17 Best Play Tools For Kids Who Love To Fix The Things In 2022


From building blocks to doctor sets, we have grown up with amazing toys that kept us engaged and helped us learn new skills. If you want such educational toys, here’s our list of the best play tools for kids to help you choose the right one. Since children these days are intelligent and sharp, they can pick up skills quickly. These play tools are safe for use and help them learn while watching their parents fix things around the house.

With various tools in a set or single pieces, these tools allow your child to learn what each tool does and encourage curiosity. Our list includes multiple high-quality options to help you find one that suits your child’s interests. So, scroll down to learn more and make an informed decision.

17 Best Play Tools For Kids

1. Steam Life Tool Set

Steam Life Tool Set


One of the best play tools for kids, the Steam Life Tool Set comes with 19 pieces of practical play tools that are bound to interest and excite your kid. The toolkit is made for kids between the age of three and seven, and is certified child-safe. Before buying, have a look at this video for more details.


  • Safe and easy to use
  • Convenient storage
  • Realistic tool pieces
  • Also includes a friction drill and safety goggles
  • Certified child-safe


  • Might be less durable

2. Learning Resources Fix It

Learning Resources Fix It


The toolkit that is specially designed for kids above the age of two is ideal for encouraging imagination. It includes 6 integral tools like a hammer, screwdriver, drill, saw, and wrench. The tools come in a toolbox that makes it easy to store after playtime. Watch this video to know more about the product.


  • Safe for toddlers
  • Drill makes sounds when squeezed
  • Made from soft plastic
  • Ideal size


  • The toolbox might not be big enough

3. Black + Decker Junior Tool Belt Set

Black + Decker Junior Tool Belt Set


Realistic looking tools to encourage the fixer in your kids, the Black + Decker Junior Tool Belt Set is ideal for children above three years of age. It comes with a fabric tool belt and a set of goggles so you can teach your kid about safety too!. This video will give you more insights into the product.


  • Ideal size
  • Popular tools
  • Tool belt included
  • Comes with 11 pieces


  • Tool belt cannot be adjusted

4. Rexbeti Real Tools

Rexbeti Real Tools


For all those DIY projects that your kid might want to try, give them a chance to be ahead of the line with the Rexbeti Real Tools kit. It comes with a fabric belt with 10 pockets which make up ample space for the play tools.

Caution: The tools are real and not just play tools for kids. They are tools made for smaller hands and should always be used with adult supervision.


  • Ideal for 5+ years
  • 14 pieces of tools
  • Screwdrivers with magnetic tip
  • Durable


  • Always use with adult supervision

5. Kejih Toy Tool Set

Kejih Toy Tool Set


With an array of choices, these play tools for kids come in a handy toolkit with 21 pieces. It is the perfect toy set to enhance your kid’s imagination and hands-on skills. This set is recommended for children between the ages of three and thirteen.


  • Smooth edges
  • Realistic tool functions
  • Environmental-friendly
  • Helps in intellectual development
  • Non-toxic


  • Might be less durable

6. Kidzlane 20 Piece Deluxe Tool Kit

Kidzlane 20 Piece Deluxe Tool Kit


One of the best features of this play tool kit is the battery powered pretend drill that makes real drilling sounds at the press of a button. Made for children from between the age of three to six, these play tools for kids are bound to excite your little munchkins.


  • Sturdy play tools
  • Portable tool kit
  • Child-safe
  • Extra durable
  • Drill comes with batteries


  • Might be expensive

7. Black + Decker Mega Tool Set

Black + Decker Mega Tool Set


Suitable for kids who love to build things and help around the house, this tool kit comes with 42 tools and accessories. It has real-looking tools that are bound to get your kid interested.

Caution: Contains tiny pieces that could pose the threat of choking hazard. Please use under adult supervision only.


  • 42 pieces
  • Made with soft plastic
  • Comes with a hat
  • Spinning drill


  • Might not be durable

8. Battat Busy Builder Tool Box

Battat Busy Builder Tool Box


This tool box that can be used to learn various builder skills and mathematical skills. It comes with a great looking tool box that can be flipped to use as a work table as well. It has a pretend drill that makes realistic drilling sounds and a proper working tape measure.


  • Innovative tool box
  • Realistic tools
  • Durable tool box
  • Front door opens to more work space


  • Older kids might not find them interesting

9. Gresdent Construction Toy Tools

Gresdent Construction Toy Tools


Made with lightweight materials and in attractive colors, these play tools for kids are great for boys and girls to improve their hands on skills. It can be used even to learn colors, body coordination, and operational practice.

Caution: The tool kit contains small pieces that can pose the threat of choking hazard. Should be used only with adult supervision.


  • Non toxic plastic
  • Increases child curiosity
  • Easily portable
  • Lightweight


  • Not suitable for kids below the age of three

10. Li’l-Gen Kids Tool Set

Li’l-Gen Kids Tool Set


Engineered for small hands, this tool kit comes with 16 pieces that can be easily cleaned up and stored in a portable tool box. It comes with a box that aims to educate and fuel your kid’s imagination.


