13 Best Rain Hats To Protect Your Hair In 2022


Rain is fun and beautiful as long as you don’t have to step out of your house. But if the situation needs you to, you should have the right rain gear. This post discusses the best rain hats that you may buy.

Rain hats are essential gear on a rainy day. They are made up of water-repellant materials such as PVC that allow you to keep your hair dry despite the downpour. Rain hats come in various styles and sizes. They are also available in several designs; therefore, you don’t have to compromise your fashion. Also, these hats are lightweight and compact. You can fold them and place them in your pocket or backpacks in case of emergencies.

Read on to find out our picks to make this compact accessory a part of your rainy season essentials.

13 Best Rain Hats

1. Hairbrella Women’s Waterproof Rain Hat

Hairbrella Women's Waterproof Rain Hat

Are rain and humidity turning your hair into a frizzy mess? With Hairbella rain hat, you won’t have to worry about that anymore. Hailed as the world’s first satin-lined hat, it features a durable water repellent (DWC) exterior and a satin-lined interior to protect your hair from any amount of rain without ruining the texture, style or volume of your hair. It also includes a UV-protective and waterproof PVC visor that shields your face from the sun and rain. This one-size-fits-most black hat provides full hair coverage and is capable of folding into itself to resemble a pouch that is compact enough to store in your handbag or glove compartment. It is available in XL and kids size and comes in 2 other colors.

2. Lanliebao Bucket Hat

Lanliebao Bucket Hat

Light shower or downpour, this plaid bucket hat has got you covered! This classic-looking rain hat is sure to elevate your look while keeping your beautiful mane well-protected and dry. Perfect for any season, this wide-brimmed topper features a vinyl exterior and a polyester lining, which makes it 100% waterproof and lightweight. It has a foldable design that makes it easy to fold sans creases and store in a purse. Moreover, this is a one-size-fits-all hat that can accommodate any head with a circumference between 22.04 and 22.83 inches.

3. Chic Queen Outdoor Wide-Brimmed Bucket Hat

Chic Queen Outdoor Wide-Brimmed Bucket Hat

Fully waterproof, foldable, and packable – what’s not to love about this outdoor bucket hat? Made of Oxford fabric and a mesh lining on the inside, this hat is breathable and keeps rain droplets from penetrating the hat. It features an extra-wide, floppy brim and Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) of 50 that shields you from harmful UV rays to prevent the skin on your face, neck, and ears from burning. For a place that gets too much rain and sun, this brown hat seems to be an excellent choice. It is thin, lightweight, and easy to compress so that it fits in your bag easily. It comes with an adjustable rope that keeps the hat intact on the head during strong winds. Both fashionable and high-performing, this essential gear can fit a head circumference of up to 23 inches. It is ideal for all seasons and perfect for any activity such as backpacking, hiking, camping, gardening, and beach outing.

4. VINRELLA Rain Hat For Woman

VINRELLA Rain Hat For Woman

Keep this VINRELLA rain hat with you at all times so that you are never caught in the rain unprepared. A combination of style and functionality, this accessory is a nice and well-designed rain hat that adds a touch of class to any outfit while protecting your hair in a downpour. With a matte black finished polyurethane exterior, a 65% cotton and 35% Dacron interior, and a wide rim, this rain accessory offers good coverage. Plus, it features a buckle closure for added security during windy conditions, which is also adjustable to fit all head sizes.

5. Outdoor Research Cloud Forest Rain Hat

Outdoor Research Cloud Forest Rain Hat

Rain hats are a must-have for times when you and your friends have to hike in rainy or windy conditions. This Cloud Forest Rain Hat is built with 100% nylon, 2.5-layer Ventia, and PU coating under the brim, which means it has excellent waterproofing ability and breathability. It is sure to keep you dry and comfortable when you’re busy exploring the outdoors. What’s more? This hat is so adaptable that it can be used in warmer climates as well. While the breathable TransAction™ Headband wicks moisture away and keeps sweat and water out of your eyes, the dark-colored fabric under the brim deflects sunlight. For added security, this durable, effective hat includes a one-handed drawcord adjustment and removable chin cord. All in all, it is lightweight, quick-drying, foldable, travel-friendly, and recommended to be hand-washed.

6. YJDS Women’s Rain Hat

YJDS Women's Rain Hat

Worried that sudden rain might ruin your hair or day when you are on your way for an important meeting? Well, not to worry if you have a rain hat with you! This cute and well-designed rain hat by YJDS is a chic addition to any rainy day attire, thanks to its floppy bucket-style design that makes anyone look great. It is made of 100% water-resistant material, so rest assured it will protect your hair from rain, while the 2-inch wide visor keeps raindrops and rays of the sun off your face. No matter what you do, whether you roll or crush it, this hat won’t lose its shape, which makes it easy to fold and carry in your handbag. If you want to try out different looks, just shape or bend the brim the way you want. With a 23-inch head circumference, it fits most head sizes and shapes and comes in various colors. It is recommended to be hand-washed or spot cleaned.

7. FLH Bucket Rain Hat

FLH Bucket Rain Hat

Nobody likes to lug around a big umbrella wherever they go, especially when the forecast is unpredictable. What if the weather turns out to be pleasant and you still have to walk around with this bulky item – inconvenient, isn’t it? This is when great-quality rain hats come handy! Made of 100% polyester, this classic black bucket rain hat is water-repellant and provides amazing coverage. It not only safeguards you from rain but also protects from harmful UV rays. It features a flat-top crown that fits a head circumference of up to 23 inches. However, if it doesn’t fit your head, you can adjust the attached buckle closure as per your preference. It also has a 3.5-inch wide brim that shields your face from rain and sun. It is machine-washable and can be rolled up or folded to fit in your purse or suitcase.

