20 Best Portable Mattresses In 2023

Portable mattresses are incredibly versatile and can come in handy in a lot of situations. Whether you reside in a compact space or want to make your camping trips more comfortable, having the best portable mattresses can add so much convenience to your life.

Also known as foldable mattresses, these allow you to get a good night’s rest, no matter where you are or how compact your space. Whether you are a frequent camper and backpacker or someone who travels around or entertain guests very often, these expert-recommended and portable mattresses can save you from having to sleep on uncomfortable beds.

The tried-and-tested mattresses we have listed in this post are compact and lightweight, so you can take them along whenever you need to get some sleep on the road. Take a look at our reviews of the top mattresses.

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20 Best Portable Mattresses In 2023

1. Best Breathable: Molblly Folding Mattress

Molblly Folding Mattress Image: Molblly

The Molblly Folding Mattress is a mobile sleeping solution for anyone needing a comfortable sleeping surface when out and about. The mattress is crafted with a double-layer structure for added support and durability. Moreover, it is denser than most traditional folding mattresses, making it comfortable and supportive.

Color: Blue | Fill Material: Gel Memory Foam | Item Weight: 27.6 pounds | Product Dimensions: 73 x 52 x 6 inches


  • Versatile tri-fold mattress
  • Medium firmness
  • Breathable and non-slip cover
  • Portable and easy to fold for easy storage
  • Machine-washable cover for easy maintenance
  • Skin-friendly fabric
  • Durable


  • May be shorter than you expect
  • May not be suitable for long-term use
Price at the time of publication: $142.49

2. Best For Camping:Lucid Folding Mattress

Best Choice Products Full Mattress Topper Image: Best Choice Products

With 4-inch thickness, this full-size, medium-firm, foam mattress will come handy when you go for overnight camping trips. Aside from that, the on-the-go bedding can be used as a sofa for comfortable seating, a folding mattress for guests, or a play mat for your kids.

Color: Grey | Fill Material: High Density Foam | Item Weight: 14.5 Pounds | Product Dimensions: 75 x 54 x 4 inches


  • Features sturdy double-stitched handles
  • Includes a stain-resistant removable and washable cover 


  • Available in other sizes
  • Firm enough to provide support and comfort
  • Does not take up too much space when used as a sofa


  • May take a long time to expand
Why It's Worth Buying: The 4,072 positive reviews on Amazon are proof that this product meets customers' expectations.
Price at the time of publication: $129.99

3. Best Flexible:Milliard Foam Tri-Fold Mattress

Experience ultimate comfort and sound-quality sleep wherever you go with this 4-inch fold-out sleeping mat by Milliard. It is made of CertiPUR-US certified foam that has a high density to ensure it does not lose its shape. This video will help you make an informed decision about your purchase.

Color: White | Fill Material: Gel Memory Foam | Item Weight: 3 pounds | Product Dimensions: 75 x 25 x 4 inches


  • Breathable mesh sides ensure good airflow
  • Made without harmful chemicals, heavy metals, and flame retardants
  • Includes a removable and washable jacquard ultra-soft bamboo cover with anti-slip bottom 


  • Soft and flexible
  • Wide enough for adults to use
  • Folds easily for convenient storage
  • Ideal for sleepovers and camping


  • The cover’s zipping material might be flimsy
  • May need to be aired out before using
Why It's Worth Buying: The product boasts 11,425 reviews on Amazon, and many buyers have said they would purchase the product again.
Price at the time of publication: $162.0
protip_icon Did you know?
A foam mattress is hypoallergenic and is known to improve the quality and duration of sleep as it evenly distributes a person’s weight instead of putting pressure on specific spots.

4. Best Support: Maxyoyo Black Moon And Star Futon Mattress

Maxyoyo Black Moon And Star Futon Mattress Image: Maxyoyo

This futon mattress by Maxyoyo is a traditional Japanese-style mattress designed for dormitories and other small living spaces. It is made of high-quality polyester and features delicate hemming and quilted stitching for added comfort and durability.

