13 Best Puzzles For Kids Of 2022


Right from waking up in the morning to going to bed at night, we all have a jam-packed schedule every day. Buying the best puzzles for kids can entertain and engage the children. The children these days are spoilt for choice when choosing toys or looking for ways to stay entertained. Once they get something new, they use it and start preferring another toy, thanks to which, the boredom immediately begins to set on them.

During the lockdown caused due to the rapid spreading of the coronavirus, we all might be looking for ways to stay productive or engaged. Children these days will become restless if they stay indoors for longer. Although most children may be obsessed with toys, introducing them to puzzles could benefit them in several ways. Puzzles are fun, vibrantly colored, and help stimulate problem-solving and cognitive capabilities for the children. When a child works on a puzzle, it will sharpen their concentration and focus. They can be a much-needed alternative to spending a lot of time in front of their screen in the form of gadgets or playing with toys they will tend to ignore after a point. Thanks to all of these benefits, spending time with puzzles could turn productive that your little one will cherish in the long run.

13 Best Puzzles For Kids

1. Best Challenging: Coogam Wooden Puzzle

This is an excellent educational puzzle game that is great for playing alone or with a partner. This geometric brain puzzle has a hexagonal base along with a honeycomb of different shapes. It comes with a booklet that gives you a variety of formations to try and fill in the space. It can be designed in many ways wherein each is as different, innovative, and challenging. It develops logical skills and increases your child’s spatial intelligence. Made from natural wood, the toy has a smooth touch surface and non-toxic bright colors for that attractive look. This fun and stimulating puzzle is great for adults too! It can be carried along as a travel toy and can keep you and your children entertained for hours, away from the screen. So, don’t wait and order one!


 2. Best Anti-Glare: Ravensburger Realm Of The Giants Ravensburger Puzzle – 200 Piece

This puzzle set comes from the house of Ravensburger, the bestselling puzzle brand that is known for its impressive quality. Every puzzle piece in the pack is cleanly cut and boasts of an unique shape that has only one perfect spot in the picture. The puzzle has great detailing and graphics that reflect the brand’s high standards. It also has an anti-glare finish, which means that there won’t be any hurting eyes due to the usual glossy surfaces found in other puzzles. The puzzle is made from sturdy cardboard and is very durable. It is great to promote creativity and focus in your child. It ensures hours of fun as well as relaxation; joining the pieces and making the picture come alive. And not to forget, it can be an ideal gift for all occasions.


 3. Best Colorful: Aitey Wooden 6 Pack Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles For Kids

This cute kid puzzle set is a great playtime companion for kids aged 2 to 5. These early learners will benefit immensely from the set that has 6 adorable pictures with their favourite jungle animals. The puzzle set is made of wood and each frame has a cute background and vivid colors to stoke their imagination. Each picture has only 9 parts that cater perfectly to their learning stage. The logical approach to arranging the parts will keep them occupied and encourage them to use their motor skills and spatial awareness. Even parents and carers can team up and make this puzzle solving activity a fun and learning time for their kids.


 4. Best Durable: Ravensburger Land of The Giants Jigsaw Puzzle – 100 Piece

This 100 part jigsaw set comes from Ravensburger, who are the leading brand of quality puzzle makers. The puzzle is perfect for older toddlers who want to have a taste of mature puzzle solving. It makes even the most restless kid sit patiently and work out the pieces. The jigsaw has a glaze-proof surface and you won’t notice any nasty card-board slivers. The cardboard parts are durable and have quality graphics with vibrant colors. Every piece belongs to its unique place and that is why this puzzle is a genuine craft where pieces do not randomly fit into the frame. It is really good for your child’s brain development and perseverance. Also, you can rest assured while your kid indulges in some valuable, focussed time. That calls for a reason to order it, doesn’t it?


 5. Best Non-Toxic: TOP BRIGHT 100 Piece Puzzles For Kids

As the name suggests, the puzzle portrays the city/urban setting in the most charming light. It is very well suited for little toddler hands and growing kids so that they enjoy hours of attentive leisure. The numbering at the back of the puzzle tiles is helpful for the little ones, in case they run out of patience. The puzzle is made from safe and non-toxic wooden material. Each piece is durable, has a smooth finish, and comes without any sharp ends. The fine detailing of the puzzle and the colors of the puzzle palette is indeed very pleasing. It is not just good for honing hand-eye coordination and organisational skills, but also therapeutic to put together after a long day.


