11 Best Portable Car Heaters of 2021


Winter is here! No, we are not talking about Game of Thrones, we’re talking about the season in which you take out all your thick and cozy blankets to tuck yourself tight at night to be warm. But what do you do when you have to take the car to work? We can assure you that your windshield is going to be fogged up and you will not be able to see anything. The only way to get around this is to get the best portable car heater. Some portable car heaters not only get rid of the mist on your windshield but can also keep you warm. Getting your car heater fixed could cost you a fortune, but buying a portable car heater will not.

Safety Measures For Using A Portable Car Heater

Car heaters are pretty similar to the heater in your home, but these are much less powerful and quite compact too. It should not be that hard to maintain them, nonetheless here are a few safety precautions to ensure they are at their maximum health for your safety:

  • Always keep water away from the heater.
  • Make sure that the heater is properly installed and does not fall off easily.
  • Make sure your heater is made from high-quality materials that do not cause it to break easily in case it falls over.
  • Plug the heater in the correct outlet.
  • Make sure you switch it off when not in use.
  • Keep checking on the heater to ensure there are no loose, damaged wires.

Now, let us take a look at our curated list of the best 11 portable car heaters in the market for your car.

11 Best Portable Car Heaters To Checkout

1. ROYADVE 12V Portable Car Heater

ROYADVE 12V Portable Car Heater

If you are going on a long trip and your car heater is broken, then this portable car heater is a great replacement for that. Made from superior-quality materials and premium copper cables, it lasts longer than most portable heaters in the market. It not only provides heat during winter but can also provide cool air during the summer. It is a small and compact device and is extremely easy to install— all you need to do is plug it in your car’s cigarette lighter.


  • It features two wind modes— Fan mode and Heater mode.
  • It has 360° rotation adjustment flexibility.
  • It has 3 outlets that provide airflow in a wide range that reaches long distances inside the car.
  • It requires very little time to get rid of the mist and defrost snow from your windshield.


  • The heat output might not be sufficient.

2. drtulz 2 in 1 Upgrade Portable Car Heater

drtulz 2 in 1 Upgrade Portable Car Heater

It does not matter if you have a mini car or a minibus, this portable car heater is sure to heat up the whole vehicle. It is made from polymer heat-resistant hard plastic and is designed for efficient heat distribution. It has high-temperature heat outlets to provide a fast and convenient heating effect. The defogging of the windshield is extremely quick and efficient. To power it up, you will need to connect this to your 12V cigarette lighter port in your car.


  • It takes less than a minute to heat up.
  • It doubles as a heater and cooler for winter and summer respectively.
  • It has a 180° rotatory holder for easy swiveling.


  • Might not be an ideal choice for long-term use.

3. drtulz 2 in 1 Portable Car Heater

drtulz 2 in 1 Portable Car Heater

drtulz are widely recognized for their superior-quality products and rightly so, they are one of the highest-rated brands online. Unlike the previous one, this one is much more simple-looking. However, it does not compromise on the quality. When you have a frosting issue or you need some warmth during your car ride, this portable car heater is always there for you. All you have to do is just connect it to the cigarette lighter socket in your car.


  • It has two modes— Fan and Heat, which makes it useful and both summer and winter with just a flip of a switch.
  • It does not utilize gas; it only uses the energy from the car alternator.
  • It has a rotary holder for direction adjustments.
  • It is compact and can be installed very easily.
  • It has a built-in fuse that has automatic power-off and anti-voltage protection for safe use.


  • The heat produced might not be sufficient for harsh conditions.

4. ROYADVE Portable Car Heater

ROYADVE Portable Car Heater

We understand that driving during the winter can be very risky and time consuming since the roads are covered with snow and are very slippery. When the drive takes up so much of your time, you do not want to waste more time waiting for the windshield to defrost. This portable car heater from ROYADVE heats up in less than 10 seconds and offers efficient and rapid defrosting to save you that extra time, all while consuming less energy.


