11 Best Projector Screens

11 Best Projector Screens Web-MJ

For people who enjoy watching movies, sports, and catching up on television shows every day, projector screens can come as a welcome addition. Nothing beats the big screen, and projector screens allow you to watch just about anything, just about anywhere — indoors or outdoors. If you own a projector, we recommend buying a good-quality projector screen for the best viewing experience.

Here is a list of the 11 best projector screens that we have carefully researched to bring you only the best with fantastic reviews and ratings. Read on to find the specifications, pros, and cons to zero in on one that fits your needs.

11 Best Projector Screens

1. Mdbebbron 150-Inch Projection Screen

Mdbebbron 150-Inch Projection Screen


The Mdbebbron projection screen is ideal for home theatres, offices, conference rooms, and educational purposes, among others. It is made from natural polyester fabric, which increases the brightness and sharpness of the images and videos. This portable projector screen features a black rectangular frame that gives it the right form after being installed. It works for both front and rear projectors. The screen format is 16:9, and the diagonal length is 150 inches, which gives you a massive viewing area of 130 x 73 inches. You can use hooks, ropes, nails, or double-sided tape to mount it to the wall. The anti-crease material makes it easier to fold it and stow it away when not in use.


  • Convenient to carry and store
  • Anti-crease material
  • Made from high-absorbance material
  • Easy to set up
  • Can be machine-washed


  • The hooks may not be adhesive enough.

2. Silver Ticket Products Projector Screen – STR-169110

Silver Ticket Products Projector Screen - STR-169110


The Silver Ticket Projector Screen is an ideal option if you’re looking for fixed frame screens with no resolution loss. It is made from authentic elastic white cinema-screen vinyl that is wrinkle-free. Achieve a theatre-like movie watching experience at home with the 1.1 gain reflectivity and a wide viewing angle of 160°. This screen projector is HD-ready, offering an unmatched full HD, 4k, 8k, and active 3D viewing experience. The 2.375-inch frame is sturdy and wrapped in black velvet that absorbs light. When the screen gets dirty, or you accidentally spill something on it, all it takes is a mild soap and water to wipe it clean and bring back the white shine of the vinyl screen.


  • Compatible with short, ultra-short, and long throw projectors
  • Features a heavy-duty aluminum frame
  • Tension Rod System for easy assembling
  • Black-backed screen that prevents loss of light


  • It is not portable.

3. P-Jing 150-Inch Portable Projector Screen

P-Jing 150-Inch Portable Projector Screen


One of the best portable projector screens, P-Jing’s screen is foldable and can be propped up outdoors for an amphitheater-like experience. The screen is made from natural polyester, and the edges of the projection screen are reinforced to protect it from harm’s way. The edges feature metal holes to hang the screen against a wall. It is 150 inches in length diagonally, and despite a wide viewing angle, it is lightweight and easy to carry around.


  • No-crease screen
  • Allows both front and rear projection
  • Thick matte white screen material to avoid light penetration
  • Easy installation


  • May not be suitable for walls with imperfections

4. Elite Manual B Series Projector Screen

Elite Manual B Series Projector Screen


If you’re on the lookout for 8k or 4k projector screens that are neither too big nor too small, the Elite projector screen is worth considering. It is 100 inches in length diagonally and is made from MaxWhite B front projection screen material. With a 180° viewing angle, the screen has an impressive diffusion uniformity to retain the quality and crispness of the images. The screen is equipped with D-rings that allow ceiling suspended installation. You can adjust the screen to different heights with its auto-lock mechanism, and the screen lanyard makes the operation effortless.


  • Mildew-resistant
  • Features auto-lock mechanism for variable height settings
  • Black-backed screen material
  • Black masking borders prevent projector overshoot


  • The screen may see some wrinkling
  • Not recommended for short and ultra-short throw projectors

5. TaoTronics Projection Screen With Stand

TaoTronics Projection Screen With Stand


This easy to carry, easy to clean indoor and outdoor projector screen is made from premium PVC matte material. The screen comprises 3 layers ­— white PC film, polyester, and black backing for maximal reflective property. You can adjust the height of the tripod with its stand locking mechanism.