Color: Moon Star | Fill Material: High Density Foam | Item Weight: 12 pounds | Product Dimensions: 80 x 54 x 3.5 inches


  • High-density base for added support and comfort
  • Comes with a storage bag
  • Easy to clean
  • Can be rolled up for easy storage and transportation
  • Lightweight for easy maneuverability
  • Oeko-Tex-certified


  • May not be comfortable for those who prefer a plush or memory foam mattress
  • Mattress thickness may not be adequate for some
Price at the time of publication: $149.89

5. Best With Machine-Washable Cover:Best Price Mattress Queen Tri-Fold Mattress Topper

Best Price Mattress Queen Tri-Fold Mattress Topper Image: Best Price Mattress

A foldable mattress such as this one is ideal for times when guests come unannounced and spend the night in your small apartment. This queen-size mattress is tested for sturdiness and support to comfortably accommodate two adults. It conforms to your body and sleeping position and helps relieve pressure points in your body.

Item Weight: 24 pounds | Product Dimensions: 80 x 33 x 4 inches | Material: Foam | Color: White


  • Covered with a poly-Jacquard cover with a zipper and a slip-proof bottom
  • Made with high-density base foam (2.5 inches) and memory foam top (1.5 inches) 


  • CertiPUR-US certified foam
  • Machine-washable cover
  • Provides maximum comfort and support
  • Infused with extracts of green tea to reduce stress and improve sleep


  • May have a strong mildew smell
Why It's Worth Buying: The tried-and-true product has earned over 6,756 good reviews on Amazon.
Price at the time of publication: $141.75
protip_icon Quick fact
The length of both the King and Queen sized mattresses stands at 80 inches while the width differs by almost fifteen inches.

6. Best Easy-To-Carry:Best Choice Products Full Mattress Topper

Best Choice Products Full Mattress Topper Image: Best Choice Products

A combination of portability and comfort makes this soft yet firm full-size mattress topper one of the best on our list. It is incredibly versatile and can be used as a sleeping mattress, camping bedding, and floor sofa.

Color: Grey | Fill Material: High Density Foam | Item Weight: 14.5 Pounds | Product Dimensions: 75 x 54 x 4 inches


  • Four inches thick mattress
  • Constructed with high-density foam
  • It takes 24 to 72 hours to expand completely
  • A removable cover keeps the mattress clean 


  • Machine-washable and dryer-friendly cover
  • Includes a storage case with handles
  • The built-in handles on the mattress make it easy to carry


  • The zipper of the cover may be flimsy
  • May need to be placed in a ventilated area until the unpleasant odor dissipates
Why It's Worth Buying: It's no wonder that this quality product has earned over 4,072 positive reviews on Amazon.
Price at the time of publication: $129.99

protip_icon Do remember
You should clean the surface before laying the mattress as any sharp or hard object can tear the outer layer of the mattress and expose the foam or filling to dirt and bacteria.

7. Best Comfortable:Milliard Tri-Fold Mattress And Sofa Bed

In addition to being convenient to use, this tri-fold mattress is beneficial in more ways than one. It is compact, lightweight, portable, and versatile. The convenient sleep system can be used at home, campground, or any other place. And if your tiny apartment does not have enough space for a full-size sofa or a storage space, this mattress can easily convert into a cozy couch.

Color: Blue | Fill Material: Memory Foam | Product Dimensions: ‎78 x 58 x 4 inches | Item Weight: ‎17.6 pounds


  • Queen-size mattress with 4.5 inches thickness
  • CertiPUR-US certified high-density foam
  • Removable and machine-washable polyester cover 


  • Comfortable
  • Does not sag
  • Breathable mesh cover


  • The cover may shrink a little after wash
  • The zippers may not be sturdy enough
Price at the time of publication: $211.01

8. Best Non-Slip Bottom:Better Habitat SleepReady Floor And Camping Mattress


Replace your air mattress with this Sleep Ready mattress as a folding mattress for camping or for a comfortable sleeping experience when traveling. Made of high-quality CertiPUR-US certified memory foam, this 3-inch twin-size mattress is super soft. It offers superior comfort and back support and helps in reducing joint pains. Moreover, this easy-to-carry mattress comes with a handle for easy portability. All you have to do is unclip and roll it out when needed.

