6 Best Preemie Diapers For Your Baby In 2021


A baby is considered premature or preemie when born before the 37th week of pregnancy. A premature baby is smaller and weighs less than full-term babies, making them more vulnerable and necessitating special attention. Premature newborns cannot use ordinary diapers due to their small size, so they have a dedicated type of diaper called preemie diapers. Here are the best preemie diapers available on the market.

6 Best Preemie Diapers

1. Huggies Baby Diapers Size Preemie

Huggies preemie baby diapers have an absorbing liner for sensitive skin that provides a layer of protection, enabling softness and breathability. The pocketed waistband prevents diaper blowouts and keeps the mess contained. The leak lock system prevents leaks for up to 12 hours, and the wetness indicator changes color to indicate when the diaper needs to be changed. These diapers are free from fragrance, parabens, and chlorine.

2. Pampers Newborn Pure Protection Diapers

Made of plant-based material and polypropylene fibers, Pampers newborn protection diapers are infused with shea butter to help protect the skin. The outside cover is constructed of soft cotton, which allows ventilation. The wetness indicator alerts you when your baby may require a diaper change. It has no chlorine bleaching, fragrance, parabens, or latex and is hypoallergenic. Pampers Pure is distinguished by its designer print which gives both style and comfort.

3. Cuties Diapers

Cuties diapers are made of five layers of soft protection and provide a comfortable fit. It is dermatologically tested and hypoallergenic. Natural cotton fibers are used to create the cotton-enhanced dryness layer, which is enriched with vitamin E, aloe vera, and natural botanical products. The pH-balanced absorbent keeps the baby dry for around 12 hours. These diapers are free from dyes, synthetic fragrance, latex, and chlorine.

4. Bambo Nature Diapers

These premium diapers are designed for premature babies weighing between two to six lbs. Bambo Nature diapers are made of high-quality materials and are part of a new generation of environmentally conscious diapers, as they are non-toxic and environment-friendly. The breathable cotton exterior makes the diaper extremely soft. This pack has 24 diapers in one pack, and they work overnight.

5. Pampers Swaddlers Diapers

Pampers preemie diapers are suitable for babies below six lbs. They are two times softer than the other diapers and provide 12-hour protection against wetness. Its unique liner pulls the wetness to reduce any mess. The presence of air channels keeps the baby dry and comfortable. It has a wetness indicator that suggests the time for a diaper change.

6. Huggies Gentle Care Preemies Diapers

The disposable preemie diapers from Huggies fit infants weighing up to six lbs. They have a soft waistline that softly folds in toward the abdomen of the infant to protect the umbilical cord while it heals. The baby’s sensitive skin is protected by the soft, quilted cloth-like cover, which is easy on the skin yet tough on leaks. The waistline of the diaper is made of soft and stretchy material, and the fasteners are large for a comfortable fit.

How To Choose The Right Premature Baby Diapers?

Here are some factors that you should consider before you make your purchase.

  1. Size and shape: Check the size and shape of the diaper and whether it suits the preemie. Most preemie diapers mention “preemie” or “P” on their packaging. Certain diapers for newborns may also work for premature infants. Therefore, do carefully check the size and shape before purchase.
  2. Design: Look for diapers with a hook-and-loop feature for easy closure and removal. This design also is easier for new parents to manage.
  3. Material: Newborns or preemies have very sensitive skin. Look for tag-less and cotton diapers that are soft and flexible made of non-woven textiles or naturally occurring materials.
  4. Don’t overstock: Babies grow fast. Therefore, do not overstock diapers. They will soon outgrow the size in a month or two.

Premature infants are delicate and require more attention. The baby’s needs for diapers could be different from full-term infants. Picking the right preemie diaper can ensure your good hygiene for the baby while also ensuring convenience for you and your little one.

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