16 Best Portable Changing Pads To Buy In 2024

Gone are the days when parents had to carry a separate bag for their baby’s needs. All you need now is the best portable changing pad available online.

These pads come with practical pockets to ease your worries. With these pads, you do not have to worry about soiled diapers and unsanitary surfaces and changing stations–these foldable changing pads facilitate hassle-free nappy change anytime, anywhere.

Here’s our curated list of some lightweight, versatile, portable, and safe changing pads to ease your worries about your baby’s soiled diapers and diaper changing needs.

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16 Best Portable Changing Pads

1. Best Travel-Friendly: Comfy Cubs Baby Portable Changing Pad

Comfy Cubs Baby Portable Changing Pad Image: Comfycubs

Super compact and travel-friendly, the Comfy Cubs baby changing pad could be great for a quick change of babies’ diapers. It can be folded into a compact size to carry anywhere without any hassle. The soft inner padding and the waterproof outer lining allow easy cleaning and maximum hygiene while your baby stays comfortable. This mom-approved changing pad is available in two neutral color options.

Color: Gray| Item form: Mat| Material: Polyester| Weight: 4.9oz| Dimensions: 12.5 x 8.5 x 0.8in


  • Travel-friendly
  • Easy-clean changing pad
  • Good quality
  • Boosts hygiene
  • Made of quality materials


  • No pockets for storage

2. Best With Built-In Pillow: Benicci Portable Baby Diaper Changing Pad

Benicci Portable Baby Diaper Changing Pad Image: Benicci

The Benicci portable baby diaper changing pad is a convenient and practical solution for parents on the go. The baby-friendly changing pad features a soft built-in head pillow and safety strap, making it easy to secure to strollers, diaper bags, or any other surface. Moreover, the pad is made from waterproof and durable materials, ensuring it stays clean and hygienic even during messy changes.

Color: Black| Item form: Mat| Material: Polyester, sponge, PEVA (polyethylene vinyl acetate)| Weight: 9.1oz| Dimensions: 13.5 x 8.8 x 1.6in


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Ideal changing clutch for travel and outdoor use
  • Changing pad with built-in pillow
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Provides a comfortable and hygienic changing surface
  • Versatile


  • Strap may not hold securely to all stroller models
  • May not be large enough for older babies

3. Best Skin-Friendly: J.L. Childress Portable Baby Changing Pad

J.L. Childress Portable Baby Changing Pad Image: Jlchildress

The full body changing pad by J.L Childress is clean and has a skin-friendly, wipe-clean fabric that doesn’t cause babies any discomfort while changing diapers. This on-the-go changing pad is easily foldable and can securely hold diapers or wipes for easy access. The large changing surface of this trusted changing pad accommodates the baby’s growing size and has generous coverage for their movement and safety.

Color: Black| Item form: Mat| Material: Polyester, PEVA| Weight: 4oz| Dimensions: 10.5 x 2 x 7.5in


  • Adequately sized
  • Webbing strap
  • Travel-friendly changing pad
  • Comfortable padding
  • Waterproof-, lead- and phthalate-free


  • Bottom flap is relatively shorter

protip_icon Quick Tip
Keep two to three changing pads in your child’s room so that you don’t run out in case of soiling. Having more in stock ensures you don’t have to worry about laundry and drying while taking care of your child.

Comfy Cubs Baby Portable Changing Pad
Best Travel-Friendly
Benicci Portable Baby Diaper Changing Pad
Best With Built-In Pillow
J.L. Childress Portable Baby Changing Pad
Best Skin-Friendly

4. Best Lightweight: Crystal Baby Smile Portable Changing Pad

Crystal Baby Smile Portable Changing Pad Image: Crystalbabysmile

The Crystal Baby Smile portable changing pad is a whole arsenal of baby necessities, a step-up from the ordinary changing pads. This compact changing pad is lightweight and has key features such as a large mesh and zippered pockets to hold essentials, including diapers, creams, wipes, bottles, and pacifiers, making it a handy travel kit. You can clip the ergonomic buckle strap to the strollers or around the wrist for comfort. The extra padded cushion provides head support. For a thorough review of the trusted product, have a look at this YouTuber’s video.