  • It uses pure copper cables for extended durability.
  • It is designed to operate with very low noise levels.
  • It also works as a fan and provides cool air during the summer.
  • It has 3 outlets that offer fast and wide airflow circulation.


  • The power of airflow might not be enough.

5. YAKOO Portable Car Defroster

YAKOO Portable Car Defroster

Is your old portable car heater too bulky and is obstructing your view? Defrosting should not come at such a risky price, it is high time that you replace it with YAKOO Portable Car Defroster. They are extremely compact and you would hardly notice it while it ensures you have a clean windshield. Not only winter, you can use it during the summer too. By using the Fan/Heat switch on the side, you can switch between hot air and cool air as per the weather.


  • It has a 180° rotatable holder and a handle for easy handling.
  • It is designed to be plugged into your vehicle’s 12V cigarette socket.
  • It defrosts your window in a short span of time.


  • It has only one outlet for airflow which might take some time to cover large vehicles.

6. GARDWENS Electronic Portable Car Heater

GARDWENS Electronic Portable Car Heater

Considered as one of the best electric heaters for cars in the market, this 12V portable heater from GARDWENS is an ideal product to provide you with extra warmth during the winter season. It is made from high-quality materials and pure copper cables to ensure the heater does its job for a very long time. It takes just 5 seconds for the heater to start defrosting. It has two modes of temperature regulation that you can switch easily.


  • Easy installation; it comes with a double-sided adhesive to use for installation.
  • It can also be used as a fan during the summer.
  • It is an ideal heater for 150W vehicles.
  • It has a 180° rotating support to change the airflow direction.


  • The heater itself can sometimes become too hot.

7. KVW Portable 2 in 1 Car Heater

KVW Portable 2 in 1 Car Heater

This latest model of portable car heater from KVW is designed to serve you through cold and hot seasons, all year long. This portable heater plugs directly into your 12V cigarette lighter socket instead of using gas as a power source. With a slide of a switch, you can swap between the fan and heat mode to counter the weather outside. It has 3 airflow outlets to cover a wider area with hot/cool air in less time.


  • It is small in size and is convenient for installation.
  • It operates on low power consumption with low-noise basis.
  • It has a 360° rotation support that lets you change the direction of the heater as and when needed.
  • It has a built-in fuse with anti-voltage and automatic power-off protection.


  • The fuse of the car must be at least 15 amps before using it, otherwise it could cause sudden interruptions of the car heater.

8. LAVIZO Portable Car Heater – 2021 Upgraded Version

LAVIZO Portable Car Heater - 2020 Upgraded Version

This portable car heater from LAVIZO is perfect for people who want just a defogger and not a multi-functional heater. But do not let the single-functionality pull you off. It has a bracket that fits comfortably on your dashboard to produce hot air to ensure you have a clear windshield for safe traveling. The heating is quick and efficient and covers a large area quite easily. It has 3 airflow outlets to reach the corners of the vehicle.


  • It has a built-in fuse that turns off the heater when there are safety hazards.
  • You can swivel it and adjust the direction of the airflow using its 180° rotating bracket.
  • It takes about a minute to start defrosting and does not need to wait till the engine warms up.


  • It can only be used as a defroster and not a heater since it is not designed to run for long hours.

9. LAVIZO Portable Car Heater

LAVIZO Portable Car Heater

Do you regret not getting your car heater fixed before winter started? It’s okay, this portable car heater from LAVIZO is just the product that you need. It can rapidly defrost the windshields with its big vents with multiple outlets to cover wider areas in less than 30 seconds. It has a switch that you can use to switch between two modes— Fan and Heat.


  • It is ideal for long-distance traveling.
  • It has a 180° rotating bracket and also a handle to use it as a handheld heater.
  • It has thickened and lengthened copper cables to prevent the wires from heating up to avoid any damage.


  • The airflow might not be sufficient during the extreme cold weather.

