9 Best Pool Alarms To Keep Kids Safe In Water In 2022


Pools offer a great way to deal with the summer heat and stay fit while having fun. So, we have compiled a list of the best pool alarms to help you stay safe. If you have children or pets, it’s prudent to have an alarm system installed to alert you in case of accidental falls. These alarms have sensors that can detect accidental falls or even unwanted usage of the pool when you’re away.

However, choosing the right alarm system may be difficult with various options available. So, browse our list to choose the right one.

9 Best Pool Alarms

1. Best Travel-Friendly:Lifebuoy Pool Alarm

Lifebuoy Pool Alarm

This revolutionary warning system by Lifebuoy is equipped with multiple sensors and a high-end microprocessor to detect the pool. It is reliable and can detect movement with long-range RF. The swim mode feature reactivates the alarm after ten minutes of no movement. It is also designed to alert in case the pool cover is removed. This pool alarm also has a Bluetooth based app that allows you to configure and control your alarm, adjust the sensitivity or change the alert’s length. Watch this video for more information about the product.


  • Alarm is loud
  • Travel-friendly
  • Sensitive alarm
  • App keeps you informed of any activity


  • Instructions might be confusing

2. Best Lightweight:Pool Patrol PA – 30 Pool Alarm

Pool Patrol PA - 30 Pool Alarm

The floating alarm by Pool Patrol does not need installation. It includes a transmitter and a receiver that can alert you in and out of your house. You can also choose to switch off either of the alarms; switching off one will not deactivate the other. The sensitivity can be conveniently adjusted according to reduce false alarms.


  • Sensitivity settings are easy to adjust
  • Alarm is decently loud
  • Lightweight and travel-friendly
  • In-house remote receiver


  • Traps debris on top of the pool

3. Best With Underwater Motion Sensor:PoolEye PE20 Pool Alarm

PoolEye PE20 Pool Alarm

The PE20 pool alarm is ideal for above-ground pools that are about 18 feet. It is equipped with an underwater motion sensor and is battery-powered. The installation process is simple with the included hardware, and it can be mounted to your pool deck or ladder. The sensitivity can be adjusted according to your convenience, and the sub-surface wave detection feature ensures there are no false alarms due to wind or rain. The alarm goes off when an object as light as 15lb is detected, and the alarm emits a loud 85 dB siren. This video helps you know more about the product.


  • Rudder switch is placed in a protective cage
  • Fewer false alarms
  • Easy to install
  • Adjustable sensitivity switch


  • Bit hard to calibrate to the proper sensitivity

4. Best Easy To Install:Safety Turtle 2.0 Pet Immersion Pool Alarm Kit

Safety Turtle 2.0 Pet Immersion Pool Alarm Kit

Specifically designed for pets, Safety Turtle 2.0 has a Velcro strap that you can attach to your pet’s collar. The alarm will turn on in case your pet jumps into the water. It supports multiple bands at a time. It is easy to install as it requires no programming or wiring. Check out this video to know more about this product.


  • Alarm is loud
  • Works with Alexa
  • Works in saltwater pools


  • Slight moisture content can set off a false alarm

5. Best Easy To Use:SafeFamilyLife Pool Alarm

SafeFamilyLife Pool Alarm

The electronic monitoring system by SafeFamilyLife sounds an alarm when your kid or pet falls into the pool. Having a transmitter and a remote receiver, it can alert you both in and out of your house. This receiver can be mounted up to 200ft away from the pool unit. It is equipped with a 12V power supply and uses two 9V batteries that last up to a year. The low battery indicator will send signals to your poolside alarm and your receiver.


  • Works well and can be easily turned off
  • Equipped with a swim-mode feature
  • Alarm is decently loud
  • Easy to use and lightweight


  • Sensitive to heavy winds

6. Best NSF-Certified:Blue Wave NA4212 Pool Alarm System

Blue Wave NA4212 Pool Alarm System

The NSF-certified Blue Wave alarm is equipped with an electronic monitoring system sounds alarm, which activates when a kid or pet falls into the pool. It comes with a transmitter and a remote receiver that can alert you both in and out of your house. This receiver can be mounted up to 100ft away from the pool unit. It is further equipped with a 110V AC power supply or 9V batteries.


