11 Best Puzzles For Toddlers In 2021


Our little ones are constantly learning by exploring the world around them. At this age, puzzles can be a great tool to satisfy their curiosity while indulging them in playtime. Here’s our list of the best puzzles for toddlers to enhance imagination, concentration, cognitive development, and fine motor skills. Solving puzzles with your child can improve your bonding. With various options available, you can explore our list to know more.

11 Best Puzzles For Toddlers

1. Aitey Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles

Move your child away from the screen with the Aitey jigsaw puzzle. These wooden pieces are ideal for children from two to five years of age. The set includes nine pieces of animal pictures in bright colors. It is an educational toy that is engaging and easy to carry. This puzzle encourages problem-solving and spatial reasoning. It makes a great gift.

2. Springflower Wooden Toddler Jigsaw Puzzle

Gift your child this amazing wooden jigsaw puzzle from Springflower. The pack of six animal-shaped pieces is great for children up to three years. Each block is 5.8 x 5.8 x 0.6 inches in size and is free of BPA, lead, and phthalates. The beautiful colors are stained with water-based, non-toxic paint, and the board does not have sharp edges. It helps in the development of attention and hand-eye coordination. It also enhances fine motor skills.

 3. Quokka Toddler Toys Puzzles

The Quokka toy puzzle for toddlers is appropriate for children aged two to four. The animal cut-outs on the European plywood boards have finger space for easy removal and placement. The brightly colorededucational toy is strong and durable, and the holes are laser cut with no pegs or knobs. The paint is water-resistant and scratch-proof, with baby-safe varnish.

4. Beestech Elementary Jigsaw Puzzles

If your toddler is between two and four years, this Beestech jigsaw puzzle is an ideal educational toy. It includes four animal puzzles of a tiger, fox, panda, and bear with different colored backs. Each puzzle has pieces from nine to twenty. The increasing level of difficulty helps the child develop problem-solving skills. Each puzzle board measures 6.5×4.5 inches and is well-suited for the toddler’s fingers.

 5. XpcareTen-Pack Wooden Puzzles

A ten-pack puzzle set from XPCare includes five themes, each of animals and transportation. The educational puzzle is made of high-quality, BPA-free natural wood and is stained with non-toxic, water-based paint. Each puzzle measures 5.9×5.9×0.5 inches. They are easy to pick and poseno choking risk. It helps in recognition, perception, and coordination.

6. Wood City Toddler Puzzles And Rack Set

Peg puzzles are a child’s best friend.The Wood City six-puzzle set is a wooden bundle with a metal rack for storage and includes pictures of animals, shapes, letters, dinosaurs, numbers,and vehicles. Each puzzle measures 11.75×8.6 inches. The toy is a great tool for developing cognitive skills, language skills, math skills, and pattern recognition.

7. Blppldyci Wooden Peg Puzzles For Toddlers

The toy is suitable for preschoolers.The Blppldyci peg puzzle is made of natural wood and painted with water-based, non-toxic paint. The sturdy pegs make each piece easy to grasp. In addition, it encourages the development of cognitive skills and hand-eye coordination. This puzzle can be enjoyed by the whole family and also makes a great gifting option.

8. Toy Life Eight-Pack Wooden Puzzles

Wooden toys are non-toxic and safe for children. The Toy Life wooden puzzle is a set of eight jigsaws, including animal-printed pieces with bright colors. The pieces are large and durable for easy and safe handling by a child. The high-quality natural wood is rounded and smooth without sharp edges. It teaches the child shapes, colors, and animals, improving their cognitive skills, math learning, and hand-eye coordination.

9. Toyventive Wooden Peg Puzzles For Toddlers

Toyventive’s peg-shaped wooden puzzle is ideal for toddlers. The six-piece puzzle set comes with a wire rack to hold the puzzles in one place. This puzzle has a fruit and alphabet theme, and each piece fits perfectly in the laser-cut slots. Each piece has smooth edges and is painted with non-toxic water-based colors. The set also includes an activity book. The peg colors are different for each image for easy recognition.

10. Flying seeds Six-Pack Puzzles For Toddlers

The Flying seeds puzzle for toddlers is a pack of six natural wood puzzles to keep the child engrossed when learning while playing. These floor puzzles come in a sturdy box and are perfect for carrying while traveling. The animal puzzles look like a mini safari park, and the pieces are smooth and child-safe. The 4.5 cm width is easy to grasp. The puzzles consist of three to eight pieces each, increasing the difficulty level slowly.

11. Airlab Wooden Block Puzzles

This Airlab block puzzle is an assembly and disassembly puzzle made of natural rubberwood. It is a six-in-one set designed with six sea animals. The wooden tray is long-lasting and environmentally friendly, thanks to water-based dyes. The pieces are extra-large and do not pose a risk of swallowing. Each block measures 1.78×1.78×1.78 inches.

How To Choose The Right Puzzles For Toddlers?

Here are some factors to consider when shopping for puzzles for a toddler.

  1. Age: Most puzzles are designed for specific age groups. The difference in the intended age group could lead to variations in the complexity and features of the puzzle. Choose an age-appropriate puzzle for your child so that they don’t get bored or lose interest if it’s too complicated.
  2. Material: Natural wood is always a safe material for toddlers. You may also choose other materials that are BPA-free and non-toxic.
  3. Shape: The shapes of the puzzles should be recognizable so that the toddler does not lose interest. Shapes of animals, fruits, vegetables, and vehiclesare appealing to a toddler. The puzzle pieces should also be smooth without sharp edges.
  4. Size:Make sure the pieces are large enough to avoid choking since toddlers tend to puttoys in their mouths.
  5. Colors/Prints:Colors on the puzzle pieces should be fast and not leak or run. Non-toxic water-based paint or laser prints are suitable for children. Stickers or paper prints should be avoided because they tend to fall out easily.

Puzzles make for excellent toys for toddlers. The bright images, various shapes, and textures of the puzzles captivate the child. They help improve the toddler’s cognitive skills while also letting them practice their fine motor skills. Bring home a puzzle from our list of the best puzzles for toddlers and watch them grow with joy.

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