Material: ‎Memory Foam, Cotton | Item Weight: ‎17 Pounds | Item Dimensions LxWxH: ‎75 x 36 x 3 inches


  • Easy-to-carry handles
  • Includes a bag for storage
  • Fitted with a hypoallergenic and waterproof cotton terry cover
  • Made without toxic chemicals and ozone depleters 


  • Low VOC emission
  • Water-resistant and non-slip bottom
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • The cover is machine-washable


  • Might be a little heavy
Why It's Worth Buying: The 1,640 positive customer reviews on Amazon are a testament to its quality and reliability.
Price at the time of publication: $129.95

9. Best Multipurpose: Maxyoyo Japanese Floor Mattress

Maxyoyo Japanese Floor Mattress Image: Maxyoyo

The Maxyoyo Japanese floor mattress gives you a good night’s sleep with its high-density base support foam, providing a firm and supportive foundation to your body. In addition, the microfiber shell is soft and cozy, making it excellent for lounging or sleeping. Its unique material combination and ultra-thick filling offer an ideal sleeping surface for dormitories, apartments, or guest beds.

Color: Black | Fill Material: Foam | Item Weight: 11.88 pounds | Product Dimensions: 80 x 39 x 2.5 inches.


  • Five-layer design
  • Non-slip bottom layer
  • Dust-proof cover
  • Multipurpose
  • Foldable design makes it easy to store
  • Easy to clean
  • Sturdy and durable


  • May not be thick enough for some
  • Might wrinkle
Price at the time of publication: $149.99

10. Best Anti-Slip: Valwix Twin Air Mattress


The Valwix twin air mattress is a versatile and comfortable option for anyone needing a temporary sleeping solution. This portable mattress has an ergonomic design and provides a supportive and stable sleeping surface. Additionally, its velvet-like sleeping surface offers a plush feel, and the mattress has a weight capacity of up to 660lb.

Number of Items: 1 | Item Weight: 14.33 Pounds | Material: Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) | Product Dimensions: 85"L x 39"W x 17"Th | Color: Grey+blue


  • Pump makes inflation and deflation hassle-free
  • Integrated pillow for optimal head and neck alignment
  • Leakproof
  • Suitable for guests or camping trips
  • PVC underside guards make it anti-slip


  • May not hold air well
  • May be firm for some people
Price at the time of publication: $55.67

11. Inofia Folding Mattress For Van

If you are on the search for a folding mattress for your RV or van, this transportable, tri-fold mattress is your best bet. Unfold this memory foam mattress wherever you want for vital sleep experience and long-lasting support. With a thickness of 6 inches, this twin-size bedding is incredibly soft and can conform to any sleeping position without sinking to the floor.

Color: White | Fill Material: Memory Foam | Item Weight: 28.1 pounds | Product Dimensions: 78 x 38 x 6 inches


  • CertiPUR-US certified
  • Breathable gray mesh sides
  • 5 × 4.5-inch memory foam over a supportive base foam
  • Removable and machine-washable soft bamboo cover with anti-slip base


  • Thick and durable
  • Hypoallergenic and antibacterial
  • Dust and mite-resistant
  • The inner part of the cover has fire barrier lining


  • May take more than three days to inflate completely
Price at the time of publication: $248.98

12. Cushy Form Tri-Fold Sleeping Mattress

This tri-fold sleeping mattress is made of high-density foam and features a firm cushion padding. It provides excellent support for your back and neck and regulates your sleep temperature to help you sleep peacefully.

Color: Green - White | Fill Material: High Density Foam | Item Weight: ‎14.42 Pounds | Product Dimensions: ‎75 x 31 x 4 inches


  • CertiPUR-US certified foam
  • Comes with a carrying bag
  • Removable and machine-washable cover 


  • Super soft and breathable
  • Compact enough to fit in a closet, car, or RV
  • Can be transformed into a makeshift sofa


  • May not be comfortable for side sleepers
Why It's Worth Buying: Join the 3,117 satisfied buyers on Amazon who have said the product meets their needs and expectations.
Price at the time of publication: $129.99

13. Modway Relax Tri-Fold Mattress Topper

Setting up this 4-inch thick tri-fold mattress is as easy as one, two, three — just open the package, unfold the mattress, and let it decompress. All it takes is two to four hours for this topper to expand completely. It is crafted with CertiPUR-US certified foam, so rest assured it is safe to use as it does not contain formaldehyde, heavy metals, or flame retardants.

