15 Best Puzzles For 6-Year-Olds In 2023

The best puzzles for six-year-olds are designed to encourage learning and act as a great tool for development. These games can keep your child engaged for hours while teaching them problem-solving skills, critical thinking, and improving their hand-eye coordination. Also, it helps you keep your child diverted from smartphones and tablets. These games are available in various themes and sizes. Delve into our list and choose the right one for your child.

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15 Best Puzzles For 6-Year-Olds

1. Best Easy-To-Assemble:Melissa & Doug Solar System Floor Puzzle

Melissa & Doug Solar System Floor Puzzle Image: Melissa & Doug

The colorful and attractive 48-piece solar system puzzle is made of extra-thick cardboard pieces that are easy to assemble. This multi-piece puzzle set is large, measuring 24×36 inches, and the surface is easy to clean. It is suitable for children aged three to six years and is designed to promote your child’s hand-eye coordination. To find out more about this product, check this video review out.


  • Beautiful artwork
  • Labeled planet names
  • Unique cut pieces
  • Suitable for group play
  • Easy to hold for little hands
  • Large size


  • Some may find the cardboard peeling with the use
  • May not stay together for long
Why It's Worth Buying: The 27,239 positive customer reviews on Amazon are a testament to its quality and reliability.
Price at the time of publication: $9.97

2. Best For Recycling:EuroGraphics Sharks Jigsaw Puzzle

EuroGraphics Sharks Jigsaw Puzzle Image: Eurographics

The 100-piece shark-themed jigsaw puzzle for children is made from non-toxic, 100% recyclable material with the 0.07-inch high-quality, recycled blue board. It is printed with vegetable-based inks and displays the underwater world–it features 20 vibrant sharks. The set has easy-to-fit, strong pieces, and the image is printed on non-toxic recycled cardboard and paper. Suitable for children aged five and above, this puzzle measures 13×19 inches after completion.


  • Fits well
  • Does not fray over time
  • Helps develop cognitive ability
  • Develops hand-eye coordination
  • Improves picture recognition abilities
  • Certified by the Forest Stewardship Council


  • Some may find the pieces small
  • Some pieces may not stay flat on the surface
Why It's Worth Buying: More than 6,928 buyers on Amazon have said the product lives up to the hype.
Price at the time of publication: $11.63

3. Best For Ages Three And Above: The Learning Journey Lift & Learn Puzzle – USA Map

The Learning Journey Lift & Learn USA Map Puzzle Image: The Learning Journey

The US map of fifty states is divided into 40 puzzle pieces with bright colors and raised textures. With representative pictures under each piece, they are easy to carry and grab and suitable for children aged three and above. This picture puzzle for kids measures 15x4x11in and fits neatly in a wood grain-like tray. It offers tidy storage and hands-on learning. If you are an absolute beginner, this video review might be useful.


  • Helps to learn state capitals
  • Develops hand-eye coordination
  • Interactive puzzle
  • Safety-tested


  • Cardboard pieces may peel over time
  • Some may find the pieces small

protip_icon Quick fact
John Spilsbury, a mapmaker, is often credited for creating the world’s first jigsaw puzzle in 1766. The puzzle was the map of Europe developed as a teaching aid for a geography lesson (1).

Why It's Worth Buying: With over 4,254 reviews on Amazon, this product is a winner.
Price at the time of publication: $25.98

4. Best Safety-Tested: Mudpuppy Outer Space Glow-In-The-Dark Puzzle


Suitable for children aged five and above, this 100-piece outer space puzzle illustrates planets, stars, spaceships, and space travel. Made from a sturdy and environment-friendly greyboard containing 90% recycled paper, the puzzle pieces are printed with soy-based, non-toxic inks. These pieces glow in the dark to form a fascinating outer space puzzle and include a storage box for damage-free and clutter-free storage. The finished puzzle measures 18×12 inches.


  • Fits well
  • Appropriate size for little hands to hold
  • Safety-tested
  • Thick pieces


  • Some pieces may not have neat edges
  • Print on the pieces may peel over time
Price at the time of publication: $10.6

5. Best For Hand-Eye Coordination:Bearun 3D Coloring Puzzle Set

The DIY 12-piece puzzle set allows your child to create five large 3D puzzles creatively. Your child can color the puzzle pieces with 12 water-based dual-tip markers and assemble the 3D puzzle without glue or scissors. This puzzle kit has vehicle, monument, and animal themes to help develop color awareness and hand-eye coordination and is suitable for children aged six years and above. It comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Check out this review for a detailed understanding of this colorful puzzle for 6-year-olds.


  • Non-repetitive coloring pattern
  • Comes with an instruction sheet
  • Suitable for display
  • Large model size


  • May find it difficult to assemble
  • Some may find the patterns too intricate for children

protip_icon Did you know?
Indulging in coloring pages could also improve your child’s handwriting, as coloring strengthens the hand muscles and improves dexterity.

