10 Best Playskool Toys To Keep Children Occupied In 2023

Playskool, a subsidiary of Hasbro, manufactures colorful, educational, and fun toys for children of different age groups. Be it a Playskool baby toy, a Playskool toy car, or some other toys, the best Playskool toy shave vibrant colors and attractive features that are functional and fun. These toys are made of non-toxic materials and have elements that can help improve your child’s motor skills, concentration, attention span, and hand-eye coordination. Have a look at the detailed descriptions of these top products and choose the one best suited for your little one.

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11 Best Playskool Toys

1. Best Easy-To-Assemble:Playskool Sit ‘n Spin Classic Spinning Activity Toy

Enhance your little one’s balance, coordination, and motor skills with the Sit ‘n Spin activity toy by Playskool. The fun activity toy has an easy spin design, allowing the child to control how fast or slow the toy spins. So, sit your little one on this colorful toy and watch them whirl, twirl, giggle, and laugh. It makes a great toy to keep your baby occupied indoors.

Material: Plastic Age: 18 months and above Maximum weight: 42lb


  • Easy to assemble–comes with instructions
  • Smooth, rounded edges
  • Vibrant colors
  • Stable base


  • May be smaller than expected
  • Lid may loosen at times
Why It's Worth Buying: About 43,687 reviewers on Amazon have given their seal of approval to the product.
Price at the time of publication: $34.99

2. Best Stimulating:Playskool Explore ‘n Grow Busy Gears Toy


Improve your child’s motor skills and keep them active for hours with the Playskool Explore ‘n Grow Busy Gears toy. The toy is made of sturdy plastic and features 11 textured and colorful gears. The removable gears can be used for stacking and sorting, thus encouraging hands-on interactive play. It also emits sounds and lights to stimulate your child’s senses and make playtime more intriguing for the little one. Check out this video to learn more about this toy.

Material: Plastic Weight: 1.85lb Age: 12 months and above


  • Built-in carry handle
  • Vibrant colors
  • Auto-shut off feature
  • Enhances cognitive learning
  • Makes a great first birthday gift


  • May not include batteries
  • Some may find the music loud
Price at the time of publication: $27.99
protip_icon Quick tip
Saying the names of the shapes and colors out loud while playing with colorful toys can help enhance your child’s color and shape recognition skills.

3. Best Air-Powered:Playskool Chase ‘n Go Ball Popper Toy


This friendly elephant is your child’s perfect partner for playing a game of catch. The Playskool pop-up toy is powered by air and includes four colorful balls that it pops up for the little one to catch. It also plays multiple catchy tunes at the press of a button, offering pure entertainment to your child. Take a look at this video for more information about this toy.

Material: Plastic Weight: 3.13lb Age: Nine months and above


  • Enhances motor skills
  • Improves hand-eye coordination
  • Teaches cause and effect
  • Easy to store


  • May not include batteries
  • Motor may be louder than expected
Price at the time of publication: $36.99

4. Best Plush Toy:Playskool Dressy Girl Stuffed Doll Toy


Gift your little one a colorful companion by getting them the Playskool Dressy Girl stuffed doll toy. Besides being a fun companion, this new Playskool doll can help your little one become independent. It also helps enhance their everyday skills as they zip up the doll’s dress, secure the buttons, tie the hair bow, put on the accessories, and secure its shoes. The doll is made of 30% recycled fabric and features a plant-based plastic button and buckle.

Material: Fabric, polyester fibers Weight: 9.9lb Age: Two years and above


  • Includes five getting-dressed activities
  • Enhances social skills
  • Features a carry-along clip
  • Machine-washable


  • May be smaller than expected
Price at the time of publication: $18.83

5. Best For Tummy Time:Playskool Fold ‘n Go Elephant Stuffed Animal Toy


Make your little ones’ tummy time fun and educational with this Playskool elephant toy. The snuggly elephant is made of plush material and has a rattle, shaker, squeaker, crinkly ear, and multiple textures to help your baby experience different sensory inputs. The toy’s other notable features include a satin ribbon, a mirror with rounded edges, a peek-a-boo flower, and a put ‘n take pocket. This review video can give you more details about the product.