Color: White | Product Dimensions: 75"L x 25"W x 4"Th | Fill Material: Plastic


  • Has a super-soft removable cover
  • Non-slip bottom
  • Features 3.5 inches responsive base foam and 0.5 inches memory foam 


  • Low on VOC
  • The cover is machine-washable
  • Doubles as a lounge chair or play mattress


  • May be too plush
Price at the time of publication: $138.0

14. Hazli Matrix Cell Twin Memory Foam Mattress


Hazli Twin Memory Foam Mattress is an outstanding choice for camping and home use. This 3-inch roll-up mattress takes only a few seconds to fold, making it convenient to carry and store. It features a 100% waterproof cotton cover that prevents the bed from getting damp.

Material: ‎Memory Foam | Color: ‎Blue | Item Dimensions LxWxH: ‎75 x 36 x 3 inches


  • Has a non-slip base
  • Machine-washable and removable cover
  • Includes straps that tightly secure the mattress
  • Oeko-Tex-certified


  • Lightweight
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor use
  • Meets Federal Children’s product requirements


  • Once opened, it might be difficult to roll and fit it in the carry bag.
Price at the time of publication: $174.97

15. CT Compact Technologies Folding Portable Mattress

CT Compact Technologies Folding Portable Mattress Image: Ct Compact Technologies

This mattress from CT Compact Technologies comprises a 6-inch thickness of foam, making it amazingly comfortable to sleep on, whether it’s laid on a flat surface or bumpy ground. The space-saving mattress features a plush air memory foam top and a firm base that provides you plenty of support as you sleep like a baby through the night. Features

Color: Grey | Fill Material: Memory Foam | Item Weight: 28.2 pounds | Product Dimensions: 78 x 38 x 6 inches


  • Queen-size mattress
  • Tri-fold, dual-layer design
  • CertiPUR-US certified foam
  • Detachable and machine-washable cover
  • Comes with a storage case made of Oxford fabric


  • Contours to your body
  • Suitable for back and side sleepers
  • Also provides a futon-like seating
  • Thick enough to keep your body warm


  • Might be big and bulky
Price at the time of publication: $249.89

16. Olee Sleep Tri-Folding Mattress Topper

If you live in a small apartment and don’t have enough space for a traditional mattress and a futon, this tri-fold mattress topper is sure to come handy. In addition to using it as a mattress topper, this one can also be used as a floor chair. This multilayer memory foam mattress offers complete comfort and support. Rest assured, you won’t wake up with a pain in your back or neck.

Product Dimensions: ‎78 x 38 x 4 inches | Item Weight: ‎17.75 pounds | Material: ‎Foam | Color: ‎Blue


  • Four-inch twin-size mattress
  • CertiPUR-US certified foam
  • Oeko-Tex-certified
  • Includes a stain-resistant removable cover


  • Easy to fold for storage
  • Safe to use
  • The cover is washable


  • Might have gaps
Price at the time of publication: $89.67

17. KingCamp Deluxe Series Self Inflating Camping Sleeping Pad

KingCamp Deluxe Series Self Inflating Camping Sleeping Pad Image: Kingcamp

The KingCamp Deluxe Series Self-Inflating Camping Sleeping Pad is a high-quality and durable option for outdoor enthusiasts. With a three-inch memory foam layer, this sleeping pad offers superior comfort and support for a good night’s sleep. The temporary bedding also features screw valves for easy inflation and deflation and can be rolled up and stored in the complimentary carrying bag for convenient transport.