 6. Best Glow-In-The-Dark: Mudpuppy Space Illuminated 500 Piece Puzzle

This amazing 500 piece puzzle is a playtime treat for kids who love the space, sky, planets, and beyond. The most unique feature about this puzzle is that it glows in the dark and when your child has finished compiling and assembling the pieces, going to bed with a different design illuminating back is such a bonus. In fact, the pieces of this puzzle stick so well that you can move around without them hurling down. The puzzle parts come packed in a strong box to keep them all together and also adhere to all safety regulations. The cardboard tiles of the puzzle contain soy based colors that are completely harmless for your child. So go and order a box now!


 7. Best Easy-To-Hold: iPlay, iLearn Floor Puzzles for Kids

This product is a unique and creative approach to puzzle solving. Suitable for children who are 6 years and above, this puzzle is not only fun, but also educational. It presents a world map with a scaling guidebook that encourages your child to move from one level to another through 3 challenging steps. It enhances their knowledge about continents, their features, oceans and also about the special animals of different regions. The toy is safe for kids as it is made from wood with a fine polish. The pieces of this puzzle are attractive, chunky, and easy to hold; yet there aren’t too many to frustrate the kids. The circular pattern of the puzzle is really interesting and children can take it up as a solo or a team activity as well.


8. Best Odorless: RUIDELI Pattern Blocks

This  wooden puzzle and pattern block set is ideal if you are looking for a toy that is smart as well as productive. In fact, this is one of the best options in the STEM toy category. Unlike other puzzles, your child has the freedom to explore his/her creativity and make beautiful patterns with the bright, eye-catching colorful blocks. One can create multiple combinations by sorting the individual pieces to create new shape-words, flowers, animals, sentences, or any other possibility that your child’s imagination can come up with. This is excellent for boosting cognitive development and originality in your growing kid. The toy is made from natural material with a smooth finish. All blocks are colored with non-toxic dyes and are odorless. Since these are perfect for little hands, your child will never be bored playing with this educational puzzle.


 9. Best Kid-Friendly: QUOKKa 60 Piece Floor Puzzles For Kids

Quokka brings to you a series of 2 floor puzzle sets for beginners (age 3 to 5) and for older toddlers (age 4 to 8). After your kids have tried the puzzles with 40+ pieces, this would be an ideal progression to try the 60 plus range. The puzzle sets display two attractive themes that always entice the little ones- the jungle and the marine creatures. The large puzzles are an ideal playtime companion on holidays and vacations when the kids can just sprawl the pieces on the floor and get solving them. Each piece of the puzzle has a unique place. The pieces are made from sturdy, thick cardboard and hence remain strong even after multiple uses. They come with kid-friendly designs that have great graphics, bright colors, and fine detailing. It can be an ideal activity for festive evenings and kids’ parties too.


 10. Best For Logical Skills: GAYISIC Puzzles For Kids

This animal puzzle from Gayisic is sure to impress you and your kids with its uniqueness and beauty. The floor puzzle comes with colorful pieces that make a vibrant jungle backdrop; consisting of all the kids’ favourite animals like an elephant, panda, giraffe etc. When completed, it presents a beautiful collage form in the shape of an elephant (other animal options are also available). It can also be framed to make a radiant home decor. It’s challenging enough without being overwhelming, so your child will be occupied for long hours and it’s also great for those cozy family evenings as well. The wooden puzzle is made from superior quality paper and also has a storage pouch to keep the pieces together. The toy can be an excellent birthday or festive gift. Take them away from screens and give them a quality time to play as well as develop their logical skills, observation, and intelligence.


11. Best For Geographical Knowledge: Momo & Nashi World Map Puzzle For Kids

The puzzle set with the world map is a very delightful, educational toy for kids. It contains 75 pieces showcasing an atlas with continents, important landmarks, icons, and regional specialities. It is a great tool to increase geographical knowledge, general awareness, and develop the skills of problem solving. It also helps to enhance memory skills and logical thought process. The superior quality of the puzzle speaks for itself with shiny gloss print and neatly designed pieces. It has been tested for safety and is compliant with all necessary regulations. Order it soon because you won’t like to miss out on this amazingly interactive, learning tool for your kid.


12. Best For Hand-Eye Coordination: Montessori Mama Wooden Toddler Puzzles For Kids

This loveable, charming set of animal puzzles are a very enjoyable addition to your kid’s learning activities and toys. It stimulates hand-eye coordination and concentration for optimum brain development. It is great as a shape sorter too; with easy assembly as there are numbers printed on the puzzle blocks. The toy puzzle is also useful for boosting memory and increasing spatial intelligence. With gradual play, your child will become more confident in his/her academics. The set comes in 4 different animal shapes that are so cute and endearing. Each piece is coated with brilliant colors and bright graphics that add detail to the body. With such amazing features, your child’s safety is also guaranteed. The paint used on these puzzles is water based with no toxins. Made from natural wood, the pieces have no sharp edges to hurt your child. So take it for holidays and picnics or gift it to someone you love as this durable toy will last you many years.


