10 Best Quality Hot Water Bags In India In 2022


Hot water bags are specially designed to give you instant relief from muscular pains, menstrual pains, muscle pulls, backaches, stomach aches, etc. People of all age groups use them for various reasons. You can buy either hot water bags or technologically advanced electric hot water bags that come with a pre-filled gel. You need not refill the electric pads again. If you seek the best quality hot water bags in India, look at the following list we have curated for you.

10 Best Quality Hot Water Bags In India

1. Lumony Water Bag

Hot water bag from Lumony measures nine inches and is made from a multicolored cloth. The easy-to-use bag helps relieve pain caused due to arthritis. It helps soothe swelling, neck aches, muscle pain and also treats injuries. The soft exterior fabric is leakproof, flexible, and conforms to your body. You can place this product on your knees, shoulder, head, etc. This multifunctional bag is ideal for stomach aches, headaches, and backaches and helps relieve abdominal and menstrual pain by keeping the area warm.

2. Force24 Transparent Hot Water Bag


Available in several colors, this hot water bag can treat muscular pain, release stress, induce relaxation, relieve joint pains, menstrual pains, muscular cramps, backaches, and stomach ache. The product is leak-proof and will not spill or burn your skin. Made from high-quality PVC material, this hot water bag is transparent, easy to clean, and keeps water hot for a longer time. You can also use it as a cold compress. The compact bag makes it easy to carry around and is perfect for travelers. It keeps your bed warm and provides relief from rheumatic and arthritic pains.

3. Ledzz Fur Velvet Electric Hot Water Bag


Made from artificial fur and velvet, this Ledzz electric hot water bag has hot gel inside it. It is made from high-quality materials and measures 25.4×7.6×17.8cm. Once you charge the hot water bag, the gel placed inside the bag will heat up, and the fur of this bag will help retain the heat for longer, ensuring the gradual release of heat. The product is comfortable to use and is rechargeable. Ensuring the user safety, no batteries are used inside the bag; hence, there is no risk of electric shock. You can use this hot water bag for muscular pain, menstrual pain, arthritis, etc.

4. Hetash Electric Hot Bag


With seven to twelve minutes charging, this hot water bag remains warm for at least two hours. The pouch is sealed and filled with reliable quality material. You can use it to get relief from various pains, including neck, stomach, and menstrual. Measuring 20x12x5cm, you can apply it to any part for instant relief. You can place it inside the quilt or use it at a lower temperature to massage the body parts.

The product includes an earplug and a neck pillow. It is made from anti-explosive material and has an anti-breakage design. The temperature is automatically controlled for extra safety as it reaches 70°. It comes with a plug-in cord to charge it whenever you want, and it is safe for children and elders. The outer cover is made from ultra-strong rubber film composite fiber.

5. Widewings Electric Hot Water Bag


Electric hot water bag from Widewings is designed to keep you warm in the winter. It has a rectangular multicolor print with gel inside to keep it warm for up to two hours. It includes a charging cable and requires seven to ten minutes of charge to use the product. Manufactured from high-quality PVC fabric, you can place it on painful areas for an instant relief. The shockproof mechanism and the superior material build ensure no leakage. The water bag measures 24x16x6cm and weighs 950g. It guarantees less electricity consumption and can massage different body parts. The pad gives you relief from pain and treats sports injuries, sore neck, arthritis, muscular pains, backache, hypothermia, sprains, cramps, and other growing pains.

6. Shayonam Heating Pad

Within five to ten minutes of charging, you can use this electric bag for 120 minutes. The portable and robust rechargeable pad is easy to use and carry, and it also consumes less electricity. Ideal for providing relief from backache, sore neck, muscular pains, hypothermia, arthritis, and other growing pains, this hot water bag is sealed with a special gel to provide warmth for longer.