Material: Fabric, polyester fibers Weight: 13.1lb Age: Three months and above


  • Foldable and portable
  • Flat-laying base
  • Machine-washable
  • Available in two colors
  • Ideal for gifting


  • Some may find it bulky
  • Some accessories may fray over time
Price at the time of publication: $10.78
protip_icon Quick tip
Put the toy in a mesh bag before cleaning it in the washing machine to keep its seams from fraying.

6. Best Lightweight:Playskool Stack And Nest Barrels And Blocks

Playskool Stack And Nest Barrels and Blocks Toy Image: Playskool

Let your little one stack, sort, and learn shapes and colors with the Playskool Stack And Nest Barrels And Blocks Bundle Toy. The set includes four barrels and eight cubes of different sizes to help the little one understand size relationships. These pieces can be stacked according to size, color, or shape, providing long-lasting fun for the little one.

Material: Plastic Weight: 12.8lb Age: 12 months and above


  • Durable and lightweight
  • Vibrant colors
  • Easy to store
  • Develops motor skills
  • Ideal for gifting


  • May have a peculiar smell when new
Price at the time of publication: $8.76
protip_icon Quick tip
You could combine different stackable toy sets to make playtime more enjoyable for your children.

7. Best Versatile:Playskool Stack ‘n Spin Monkey Gears Toy


If your little one loves tinkering with household items, the Playskool Stack ‘n Spin Monkey Gears toy can be ideal for them. This monkey-shaped toy has nine detachable and interchangeable gears on the stomach to enhance your little ones’ building skills. Its gears also double as a stack and play toy. The monkey produces funny sounds and multicolored lights for enhanced fun.

Material: Plastic Weight: 1.54lb Age: Nine months and above


  • Enhances motor skills
  • Improves hand-eye coordination
  • Easy to store
  • Spinnable wheels and gears


  • Might drain the batteries quickly
  • May not offer volume control
Price at the time of publication: $17.68

8. Best Compact:Playskool Stack ‘n Stow Nesting Activity Toy

Playskool Stack 'n Stow Nesting Activity Toy Image: Hasbro

Vintage stackable toys get a modern twist with the Stack ‘n Stow nesting toy. This set includes seven colorful cups that can be stacked based on color or arranged to look like a rainbow-colored lion’s mane. Each cup has a different shape cut out on the top, such as a star, triangle, or circle, to enhance the little ones’ shape recognition skills. The lightweight toy is compact and easy to carry.

Material: Plastic Weight: 10.2lb Age: Nine months and above


  • Durable and portable
  • Different sized cups
  • Pleasing design
  • Travel-friendly


  • Base may be slightly wobbly
  • Some may find the assembly challenging
Price at the time of publication: $8.99

9. Best Flat-Folding:Playskool Pop-Up Shape Sorter Toy

Playskool Pop-Up Shape Sorter Toy Image: Hasbro

Test your child’s shape-recognition skills with the Playskool Pop-Up shape sorter toy. This toy has a cat-shaped base and includes four blocks in the shape of a circle, heart triangle, and star that need to be inserted into the built-in compartments in the base. The sorting, matching, and inserting of shapes into their designated spaces can help enhance your little one’s concentration, patience, and motor skills.

Material: Rubber and plastic Weight:1.3lb Age: 18 months and above


  • Flat-folding design for easy storage and portability
  • Base doubles as a storage container
  • Cat-theme
  • Rich colors


  • Base may not be very stable
  • Blocks may not fit tightly
Price at the time of publication: $9.35

10. Best Ride-On Toy:Playskool Bounce And Ride Active Toy


Let your child zoom around the house with this Playskool ride-on toy. The toy has four wheels and an inflatable ball under the seat that gently bounces the child, making them giggle and go faster. It also makes silly sounds and has a handle to keep the little one from tipping over. This toy is suitable for indoor and outdoor use and can also be used as a stationary bouncing toy by removing the wheels.

