the island. This game enhances children’s communication, cooperation, decision-making, and strategy as they collaborate to find clues to the hidden treasures. The interactions for playing the games are straightforward to understand. The game will foster teamwork, self-esteem, emotional development, a sense of community, and creative problem-solving ability.


  • Suitable for four years and above
  • Accommodates two to four players
  • Offers 20-minute playtime
  • Straightforward instruction
  • High-quality materials


  • May pose choking hazards

10. Best Family-Friendly:Gamelyn Games Tiny Epic Pirate Board Game

Gamelyn Games’ Tiny Epic Pirate board game features a black market when you can make a fortune or risk losing your savings. Sail the ship for a fun adventure, but you can also use the Action Wheel to find more ways to conquer the sea. It allows plundering so you can amass wealth without spending the cash you’ve earned. You can recruit up to four players in your quest to take over rival ships and collect treasures. It’s a family-friendly game with premium materials that won’t wear or tear easily.


  • Long playing time
  • Easy to play
  • Easy storage
  • Easy setup
  • High replayability


  • May have too many components

11. Best With Durable Metal:FoxMind Bermuda Pirates Board Game

FoxMind’s Bermuda Pirates board game is a captivating family game that tests your observation skills, memory, and dexterity. It’s a treacherous treasure hunt that can make your hunt sink and lose all your hard-earned treasures. You’ll push your boat with one finger to rich the treasure island within the center of the board and make away with some valuables. 256 secret board configurations make this pirate board game adventurous, and you’ll never repeat the same game every time.


  • Durable metal material
  • 20-minute playing time
  • Suits two to four players
  • Easy to play


  • May not have instructions

How To Choose the Right Pirate Board Games?

Consider the points below before choosing the right pirate-themed board games.

  1. Design: Ensure the design is easy to understand while not sacrificing the entertaining aspect. Some pirate board games are played with cards or dice, while the boards are creatively painted with a unique pirate theme to help your child navigate the high seas.
  1. Material: Ensure the material is high-quality to make them durable and reliable. It should not contain materials with toxic chemicals that can harm your child. The pieces shouldn’t be too small to cause choking hazards.
  1. Storage: Ensure the board game is easy to store to keep the components safe for long.
  1. Players: Consider the number of players when choosing a game. If you have a large family or the child has many friends, go for one that accommodates two or more players.

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With so many pirate-themed movies that have captured people’s interest, pirate board games have managed to become a refreshing change from traditional board games. A pirate board game, or any game, should be both challenging and entertaining. However, it should come with easy-to-understand instructions. If you’re buying a pirate board game for your next game night, consider the number of invited people and invest in a game for as many players so that everybody has fun.

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