10 Best Quickdraws For Climbing In 2021


The best quickdraws are integral to a climber’s kit, as they allow for safe and hassle-free rock climbing. A quickdraw features two carabiners, one with a straight gate that is clipped onto an anchor, and the other holds the rope. Climbers use a quickdraw to increase the distance between the anchor and the rope and keep it running freely to support people if they fall.

Quickdraws feature different carabiner gates and slings, so choosing one that is ideal for your needs is important. Continue reading as we list some of the best quickdraws in the market, along with their major advantages.

10 Best Quickdraws for Climbing in 2021

1. Mad Rock Concorde Quickdraw Set

Mad Rock Concorde Quickdraw Set

This set of six quickdraws, each featuring a wiregate system, is affordably priced. Each weighs 87g and is lightweight compared to other heavy-duty versions. The material used to build is extremely durable and provides a 27kN strength rating along the major axis and a10kN rating along the minor axis. The quickdraws included in the set are therefore ideal for those who want to minimize their rack weight. Each quickdraw in the set comes with a Dyneema Dog Bone for easy gripping.

2. PETZL Djinn Axess Quickdraw – 6 Pack

PETZL Djinn Axess Quickdraw - 6 Pack

If you prefer quickdraws with Carabiner gates over standard wire gates, then this set is an ideal choice. Each quickdraw in the pack of six comes with DJINN carabiners, which are wide and prone to less wear and tear when in use. The straight-gate carabiner on the top comes with a 24mm opening, while the bent gate carabiner on the bottom has a 27 mm opening. Along the major axis, each 12 cm quickdraw has a strength rating of 23 kN, and a highly durable polyester is used to create the sling.

3. PETZL – Spirit Express, Quickdraw for Sport Climbing

PETZL - Spirit Express, Quickdraw for Sport Climbing

A great option for sports climbing, these quickdraws have two SPIRIT carabiners: a straight gate carabiner with an opening of 21mm and a bent gate carabiner with an opening of 25mm. Without a wire gate, it has a good strength rating of 23 kN on the major axis. As the carabiners are created with an h-shape profile, they create less wear/tear, and the sling is durable and ergonomically shaped. The 17 cm quickdraw has a STRING S on the sling to ensure the webbing does not get worn out.

4. KONG Express Frog Quickdraw Carabiner (12-cm)

KONG Express Frog Quickdraw Carabiner

This quickdraw from the well-known Italian brand is 12cm long and has a Frog connector with a singular design, which snaps into place and closes when pushed onto a climbing bolt. Once attached, it allows for secure climbing. It has a total weight of 74g and comes with an Ergo carabiner with a bent gate. The strength rating of the quickdraw is 22 kN, providing you a high degree of safety. Once the rock climbing quickdraw is correctly oriented, it can be used with ease.

5. Camp USA Orbit Wire Express KS Quickdraws, 6- One Color One Size

Camp USA Orbit Wire Express KS Quickdraws

This quickdraw set is ideally suited for those who prefer all-round climbing and want a suitable rack of gear. Each of the six quickdraws in the set has two carabiners from Orbit wire. The wiregate carabiners have a great feature in the form of a redesigned interface between the nose and the gate, which keep them from opening when in use. The quickdraw has a 16mm dogbone made from polyester and is available in two lengths. The strength rating of each carabiner included in the set is 22kN.

6. KAILAS Vacuo Quickdraw Set Carabiner Pack 22kN for Rock Climbing

KAILAS Vacuo Quickdraw Set Carabiner Pack 22kN

This quickdraw has a CE Certification and is a solid choice for those who do a lot of rock climbing. It has a strength rating of 22kN, and its top carabiner has a smooth build, which prevents any snagging. The carabiner also has a hot forged gate with a key lock that features a no-hook nose design. The heavy-duty quickdraw has a net weight of 126 g and comes with a 26 mm-wide sling. The bottom carabiner has a bent gate and a rubber sleeve that help in correctly orienting it while preventing rotation.