  • Wrinkle-free screen
  • Height-adjustable
  • Hassle-free set up
  • Carry bag included


  • The sturdiness of the tripod may not be up to the mark.

6. Vivo Tripod Projector Screen

Vivo Tripod Projector Screen


If you prefer a projector screen on a tripod rather than a wall, this is one of the best projector screens that’d fit your preference. The heavy-duty tripod frame prevents your projector screen from wavering so that you can enjoy a stable viewing experience. This projector screen is compatible with LED, LCD, and DLP. The wide screen offers a crisp viewing angle up to 120°, diffusing light in all directions. In addition to this, the black backing prevents light from penetrating the screen for the right kind of contrast.


  • Auto-locking mechanism
  • Aluminum tripod legs
  • Easy to assemble
  • Features black side borders for enhanced contrast


  • The screen can’t be mounted to the wall.

7. Vamvo Outdoor-Indoor Projector Screen

Vamvo Outdoor-Indoor Projector Screen


This portable screen from Vamvo is one of the best outdoor projector screens, ideal for a backyard movie session when the sky is lit with stars. Its unique design features a tripod stand on both sides, which offers excellent stability when it gets windy outdoors. The pipe-set stands are foldable, making this outdoor screen easy to set up. While its size and built are ideal for outdoor viewing needs, it is just as well-suited for indoors.


  • 160° viewing angle
  • Includes full-set bag
  • Features double tripod stands on both sides
  • The sturdy screen offers flicker-free visuals.


  • The frame is a bit weak.

8. Khomo Gear Jumbo Inflatable Projector Screen

Khomo Gear Jumbo Inflatable Projector Screen


Inflatable projector screens are a great option when you look for a more realistic amphitheater-like experience. The Khomo Gear Jumbo projection screen is easy to inflate and deflate, taking only several minutes to take the form of a projector screen. It comes with an electric blower for inflating the frame. Once fully inflated, you can attach the white screen to the frame. Once you’re done using the projector screen, all you have to do is unzip the frame for it to deflate.


  • Supports front and rear projection
  • Bigger projection surface
  • It is 10 feet in height.
  • Sturdy for outdoors


  • Not suitable for short cast projectors

9. Super Deal 120-Inch Manual Projector Screen

Super Deal 120-Inch Manual Projector Screen


One of the best projector screens for home cinema, Super Deal offers a multipurpose manual screen. If size is a major criterion on your list of requisites for a projector screen, the 120-inch 1:1 high gain will not disappoint you as it delivers bright images with unparalleled quality. The auto-lock mechanism helps ensure the projector screen stays in place once you opt for a specific height. The black masking borders act as a cherry on top of the cake to enhance the overall picture contrast. It is made from durable material and is easy to clean as all you need is a cloth and water to wipe the stains off the screen.


  • Black borders enhance picture contrast
  • Anti-dust material
  • Anti-acid material
  • Wrinkle-free
  • Allows both wall and ceiling mounting
  • Size-adjustable
  • The material is 4k Ultra HD and active 3D ready


  • It is square-shaped rather than rectangular.

10. Keenstone 120-Inch Projection Screen

Keenstone 120-Inch Projection Screen


Keenstone’s 120-inch projection screen is a fantastic choice for a get-together with your friends to watch an exciting soccer match. Set it up in your backyard or take over the terrace; the 160° viewing angle delivers an fantastic image display even from a distance. The screen is made from high-quality polyester, which is the best projector screen material known for durability and high light-absorption properties. It is portable and is easy to install as it is equipped with 18 mounting holes on the frame. When not in use, you can fold the projector screen and store it without worrying about wrinkles.


  • Wrinkle-free
  • Double-sided projection
  • Flexible and lightweight
  • Machine washable


  • The screen is not opaque.