Material: ‎Polyester | Color: ‎Blue-deluxe Double | Item Weight: ‎11.5 Pounds | Item Dimensions LxWxH: ‎78 x 51 x 3 inches


  • Suitable for all seasons
  • Can hold weights up to 11.5lb
  • Soft and warm
  • Easy to set up
  • Lightweight
  • High-density honeycomb design


  • May not be suitable for long-term use
  • Might not be thick enough for some
Price at the time of publication: $63.27

18. Mayton Folding Mattress

Price at the time of publication: $91.05

Mayton Folding Mattress features memory foam on top of a supportive foam base that guarantees a high level of comfort while sleeping. It comes with a jacquard cover that is soft to the touch and protects the mattress from damage.

Color: White | Fill Material: Gel Memory Foam | Item Weight: ‎1 Pounds | Product Dimensions: ‎75 x 25 x 3 inches


  • Three-inch thickness
  • Removable cover with anti-slip bottom
  • Uses a high-end compressed package technology 


  • Well-ventilated
  • Lightweight and easy to store
  • Regulates sleep temperature
  • Enough space for 1 person


  • Might not be suitable for everyday use

19. BJDesign Japanese Futon Mattress

Price at the time of publication: $238.0

This Japanese futon mattress is designed like a traditional Japanese style of bedding that can be used to rest and sleep. This 3-layer structure features 50% polyester and 50% solid cotton batting and 100% cotton sides. The cotton material feels fluffy yet is firm enough to adapt to your body and provide excellent back support.

Color: Ivory | Item Weight: 15.22 pounds | Product Dimensions: 82 x 39 x 4 inches.


  • Five inches thick
  • Queen-size bedding
  • Designed by skilled craftsmen from Japan 


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to fold, store, or transport
  • Delivered uncompressed and ready to use


  • May not come with a mattress cover

20. D&D Futon Furniture Tri-Fold Bed

D&D Futon Furniture Tri-Fold Bed Image: D&d Futon Furniture

Also referred to as a Shikibuton, this black tri-fold bed is made of high-density foam that makes this mattress durable and flexible. Plus, with 6 inches thickness, it is extra comfy to sleep on.

Material: Polyurethane | Item Weight: 32 Pounds | Product Dimensions: 75"L x 54"W x 6"H | Color: Black


  • 8 pounds full-size bedding
  • CertiPUR-US certified foam
  • Spot cleaning with damp cloth and shampoo recommended


  • Removable cover
  • Doubles as an ottoman when folded in
  • Meets requirements of Federal Mattress Flammability Standard


  • May be a little too heavy
Price at the time of publication: $225

Types Of Portable Mattresses

  1. Folding rollaway bed: A rollaway bed features a sturdy metal frame and a soft mattress that can be folded in half for convenient storage. Most of these bed types include casters that can be rolled in or out according to your need. They are a great option if you are living in a small apartment and want to accommodate guests.
  2. Rolling mattress: Made with a combination of polyester, cotton, and thin layers of memory foam, this mattress is dense, lightweight, and easy to carry. It is easy to set up and can be rolled away seconds when you want to store it away. Its compact size and lightweight feature make it suitable for camping.
  3. Tri-fold mattress: As the name suggests, a tri-fold mattress has 3 sections and 2 folding points. Often made of memory foam, this mattress type is comfortable to use on a floor. It makes for a great guest bed and is small enough (when folded) to carry on your travels. Some of these mattresses are designed to act as a playmat for kids or a lounge chair.
  4. Traditional Japanese floor futon mattress: Often constructed as a one-piece design, this mattress is used as a floor cushion or temporary sleeping arrangement. This mattress type is rectangular and usually made of cotton. It is generally thinner than a tri-fold mattress.
  5. Air mattress: Also known as an inflatable mattress, this type of bed has to be air pumped when needed. Likewise, it can be deflated when not in use and stowed away conveniently.

How To Choose The Right Portable Mattress?

Consider these factors that could help you with an easy decision-making process when choosing a portable mattress.

