13 Best Punching Bags For Home In 2021


Gym-goers and professional athletes understand the importance of a sturdy punching bag for their workout sessions. If you’ve been looking for the best punching bag, you have come to the right place. Using a punching bag the right way can help you dramatically improve your muscle strength, balance, cardiovascular endurance, hand-eye coordination, and athletic performance. It can also burn calories and decrease stress.

Whether you want to use it as a stress-buster at home or for serious workouts, our list of top-rated punching bags will allow you to pick the one that’s perfect for your needs. They are recommended by kickboxers and athletes who use them every day to train and improve their kicking stance. Check them out!

13 Best Punching Bags For Home

1. Protocol Punching Bag And Boxing Training Sets

Protocol Punching Bag And Boxing Training Sets

This punching bag helps you to vent out your frustration while getting great exercise at the same time. This set comes with an inflatable punching ball that is mounted on a stand, the height of which can be adjusted from 48-58 inches. It also has 2 deluxe padded boxing gloves with easy-to-use closures, an air pump with needle, jump rope, and an online exercise guide. The water or sand filled base holds this training set firmly in place even through the toughest routines. It can be easily set up in a basement, garage, or any other room and is a perfect accessory for a home gym. This set is great for adult beginners and includes an easy-to-follow instruction diagram.


  • Heavy duty punching bag
  • Well designed
  • Heavy duty base
  • Quieter because of heavy construction


  • The screw connecting the pole to the base may need frequent tightening.

2. Century Bob XL With Base Unit

Century Bob XL With Base Unit

The body opponent bag, Bob XL has a longer torso than before, giving you more striking surface for your practice. The body is made of high strength plastisol which adds to its durability and gives you a more authentic experience as you know where your kick or punch will actually land. The rounded base can be filled with water or sand for stability. The mannequin’s dimensions are 40″ x 15.5″ x 10.5″ and its height can be adjusted from 60 inches to 82 inches. Its base is 24” in diameter and is 19.5” high and weighs around 270 lbs. when filled with water. It’s ideal for working out the entire upper body and can be used at your home, apartment, school, or gym.


  • Polyethylene base
  • Realistic partner training
  • Body filled with urethane foam
  • Easy to roll and shift to other places


  • May not be stable when filled with water

3. Everlast Powercore Free Standing Punching Bag

Everlast Powercore Free Standing Punching Bag

This free standing heavy bag has a plastic base that can be filled with water or sand for stability. It weighs approximately 250 lbs when filled with water and 370 lbs when filled with sand. It is constructed with shock-absorbing foam and a Nevatear outer layer for strength and durability. The height adjustment of the stand ranges from 52 inches to 65 inches. It makes for an effective workout and enhances cardio, leg strength, and hand-eye coordination. Its power transfer ring absorbs impact and prevents the base from moving and sliding.


  • Versatile fitness tool
  • High density base
  • Rounded design for easy manoeuvering
  • Air foam chamber for realistic feel


  • Might leak if filled with water

4. Tech Tools Desktop Punching Bag

Tech Tools Desktop Punching Bag

This heavy duty stress relief ball is a real stress buster and allows you to blow off steam without visiting the gym. It gives you the same level of stress relief right from the comfort of your work desk. It’s made from extremely durable and resilient material, which ensures that the punching ball can withstand all the beating without weakening or deflating. This punching ball can attach to any surface with suction to give you instant stress relief.


  • Air pump included
  • Durable and resilient spring
  • Weighs 1.3 lbs
  • Easy to set up


  • The suction may loosen after a while

5. Figolo Free Standing Punching Bag

Figolo Free Standing Punching Bag

This punching bag weighs around 190 lbs after being filled with water or sand. Great as a professional boxing bag, it’s loved by athletes and sportsmen. Using this standing punching bag daily improves body balance, fighting skills, and builds up a strong and healthy body. It’s made of 4 materials for a better boxing experience— finest PU cloth polished, polyester, EPE, and a premium 304 steel pole for durability. The base is made of the finest, durable ABS with good power adsorption, including 12 strong suction cups to stop the base from sliding and moving. The height of the standing punching bag is 69’’ or 175 cms and is great for people who are 4-6 ft tall as a strength builder. Its design is such that it is ultra quiet and is also extremely easy to assemble. It is a great option for those who have nowhere to hang a traditional punching bag.


  • Flexible rebound
  • Multi-layer material
  • Comfortable hand guard
  • Environment-friendly
  • Doesn’t require drilling


  • Some may not find it stable after filling sand.
  • Suctions may not stick unless the floor is smooth.