10. Ankda High Power Car Portable Heater

Ankda High Power Car Portable Heater

An upgraded version of its previous model, Ankda has redesigned its portable heater for cars to provide better and faster heating quality for your vehicle. It features both heat and fan modes that can be used during winter and summer respectively. In the heater mode, it can heat up within 30 seconds and start defrosting. It is made from high-quality ABS material so it is not easy to break or melt due to falling over or the heat.


  • Its sleek and attractive design is sure to catch an eye or two.
  • It is a very compact heater that quietly just sits on the dashboard and defrosts when needed.
  • It has a user-friendly, 360° adjustable bracket that blows hot/cool air in any direction.
  • You can switch between the two modes using the switch on the front panel.
  • It has a built-in fuse and features automatic power-off and anti-voltage protection.


  • The heating temperature might not be sufficient.

11. MOCHOI Portable Car Heater

MOCHOI Portable Car Heater

If you have been having trouble seeing the road properly since the windshield is all fogged up, just turn this heater on and watch it defrost it in seconds. It is made from polymer heat-resistant hard plastic material for durability. It connects to your 12V cigarette lighter socket for power and needs to be installed on your dashboard using two-sided adhesive tape. It runs on low-energy mode and also makes very little noise during its operation.


  • It has a 360° rotating base.
  • It takes just about 5 seconds to heat up and start defrosting the windshield.
  • It also has a fan mode that provides cool air during the summer.


  • In rough weather conditions, it might take some extra time to heat up.

That was our list of the best portable car heaters. Are you still not sure which one to buy? No worries, continue reading to know the types of heaters and tips on how to choose the right heater for your car.

Types Of Portable Car Heaters

Although there are multiple types of portable car heaters, there are only two types that you need to know about:

  • Radiant Portable Heaters: These heaters emit infrared radiations that make the object in front of it warm. These types are ideal for heating specific objects instead of heating up a large area of the vehicle.
  • Convection Portable Heaters: These heaters draw heat by warming up some kind of liquid. It transfers the heat from the source into the area that needs to be warmed up. They have the capability of covering large areas with hot/cool air.

Choosing The Right Portable Car Heater – Buying Guide

Still not sure which is the best portable heater for the car that you own? The following list of features will help you compare and identify the right heater.

  • Compatibility: First things first, you need to make sure that the heater you are purchasing is compatible with your car. Your car needs to have a 12V lighter port that can be used as a power source.
  • Heater Type: You have already read about the two types of portable car heaters. Depending on the kind of heater that you want for your car, you can choose. The most common type that other users usually go for is convection portable heaters since they offer multiple features.
  • Car Type: Some heaters are great for small cars, but they do not have sufficient power to provide enough heat for large vehicles like SUVs and RVs. So, you will need to consider the type of your car before buying it.
  • Functionality: This goes in tandem with car types. You need to know what the main purpose of the heater will be. If it is just for defrosting or also to provide warm air across the vehicle. If you need it for the latter, then you will need a heater that has a higher heating capacity.
  • Noise: Portable heaters can be quite noisy. If you are someone who gets easily annoyed by the sound of it, you might want to consider buying something that makes low noise.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does a portable car heater work when the car is turned off?

No, it does not work when the car is turned off.

2. Does a portable car heater have a timer?

No, they do not have a timer feature.

3. Does a portable car heater have a remote control?

They do not come with remote control; you need to use the switch on the heater to control it. If the heater has an automatic power on/off feature, it will turn on automatically when the car starts.

4. Are portable car heaters safe?

Yes, portable car heaters are safer unless there is an issue with the fuse.

5. How much time does a portable car heater need to warm up the car?

Generally it takes 5-10 minutes to heat up the whole car but it may vary with each brand. Read the specifications of the product for more details.

6. Can a car heater be replaced with anything else?

You can either get your car heater fixed or replace it with portable car heaters, which considerably is far less expensive than getting it fixed.

Winter can be a difficult season to get through sometimes, but at least we can make it a little easier in terms of traveling. Now that you have seen our list and know the basics of portable car heaters, you should be able to buy the right one for your car. With one of the products on this list, you will not have to waste time in your car waiting for the windshield to defrost any more while you freeze yourself to oblivion.