11 Best Portable Bathtubs For Adults And Kids To Relax In 2024

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Portable bathtubs are good alternatives to fixed bathtubs as the latter are usually bulky and space-consuming. As the name suggests, you can carry the best portable bathtubs from one place to another. They are suitable for giving baths to babies and are also a great option to beat the heat in summer, as little ones can enjoy playing with water. If you plan to lay your hands on the right portable bathtub, we’ve got it sorted for you. Check out our compilation and reviews of the best portable bathtubs.

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11 Best Portable Bathtubs

1. Best For Outdoors: ThermaeStudio Inflatable Bathtub

ThermaeStudio Inflatable Bathtub Image: Thermaestudio

If you are looking for a portable bathtub that allows you the flexibility to enjoy a relaxing bath indoors and outdoors, the ThermaeStudio inflatable tub might be the one. It measures 62×33.5×21.3 inches and can bear up to 440 pounds. The bathtub is made with 30% thicker PVC, acing the test of sturdiness and durability. In addition, it comes with a zip cover to help keep the water in the bathtub warm for longer durations.


  • Foldable design
  • Comes with a storage bag
  • Easy to inflate and deflate
  • Easy to clean and maintain


  • May not be suitable for very tall people
  • May be a bit challenging to drain out the water
protip_icon Pro Tip
Walking wearing high heels puts downward pressure on the feet, which can lead to the development of calluses ( 2).

2. Best Ergonomic Design: Co-Z Inflatable Adult Bath Tub


The Co-Z inflatable bathtub is a freestanding bathtub for adults and comes with an electric air pump for easy inflation and deflation. It is made of high-density and durable PVC material and is non-toxic and waterproof. The one-of-a-kind zipper-lock aids in keeping the water temperature constant. By removing the cover, you can convert this tub into a baby pool. It also features a cup holder and a detachable and inflatable pillow for your convenience and comfort during your bubble baths.

Product Dimensions: 63"L x 33"W x 29"H | Shape: Rectangular | Item Weight: 5.8 Pounds | Material: PVC | Color: Blue | Laser Beam Color: ‎Blue


  • Ergonomic design
  • Durable zipper closure
  • Three-tier modern design
  • Dual drain pipes
  • Extra thick floor
  • Foldable design for easy storage
  • Backed by a one-year warranty


  • No handles for moving

Our Tester's Experience

"I've been using this inflatable tub for a while now, and its heat retention capability has exceeded my expectations. Assembling it is pretty easy and fast too. Hence, I'd say it's an incredible option."

Why We Think It's Worth Buying

Over 602 customers on Amazon have opined that this is one of the best products in its category.

protip_icon Do remember
Check the inflatable bathtubs for punctures before filling them with water, as they are prone to collapse even if a minute hole exists.

3. Best Easy-To-Install: Hiwena Portable Soaking Bathtub

Hiwena Portable Soaking Bathtub Image: Hiwena

Hiwena’s freestanding portable bathtub requires no inflation and can be easily set up with six supporting pipes. Its multi-layer construction includes a temperature-retention coating, allowing you to enjoy a warm or cold bath. Made mostly of vinyl, it has a smooth finish, and its semi-textured surface and non-slip base makes it a trusted choice of many. The collapsible tub measures 31 x 31 x 28 inches, making it ideal for small living spaces, including shower stalls and small bathroom layouts.

Product Dimensions: 31.5"L x 31.5"W x 27.56"H | Shape: Cylindrical | Item Weight: 7 Pounds | Material: Polyvinyl Chloride | Color: Soaking Bathtub.