6. Mengduo Inflatable Free Standing Punching Bag

Mengduo Inflatable Free Standing Punching Bag

One of the best punching bags for home, it stands at 63 inches and its base has a diameter of 25.5 inches. This boxing bag weighs 800 gms or 1.8 lbs. It is made of strong PVC and features 2 parts— the bottom is weighed down with water or sand to keep it stable on the ground, and the upper part is inflated to help you train your skills. It includes 1 inlet, 3 air launch pockets, and the neck and body need to be inflated separately. This fun standing punching bag is a good stress buster and ideal for staying healthy, and it can also be used for improving coordination and flexibility in children.


  • Environment-friendly
  • Ideal for home workouts
  • Safe and durable
  • Suitable for children above 6 years and adults


  • Some may find that the product sags rather fast.

7. 888Warehouse Full Heavy Boxing Punching Bag

888Warehouse Full Heavy Boxing Punching Bag

This home boxing bag gives you a full-body workout and enhances your endurance, speed, and accuracy. This premium quality punching bag is designed with high-quality Oxford material and is both practical and durable. The base has a diameter of 30 cms or 11.8 inches. The punching bag comes with a hook, chains, and bandages and can be used for punching, kicking, martial arts, and general fitness. The punching bag comes empty and can be filled with sand bags, used clothing, pillows, or weights covered with soft material. All accessories come packed inside the empty punching bag. Once filled, the bag reaches a weight of 80 kgs.


  • Height of 39.4 inches or 100 cms
  • Weight of 1 kg
  • Offers a gym-like workout experience
  • Comes with boxing gloves


  • The zipper and metal triangles may have issues in some cases

8. Lastworld Last Punch Heavy Duty Punching Bag

Lastworld Last Punch Heavy Duty Punching Bag

This professional quality, heavy duty punching bag is great for boxing practice. It comes with 3 chains attached to a swivel ring. It can be filled with plastic bags, old clothes, or cotton to name a few, but works best with very small gravel. With chains, the bag is 48″ long, and is 33″ long without chains with a width of 18″. The chains make it convenient to mount or unmount it from anything that is close to a hook or post, or anything that can hold onto a ring.


  • Bag made of black canvas
  • Great for home workouts
  • Convenient to set up
  • Durable material and easy to fill


  • Some may find the material a little flimsy.

9. Prize Form Double End Punching Bag

Prize Form Double End Punching Bag

This punching bag set is ideal to improve accuracy, rhythm, reflexes, coordination, precision, defense, footwork, your overall fitness, and to release stress. The double end ball is made using 100% genuine top-grain supple leather with reinforced stitching and rivets, giving it both beauty and symmetry. The contrasting colors and bright white cross stitching not only add to its look, but also create an excellent visual target to aid in precise punches. It’s available in 2 sizes of 7 inches and 9 inches with 4 high-strength carabiner clips and 2 different length elastic cords. The ball has an extra durable, high quality, inflatable latex bladder to ensure an authentic boxing experience and the elastic cords assist in developing your reflexes, timing, and agility. This product also comes with an air pump with the needle stored in the handle.


  • Extra durable construction
  • Handmade with expert craftsmanship
  • Complete punching bag set with attachments
  • 1 year replacement warranty


  • The leather loop that attaches to the bungee cord may not be as strong as expected.

10. Fuxin Wrecking Ball Heavy Punching Bag

Fuxin Wrecking Ball Heavy Punching Bag

This punching bag has a pear-shaped design which is more efficient in helping you improve your punching speed and hand-eye coordination, muscle strength, endurance, balance performance, and rebound accuracy. Made of high-quality PU leather, it is flexible enough to protect hand muscles. It’s great as a boxing gym equipment as well as for home or office exercise. It includes a chain and swivel hardware, and it is easy to install this 19”x12” punch bag.


  • Excellent durability
  • Easy to install
  • Anti-shock
  • Strong performance


  • Some may find it too lightweight.

11. Outslayer Professional Fight Gear Punching Bag

Outslayer Professional Fight Gear Punching Bag

This 100-pound professional punching bag comes with a 10 year warranty and works very well for both boxing and MMA. What differentiates this product from many is its outstanding quality and durability. The stitching is flawless and free of imperfections of any kind. It is stuffed with fabric that can be removed and adjusted to a density that works for you, and you also won’t experience excess sinking or hard and hollow spots. You can easily access the fabric through the top of the bag. The bag is supported by 2 straps that have heavy duty O-rings at the ends. This bag ensures that you are investing in the best product and it will last you for years to come.