Color: Dark gray| Item form: Mat| Material: Mesh| Weight: 8.8oz| Dimensions: 25.2 x 22in


  • Versatile changing station
  • Carry bag design
  • Detachable pad
  • Spacious
  • Waterproof material


  • Can be a bit longer

5. Best Safe: Summer Infant Contoured Changing Pad

Summer Infant Contoured Changing Pad Image: Summerinfant

Summer Infant Contoured Changing Pad offers comfort and safety as it is made of foam and covered with quilted double-layer vinyl. The changing pad has a contoured design and features two high, curved sides and a quick-release safety belt to keep your baby in place. In addition, the safe and effective pad fits most standard changing tables and has a safety strap to firmly attach to the furniture, making it one of the best travel changing pads.

Color: White| Item form: Foam pad| Material: PEVA vinyl| Weight: 0.032oz| Dimensions: 32 x 16 x 3.5in


  • Easy to clean
  • Inner padding offers a firm feel
  • Fits most standard changing tables
  • Has an anti-skid bottom for added stability


  • May be smaller than expected
  • May not be suitable for use on the floor

Why We Think It's Worth Buying

Over 6,073 customers on Amazon have opined that this is one of the best products in its category.

6. Best Handy: Lil Fox Store Baby Changing Pad

The Lil Fox Store baby changing pad features a convenient design with generous inner padding and a one-handed quick-open fastener that makes it easy to use. It has a wipes’ pocket to hold up to 100 wipes and a diaper pocket with a capacity for at least five diapers. The outer zippered pocket can hold keys, creams, and other accessories. Crafted with great care, the inner lining of this mom-approved changing pad is waterproof PEVA, and the outer is 300D PU with the water-wicking feature.

Color: Gray arrows| Item form: Mat| Material: 300D PU, PEVA | Weight: 7.04oz| Dimensions: 13.8 x 8.4 x 1.6in


  • Easy to clean
  • High functionality
  • Comfortable memory foam pillow
  • Handy


  • Poor placement of carrier straps

protip_icon Quick Tip
While it is not necessary, a pad liner or top cloth can help keep the changing pad clean and durable for long-lasting performance. The liner can absorb the excess moisture and mess and reduce your cleaning time.

7. Best For Entertainment: Skip Hop Baby Changing Pad

Skip Hop Baby Changing Pad Image: Skiphop

Keeping your baby’s changing area clean and organized will no longer be a hassle with the Skip Hop Baby Changing Pad. The trusted portable changing mat features a tuck-away toy bar with a baby-safe mirror, providing entertainment for your little one while you tend to their needs. In addition, it’s non-skid base and safety belt keep the pad securely in place, while the foam padding and tabletop attachment allow you to use it on various surfaces.

Color: Gray| Item form: Mat| Material: SAR foam, PA| Weight: 80oz| Dimensions: 18.25 x 2.6 x 31.5in


  • Contoured, foam padding for comfort
  • Non-skid base and safety belt
  • Easy to wipe clean
  • Convenient for busy parents


  • May not be spacious enough
  • Mobile arm may not pop down

Why We Think It's Worth Buying

The 681 positive reviews on Amazon are proof that this product meets customers' expectations.

8. Best Slip-Resistant: Keekaroo Peanut Changer

Keekaroo Peanut Changer Image: Keekaroo

The Keekaroo Peanut Changer ensures a clean and hygienic environment for your little one’s diaper changes. This foldable pad is impermeable to fluids and does not require additional sheets or pads. The safe and effective changer is made from a unique, high-quality material that provides a comfortable and secure surface for diaper changes. The solid surface is also easy to wipe clean and limits the chance of bacterial growth.

Color: Vanilla| Item form: Foam pad| Material: Polypropylene| Weight: 112oz| Dimensions: 17 x 4 x 32in


  • Certified by JPMA 2.0
  • Slip-resistant
  • Soft to the touch
  • Designed and tested for hospital use


  • May not be suitable for use on the floor
  • May not offer extra storage space

Why We Think It's Worth Buying

The 411 positive customer reviews on Amazon are a testament to its quality and reliability.

9. Best BPA-Free: Mikilife Baby Portable Changing Mat

Slim and lightweight, the Mikilife mat is a portable changing mat that you can toss in any carry bag for easy carrying. It comes with added cushion padding for maximum comfort. For the baby’s safety, the tried-and-tested pad boasts BPA-free, waterproof, PVA-free non-toxic materials.

Color: Black| Item form: Mat| Material: Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)| Weight: 2.39oz| Dimensions: 12 x 27in


  • Good quality
  • Skin-friendly
  • Easy to clean
  • Super portable


  • No storage pocket for wipes

10. Best Hypoallergenic: BlueSnail Bamboo Quilted Thicker Waterproof Changing Pad Liners

BlueSnail Bamboo Quilted Thicker Waterproof Changing Pad Liners Image: Blue-snail

These portable waterproof baby changing pad liners by BlueSnail are the perfect companion for your infant with sensitive skin. They have a soft, quilted design and feature four layers of padding that trap air for a cozy feel. Made of organic bamboo rayon fiber, these baby-friendly changing pads are naturally smooth and gentle on your baby’s skin. Moreover, they are compatible with standard-sized changing pads and offer extra protection during messy diaper changes.

