13 Best Remote Control Cars For Kids, With Buying Guide 2022


There’s no denying that children love toys. And when it comes to cars and bikes, children love those that can be controlled with a remote. So, we bring you the best RC cars for kids that can provide them with hours of entertainment and excitement. Remote control (RC) cars are great toys for children because they are simple, fun, and entertaining. Moreover, they do not burn a hole in your pocket.

Children learn a lot by playing with RC cars, and they probably never get bored of them. They develop healthy competitive behavior, learn about automobiles, force, hand-eye coordination, and more. Some cars are also designed to move on different terrains and can be used outdoors and indoors. So, let’s look at some cool RC cars that your children will love. Do not wait any longer and get revving.

Safety Tips While Using Remote Control Cars

  • Always buy it from a well-reputed manufacturer.
  • It should be rated as being completely safe for a child of your kid’s age.
  • It should also be suitable for your child’s development stage.
  • Ensure that the motor and batteries of the RC car are not exposed and that they are always supervised as it has detachable parts which may be a choking hazard.
  • Avoid playing near pets as the moving RC car might aggravate them.
  • It’s safest to operate these cars in an open space with no actual traffic or pedestrians.
  • Some RC cars run on fuels like nitromethane and nitro-fuel, which are highly combustible. So always refuel the car yourself, clean the spills, and dispose of the nitro-soaked rags.
  • Repeat safety instructions to your kids, like not trying to ignite the fuel, exposing it to flames, or operating it where people are smoking.
  • Always read the manual before use and instruct your kid accordingly.

13 Best RC Cars For Kids

1. Best With Sleek Finish: Growsland Remote Control Car – Yellow

This amazing RC car features a sleek aerodynamic profile with a glossy exterior. The 27 MHz controller with functions like reverse, forward, left, and right gives your kids the feeling of a real car. The simple 2-joystick remote control and a maximum speed of 8 to 10 miles per hour can keep your kid entertained for hours. Its smooth, flexible wheels reduce the friction between the tires and floor and give it a free run through the house. The 1:18 scale RC car is a great size for inside use with sufficient range between the car and the controller. The car requires 4 AA batteries, while the remote requires 2 AA batteries to function. Each car undergoes a rigorous testing process so that it’s entirely safe for your child with impeccable quality and excellence. If you are still unsure, check out this honest review.


  • Rounded edges
  • Made of non-toxic ABS plastic
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Comes with a screwdriver and user manual


  • Batteries not included


2. Best Shock-Proof: Orrente Remote Control Car – Green

This remote control car for kids can do it all — reverse driving, moving forward, backward, turning left, right, 360° tumbling, and flips. With a 2.4 GHz interference-free control frequency, this 7 km/hr RC toy car enables multiple RC stunt cars to race together simultaneously. It comes equipped with 2 rechargeable batteries of 3.7 V 500 mAh, and each battery lasts for about 22 minutes. Featuring dual power motors and LED lights, this 1:28 scale monster truck runs fast and is designed with anti-skid, flexible tires suitable for different terrains. It also makes an ideal gift for other children and keeps them occupied for hours together. Click this video to learn more about the product.


  • Off-road 4-wheel drive design
  • Shock-proof
  • Takes about 1.5 to 2 hours to charge fully
  • Comes with a screwdriver and user manual


  • Some feel the batteries may require frequent recharging


3. Best For High-Speed Racing: DEERC RC Car

Made of durable and high quality material, this 4-wheel drive high-speed RC racing car will give your kid a fantastic driving experience. It’s powered by a 380 high-speed motor and can go up to a speed of 25+ miles per hour. It features 2 high-quality, rechargeable batteries for an extended running time of 40 minutes. The USP of this RC car is that it’s packed with a fully covered metal heat sink to enhance motor heat dissipation which extends the motor life. In addition, it features damped metal shock absorbers to protect it from rough terrain and accidental dropping, thus prolonging its life. It also comes with an alloy differential that enables the left and right wheels to be turned in the opposite direction and is more stable while rotating at high speed. Learn more about the product in this video.