  • Features a thick base
  • Comes with a functional drain pipe
  • Foldable and convenient to store
  • Easy to clean and maintain


  • May be limited to small-built individuals
  • May not come with a storage bag

Our Reviewer's Experience

"With its insulated bottom, this tub keeps the water warm and allows me to take a long, cozy soak. Even without a handle, it makes perfect bathing gear for camping, and the depth is just right for me."

protip_icon Do remember
Always wash or sanitize the tool after each use to keep it free from microbial growth that can otherwise cause infection.
ThermaeStudio Inflatable Bathtub
Best For Outdoor
Co-Z Inflatable Adult Bath Tub
Best Ergonomic Design
Hiwena Portable Soaking Bathtub
Best Easy-To-Install
Dimensions- 63"L x 33"W x 29"H 31.5"L x 31.5"W x 27.56"H
Shape- Rectangular Cylindrical
Weight- 5.8 Pounds 7 Pounds
Material- PVC Polyvinyl Chloride
Color- Blue Soaking Bathtub.
Laser Beam Color- ‎Blue-
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4. Best Eco-Friendly: Besthls Foldable Bathtub

This thermal-insulated soaking tub comprises six layers of waterproof material, foam, and a zippered cover. It keeps the water hot for 60 minutes, giving you the feeling of being in a home spa. A strong metal bracket keeps the tub stable and secure. Featuring a modern design, this model is adequately spacious, measuring 23×43.5×23.6 inches.

Product Dimensions: 43.5"L x 23"W x 23.6"H | Shape: Oval | Item Weight: 7 Pounds | Material: PVC, Oxford | Color: Large - Stars


  • Space-saving
  • Double drain
  • Six-pillar stability
  • Thermal insulation
  • Metal bracket and elastic bars for shape and stability
  • Food-grade and eco-friendly PVC


  • PVC may seem weak

Our Reviewer's Experience

"I use this foldable bathtub whenever I can; it retains the heat well and is spacious enough for a relaxing soak. A shorter height would have been easier for me to get in. Nonetheless, it's a practical choice for a sauna experience at home."

5. Best Easy-To-Clean:Mommy’s Helper Inflatable Bathtub

Make bathtime fun and relaxing for your little one with the Mommy’s Helper inflatable bathtub. It has an inflatable valve for easy inflation/deflation and a saddle horn in the middle, which keeps your little one from sliding down when bathing. This inflatable model has a quick-draining drain plug and can be spot cleaned or washed with warm water for enhanced hygiene.

Color: Blue, White | Item Weight: ‎15.7 ounces | Product Dimensions: ‎19.5 x 10 x 7.5 inches


  • Foldable and portable
  • Phthalate-free
  • Has padded walls
  • Doubles as a bath seat


  • Inflating it might take time
  • May not include repair patches

Our Reviewer's Experience

"My toddler enjoys splashing and playing in the safe space of this bathtub. We simply fold it and take it along for her on-the-go amusement during travel."

6. Best For Easy Drainage: Hiwena Inflatable Soaking Bath Tub With Backrest


The Hiwena soaking tub has a soft backrest for maximum comfort and relaxation. The large, freestanding tub measures 60x34x27 inches and is suitable for family use. The durable PVC material is 30% thicker than regular materials, thus reducing the likelihood of tears and leaks. The bottom two layers have drainage pipes for easy drainage. A repair patch is included in the event of punctures, making it a safe and effective option.

Shape: Rectangular | Material: Vinyl | Product Dimensions: 60"L x 34"W x 27"H | Item Weight: 6.8 Pounds | Color: White


  • Non-toxic
  • High-density PVC
  • High and comfortable backrest
  • Comes with a repair patch
  • Spiral air valve
  • Dual drainage system


  • Drain holes are on the sides instead of the bottom

My Personal Experience

"I love enjoying the comfortable spa-like bath experience in this inflatable bathtub—its cushioned design and head pillow make that happen every time. Inflating it is pretty easy too—you can even use a hairdryer—and durability is not a concern."

protip_icon Quick tip
After use, dust off the debris and wash your feet thoroughly. Apply a thick layer of moisturizing cream to keep your feet hydrated.

7. Best Insulation: Gweaty Soaking Bathtub Home For Spa


Soak yourself in a luxurious spa-like experience with this bathtub. The foldable plastic bathtub measures 45×31.5×23.6 inches on the inside and has a weight holding capacity of 200 kilograms. A plug at the bottom with a drain pipe facilitates easy drainage. It comes with an electric pump that inflates the tub in five to ten minutes. The air-filled plastic keeps the water insulated for an hour, allowing you to enjoy long bubble bathsor ice baths.

