10 Best Pre/Play Schools In Pune For Kids

Play Schools In Pune For Kids

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You may be wondering why a preschool where my child can learn better at home?

You are right to an extent, but a pre-school can help your lovely child with future academic and social success. Pre-school is an opportunity for growth and prepares your child for kindergarten. It promotes social, emotional and develops motor skills in your children.

Top 10 Play Schools In Pune:

Play/Pre schools in Pune have grown in number during last five years. To help you choose the right one, we have compiled a list of top ten playschools in pune.

1. Smart Kidz (Wakad):

The Pre-School Offers:

  • English medium and co-ed school
  • Curriculum that caters to the psychology and overall development of children.
  • Sufficient space for each activity which is secured and hygienic.
  • Admission given to children with special needs.
  • Day School and transportation availability.
  • An excellent child to teacher ratio.
  • Facilities such as Ball-room, activity room, splash pool, sand pit, dining room and play area

2. Brainworks (Viman Nagar):

The Pre-School Offers:

  • Curriculum that is scientifically researched.
  • Advanced educational aids and trained teachers.
  • A teacher-student ratio of 1:12.
  • Aims to maximize every child’s brain development during the key growing years.
  • Enable children to develop their social, emotional, physical and academic skills.
  • Facilities such activities such as exposure to puzzles, beading, matching and sorting, art and craft.
  • Outdoor activities such as exposure to sand, water and dough, improving physical and sensory development of children.

3. Podar Jumbo Kids (Kondhwa):

The Pre-School offers:

  • Qualified teachers, trained at regular intervals in the latest teaching techniques.
  • Curriculum that is unique and well planned.
  • Ensures highest levels of hygiene.
  • Imported use of toys, equipments and teaching aids because they are child-safe.
  • Transportation facilities available.
  • Specialties include water-play, sand play, parachute play, yoga, glenndoman reading and art exploration.
  • Helps nurture your child’s physical, emotional, cognitive, social and communication skills.

4. Leapbridge International Pre-School (Kalyani Nagar):

The Pre-School offers:

  • Curriculum based on Multiple Intelligence Theory.
  • Thoroughly trained teachers.
  • Aims at raising the quality life of little champions.
  • Practical approach and providing step by step assistance to every child.
  • Highest safety and hygiene standards.
  • Enhances children’s physical, emotional and academic skills.
  • Inculcates good values and morals in children, thereby inspiring a lifelong love for learning.

5. Kidzee ( Viman Nagar):

The Pre-School Offers:

  • Specialties include dance, music, number work, art and general knowledge.
  • English medium and day school.
  • The best learning methods and activities, ensuring that your child learns at an optimal pace.
  • Various well-planned activities that facilitates healthy interaction among its students.
  • Ensures good habits in children.
  • High levels of hygiene and safety.

6. Whizkidz (Kondhwa):

The Pre-School Offers:

  • Imparts good quality education in children.
  • Offers healthy, hygienic, nutritious food and snacks at proper time, encouraging table manners in children.
  • Nurture children in the self-discovery of their world.
  • Program integrates music, art, physical education, and building in a warm and loving environment.

7. Kangaroo Kids (Kalyani Nagar):

The Pre-School Offers:

  • Curriculum based on active and experimental learning.
  • Uses innovative teaching methods.
  • Activities include puzzles, kitchen play, block building and transport toys.
  • Facilities such as computer, library, indoor and outdoor gym, traffic park, AV, art and craft room

8. Hello Kids (Hadaspar):

The Pre-School Offers:

  • High quality, all-English teaching environment.
  • Trained & experienced faculty, regular tips for parents, regular health check up, library, stage exposure, sports 7 games, live shows, picnics.
  • Pure drinking water facilities and ensures hygienic environments.

9. ABC Montessori (Tingrenagarm):

The Pre-School Offers:

  • Personalized learning for each and every child.
  • Aims to nurture the child completely.
  • Encourages children to realize their true potential.
  • Children here develop learning as a fun.
  • Builds logical and analytical skills for cognitive development.

10. Euro Kids (Wakad):

The Pre-School Offers:

  • Curriculum packed with real-world, concrete and sensory experiences.
  • Features include library, euro gym, pool and other outdoor activities.
  • Enhances physical, intellectual, emotional and social skills in children.

We hope the above listed options help you choose the best play school in Pune. Always make sure, to pay a personal visit to schools before making a final decision. We wish you good luck for a bright future for your child.

Don’t forget to share your experiences with us in the comment section below.

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