Ideal for cold climatic conditions, you can place this bag inside the quilt for extra warmth. The gel inside the bag is made from neoprene for maximum compression and heat retention. It has a shockproof mechanism and ensures no leakage. This bag comes in a rectangular multicolor print, weighs 1.3kg, and measures 24.5x6x16cm.

7. Hicks Hot Water Bag


Made from rubber, this product can resist hot water pressure comfortably for longer. The red-colored bag is odorless, leakproof, and is easy to clean. It measures 33×20.3×2.5cm and weighs 430g. It has a stopper to fill or empty the water. You can use it for heat therapy, joint pains, menstrual pain, muscular cramps, muscle pull, arthritis pain, and other sports injuries. It can resist hot water up to 70°C, and the product is not suitable for children below 36 months of age.

8. Fedus Electrothermal Warm Heating Bag


Made from soft and comfortable high-quality fabric, this deluxe, ultra-soft heating pad is ideal for treating arthritis pains, stiff joints, and muscle pains. The superior quality plush micro fighters and the special gel inside the pouch will keep you warm for instant relief. Within five to ten minutes of charging, this electric hot water bag can give you heat for 120 minutes, and it also consumes less electricity. Measuring 23.9×16.41×7.01cm and weighing 1.01g, this pouch is portable and easy to use. It is suitable for cold climatic conditions.

9. Sahyog Wellness Hot Water Bottle/Bag


Durable and leakproof, this hot water bag works for back pain, menstrual pain, neck pain, stiff joints, sprains, etc. This hot water bag uses a rubber material that can resist hot water pressure comfortably and for longer. All you have to do is fill the bag with hot water and seal it with the plastic stopper. It measures 32x19cm and has a two-liter capacity. The bag ensures instant relief from sports aches and pains.

10. Antil’s Hot Water Rubber Bag


Antil’s hot water bag is made from superior quality rubber and can withhold the hot water pressure. It is easy to clean and guarantees heat retention for a long time. Specifically designed to induce relaxation, backaches, menstrual pain, muscular cramps, and stress, this product should be filled with 2/3rd of its capacity to get maximum relief. The odorless rubber provides heat while you are on the bed and is suitable for cold climatic conditions. The bag is completely leakproof and has a plastic topper with a copper ring that ensures no leakage.

How To Choose The Right Quality Hot Water Bag?

Here are some features to keep in mind while buying a hot water bag.

  1. Fabric: Consider superior-quality and puncture-proof material that ensures safety and performance.
  1. Type: The gel-filled bags are durable and deliver constant heat for a longer period. The water-filled bags are the traditional ones and have to be refilled time and again with hot water.
  1. Size: Large-sized bags can hold greater water volume and has higher heat retention, but smaller bags have less heat retention capacity. Choose a suitable bag according to your preference.
  1. Slipcover: Hot water bags with slipcovers give you protection and act as barriers against burns. You can also go for bags with no covers. The choice is yours.
  1. Price: Depending upon the hot water bag quality, the price is determined. Have a detailed look at the product to purchase the bag to suit your budget range.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long should I apply a hot water bag to my body?

Applying the hot water bag to your body for around 20 minutes is recommended. Remember not to apply it directly onto your skin as it can cause burns if it is too hot. Always use a soft cloth or a towel before using it on your body. Place the towel where you want to apply the hot water bag and then keep it over it.

2. Can I use hot water bag for period pain?

Hot water bags can help you eliminate menstrual pain, stomach and back pain. You will feel more comfortable and relaxed as hot water bags tend to increase blood circulation. It will help relieve the muscle cramps in the stomach area.

3. Are hot water bags safe?

Yes, hot water bags are safe for any age provided you use with caution. Close the cap properly before using it to ensure no leakage. Do not use it when it is too hot. However, there is an exception for pregnant women. You must consult a doctor since he/she would suggest the best way to use it without any complications.

This list of the best quality hot water bags in India might help you make a smart choice. If you are not sure about utilizing and buying one, consult your healthcare provider about buying a suitable hot water bag.

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