Color: Gray| Item form: Mat| Material: Polyester| TPU| Weight: 14.4oz| Dimensions: 13 x 27in


  • Portable
  • Reusable changing pad
  • Dryer-friendly and machine-washable liners
  • Eco-friendly with a breathable waterproof layer
  • Hypoallergenic


  • May not be highly absorbent
  • Might be a bit bulky

11. Best Phthalate-Free: Lekebaby Portable Diaper Changing Pad

Changing diapers on the go can get manageable with the Lekebaby diaper changing pad. Being one of the best travel changing pads, this trusted product has an extra-wide changing area, offering easy maneuverability. With one mesh pocket and one waterproof zippered pocket, you can have easy access to diapers, wipes, and other essentials. It has a waterproof surface, offering a hygienic environment and a built-in head cushion for comfort.

Color: Gray| Item form: Mat| Material: 300D polyester| Weight: 8.8oz| Dimensions: ‎37.5 x 22in


  • Lead-, BPA-, and phthalate-free
  • Wipes clean
  • Highly portable
  • Expandable mesh pocket
  • Convenient strap to attach to the stroller


  • Not as padded as it claims

12. Best Padded: KeaBabies Diaper Changing Pad

KeaBabies Diaper Changing Pad Image: Keababies

KeaBabies diaper changing mat is compact and easily foldable for a quick diaper change. It has a one-hand diaper change system to lay the baby down. The mom-tested foldable changing pad is easy to clean with a wipe and remains fresh after every use.

Color: Classic gray| Item form: Mat| Material: Polyester| Weight: 4.8oz| Dimensions: 25.59 x 13.78 x 0.83in


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Ample room
  • Soft padding
  • Compact pad when folded


  • No storage pockets for wipes

13. Best With Pocket:Kopi Baby Portable Diaper Changing Pad

Kopi Baby Portable Diaper Changing Pad Image: Kopi Baby

The Kopi Baby diaper changing pad is designed to offer convenience and safety on the go. This tried-and-tested portable changing mat features a foldable design with a 21.5-inch long changing pad and a reversible wipes pocket for easy access that folds into a compact bag with velcro closure. In addition, it includes an adjustable strap with a buckle that enables you to attach the changing pad to a stroller to keep your hands free. Moreover, it includes two mesh pockets and an outer pocket, offering storage space to keep your baby’s daily essentials.

Color: Gray| Item form: Mat| Material: Polyester, PEVA| Weight: 12.8oz | Dimensions: 22 x 21.5in


  • Detachable changing pads
  • Travel-friendly design
  • Changing pad with storage pockets
  • In-built pillow for added support
  • Machine-washable and waterproof


  • May get bulkier for some when packed
  • Size may be smaller than expected

14. Best Comfortable: Kimusium Portable Changing Pad

Kimusium portable changing pad is spacious and practical while being compact and lightweight. It is made of waterproof and soft material. It has a padded body with ample space and a built-in head pillow for maximum comfort, making it one of the best baby-changing pads. Sling this safe and effective changing pad on strollers or around the wrist for a travel-friendly experience.

Color: Gray| Item form: Mat| Material: Polyester| Weight: 7.7oz| Dimensions: 26.38 x 21 x 1.18in


  • Durable fabric
  • Easy to clean
  • Large and comfortable
  • Convenient changing pad


  • Print tends to fade easily

15. Best Functional: Alatino Baby Changing Pad

Alatino diaper changing pad has a super functional design and sturdy built quality. The foldable changing pad has premium materials with soft inner padding and a memory foam pillow to cradle your baby with care. Buckle opening makes unfolding easier and helps eliminate the need to fumble around for supplies with its multiple storage compartments. The zippered outer pocket can fit keys and phones, while the built-in wipes’ pocket provides easy access to wipes.

Color: Gray| Item form: Mat| Material: PEVA| Weight: 12.7oz| Dimensions: 25 x 21 x 0.5in


  • Unique and portable
  • Single-handed operation
  • Multiple storage compartments
  • Gender-neutral design


  • May seem a little bulky for some

16. Best Cushioned: Itsy Baby Portable Changing Pad

Keep the essentials organized, compact, and handy with the Itsy baby portable changing mat. Baby feels comfy against its soft, cushioned body, and moms find all their requirements stacked in this wonder fit. The two large wipes’ pockets with inner mesh can hold up to fifty or seventy wipes and four diapers. The changing pad attaches to strollers and wrist and allows quick diaper changes, offering a hygiene-friendly environment when traveling with babies.

