13 Best Plasma Balls In 2022


A beautiful addition to brighten your home space, plasma balls are made of glass, with a gas mixture and a high-voltage electrode. Here’s our list of the best plasma balls to help you choose the right one. When electricity passes through the electrodes, it generates colorful lights. These are great tools for explaining scientific topics to your children and are unique home décor items. If you’re looking for one, scroll down to learn about the various available options.

13 Best Plasma Balls

1. Best For All Ages: RioRand Plasma Ball

RioRand plasma ball is an effective USB plasma ball, which runs on four AAA batteries. Every touch will emit bright multi-colored light from the globe. This tool can effectively teach children science and also make up for a great toy. You can decorate your workspace, office, or bedroom with this attractive ball. When placed in a semi-dark room, it highlights the arcs and bolts of the globe ball. The plasma ball is suitable for children of all ages and is an excellent gift choice.


2. Best Touch-Sensitive: Theefun Nebula Thunder Lightning

This small-sized plasma ball from Theefun is a touch-sensitive globe surface ball that emits colorful lights in all directions. A beautiful scientific phenomenon is displayed through multiple beams of light in a dark space. It purifies the air by producing negative ions and by neutralizing the positively charged smoke. You can plug the plasma ball into your laptop with a USB cable. It runs on four AAA batteries.


3. Best Multi-Colored: Kicko Green Plasma Ball

The multifunctional plasma ball has two different interactive modes and can run without batteries. The first mode displays touch-sensitive multi-colored lights, while the second mode responds to all sounds and touches. Nebula lightning bolt is suitable for all types of decor and helps one learn different scientific concepts. The lightning streaks inside the ball are beautiful and produce a fascinating light show with every touch. It comes with a six-foot power cable.


4. Best Easy-To-Operate: Fymural Magic Plasma Ball

The large magic plasma ball generates colorful electric currents through its globe-like surface. The power switch on the left side of the ball makes it easy to operate. The ball also has a sound mode. In this mode, the light will sway with the rhythm of the background music. You can explain several scientific concepts using this ball. The manufacturer claims that the device can activate oxygen molecules in the air, promoting metabolism and better sleep.


5. Best Sound-Sensitive: Lebbeen Glass Plasma Ball

Lebbeen’s six-inch diameter glass plasma ball is a tactile and sound-sensitive ball that can produce fantastic light displays from different angles. The glowing globe ball comes with an AC adapter. Each touch will emit glowing colored bolts and a unique pattern according to the sound. Besides serving as a learning tool to teach science to children, you can use it as a decorative item.


6. Best Sound-Enabled: Nebula Plasma Ball

The six-inch Nebula plasma ball has a unique design with interactive features that showcase the globe’s surface. Apart from touch, the ball also reacts to different sound modes and music. With every touch, glowing lightning streams will be attracted by your fingertips. This plasma ball can effectively teach various scientific concepts and complement home or office decor. It has a stylish black base and is equipped with a convenient on/off audio switch.


7. Best With Plasma Filaments: Unido Box Plasma Ball Light

This plasma orb lamp with a diameter of eight inches is a portable ball equipped with a Tesla coil. The 12V adapter powers the glass ball, and a single touch can effectively generate plasma streams. The colorful glass ball is filled with plasma filaments to learn the concept of static electricity effectively. You can also activate the sound mode for active response to audio and music. You can place the high-quality ball in any corner of the room or office, and it is an ideal gift for children and adults.


8. Best For Creative Projects: Katzco Colorful Plasma Ball

The super plasma ball from Katzco features two different interactive modes — touch-sensitive and touch and sound modes. With the help of a six-pin plug-in power cord, you can efficiently operate the nebula lightning ball by simply pressing the switch. The ball emits multiple colors that glow super bright and is filled with a mixture of noble gases that react to electromagnetic frequencies. You can use the ball as a prop in photos, videos, and creative projects.


