4 Pregnancy Scans To Monitor Growth Of Twins

scans to monitor twins

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Are you on the threshold of welcoming a new life into this world? The confirmation of becoming a mother is the happiest news for a woman, and for a lucky few, this happiness comes in abundance in the form of expecting twin babies.

When the happiness is double, so is the responsibility. Therefore, you have to be extra careful if you are expecting twins. The tests and scans required to monitor the growth and development of your babies are also additional and more.

4 Types Of Twin Pregnancy Scans For Monitoring Growth:

The normal scans offered to a woman who is pregnant with one child are:

  • Dating scan – done during 11 to 14 weeks.
  • Anomaly scan – done at 20 weeks.

If you are expecting twins, the additional scans are as follows:

1. Chorionicity Scan:

This scan will be suggested to be performed anytime during the 12th to 14th week of your pregnancy.

  • This scan assists in understanding if there are any complications associated with the twins, in order to decide on further schedule of monitoring.
  • It also helps in establishing if both the twins are sharing one placenta or if each of them have separate placentas, to supply them with the required nutrition.

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2. Nuchal Translucency Scan:

This scan will be recommended anytime between the 11th to 14th weeks of your pregnancy.

  • It is critical to understand or check your babies for Down’s syndrome and Nuchal Translucency Scan helps you determine it.
  • There can also be a blood test that will be suggested to be done along with the scan. A blood test is suggested because higher accuracy of the tests is expected at this stage as results can be misleading post 16 weeks of pregnancy in case of twin babies.
  • Twins that have separate placenta will be scanned in every 4 weeks to check for proper growth and development.
  • Twins that share one placenta will be scanned in every two weeks to check for proper growth and development.

3. Growth Scans:

Growth scans are the regular ultrasound scans that are advised in the third trimester. These helps a mother to keep a constant check on the growth of her babies.

  • Growth test needs to be done more frequently in case of twin babies. The usual process and duration to determine the growth of single pregnancy babies does not hold good here.
  • In case of single babies, the fundal height, that is the distance from the top of the womb to the front of the pelvis, is monitored to check for proper growth. This can’t be monitored in case of twin babies.

4. Doppler Scans:

In case the doctor feels that one of your twins’ growths is not up to speed he or she may suggest this scan.

  • This scan measures the flow of blood from the placenta through the umbilical cord and checks if both of your twins are getting enough supply of oxygen or nutrition to foster proper growth.
  • Cardiotocograph or CTG, which is another form of Doppler Ultrasound, can also be suggested to check the heartbeat of the babies.

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These above mentioned twin baby scans can help you understand the rate of growth of your babies and also gives an idea about the position of the babies. Though, these might seem like a lot of scans, it is always good to get them done on time. These will help you be sure that the growth of your babies is on the right track and can also help spot any abnormalities at an early stage so that they can be dealt smoothly.

Share your experiences of scan of twins and let other mothers know how ecstatic you felt when you watched them on screen for the first time.

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