  • Can be customized with a D ring
  • Colors can be customized
  • Hangs nicely
  • Comes in a durable cover


  • May not be suitable for beginners

12. U’king Free Standing Boxing Punch Bag

U’king Free Standing Boxing Punch Bag

This free standing punching bag stands approximately 67’’/170cm tall and is very effective for both core strengthening and cardio. It has an ergonomic cushioning design which causes less vibration even during intensive strength training. The rounded tyre ABS base tank and the 12 strong suction cups beneath it add stability. Its stainless steel tube stand is multilayered and encased in 2 mm thickened PU leather, high-density EPE foam, and a fabric buffer. Its thick manual nylon sewing makes it tear-resistant, gives a fast rebound, and helps it to withstand long-term wear and tear. Its base becomes more stable and weighs 182 lbs when filled with sand and 137 lbs when filled with water.


  • Scientific design
  • Easy to install
  • Quality guarantee of 5 years
  • Rubber base ensures easy roll relocation


  • Some may not find the suction sufficient

13. Soozier Power Tower With Bench and Punching Bag

Soozier Power Tower With Bench and Punching Bag

This multi-purpose punching bag includes a punching bag, a knee raise station, a multi-grip pull-up station, a dip station, a push-up station, and a sit-up station. This enables you to strengthen your entire body and build strong biceps, triceps, back, abdominal core, legs, and shoulders. Its main frame is made of reinforced steel and is built to last for years. All handles are covered with rubber to prevent your hands from slipping. The non-slip design of this product protects your floors and remains steady in your workout. It comes equipped with a 440 lb. punching bag to help you strengthen muscles and develop hand and foot technique while working out and also enhances your endurance, speed, and accuracy.


  • High density arms
  • Cushioned bench
  • Double-stitched tear-resistant vinyl surface
  • Scratch-resistant powder-coated finish


  • Some may find the product unstable while exercising

Punching bags come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s important to consider several factors while selecting the right one for your requirements and preferences. We hope these tips will help you to make an informed choice.

How To Choose The Right Punching Bag For Home

  • Bag height and weight

Beginners should use smaller, lighter bags while more advanced trainees can go for denser and heavier bags. Beginners should also choose a shorter bag, in the 3 to 4 feet range, while more experienced trainees can opt for one that’s 5 feet or longer. If you intend to use it for both kicking and punching, you should choose a longer bag with a larger striking surface.

  • Materials

High quality and heavy duty materials are always a better option for punching bags because they literally take a beating. Bags that are covered in real or synthetic leather or high quality vinyl are much more durable than those made with other materials. Foam liners or fillers, water, and sand give a more consistent feel when you strike. Avoid bags made from canvas as they tear easily, and it is difficult to clean them.

  • Shape

Punching  bags can have a cylinder shape, ball shape, or human torso shape. Though all of them are good for general training, when it comes to specificity, one shape may be better than others. A ball-shaped punching bag is better for uppercuts and crosses as compared to a traditional punching bag but is not suitable for low kicks as they hang high above the ground. But again, ball bags are more compact and easier to transport because of their lighter weight. Human-shaped punching bags make your training more realistic and life-like. Human torso heavy bags are most often freestanding, which have other benefits as well.

  • Hanging vs freestanding punching bag

Punching bags are usually hanging, and one is not better than the other— it depends on your requirements. A freestanding punching bag, unlike a hanging bag, doesn’t require any mounting, so there’s no inconvenience of drilling or finding a place for it. Freestanding punching bags are also easier to move around. The downside is that freestanding punching bags are prone to tipping over and to prevent this, you have to fill their base with water or sand. Also, freestanding punching bags occupy floor space.

  • Stability

If you buy a free-standing bag, you should look for a very heavy base so it doesn’t move no matter how hard you kick or punch it.

  • Body weight

A good strategy is to buy a punching bag that’s at least half your body weight so that it doesn’t move around too much while kicking or punching it.

  • Type of training

Different combat sports require a different size and shape of bag, so do keep that in mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Should I get a filled or an unfilled punching bag?

To save yourself the inconvenience of filling the bag, you should opt for a filled bag. In any case, the manufacturer will probably do a better job filling the heavy bag than you. You can go for an unfilled bag if it brings down the shipping rates because of its lighter weight.

  1. Can these bags be used outdoors?

You probably shouldn’t as their metal parts like the D-ring and chains are prone to rusting, especially if the air is humid. But if you are very keen to use them outdoors and you don’t mind the heavy shifting, you could use them outside on dry days.

Punching bags have both physical and mental benefits and have become an integral part of home gyms. It gives you a full body workout and improves strength, endurance, balance, confidence, and coordination, and also relieves stress. One doesn’t always have the time or energy to go to a gym which makes a punching bag for home all the more useful.  A number of factors have to be considered when buying the best punching bag for home. Punching bags are not cheap and it makes sense to take your time over making your decision. Keep in mind what your requirements and budget are, rather than getting swayed by advertisements and tall stories that people might tell you about their own equipment.

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