Color: Black| Item form: Mat| Material: 300D PU| Weight: 1.01lb| Dimensions: 25.5 x 13.5in


  • Easy to clean
  • Comfortable
  • Durable fabric
  • Zippered pocket with waterproof interior


  • A bit on the bulky side
*The prices provided in this article are based on the latest available information. However, they may vary due to changes in pricing by the seller and/or promotional offers.

How To Choose The Right Portable Changing Pad?

Here are some points that you need to consider before buying a portable changing pad.

  1. Compact size: Consider a pad that folds easily and securely into a compact size that is easily portable.
  2. Storage: Most changing pads are multi-purpose with storage pockets that can hold essentials, including diapers, wipes, and creams.
  3. Accessible: Check if the changing pads convert into an easy-to-carry size and if they come with hand straps and a clip-on for a quick grab and go. Single-hand operation is another key point that allows a hassle-free experience.
  4. Maintenance: Good mess-proof changing pads come with a skin-safe, waterproof cover that allows easy wipe down for a hygienic and safe experience.

Portable Changing Station Tips And Advice

  1. Choose portable pads that are convenient for your outdoor travels and do not come in a bulky design
  2. Go for a decent size with enough room for baby movement
  3. Changing pad should be balancing without affecting the compact fit
  4. Consider skin-friendly, high-quality material that boosts safety and provides good padding for added comfort
  5. Easy access and fast unfolding is essential with a squirming baby who needs a quick diaper change

Catherine Moore, a certified newborn care specialist and professional nanny, says, “Regularly clean and disinfect the pad, especially if it’s used frequently. Also, remember to inspect the portable changing pad for signs of wear and tear to ensure safety.”

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How should I keep my changing pad from sliding?

You can place a non-skid mat under the changing pad to keep it from moving around while you take care of your baby. Another effective option is to attach sticky Velcro on all four corners that firmly holds the pad down.

2. How should I disinfect a changing pad?

It’s easy to clean a changing pad. Use a mild soap or detergent with water to wipe down the surface, paying close attention to the areas your little one usually occupies. Make sure to do this after every diaper change to keep the pad fresh and sanitized all day.

3. How many changing pads do I need?

For most people, two changing pads are sufficient as this allows you to rotate between them without having to run them through the laundry before use each time. If you travel quite frequently, you might want to invest in two or three pads to be safe.

4. At what age should I stop using changing pads?

Typically, when babies turn two or reach a weight of around 30 pounds, parents are advised to stop using a changing table.

5. Are changing pads worth it?

Portable changing pads are the ultimate accessory for new parents as they allow you to undertake the daunting task of nappy changing anytime and anywhere without making a mess. These pads are easy to carry and hassle-free to use on a daily basis, making them a worthwhile investment.

Why Trust MomJunction?

We have analyzed and researched multiple product reviews available on different websites to bring you this list of the best portable changing pads. Keeping customer convenience, quality parameters, and safety concerns in mind, we have listed the pads that are compact, safe, and comfortable. Also, we have provided a detailed description of each product and some tips on buying the right changing pad to help you.

The Bottom Line

Changing pads are a blessing for parents who often need to travel with their babies. When you choose a changing pad with adequate storage space, you can store fresh diapers, creams, wipes, and soiled diapers easily. These pads allow you to change your baby’s diaper conveniently anywhere without carrying a separate bag. Our top choices include the J.L. Childress Portable Baby Changing Pad, which has a skin-friendly fabric that is gentle against your baby’s delicate skin; the Summer Infant Contoured Changing Pad, which is easy to clean to maintain hygiene; and the Comfy Cubs Baby Portable Changing Pad, which has a compact, lightweight, and travel-friendly design. We hope our list of the best portable changing pads can help you understand your child’s needs and the available options.

Infographics: A Guide To Various Diaper Changing Pads

A diaper changing pad is a savior for keeping the changing station or surfaces clean. It helps in easy diaper changing without worrying about the mess. Some are washable, while others are wipeable. Take a look at the infographics below to understand the different types of changing pads available.

Types Of Diaper Changing Pads

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Get high-quality PDF version by clicking below.

Download Infographic in PDF version Download Infographic
Download Infographic in PDF version

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