Shape: ‎Rectangular | Material: ‎Plastic | Color: ‎Blue | Product Dimensions: ‎62.99 x 47.24 x 23.62 inches | Item Weight: ‎9.02 pounds


  • Extra large size
  • Durable material
  • Comes with attached headrests
  • Space for two persons
  • Two cup holders
  • Easy setup


  • May not be easy to clean

Our Reviewer's Experience

"The spacious bathtub accommodates me and my daughter quite comfortably during our afternoon soak. It takes us only a few minutes to set it up using the included air pump. I just wish it had more padding."

8. Best Comfortable: Keszing Portable Sauna Bathtub

Want a sauna at home? Keszing portable bathtub is an inflatable and portable soaking tub that fits into small spaces. The freestanding round tub measures 29.5×29.5 inches and is made of non-toxic PVC material with plastic supports. The inner layers of the tub are made of reinforced fabric for thermal insulation. The mobile bathtub can be used indoors and outdoors.

Shape: ‎Round | Material: ‎PVC Material,Plastic | Color: ‎Blue | Product Dimensions: ‎29.5 x 29.5 x 29.5 inches | Item Weight: ‎6.78 pounds


  • Space-saving
  • Patented drainage design
  • Insulated
  • Inflatable model
  • Collapsible design


  • May have a plastic smell

Our Reviewer's Experience

"I am a regular user of this spacious and well-cushioned tub and spend hours enjoying a home-like spa on the weekends. I'd suggest avoiding overfilling it and positioning it in a proper place for easy drainage."

protip_icon Quick tip
Thoroughly wash and dry the bathtub after each use to remove dirt, soap scum, and other debris that can facilitate microbial growth on its surfaces.

9. Best Support: Insuwun Portable Bathtub Kit

The portable bathtub by Insuwun is convenient to use indoors and outdoors. It has sufficient thickness and helps preserve the water temperature consistently for a long time. You can use this freestanding bathtub for an ice bath or convert it into a spa. The bathtub comes with 12 supporting pillars to hold the tub’s weight, offering a safe and effective bathing experience. Moreover, it has two drain outlets for a complete water drain.

Shape: ‎Oval | Product Dimensions: ‎47.24 x 21.65 x 19.69 inches | Item Weight: ‎8.03 pounds


  • Large space
  • High-quality material
  • Stable
  • Easy to install


  • Seams may look flimsy

Our Reviewer's Experience

"This spacious foldable tub is like a walk-in shower at home and is loved by my entire family. Although setting it up requires some patience, it's well-cushioned and serves its purpose."

10. Best Luxurious: Luckup Large Soaking Bathing Tub

Enjoy your bath time with the Luckup large soaking tub. The bathtub features thickened thermal foam, a thick flocking cloth, a sponge, and an inner waterproof layer. This keeps the water warm for up to 90 minutes, making it a trusted choice. The non-inflatable tub measures 43x25x20 inches, holds 80 gallons of water, and is suitable for two people. It folds and fits into a backpack, making it travel-friendly.

Shape: ‎Oval | Material: ‎PVC | Color: ‎pink and green | Product Dimensions: ‎43 x 25 x 20 inches | Item Weight: ‎8.14 pounds


  • Good thermal insulation
  • Versatile
  • Lightweight and easy-to-clean material
  • Three-layer fabric
  • Three-minute assembly


  • May not be stable

My Personal Experience

"I always look forward to taking a long, relaxing bath after a hectic day, and this spacious soaking tub makes that happen. While assembling it takes time, its space-saving, foldable design has always been so helpful."

11. Best Insulated: Kelixu Portable Soaking Bathtub

Kelixu portable soaking bathtub is easy to install and offers a home spa feel. It measures 43x25x20 inches, takes up little space, and can be filled with hot or cold water. It provides a comfortable space for stretching and can accommodate two people at once. The three-layer insulation of peach skin suede, pearl cotton, and waterproof PVC maintains the temperature for approximately 120 minutes.

