11 Best Plastic Storage Bins To Store Your Belongings In 2022


If you struggle to organize the mess in your room, our list of the best plastic storage bins can come to your rescue. Some of us struggle to keep our belongings in an orderly fashion. Also, some seasonal stuff needs to be stored away for later use. Storage bins can help you easily arrange and store your belongings without spoiling or destroying them.

Whatever your requirement, there is a storage bin for every use. With several durable and versatile options, check out our list of plastic storage bins to make your search easy.

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11 Best Plastic Storage Bins

1. Best For Storing Heavy Items: Iris USA Clear TB Plastic Storage Bin

Iris USA offers plastic storage bins in various sizes and volumes. The bins have an ergonomic design, with handles and latches that make them easy to move and carry. They are see-through to help you see what’s within. They are suitable for lightweight and heavy things because of their sturdy, anti-break plastic construction. Their stack ability makes them ideal for tight or confined storage spaces.


2. Best For Vertical Storage: Bino Stackable Plastic Storage Bins

Free of BPA and chorine, Bino storage bins are made of shatter-resistant plastic. They are easy to move because of the built-in, easy-grip side handles. You can stack them easily by rotating the bins 180° for vertical storage to save space. Multiple sizes are available to help you create your storage space to fit your needs.


3. Best For Storing Small Items: mDesign Plastic Food Storage Container Bin

mDesign storage bins are suitable for storing small things to help you find them at any time. Each container is constructed of BPA-free plastic, with a built-in handle on each side to help you stack and move them as needed. They are shatterproof, easy to clean, and safe to store food. You can easily wash the bins with mild soap and water.


4. Best For Easy Transportation: Rubbermaid Roughneck Storage Totes

The heavy-duty containers from Rubbermaid can endure temperatures ranging from 0° to 110°F and are impact-resistant. Their stay-tight lids help protect the contents from moisture, allowing you to keep food in your basement, garage, shed, etc. These containers are stackable and have in-built handles for easy transportation and carrying.


5. Best BPA-Free Plastic: Seseno Plastic Storage Baskets

Seseno pantry organizer storage baskets are made of plastic weaves. Their practical size can make the most of your space. You can place them next to one other to keep everything tidy and accessible. When not in use, their nestable design allows you to stack them inside one other. These storage baskets are made of shatter-resistant, high-quality, food-safe BPA-free plastic. Available in a six-pack, you can clean them with warm soapy water.


6. Best For Under-Bed Storage: Homz Plastic Underbed Storage

Homz plastic under-bed storage bins have an ergonomic design and wheels, allowing you to roll them under the bed and remove them conveniently. To keep the lids in place, the clear bins have snap-latch closures, and the bin’s hidden handles help make transportation easy. Its see-through material enables you to see what is within, and you can stack filled containers to save space.


7. Best Corrosion-Resistant Material: Akro-MilsAkroBins Plastic Storage Bin

Akrostorage bins are made of a one-piece industrial quality plastic that is rust-, water-, and corrosion-resistant. They can store up to 50lb capacity, and you can use them for storing clothing, food items, stationery, vegetables, and fruits. Their stacking and hanging functionality allow you to save space, and they are available in different colors.


8. Best To Store Pantry Items: Skywin Plastic Stackable Storage Bins

Stackable and lightweight, you can use the four-pack storage bins to store pantry items, toiletries, and other household supplies. Its open-front design allows you to access the contents without removing the bins on top, and the mesh sides allow circulation and ventilation, keeping the contents fresh.


9. Best For Bulky Items: Akro-Mils Stack-N-Store Storage Container Bin

Available in different colors, Akro Mils’tough plastic storage containers can be stacked to create a tower. Their wide hopper front allows easy access to large and bulky items stored in them. The large comfort grip handles on three sides make hauling effortless when the containers are fully loaded.


10. Best For Refrigerator Use: Amyup Storage Bin

The two-pack high-capacity multipurpose basket bins are ideal for keeping the refrigerator or pantry clean and tidy. Available in different sizes, they are easy to transport because of the built-in, easy-grip side handles. They’re made of strong, food-safe, BPA-free plastic. You can easily clean these bins with mild soap and water.


11. Best For Long-Term Durability: Vacane Plastic Storage Bins

Vacane storage bins are made from polypropylene plastic that ensures long-term durability and easy cleaning. You can label the containers to identify the stored things easily. Their contoured handles make carrying and transportation easy. The bins are dustproof and stackable, and they have a concave lid design.  Each bin has breathable holes to keep the items fresh and well-ventilated. These bins can withstand heavyweight and do not buckle or crack when stacked.


How To Choose The Right Plastic Storage Bin?

Here are the factors to consider before purchasing plastic storage bins:

  1. Purpose: Consider the items you need to store when choosing the ideal storage bin. If you need to store fruits and vegetables, chose bins that allow ventilation. For clothes and heavy items, pick bins with enough storage and durable material.
  2. Weight and size: Ensure the bins you choose help to optimize storage capacity and are easy to transport. The storage bins should be spacious enough to hold all your items while being light enough to transport, access, or relocate them.
  3. Design: Storage bins come in a range of shapes and sizes to suit your needs. Ensure the bins are stackable, fit small spaces, have wheels and handles for easy storage, etc.
  4. Handles and lids: Consider bins with handles to move containers easily and safely. Make sure your bins have snap-tight lids to keep your items safe and away from spilling.

Storage baskets can make a remarkable difference in your home. They help store and organize your clutter, freeing up extra space in your house. We hope our list of the best plastic storage bins can assist you in finding an ideal storage container.

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