Material: Plastic Weight: 4.71lb Maximum weight capacity: 42lb Age: 12 months and above


  • Easy to assemble
  • On/off button for sound
  • Smooth, rounded edges
  • Includes an air pump


  • May not include batteries
  • Handle may be smaller than expected
Price at the time of publication: $40.76

11. Best Poseable:Playskool Heroes Mega Mighties Power Rangers


Bring your little ones’ fictional heroes to life and let them enact imaginary battles with these Power Rangers figures by Playskool. The toy set includes a blue, black, and red ranger to cater to diverse preferences. These ten-inch figures have poseable heads, arms, legs, wrists, and torsos, allowing the child to role-play.

Material: Plastic Weight: 13.2lb Age: Three years and above


  • Easy to grip
  • Six points of articulation
  • Enhances imagination
  • Ideal for gifting


  • Some parts may loosen over time
Price at the time of publication: $20.95

How To Choose The Right Playskool Toys?

Choosing a Playskool toy from the many options available can be tricky. Keep these factors in mind to make the right choice.

  1. Functionality: A child develops rapidly during the initial years, making it important for you to get proper toys. Look for functional toys that can exercise their cognitive and motor skills and keep them occupied.
  1. Textures and colors: Look for toys with multiple colors and textures for tactile exploration and to help your little one experience different sensory inputs.
  1. Versatility: Children can quickly get bored of the same kind of toy. Choose a toy that has different modes and difficulty levels. They should be able to play with it in multiple ways.
  1. Ease of cleaning: Toys can become a breeding ground for germs if not cleaned regularly. A toy that can be spot-cleaned, wiped, or machine-washed can keep germs away from the little one.
  1. Portability: Not taking your child’s favorite toy to the grandmother’s house or the park can result in tears. Hence, opt for lightweight yet durable toys with handles and carrying bags.

Why Trust MomJunction?

Shreya Vishwanathan, our in-house writer and reviewer of children’s toys, understands that toys can fill the little one’s childhood with fun and laughter. Hence, she has done thorough research and read multiple reviews to bring you a list of the best Playskool toys. She has also included a buying guide, highlighting the factors you can consider when getting a Playskool toy for your little one. Be it an educational, fun, vibrant toy or an interactive toy with lights and sound, the list has it all.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Playskool toys help children’s development?

Almost all Playskool toys encourage pretend play in children, enhance their color, number, and shape recognition skills, and develop their hand-eye coordination, motor, and cognitive skills.

2. How long do Playskool toys last?

Playskool toys made of durable materials can last for a long time. However, the toy’s longevity can also be affected by how a child handles the toy.

3. Are Playskool toys safe for kids?

Playskool toys made of non-toxic materials and featuring smooth and rounded edges can be safe for children. A parent or guardian can also supervise playtime involving Playskool toys to make them safer for children.

4. Can Playskool toys be cleaned?

Most Playskool toys can be wiped clean or washed in a washing machine. Ensure you read the instruction manual to learn if the toy needs to be wiped cleaned, scrubbed, spot cleaned, or machine washed.

5. Are Playskool toys suitable for children with special needs?

Most Playskool toys have diverse features to enhance various skills and cater to different abilities and preferences. So, a Playskool toy with appropriate features may be fun and educational for a child with special needs.

When choosing products for your baby, you would want to get the best for them. These Playskool toys can help your little one reach their developmental milestones at the right age. The best Playskool toys come with multiple add-ons and in different shapes, sizes, and difficulty levels to meet the needs of babies at different growth stages. From rattles, dolls, and cars to stacking toys, board games, and superhero figures, Playskool offers toys to help meet your child’s developmental needs. Choose one to fill your child’s playtime with laughter, joy, and learning.

Infographic: Things To Remember When Choosing Playskool Toys

Playskool has been in the toy and gaming industry for over 90 years and is best known for designing and manufacturing educational toys and games for children. This makes it one of the most trusted brands among parents to choose their children’s toys from. Check out the infographic below for pointers on choosing the best Playskool toy for your children.

Selection Advice For Playskool Toys (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

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