Shape: ‎Oval | Material: ‎Polyvinyl Chloride | Product Dimensions: ‎43 x 20 x 25 inches | Item Weight: ‎8.07 pounds


  • Thermal insulation
  • Sufficient space
  • Easy to store
  • Simple to assemble
  • Foldable


  • Drainage may not be easy

Our Reviewer's Experience

"This compact and portable bathtub fits comfortably into my bathroom's limited space while giving me enough room to stretch and relax. While setting it up and storing it are hassle-free, supportive sides would be welcomed. I'd advise you not to use it under direct sunlight to prevent discoloration."

*The prices provided in this article are based on the latest available information. However, they may vary due to changes in pricing by the seller and/or promotional offers.

How To Choose The Right Portable Bathtub?

Keep the following points in mind when shopping for a portable bathtub.

  1. Size and capacity: Choose the size based on how many people intend to use it and whether you intend to soak for an extended period. Large tubs are ideal for families, while medium tubs can accommodate two persons at once. Bulky tubs can be difficult to transport or store.
  2. Shape: Bathtubs can be round, oval, rectangular, or multi-sided. Determine where you want to put your tub. Compact round tubs fit in small spaces, while rectangular or oval tubs take up a little more space. Taller tubs designed for sitting or standing are more compact, but they are not suitable for lying down.
  3. Inflatable or foldable: Portable tubs are usually inflatable or foldable. Foldable bathtubs are easier to put into backpacks, whereas inflatable ones offer better cushioning.
  4. Material: Pick a bathtub made of good-quality and safety-tested materials. PVC is a common material used as it provides the advantage of being rip-proof, waterproof, durable, and foldable. Also, look for bathtubs that feature a non-slip base.
  5. Insulation: Layered tubs are better insulated. Peach skin suede, pearl cotton, and waterproof PVC are used to design tubs for better insulation.
  6. Drainage and maintenance: Drainage faucets or pipes should preferably be at the bottom for better drainage. The tub should also be easy to clean to prevent the formation of mold over time.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are portable bathtubs easy to clean?

Most portable bathtub models have good drainage systems and are easy to clean. However, some could be troublesome, and you must check the manufacturer’s instructions before buying.

2. Are portable bathtubs as relaxing as proper bathtubs?

Inflatable or portable foldable bathtubs come with padding and cushioning and are pretty comfortable. However, some could be less sturdy and stable than proper bathtubs. Moreover, some are specially constructed for spa-like relaxation and could be softer than permanent bathtubs.

3. How much water does a portable bathtub hold?

The capacity of a portable bathtub may differ based on the brand and model. Portable bathtubs are available in different sizes, making them suitable for children or adults. Adult bathtubs may hold up to 80 gallons of water.

4. How do portable bathtubs drain?

Most portable bathtubs come with a drain pipe or drain hole for easy draining of water.

Why Trust MomJunction?

We have analyzed and compared multiple products to create a list of the best portable bathtubs. After researching various bathtub models and keeping an eye out for reviews from existing customers and users, we have also put together a buying guide to help you choose the right product that meets your needs. These bathtubs are made of high-quality materials, and are durable, long-lasting, and convenient.

The Bottom Line

The best portable bathtubs come in handy for unwinding after a long day as they can be inflated and deflated per convenience. They are a tried-and-tested alternative to traditional bathtubs, especially when installing a fixed one is not feasible. Portable bathtubs are available in different sizes for various age groups. We recommend the Mommy’s Helper Inflatable Bathtub, which is non-toxic, durable, and has the right dimensions for your little one, and the Hiwena Inflatable Soaking Bathtub, which is great for adults as it is made from high-quality materials and has a backrest. You can also try the Keszing Portable Sauna Bathtub if you enjoy hot baths, as it has enough insulation to retain the tub’s temperature.

Infographic: A Guide For Safe Use Of A Portable Bathtub

A portable bathtub is compact and a great alternative to traditional bathtubs. You can use them indoors and outdoors. However, consider some safety measures before using the bathtub. We have compiled the below infographics for you to check the safety measures in detail.

Safety Measure To Follow When Using a Portable Bathrub

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Get the high-quality PDF version of this infographic.

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  1. Calluses and corns
  2. Corns and Calluses.

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