8. Twist-and-Fold Rain Hat

Twist-and-Fold Rain Hat

Keep your hands free and head dry with this rain hat designed for use in light rain or drizzle. It is made of water-resistant nylon and features a PVC lining. When rain touches the surface of the hat, the water droplets bead up and roll right off. With a 13-inch wide brim, this black hat is wide enough to cover all the way down the back of your neck. As the name suggests, this hat can be twisted and folded into a small 6-inch diameter disk for secure storage in your bag. It is a one-size-fits-most gear and is also available in a camouflage pattern.

9. ANGELA & WILLIAM Quilted Rain Hat

ANGELA & WILLIAM Quilted Rain Hat

It’s raining outside, but you have an outdoor event to attend? Not to worry when rain hat comes to your rescue. With this quilted burgundy hat, you can confidently brave the rain and look beautiful while doing so. Not a fan of burgundy? No problem, it comes in various other colors such as olive, khaki, gray, navy, and black. One of the best hats for rain, this rain accessory is made of 70% polyester and 30% cotton and features a water-resistant exterior that dries quickly. This cute one-size hat has a circumference of approximately 22 inches to fit most people, while its fold-up design makes it easy to fold and stow away in your pocket or bag. It also comes with a drawstring closure that provides a secure fit.

10. BeFur Rain Hat

BeFur Rain Hat

BeFur Rain Hat gets high marks not only for its style but also for its functionality. It is made of water-repellant material that does not allow water to seep through, in turn, protecting your hair from rain, while the included chin strap keeps the hat secure during harsh winds. Moreover, it features a wide brim that provides full protection and prevents rain from dribbling on the back of the neck. This headwear also doubles as a sun hat during humid or hot conditions, thanks to its outer covering treated with a UV rating of UPF 50+ that blocks harsh UV rays. Meanwhile, the mesh lining and breathable fabric quickly absorb moisture and sweat to keep your head dry and cool. Available in 4 colors, this is sure going to be your new go-to all-season hat!

11. BSB LL Bucket Rain Hat

BSB LL Bucket Rain Hat

Wander in the rain carefree while looking chic and keeping your hair dry with a bucket rain hat such as this one. While its nylon shell and polyester backing is water-resistant, the mesh lining provides UV protection, making this one of the best ones on this list. Perfect for year-round use, this rain gear is available in 5 colors and comes in 2 sizes, allowing you to choose a size that provides a snug fit. This beautifully designed hat gives an amazing outlook no matter who wears it. Fold, scrunch, or roll it and stash it away in your pocket or purse when not in use. And when worn on your head, it will easily reshape into an adorable hat.

12. Outdoor Research Ghost Rain Hat

Outdoor Research Ghost Rain Hat

Tried and tested to withstand a significant amount of rain, this award-winning accessory makes for an authentic rainy day hat. Featuring a rugged design, this Ghost Rain Hat is comfy to wear. It is made of nylon and GORE-TEX fabric that offers waterproof protection, while the brushed lining wicks away sweat from the skin. It also features a wide brim to protect your face and neck and an adjustable interior sweatband and chin strap that keeps the hat firmly in place. An important aspect of this hat is that it is convertible, which means it can be transformed into a sun hat in an instant. All you have to do is remove the GORE-TEX cover to reveal a mesh crown that offers excellent ventilation while sheltering you from harmful sun rays. The detached cover has to be stored in the flap at the back of the hat’s crown. Come rain, sun, or wind, protect your hair with this well-designed and durable headgear.

13. EBEYUKI Women’s Rain Hat

EBEYUKI Women's Rain Hat

This bright sky blue rain hat can easily liven up your mood on a gloomy, rainy day. It is built with Oxford fabric, which is waterproof, breathable, and offers a UV rating of UPF 50+, making it suitable for all weather conditions. All while the mesh lining helps keep your head cool and comfortable. This stylish rain hat reverses from blue to a colorful print (not waterproof), giving you the option to style it the way you want. One of the finest hats on this list, it also features an adjustable drawstring for a secure and snug fit and prevents it from flying away during strong winds. It is lightweight, foldable, and portable. This high-crowned wide-brimmed hat is one-size-fits-most with a circumference of about 23 inches.

If you are still unsure about picking the right rain hat, take a look at the points given below.

How To Choose The Right Rain Hat

  • The primary function of a rain hat is to keep your hair protected from the rain. And this means that you should look for a waterproof hat. Most rain hats are generally made of nylon or polyester, which are known for their water-resistant properties and feature special coatings and linings such as Ventia, GORE-TEX, PVC, or PU, which make the hats completely waterproof.
  • Opt for a rain hat that is easy to fold or roll so that you can conveniently fit in your purse or pocket and carry it everywhere.
  • Rain hats not only protect your hair from rain, but they also make you look elegant. They come in various amazing styles and colors, so you have plenty of options to choose from.
  • Look for a rain hat made of high-quality material that doesn’t develop wear and tear and will last for many years.
  • All rain hats come in a universal size, so you won’t have to worry about choosing the right size. However, if you think a one size fits all may not work for you, choose a rain hat with an adjustable buckle and chin strap.
  • Purchasing a rain hat that can be used as a sun hat too is a great option, which means you don’t have to buy a separate headgear for warmer climates. Make sure the one you choose has UV protection, mesh lining, and an extra-wide brim.

These are some of our favorite inclement-weather headwear styles that made it to this list of the best hats for rain. Whether you are looking for a classic wide brim hat made of nylon or cute quilted bucket-style hat, the essential factor is that the brim of the hat should be wide enough to protect against the elements, be it rain, snow, wind, or sun. These hats are incredibly lightweight, versatile, packable, and suitable for any occasion and season. So go on and take a pick from any of these hats and get a headstart on style this season.

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