11 Best Polymer Clays For Jewelry in 2021

11 Best Polymer Clays For Jewelry in 2021

Polymer clay is the most versatile type of plastic modeling clay made up of vinyl and plasticizers. You can use this flexible piece of clay for making unique and appealing jewelry designs of different kinds. Be it beginners or an expert in polymer clay jewelry making, ensure you choose the clay that does not air dry and needs baking. Also, it will be a better idea to select flexible clay, allowing thin, intricate pieces to sew. Here is a post to know more about the best polymer clay for jewelry that you can use to make the most delicate piece of jewelry.


11 Best Polymer Clays For Jewelry

1. Polyform Sculpey Original Polymer Clay

The soft and pliable Polyform Sculpey polymer clay works well and does not dry out in exposed air. Suitable for making molded jewelry, you can use this clay for making ornaments and figurines. After you have shaped, baked, and cooled the clay, it becomes durable enough so that you can use it for several purposes, such as carving, drilling, painting, and inking. This clay is suitable for beginners and experts.


2. Pozean Modeling Clay Kit

The Pozean modeling clay kit is an exquisite set consisting of 50 color clay blocks, five wooden sculpting tools, a rolling pin, nine types of creative accessories, and a storage box. Quality checked and thoroughly tested, these clay blocks are suitable for creating customized items. You can use it for making creative items such as jewelry, earrings, key chains, ornaments, and embellishments. The compact bag makes it easier to carry around the kit efficiently.


3. Arteza Polymer Clay Kit

The polymer clay kit from Arteza is a premium set consisting of five sculpting tools, clay, and assorted jewelry pieces to create customized and trendy accessories. Forty-two pieces of bright and vibrant clay bars can be mixed, matched, and blended to create different shades and designs. Easy to bake, mold and sculpt, this soft and pliable clay will not mess your hands. Safe and non-toxic, this polymer clay kit is suitable for artists and artisans of all age groups.


4. Ifergoo Polymer Clay Starter Kit

The Ifergoo polymer clay kit is a soft oven baking modeling dough kit consisting of fifty pieces of 0.7oz per piece and five sculpting tools. It also contains more than thirty jewelry accessories. Non-toxic and eco-friendly polymer clay comes in a double-layer storage box to keep all your tools and accessories organized. You can easily bake your DIY clay project in the oven in minimal time.


5. Sculpey S8 Original Polymer Clay

The all-original and perfect eight-pound oven bake polymer clay is suitable for several craft projects, including jewelry making. Though similar to ceramic clay, this premium-quality clay does not dry off when exposed to air. You can use flexible clay for carving, drilling, re-baking, glazing, and painting after completing the baking process. This product is super smooth, non-sticky, and free of toxins. It is resistant to shrinking.


6. Holicolor Polymer Clay

The Holicolor polymer clay set is an environment-friendly pack consisting of fifty clay sets of different colors. A clay roller, 13 sculpting tools, plastic mold, jewelry and keychain making supplies, crystal elastic string, and accessories, along with a storage box, are other contents of the pack. The modeling clay is non-toxic and eco-friendly and is soft and non-sticky. Easy to bake, the clay is suitable for beginners and expert DIY artists.


7. Qmay 50 Colors Polymer Clay Starter Kit

The 50 bright and colorful block polymer clay kit from Qmay is a vibrant, eco-friendly, and non-toxic kit with each block weighing 20g. Other contents of the kit are eight sculpting tools, an accessory pack, a project booklet, and a rolling pin. The clay can either be baked or boiled at a specific temperature for using it the way you want. Suitable for children, this kit helps build their intellectual skills and creativity.


8. Anyumocz Polymer Molding Clay Set

The oven baking clay kit features 24 bright and vibrant colors, five sculpting tools, and thirty-three jewelry accessories for creating versatile designs of jewelry. You can adopt three methods for obtaining clay, i.e., baking, hair blower heating, and boiling. The baking clay craft kit is suitable for children three years and above.


9.Vankerter Polymer Clay 50 Colors Oven Bake Clay

The Vankerter polymer clay set consists of 50 different colors with 1.4oz per color, 13 sculpting tools, plastic mold, jewelry making supplies, silicone mold, crystal elastic string, and other essential accessories in a storage box. Modeling clay kit is eco-friendly, non-sticky, and non-toxic, thus safe for kids and adults. The clay is easy to bake and is convenient to bend, stretch, and shape in any way you want.


10. Frabery Polymer Clay 50 Colors

The Frabery polymer clay kit is an odorless pack of fifty color polymer clays, five carving tools, an English course, and tons of jewelry accessories. Non-toxic in nature, the set of clay is apt for DIY beginners and easy to store without taking too much space. A perfect choice of handicraft gift, this clay kit can enhance a child’s imagination, creativity, and muscle movement ability.


11. Tpczqj Polymer Clay

The bright and colorful pack of 50 color polymer clay, each weighing 0.7oz, comes with a plastic bag wrap, modeling tools, accessories, a storage box, and a user manual. All the environment-friendly and super safe elements are organized in a double-layer storage box. Smooth and rigid, the non-sticky clay is easy to shape and stretch. It adapts to three easy heating methods, including oven baking, boiling, and hairdryer heating.


How To Choose The Right Polymer Clay For Jewelry?

Check this list of essential factors while buying polymer clay for creating unique jewelry designs.

1. Easy to mold: Look for polymer clay that is neither too rigid nor too squishy. Choose a set of clay that and is easy to mold and shape the way you want.

2. Durable: Search for polymer clay that is long-lasting and stays strong after baking or boiling.

3. Storage box: Choose a clay set that comes with a compact bag or storage box. You can conveniently store all your accessories and clay in the box and carry them wherever required.

4. Non-toxic: A polymer clay set that is eco-friendly and free of toxins is safe for kids and adults.

5. Flexible: Polymer clay should be flexible in thin areas and not brittle. Brittle clay tends to create fragile jewelry designs that can easily break even with a bit of pressure.

Polymer clay is a creative element that creative people and artists can use to create delicate jewelry designs. Whether you are a beginner in DIY jewelry designing projects or an expert, these reviewed products are apt for you and ensure good results. Pick from any of these best polymer clay for jewelry and create beautiful jewelry designs.

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