5 Best Pregnancy Test Kits In India In 2022


The waiting time after giving a pregnancy test is nerve-wracking. But thanks to the revolutionary pregnancy test kits, this first step of confirming pregnancy is now easier. A pregnancy test kit gives you the test results within five minutes, within the comforts of your home.

Most pregnancy test kits function on determining the HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) hormone levels in the urine. The body releases this hormone after the implantation of a fertilized egg. This might be from 10 to 14 days of the ovulation time. So, taking the test a week or ten days after missing the period might increase your chance of getting an accurate result. Here is our list of the best pregnancy test kits in India.

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Types Of Pregnancy Test Kits

There are two types of pregnancy test kits,, and they function similarly.

  1. Strip pregnancy test kit: These kits have a sample hole on one end and two slots, T and C acting as indicators. If the HCG levels in your urine are high, the stick develops two pink lines near the T and C slots. Only one line appears near the C slot for a negative test result.
  2. Cup pregnancy test kit: These kits come with a cup for collecting urine, into which you immerse the pregnancy strip for results. The formation of two lines on the indicator panel means a positive result, while a single line implies a negative result.

It is important to note that no lines in both the test kits indicate an invalid test and are not the sign of a negative result.

5 Best Pregnancy Test Kits In India

1. i-can One Step Pregnancy Test Device

The strip contains an easy-to-interpret indicator. If you are pregnant, you will see two lines on the strip and one line for a negative result. The device is easy to use with no confusing mechanisms.

You need to collect the first-morning urine in a clean and sterile container. Place three drops of urine with a sterile dropper on the S slot of the pregnancy strip


2. Neclife Getnews One Step Pregnancy Test

By studying the HCG levels in urine, this pregnancy test device by Neclife provides accurate and immediate results. The kit comes with a plastic dropper for transferring of urine into the pregnancy strip slot.

Two drops of urine are sufficient to analyze the results in five minutes. The pregnancy indicator is straightforward as two lines indicate positive results. This kit comes with five strips.


3. Ovlo Plus Pregnancy Test kit accurate

The scientific pregnancy kit by OctoPlus checks the HCG levels in the urine to give you the results. You need to collect the first-morning urine for more accuracy. It is a simple device with clear instructions.

Dip it in a cup of urine or place a few drops on the absorbent tip. The appearance of two lines is a positive sign of pregnancy.


4. Prega News Pregnancy Test

The Prega News pregnancy test card accurately analyzes the HCG levels in the urine sample and uses these levels as a marker of a positive result. It is an uncomplicated device and has a marked sample hole and indicators.

Place three drops of urine on the stick using a dropper. If you see two lines, it is an indication that you are pregnant. A single line refers to a negative result.


5. Pregakem Pregnancy Detection Kit

The Pregakem pregnancy detection kit is one of the easiest ways to detect pregnancy. The kit includes a pregnancy strip, one disposable dropper, and a desiccant pouch. It requires three drops of urine to analyze the hormone levels.

Place the fresh urine sample in the allotted ā€˜Sā€™ slot and wait for five minutes. Two pink lines indicate pregnancy.


How To Choose The Right Pregnancy Test Kit In India?

Here are a few tips to consider while buying a pregnancy test kit in India.

  • Waiting time of the pregnancy test kit. Most kits take around five minutes to show results
  • Number of strips in each pack
  • Clearly marked sample slot. Cup pregnancy test kits are relatively user-friendly
  • Check the expiration date of the kit before purchase
  • Get a test kit with a comprehensible indicator

The technique of the best pregnancy test kits, though simple, will yield invalid results when you do not follow the instructions properly. Do read the instructions before the test and wait for the prescribed time for valid results.

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