  • Battery powered pretend drill
  • Contains a tool belt
  • Safety goggles
  • Comes with an educational book


  • Tool belt might be loose

11. Toy Choi’s Tool Construction Set

Toy Choi’s Tool Construction Set

Designed for toddlers to improve their hand-eye coordination, this play tool set is just what your child needs. The tool kit includes a toy drill, a play hammer, nails, screws, and nuts. The kit is made keeping in mind the safety of kids and does not have any sharp edges.


  • Functional play tools
  • Superior quality
  • No color fading materials
  • Resistant to rough use


  • Might be expensive

12. Work Pro Tool Kit

Work Pro Tool Kit


Play tools for kids that inspire learning, creativity, and imagination, this toolkit encourages your kids to start DIY projects at an early age. The tools are not pretend tools but real ones tailor made to suit small hands. This tool kit is suitable for kids of 6 years of age and above. The kit comes in variants of pink and blue for girls and boys.

Caution: The tools should not be used without adult supervision as they are real tools designed for small hands and could be dangerous.


  • Uses green and safe materials
  • Helps develop creativity
  • Aids in skill development
  • Comes with a zip-bag
  • Cute pink colored tools


  • Needs adult supervision

13. Fisher Price Drilling Action Tool Set

Fisher Price Drilling Action Tool Set


Something cool to keep your little ones engaged with, this realistic drill tool set allows your child to screw in pieces with their own drill! It helps develop your kid’s fine motor skills and shape up their early engineering skills.


  • Extremely realistic
  • Innovative design and application
  • Drill works in forward and reverse
  • Learn and develop skills


  • Might be small in size

14. Fun Little Toys Workbench And Construction Toy Tool Kit

Fun Little Toys Workbench And Construction Toy Tool Kit


It is designed to support a built-in saw, bench clamps, and an electric drill. The Fun Little Toys Workbench And Construction Toy Tool Kit comes with a storage drawer and three detachable hardware tools. It also has four different shape blocks— square, heart, circle, and triangle.


  • Ability to learn shapes
  • Built-in storage
  • Flashing lights, realistic sounds
  • Easy grip for little hands


  • Batteries not included

15. Joyin Construction Yard Tool Toy

Joyin Construction Yard Tool Toy


This creative set of play tools for kids allows creativity training for kids who love hands-on activities. It includes goggles, noise-cancelling headphones, tape measure, orbital sander, chainsaw, circular saw, and coping saw. It is the perfect tool for little landscaping projects.


  • Realistic sound and action
  • Builds fine motor skills
  • Enhances creativity
  • Educative tool toys
  • Non-toxic and child-safe


  • Battery not included

16. Big Mo’s Toys Tool Set

Big Mo’s Toys Tool Set


With an array of choices to choose from, the Big Mo’s Toys Tool Set comes with 46 pieces to keep your kids engaged and excited. The tool box opens out into three layers of trays for ample storage and detailed organizing of the play tools.


  • Suitable for kids to play pretend mechanic
  • Includes an air powered cordless drill
  • Portable tool set
  • Non-toxic and safe for child use


  • Might be less durable

17. Liberty Imports Little Handyman Repair Toy Tool Set

Liberty Imports Little Handyman Repair Toy Tool Set

With 52 pieces to choose from, these play tools for kids are one of the most functional kid friendly toolkits. It inspires imagination and creativity among kids who can develop their skill set with these small-sized handyman tools.


  • Realistic and functional
  • Contains safety goggles
  • Educational
  • Increases learning abilities
  • Fuels imagination


  • Might break easily

How To Choose The Right Play Tools For Kids?

You already know that there is a wide range of products to choose from depending on your kid’s needs. But the trick is to find that perfect tool kit that your son or daughter may enjoy the best. There are tools made for toddlers which include play tools that help with their color recognition, hand-eye coordination, mathematical skills, and other such interests. They are usually made of soft plastic and are safe for kids who are much younger. However, with older kids, there are some play tools that are made of plastic but others are made of steel to give your kids a different playing experience. These are designed to help your kids with their cognition, development of senses, skills, and interests. Therefore, the key factors to consider when you’re choosing play tools for your kids are the age range, main features, warning and cautions, and the toy materials.

So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on some of the best play tools for kids so that they can learn and develop several skills that will be of great benefit to them in their early learning age. Play tool kits are not only fun but also educational and exciting for your kids. Comment below and let us know which toolkit from our list made your kids happy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Educational Benefits Are There For Kids Playing With Play Tools?

Apart from learning about various skills as a kid, play tools also help kids improve their creativity, imagination, and curiosity.

2. How Do Play Tools Enhance Children’s Development?

Because of the hands-on nature of these toys, children develop fine motor skills and improve dexterity. They also become better equipped to develop the skills they need as adults.

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