  1. Type: As mentioned in the previous section, there are a variety of mattresses you could choose from depending on your requirements. For instance, if you want a lightweight mattress for your kids when they go camping, an easy-to-assemble rollaway mattress is a great choice. You could go for rollaway beds or foldable mattresses if you want your guests to have a comfortable sleeping experience.
  2. Material: Most portable mattresses are either made of memory foam or polyfoam. Polyfoam mattresses are incredibly affordable and comfortable to use, but may not last long. As for memory foam models, they are soft and can conform to your body shape. At the same time, it returns to its original form as soon as the user gets off the mattress. Plus, they are much more comfortable and durable than poly foam mattresses.
  3. Thickness: The thickness of a mattress depends on the material used. While thicker beds are soft and extra comfy, they could be bulky and a little difficult to transport. Thinner mattresses are perfect for people who are always on the go as they are lighter and easier to carry around. Plus, thicker mattresses offer better support than thinner ones.
  4. Size: When looking for the size of a mattress, it all comes down to your personal preference. Portable mattresses are available in different sizes, ranging from single to king-size mattresses.
  5. Mattress cover: It’s always best to opt for a mattress that comes with a cover, which will protect your mattress from damage. Most foldable mattresses have removable covers with zippers and anti-slip base. While some of them are machine-washable, others may have to be cleaned with a damp cloth. Besides, if you are looking to use a mattress for camping, a cover material with waterproof and antibacterial qualities is considered the best option.

Janna Robinson, an interior designer and lifestyle technology design expert, says, “I recommend using a protective or water-resistant cover to keep your mattress clean and free of bacteria and mold and help preserve its longevity.”

6. Other features: Ensure that the mattress you buy is constructed of CertiPUR-US certified materials, which indicates that it is non-toxic and safe to use.

Pros And Cons Of A Portable Mattress


  • Space-saving option
  • Easy to set up
  • Convenient to store
  • Provides comfortable back support while sleeping
  • Perfect for travelers
  • Versatile and can be used as a chair or sofa


  • May not be as durable as a standard mattress
  • Most mattresses have a strong odor when unpacked for the first time
  • Thin mattresses may be uncomfortable to use on rough and uneven surfaces.
  • Depending on the mattress’s size after it’s folded, you may require separate storage space.

Why Trust MomJunction?

Sakshi John is a home needs expert who loves searching for the best household items. She has compiled this list of premium, comfortable, portable mattresses after going through various forums that guarantee the durability of these products. From double-fold to triple-fold mattresses, this product comes in many sizes and varieties to suit your requirements. She also explains how to choose the right portable mattress for your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which type of mattress is most portable and suitable for camping?

A rolling mattress is highly portable, lightweight, and compact and is best suited for camping. You could also consider a foldable memory foam mattress with a water-resistant cover.

2. Can I feel gaps while sleeping on a foldable mattress?

No, a person sleeping on a foldable mattress cannot feel the gaps despite the folds.

3. What size mattress can accommodate two adults?

A queen-size portable mattress can comfortably accommodate two average-sized adults.

4. Which firmness suits side sleepers?

A portable mattress with medium firmness is best suited for side sleepers. Mattresses made with low-density foam, such as memory foam, are great for side sleeping positions as they deliver high-pressure point relief and offer the right firmness without compressing too much.

5. Is a foldable mattress comfortable?

Foldable mattresses are available in a variety of foam types and fabrics. The comfort level of these mattresses depends on the foam quality, thickness, and dimensions. So opting for a high-quality folding mattress will provide you with a comfortable space to sleep no matter where you carry it.

The Bottom Line

Portable mattresses come in handy in many situations, and choosing the right one that meets your requirements is crucial. A mattress that can be folded and stored seamlessly, such as the space-saving Milliard Foam Tri-Fold Mattress, makes an ideal pick. Further, choose one that is easy to maintain, comfortable to use, and made of non-toxic material, such as the Better Habitat SleepReady Mattress, which is free of lead, mercury, formaldehyde, and phthalates. You may also choose options like the Compact Technologies Folding Portable Mattress with a storage- and travel-friendly case. Lastly, consider your needs, the size of the mattress, and the materials used before choosing the best portable mattress.

Infographic: Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Portable Mattress

If you have a small space, are running on a budget, are a frequent hiker, or are into minimalist living, these portable mattresses can be a great help. They also come in handy when you have guests over for a few days. So, check out the following infographic to learn the pros and cons of owning a portable mattress.

Pros And Cons Of A Portable Mattress

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Get high-quality PDF version by clicking below.

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