9. Best No-Battery Design: Gouevn Eight-inch Plasma Ball

The Gouevn plasma ball is an excellent glass ball with a diameter of eight inches. It transmits colored bolts every time you touch it with your finger. The electric ball responds to sounds of 80 decibels and above. It is easy to operate with a power cord adapter, and the device does not require any batteries. You can use this attractive design ball to decorate your house, office, or party space. This science novelty toy comes with a user manual for easy use.


10. Best Calming: Armyte Plasma Ball Lamp Light

The touch-sensitive Armyte plasma orb light is a 3D device that uses the scientific principle of a plasma discharge to create a calm atmosphere. Touch with your fingertips to reveal dynamic colorful light. This lamp light is an ideal gift for Christmas, suitable for children and adults. It may also help neutralize static electricity. You can operate it by connecting it to a laptop or computer via the USB port. It makes for an exceptional decor item.


11. Best Decorative: Aibote Magic Fly Dragon Glass Lightning Plasma Ball

The Aibote lightning plasma ball is made of high-quality resin and glass material and features a classic design. The ball’s base emits high-frequency electromagnetic waves, which cause the gases to transform into plasma. After each touch of your fingertips and various audio sounds, powerful beams of colorful lightning appear. You can use this aesthetically styled ball to decorate bedrooms, living rooms, offices, and restaurants. The product comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


12. Best Versatile: Tradeopia Corp. Glass Plasma Ball

The Tradeopia Corp. glass plasma ball is a high-voltage electrode sphere with an eight-inch diameter that produces spectacular visuals. With each touch of your fingertips, blue lightning flashes appear. The ball, which can also be used as a science desktop toy, produces an immersive light display. When the audio mode is switched on, the lightning within the ball responds to various sounds and music. In addition to the plasma ball, the kit includes an AC adapter.


13. Best For Gifting: Mangsen Blue Light Plasma Ball

Mangsen’s blue light plasma ball is a touch-sensitive colorful ball that glows in the dark. This touch-sensitive ball transmits colored bolts of glowing light. You can use the plasma ball to teach science principles to children of all ages. The plasma ball has a diameter of three inches, and you can operate it with a USB cable from any device. Four AAA batteries can also power the plasma ball. You can use this touch-activated ball as a decorative object and as a gift for children and adults.


Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Plasma Ball

Check out these crucial factors before purchasing a plasma ball.

1. Size: Consider the size of the plasma ball before buying it. A standard-sized ball has a diameter of six to seven inches and can be easily put on a desk.

2. Modes: Light-sensitive and dual (light-sound) modes are two interactive modes of a plasma ball. Choose a model with a light-sensitive mode if you prefer a quiet environment. Those who enjoy partying and playing music can choose a light and sound-sensitive ball.

3. Purpose: You can use a plasma ball as an educational prop, a novelty object, a night lamp, or a gift. Make sure you know why you want to buy a plasma ball before making a decision.

4. USB connectivity: It is always safer to buy a high-quality plasma ball that can operate with a USB cable from your laptop or computer. A plasma ball that runs on AAA batteries may require regular replacement and can be uncomfortable at times.

5. Inclusions: For ease of use and increased reliability, purchase a plasma ball that includes a user manual and an AC adapter. Such features make it easy to operate and use.

Why Trust MomJunction?

We bring you a list of the best plasma balls that you may use as a home decor or educational tool for your children. We have evaluated several user reviews on various forums and compared products to bring you this comprehensive list. Along with the necessary details, the list also has a buying guide to help you find the one that best suits your needs.

Plasma balls are beautiful glass creations that serve multiple purposes, from emanating colorful lights and projections for aesthetic reasons to imparting educational content to children. If you’ve been looking for unique home décor items that can also help with your little one’s development, these plasma balls are excellent options. However, before buying one, ensure you consider the size, modes, USB connectivity, overall quality, and additional features, such as a user manual and AC adapter. It has never been easier to liven up a space and make learning immersive for children.

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