Price at the time of publication: $16.99

6. Best Double-Sided:Mudpuppy Map Of The U.S.A Puzzle

Mudpuppy Map Of The U.S.A Puzzle Image: Mudpuppy

Teach your child about the geography of the US with Mudpuppy’s U.S.A map puzzle. The set includes 70 precisely cut and interlocking state-shaped puzzle pieces with specific state names, capitals, and nicknames. This double-sided, logic puzzle for children conforms with ASTM and other international safety standards and has been painted using non-toxic soya-based paints.


  • Available in multiple themes
  • Vibrantly colored
  • Thick and sturdy pieces
  • Enhances critical thinking and motor skills
  • Travel-friendly


  • May be smaller than expected
  • Puzzle pieces may slide
Price at the time of publication: $16.77

7. Best Educational:Imagimake Mapology USA With Capitals

Imagimake Mapology USA With Capitals Image: Imagimake

Make learning about the states and capitals of the US fun for your child with the Imagimake Mapology USA With Capitals puzzle. This educational puzzle set includes a foam puzzle frame, 50 state-shaped puzzle pieces, flags, instructions stickers with fun facts and names of the states, and instructions. The puzzle set helps develop your child’s motor skills, creativity, hand-eye coordination, and social skills.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Polished edges
  • Ideal for gifting
  • Meets ASTM safety standards


  • Some pieces may be slightly flimsy
  • Some might find it tricky to assemble the smaller pieces

protip_icon Quick tip
Solving jigsaw puzzles can help improve your child’s motor skills, hand-eye coordination, spatial vocabulary, problem-solving skills, and sequencing abilities (2)

Price at the time of publication: $19.99

8. Best Anti-Glare Surface:Ravensburger No Dogs On The Beach Jigsaw Puzzle

Ravensburger No Dogs On The Beach Jigsaw Puzzle Image: Ravensburger

The 100-piece Ravensburger jigsaw puzzle features an anti-glare surface made from extra-thick cardboard and fine, linen-structured paper. Each piece of this animal party-themed puzzle has a unique shape and can fit in accurately. This puzzle measures 13.25x9x1.5 inches and is suitable for children aged six and above.


  • Smooth-surface treatment
  • Helps develop hand-eye coordination
  • Large pieces
  • Easy to hold and assemble
  • Colorful illustrations
  • Easy to clean


  • Some pieces may not lay flat
  • Some pieces may bend
Price at the time of publication: $16.99

9. Best For Ages Three To Eight:iPlay, iLearn World Map Floor Puzzles

iPlay, iLearn World Map Floor Puzzles Image: Iplay Ilearn

The round jigsaw puzzle is suitable for children aged three to eight. It is made of natural, solid, and sturdy wood and contains 36 easy-to-hold-and-assemble puzzle pieces. This floor puzzle for six-year-olds is based on the world map, and it comes with a 1:1 scale instruction guide. The puzzle’s diameter after assembly is 19 inches.


  • Finely polished edges
  • Includes geography and zoology guide
  • Engaging and educational
  • Chunky pieces
  • Develops hand-eye coordination


  • Some pieces may not lay flat
  • Some may find the paper peeling off over time
Price at the time of publication: $21.99

10. Best Eco-Friendly:Sitodier Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle Set


The colorful four-in-one wooden puzzle set includes over 140 puzzle pieces and a 0.24-inch wooden base with a frame to place the puzzle pieces. Suitable for children aged four to eight years, this wooden puzzle for six-year-olds is made from three-layer environment-friendly wood boards and non-toxic, lead-free, eco-friendly, and durable materials. It comes with themes of dinosaurs, mermaids, animals, and park as well as farm themes. There are numbers on the back of each piece and they are easy to flip. The pieces have well-rounded corners for safety, and measure approximately 11.81 × 8.85 × 0.2in after assembly.


  • Kid-friendly design
  • Beautiful illustrations
  • Easy-to-hold pieces
  • BPA-free
  • Reference image on board
  • Easy to store


  • Pieces may fit tight and be hard to take apart
  • Some kids may find it difficult to assemble
Price at the time of publication: $9.99

11. Best Animal-Themed: Mudpuppy Animal Kingdom Double-Sided Puzzle

Mudpuppy Animal Kingdom Double-Sided Puzzle Image: Mudpuppy

The Mudpuppy Animal kingdom is a double-sided puzzle with illustrations and colorful animal shapes on one side and black-and-white puzzles on the other. It includes 100 smooth matte puzzle pieces to ensure a flawless fit and measures 22 x 16.5 inches when assembled. It has images of various animals such as lions, pandas, frogs, tigers, dolphins, snails, and bees. There are also cute images of a snail, monkey, kangaroo, hippo, whale, flamingo, woodpeckers, owls, eagles, and parrot. Moreover, the puzzle set, showcasing the animal world, is crafted as per ASTM, CE, and CPSIA regulations.