11. Hzgang Chalpr Portable Movie Screen

Hzgang Chalpr Portable Movie Screen


Hzgang Chalpr is one of the best projector screens for the outdoors since it is lightweight, foldable, and installing it is a breeze. It only takes a few minutes to hang it or mount it to the wall with the ropes and nails included in the kit. The screen is 120 inches, which means a large viewing area when you’re with a bunch of people. The screen material is resistant to wrinkles. However, if you store it without folding and find a few wrinkles here and there, run an iron at low heat for a wrinkle-free screen.


  • Allows front and rear projection
  • 178° super-wide viewing angle
  • Compact, lightweight, and foldable
  • Easy to set up


  • Some may find the screen slightly thin and sheer.

That was our list of the best projector screens based on top reviews. Let’s move on to a quick buying guide to help you opt for the right projector screen for an unparalleled viewing experience.

How To Choose The Right Projector Screen?

  • Size

In terms of the projector screen size, you should check the viewing distance which translates to the diagonal length. Most standard-size projector screens have a viewing distance of 100 inches to 120 inches. You should also check the specifications of your projector and ensure that you don’t buy a bigger projector screen, which might reduce the brightness of the image.

  • Fixed Vs. Portable

If you plan on keeping the projector screen stationary, fixed projector screens are the way to go. They are ideal for living rooms, classrooms, or conference rooms. However, if you’re going outdoors to watch a movie or a match in the open, you need a portable projector screen.

  • Screen Gain

Gain is the amount of light that a screen reflects. When the screen gain is high, the screen reflects the maximum amount of light for bright images and good contrast. For wider seating areas, a neutral or standard gain of 1.0 does a good job. Negative gains are also worth considering for screens with a wider viewing angle.

  • Screen Color

White projector screens are known for being versatile since they display vivid colors and optimize brightness. They’re ideal if you’re watching a video in a dark room. For ambient light settings, you should consider getting a black screen.

  • Projection

There are 3 types of projections — ultra-short throw, short throw, and long-throw. While ultra-short and short-throw projectors can be kept quite close to the screen, long-throw projectors are set up at a certain distance and angle. Look for the screen specifications to ensure that it matches the type of projector you own.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a projection screen cost?

Projector screens can cost anywhere between 50$ to 500$. The pricing depends on the brand, specifications, size of the screen, etc.

Are pull-down projector screens any good?

Pull-down projector screens are an excellent option if you are looking for portable, adjustable, and compact projector screens. They can be just as useful as any other type of projector screen, depending on your preference.

Can I use my wall as a projector screen?

While many people use their wall as a projector screen, a wall always falls short of the advantages that a projector screen offers. For instance, if your wall is uneven or is not white, viewing 4k or ultra HD quality videos could be next to impossible. Additionally, if the wall does not reflect the maximum amount of light, the outcome will be videos and images with less clarity.

Is projector paint as good as a screen?

Many people consider projector screen paint when budget is a constraint. While painting your wall with projector paint might seem like a good idea, many factors play a role in deciding whether the paint would offer high image clarity. Projector screens are made, keeping in mind these factors and thus save you the hassle of doing a lot of research. Projector paint works for people who don’t use projectors that often. However, if you invest in a good projector, investing a little more in a high-quality projector screen is the best thing.

What size of the projector screen should I get?

With projector screens, bigger is not always better. You should consider the size of your room and the specs of your projector in case you’re using your projector indoors. Projector screens that are too large produce images that aren’t as bright. So, go through your projector specifications and figure out the viewing distance that it permits to buy a projector screen of an apt size.

Are projectors as good as TVs?

While both projectors and TVs come with impressive specifications these days, it all comes down to your budget. Televisions with larger screen sizes and 4k resolutions can be way more expensive than projectors. While televisions are feature-rich, projectors offer a great home-theatre experience at a fair price.

This was our list of the best projector screens. We hope you found the projector screen that fits your requirements and matches the specifications of your projector. While investing in a good-quality projector is crucial, your investment is worth it only when you get the right projector screen that maintains the image quality and brightness, offering you a flawless viewing experience.