 13. Best For Cognitive Skills: Mysj Kids Puzzles

If your child is a superhero fan, this puzzle will be a treat for him/her. Made from quality cardboard, the puzzle has 100 pieces for a moderately challenging level that will keep your kid busy in a productive way. Since each piece has a unique fit, there is a lot of concentration and thinking involved, which is a good way to boost cognitive skills in your child. The superhero design has a brilliant spread of color and it will be a cool way to make your kid indulge in an imaginative and interactive playtime. The cardboard material has a non-toxic surface, so it is safe for your kids to use and play. Not to mention, it is a great gifting option as well. So what are you waiting for? Go and order one at once!


Now that you have a wide choice of puzzles to pick from, you must be wondering which one is actually suited for your child. And here we are, to help you buy the right puzzle. Just keep the following details in your mind before you buy one.

How To Choose The Right Puzzles For Kids

  • Puzzle type

There is a plethora of puzzles available on the shelves of toy shops and online stores; however, there are 2 main categories of puzzles — the jigsaw puzzles and the inset puzzles.

Inset puzzles are the best kid puzzles since they have wooden blocks and they do not interlock like the jigsaw puzzles. If you want to buy one for a baby or a young toddler, then inset puzzles are your best choice. They may even come with little pegs or knobs for easy grasping. That ensures that little ones do not feel frustrated while taking them out or putting them in a certain position.

Jigsaw puzzles, on the other hand, have pieces that interlock and have varying difficulty levels. So they are ideal for older toddlers and children aged above. These could be big sized floor puzzles, frame puzzles, and the 3D ones too.

  • Materials used

Mostly, puzzles are made from cardboard, wood, or even foam. Cardboard pieces are usually less sturdy than wood. In case they are wet, there is always a chance of them getting damaged. Plus, young kids may find it difficult to handle cardboard pieces as they interlock easily. If you are buying a cardboard puzzle, do make sure that they are of superior quality, or they can bend or tear easily. Foam puzzles are easier to handle compared to cardboard puzzles, but keep in mind that there is always a chance of little babies and toddlers choking on cardboard and foam pieces. So always keep an eye or let them be under adult supervision.

  • Image and theme

A big factor that makes a puzzle enjoyable for your kid is the picture or theme that it depicts. If a child is not familiar with the picture on the puzzle, they may be demotivated to solve it. On the other hand, if it is something that your child likes, there will be a keen interest to solve it. So, if you are buying for your own child or gifting someone else, always remember to pick a puzzle with their interest in mind. In most cases, the young ones like cute, large eyed, smiling animal pictures, jungle themes, characters like mermaids or jokers, etc. On the other hand, the older ones like superheroes, fairy tale characters, science based images like the marine world or the solar system. 

  • Number of tiles/pieces

You must always buy a puzzle depending on the age and capacity of a child. A simple 9 to 10 piece puzzle may be easy for a 4 year old, but a younger child may not have the attention to solve it. If you are buying for a young child, go for puzzles that have less number of pieces. And if they are bright, chunky, and colorful, even better. Wooden puzzles are very well suited for young kids. Also, make sure you don’t buy puzzles with small parts for the young ones as they pose choking hazards.

If the child is grown up, go for puzzles that have smaller parts or more number of parts. However, make sure that it is suited to his/her liking. Just because a certain puzzle comes within that age range does not mean that your child will be able to solve it. The puzzles should be appropriately challenging but not overwhelming. Gradually, you can raise the difficulty level till your child becomes a pro.

Most children are inquisitive and curious by nature. They also love challenges and fun to keep their energies ticking. A puzzle activity does just that. They teach the virtue of patience and perseverance to reach and see the bigger picture, literally and figuratively. Besides that, puzzles are great to keep them busy and alert. So it is a great idea to buy some nice puzzles for your child and get them going. We are sure that you found our list of 13 best puzzles for kids handy and we know your kids are going to love whatever puzzle you decide to get them.

Why Trust MomJunction?

We have compiled this comprehensive list of the best puzzles for kids to let you keep your children engaged and away from their screens. You’ll find some fun and interesting puzzles that will help develop your children’s problem-solving skills, improve their concentration and focus, and make them more curious. Moreover, the puzzle sets listed here are colorful, portable, safe, and durable.

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