7. Omega Pacific Carabiner Quickdraw, 6 Pack, Aircraft Aluminum

Omega Pacific Carabiner Quickdraw, 6 Pack

This is a pack of six quickdraws made of lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum alloy. Each of the wire gate carabiners weighs 37g. The quick draw pack is ideal for creating a rack with lower weight and is useful for beginners who do not want to struggle with extra loads when climbing. Each of these sports climbing quickdraws has a draw strength rating of 22kN and is designed to appeal to those who want to build a trad rack.

8. Black Diamond Posiwire Quick draw

Black Diamond Posiwire Quick draw

This quick draw has a Positron carabiner on the upper part, with a key lock that allows for easy clipping. The 14cm Dynex dogbone is designed for extra durability and can easily be grabbed by the hand. The wire gate carabiner on the bottom is a Hot wire option that minimizes the chances of gate flutter. A Straitjacket insert at the bottom of the carabiner helps retain proper orientation. It has a strength rating of 25kN on the major axis.

9. TRANGO Phase Alpine Draw (4 Pack)

TRANGO Phase Alpine Draw

This set is a good choice if you are interested in lightweight sport climbing quickdraws, as each of them weighs only 80g. Each has a sling that is of alpine length and measures 60cm. The sling on the quickdraw is made of polyester with a Dyneema weave and does not tangle much when in use. Each of the quickdraws has a strength rating of 22kN on the major axis and has passed the CE standard in terms of safety. The carabiners are designed with an alpine wiregate system.

10. EDELRID Slash Quickdraw

EDELRID Slash Quickdraw

This quickdraw is made of heavy-duty steel material and weighs 88g. It is similar to the alpha sport varieties and has an 18cm long sling that is ergonomically designed for easy gripping. On the top carabiner is a straight gate, while the bottom carabiner has a bent gate. Both carabiners feature a keylock system that allows for smooth clipping and unclipping. It also features an anti-twist on the lower carabiner to keep the orientation correct and reduce the risk of whiplash during falls.

How to Choose the Best Quickdraws for Your Needs?

If you are new to rock climbing and want to keep your rack weight low, it is important to pick the best quickdraws. The technology and the materials used to create this equipment could vary, giving you several options to choose from. To understand how to choose a quickdraw that is best for you, keep reading.

  1. Straight or bent gate: Carabiners that have either a straight or bent gate are usually heavier and allow ropes to be clipped easily. On a quickdraw that has these standard gates, the bent gate carabiner is designed to accommodate the rope, while the straight gate carabiner is used on the bolt side.

Carabiners may also have a wire gate for clipping onto ropes, to make the process faster and smoother. Such carabiners are also lighter and preferred when climbing in cold conditions where straight or bent gate carabiners often freeze. Wire gate carabiners have fewer instances of gate flutter or shutter and, so, are usually costlier than standard gate versions.

  1. Easy-to-use carabiner: Carabiners can be smaller and lighter, but they are often difficult to manipulate if you have larger hands. Smaller-sized carabiners also have less clearance for the rope when the gate is opened, and your fingers can get stuck when slipping the rope into them. So, ensure that carabiners are of the right size, are UIAA and CE certified, and are not too heavy.
  1. Strength rating: The ideal strength rating of a quickdraw should be 22–25 kN on the major axis when closed. Also, check the rating on the major axis when the carabiner is open, as it denotes its strength in case of falls or if a gate opens accidentally. The strength on the minor axis denotes how strong the carabiner is when it is hanging by the gate or the spine portion, and this should be ideally more than 8kN.
  1. The Keylock: The keylock feature at the junction where the gate and nose meet can eliminate the steel nose hook insert, and as a result, reduce the chance of the carabiner snagging on bolts and failing.
  1. Sling width and length: The length of the sling on the quickdraw determines the extent of the drag. Longer slings reduce drag, while shorter versions are ideal for sports climbing. Thicker and wider slings featuring plastic or rubber clips are also ideal as they remain free of twists. Extendable alpine quickdraws should be considered for trad climbing as they can be shortened or extended whenever required.

Rock or ice climbing requires more than just one quickdraw. If you are into sport climbing, you will need up to 12 quickdraws for a medium-length route, while longer routes require up to 24. Finding the best available quickdraws allows you to climb safely without being burdened with extra weight.

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