  • Non-toxic inks
  • Available in multiple themes
  • Package box doubles as a storage box
  • Easy to grasp


  • Prints might peel off over time
  • Edges might bend eventually

12. Best Space-Themed: Vevoo Solar System Spy Puzzle


The space-themed Vevoo solar system spy puzzle enables your child to learn about different planets and their fun facts. The problem-solving puzzle set includes a magnifying glass helpful to find the hidden objects in the puzzle, 48 puzzle pieces, and 20 flashcards for a memory game. As your child plays, the puzzle can improve their hand-eye coordination and logical reasoning, increase their attention span, and facilitate visual learning. These puzzle pieces are environmentally friendly and made of recyclable paper, while the illustrations are painted with oiled, non-toxic, fade-resistant, and vegetable-based ink.


  • Finished puzzle measures 2 x 3ft
  • Smooth, round, well-processed corners
  • Suitable for children with learning disabilities
  • Strengthens fine motor skills
  • Suitable for kindergarten and grade schools


  • Planet position may be misleading

13. Best With Bonus Set: Hapinest Glow In The Dark Unicorn Puzzle

Hapinest Glow-in-The-Dark Unicorn Jigsaw Puzzle Image: Hapinest

Get the fun of illumination in the dark with the Hapinest Unicorn puzzle. It is uniquely designed to glow in the dark by absorbing the light. The kit includes 12 unicorn matching cards with various illustrations of unicorns for added fun. With 100 jigsaw pieces, the matching puzzle for children measures 12 x 18in when assembled.


  • Includes LED flashlight
  • Pleasant-looking colors
  • Thick and well-cut pieces
  • Matching game improves memory


  • Some pieces may be slightly bent
  • May not be suitable for children below five years of age
Price at the time of publication: $14.44

14. Best With Bright Illustrations: Melissa & Doug The United States Of America Wooden Puzzle

Melissa & Doug The United States Of America Wooden Puzzle Image: Melissa & Doug

The Melissa & Doug USA map wooden puzzle can help develop your child’s hand-eye coordination, thinking, and problem-solving skills and enhances their geographical knowledge. It includes 45 puzzle pieces made of thick wood blocks depicting the US states, and each state-shaped puzzle also provides information such as the state’s capital, fun facts, flags, motto, population, and more. The 100% natural wood puzzle pieces are non-tearable and safe.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Premium-quality wood
  • Intricately designed
  • Durable and thick pieces
  • Bright and attractive illustrations


  • May be small for some
  • May not be splinter-free
Price at the time of publication: $9.49

15. Best Sparkling: MasterPieces Glow In The Dark Fantasy Puzzle

MasterPieces Glow In The Dark Fantasy Puzzle Image: Masterpieces

The MasterPieces glow in the dark puzzle features a sparkling rainbow, a horse, and butterflies that absorb natural light and magically glows in the dark. It includes 60 jigsaw puzzles and measures 14 x 19in when assembled. Each piece is made of thick cardboard and is environmentally friendly. The fairy-tale puzzle has illustrations made using soy-based, non-toxic paint, making the set safe for your little ones.


  • Improves motor skills and hand-eye coordination
  • Puzzle pieces fit in tightly and seamlessly
  • Easy to hold
  • Durable
  • Package box doubles as a storage box


  • Hard to snap
Price at the time of publication: $12.99

How To Choose The Right Puzzles For Six-Year-Olds?

Here are a few things to consider when buying a puzzle for 6-year-olds.

  1. Age:Choose age-appropriate puzzles suitable for your child to help them enhance their skills. For six-year-olds, the puzzles can be more complex with small pieces.
  1. Durability: Ensure the puzzle pieces are made of sturdy cardboard or wood to prevent bending and damage.
  1. Safety: Choose puzzles made of non-toxic and safe materials and colors to ensure your child’s safety. The pieces should have smooth and rounded edges to prevent injuries.
  1. Storage: Choose puzzles with a bag or an attractive box to pack the puzzle pieces, allowing your child to preserve each piece for long-lasting use.

Why Trust MomJunction?

Priti Bose is a product writer who covers categories like fun games and toys that aim for children’s skill development. Puzzles are a huge attraction among children because they are meant to challenge your mind and improve critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Here, she highlights the best puzzles for 6-year-olds that will keep them engaged and entertained for hours while reducing their screen time. She also provides you with a buying guide to help you select the right product for your child.

When you introduce your 6-year-old child to puzzles at a young age, it helps promote learning and develops their problem-solving and critical thinking skills. It also serves as a good distraction from phones and tablets. When buying a puzzle set for your child, make sure that it is made of safe and non-toxic material and has soft edges. Further, pick a set based on the specific skill sets you wish to impart. And since children often lose puzzle pieces, it is best to look for a set that comes in a durable box or bag to store it away safely when not in use.

Infographics: How To Pick Puzzles For Six-Year-Olds?

When your child plays with puzzles, they learn STEM skills and develop motor and cognitive skills. Introducing a suitable puzzle to your child helps them stay interested in solving puzzles and keeps them focused. Take a look at the infographics below to understand the key factors to consider when choosing the right puzzle.

Things To Consider When Buying A Puzzle

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  1. 10 Fun Facts about Jigsaws by Rosemary and Richard Christophers
  2. Five Things Children Gain from Puzzle Play

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