  • Works in both above-ground and in-ground pools.
  • Fewer false alarms due to high-tech sensors
  • Alarm is designed to detect objects weighing 18lb and high


  • May not be durable

7. Best Loud Alarm:Techko S189 Ultra Slim Pool Alarm

Techko S189 Ultra Slim Pool Alarm

Techko S189 ultra-slim pool alarm is UL 2022-certified and ETL-listed. It works by sounding an alert in case the pool door or gate is opened. It alerts you whenever your kids leave or enter the pool area. This unit includes two magnetic contact sensors and a remote bypass button.


  • Affordable and easy to use.
  • Loud alarm
  • Alarm sounds for 30 seconds
  • Ideal for pools with two entrances


  • Adhesive does not hold in textured walls

8. Best Battery-Powered:PoolGuard PGRM – SB Safety Buoy

PoolGuard PGRM - SB Safety Buoy

Suitable for spas and above-ground pools, the PoolGuard buoy is NSF-certified. It has a transmitter and a remote receiver that can alert you both in and out of your house. The receiver can be mounted up to 200ft away from the pool unit. It is equipped with a 12V power supply and will sound an alarm when taken out from the pool.


  • Includes a one-year warranty
  • Easy to install and is decently loud
  • Battery-powered
  • Suitable for above-ground pools and spas


  • Heavy rain or wind would set the alarm off

9. Best Weather-Resistant:Defiant Pool Alarm

Defiant Pool Alarm

The Defiant pool alarm has a three-button bypass feature and works by sounding an alert if the pool door or gate is opened. It alerts you whenever your kids leave or enter the pool area. The bypass-code feature allows you to enter the premises without sounding the alarm. It is a loud sound of 100dB and is powered by two AAA batteries.


  • Loud enough to meet the code
  • Passes above-ground pool inspection
  • Easy to install
  • Water- and weather-resistant


  • Goes off when you re-enter home

Things To Consider While Buying A Pool Alarm

Here are a few things to consider to choose the best pool alarm.

  1. Alarm volume: Choose an alarm that you can hear easily when it goes off, thus make sure your alarm is loud enough. However, don’t get an alarm that is too loud and disturbs your neighbors.
  1. Types of alarm: Each type of alarm has different setup modes. Some are good for in-ground pools, while some are perfect for above-ground pools. Choose a model that is perfect for your pool and fulfils your needs. These are the three major types of pool alarms:
  • The first type of alarm is to be placed around the pool. The alarm is triggered when the surrounding space is entered, just like how a regular security alarm works if there is a break-in. This ensures your kid or pet does not enter the premises without your supervision and keeps away any intruders.
  • The second type is meant to be installed inside the pool. This pool alarm works by sensing any disturbance in the water, such as the splash of your kid or pet who has fallen inside.
  • The third type is an ideal option for kids, and it is a wearable pool alarm. It can be worn as a bracelet on your kid, and the alarm goes off the second it touches water.
  1. Quality: Choosing a pool alarm from a trustworthy brand will ensure no technical issues in times of danger.
  1. Price: The price and features differ for each brand and model. Shortlist the ones in your budget and one that provide the necessary features.

Why Trust MomJunction?

Having a private swimming pool is exciting; however, you should consider installing a pool alarm to be alerted of accidents. Hence, we have hand-picked the best pool alarms after carefully analyzing their user reviews and product details. We have also included a buying guide and offered some pointers to help you pick the most suitable option based on your requirements.

A pool alarm is worth investing in if you have children or pets in the family. It alerts you in case of accidental falls and can ensure safety and timely action in case of a mishap. When investing in a pool alarm, make sure the volume of the alarm is loud enough to reach you. While you will find a pool alarm that can be installed in or around the swimming pool, you can also consider wearable alarms for your kids if installing an alarm is not a preferred option for you.

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