  • Ultra-stable structure
  • High-quality PVC shell
  • Equipped with a 2.4 GHz remote control system
  • Includes a spare part kit
  • User manual and USB charging cable are included


  • Some may find the differential a bit fragile


4. Best With All-Terrain Rubber Tires: Bezgar Remote Control Car – Green

The chassis of this remote control car is made of ABS plastic, while the main body is made of aluminum alloy, giving it more durability and prolonging its life span. The 1:14 scale of this car makes it easier to control, and it can go up to 25 km/hr with its powerful brushed built-in motor. Its convenient non-interference remote controller with a 2.4 GHz frequency has a radio control distance of about 50 meters and is ideal for indoor and outdoor use. The USB charger for the twin batteries is convenient and has several functions, such as overcharge protection and short circuit protection. The front and rear bumpers prevent damage from collision, and the shock absorbers absorb the vibration caused by the bumps to the wheels.


  • All-terrain rubber tires
  • Tires are pre-glued and mounted on to wheels
  • Scratch and corrosion-resistant body
  • Comes with 4 spare screws and screwdriver
  • USB charging cables and user manual included


  • Batteries for controller not included


5. Best Scratch-Resistant: Desuccus Remote Control Car

With its aerodynamic design, this innovative RC car is a 2-in-1 model that can transform from car to robot with just a click of a deformation button. It features a flexible rotation roller at the bottom and can do a 360° rotation in both car and robot models with its auto demo function, which always thrills kids. With a robust 2.4 GHz transmitter system, kids can easily control the robot car toy within 45 meters. This RC car requires 5 AA batteries and is simple for children to operate with the controller that moves the car forward, backward, right, and left. This fantastic robot racing car also features LED lights at the bottom, which gives kids above the age of 3 years, a better playing experience.


  • Sturdy construction
  • Made of non-toxic ABS plastic
  • Collision-resistant
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Environment-friendly
  • Comes with a screwdriver and user manual


  • May not be suitable for outdoors or rugged terrains


6. Best With Thermoplastic Rubber Tires: Force 1 Tornado LED Stunt Car

This beast of RC cars can be driven upside down and features 2 sided off-road driving, bright LED lights, and tough, good grip rubber tires for all kinds of terrain. It’s easy to operate, and the non-interference remote control with 2.4 GHz frequency can make your car do 360° flips, spins, and turns with just a push of a button. It features 2 internal rechargeable batteries, which take 3 to 4 hours to get fully charged. This car can spin on 2 wheels in tornado mode as it lights up with vibrant LED lights. Ideal for kids aged 8 years and more, this tough off-road RC crawler can offer them hours of thrill and excitement.


  • Thermoplastic rubber tires
  • Unique chassis
  • Includes a USB charging cable
  • 2 AA batteries included


  • Some feel it has a low battery life


7. Best Water-Resistant: Jeypod Remote Control Car

This RC car features 2 rechargeable batteries for the car and 2 batteries for the transmitter. The remote control has a non-interference 2.4 GHz frequency, with a control distance of 50 to 80 meters. The transmitter has a pistol style grip to control the car and make it move forward, reverse, left, right, and stop. The car has a powerful motor to run the car at its highest speed. This shock-proof RC car has suitable springs to reduce vibrations on uneven and rough surfaces. The front of the car is fitted with a baffle to protect the body during collisions with obstacles. The tough irregular tires have a strong grip, so that the car can be operated on all terrains.


  • Water-resistant
  • Made of non-toxic plastic
  • Accurate and professional chassis
  • Speed of 10 to 20 km/hr


  • Some may find the plastic body a bit flimsy


8. Best In Looks: Double E RC Cars – Pink

This realistic-looking off-road RC car with its LED headlights is bound to be the center of attraction wherever it goes. This perfect 4 wheel drive RC car has strong power torque, is constructed to a 1:12 scale and features TPR anti-slip tires and shock absorbers to negotiate the roughest of terrain. It has 2 powerful in-built motors that enable the car to climb at 45° angle. An anti-collision car bumper protects the car from collisions with obstacles. The wireless control system has a non-interfering 2.4 GHz frequency with a control range of up to 100 feet. Keeping your kid’s safety in mind, this car is made of high-quality materials and conforms to all international safety standards.


  • Made of ABS plastic
  • Infrared remote controller
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Exquisite gift packaging


  • Some may find the charging process complicated


9. Best Durable: Sgile Remote Control Car

Ideal for beginners, it reaches a maximum speed of 18 km/hr while giving a thrilling drift experience. Powered by a strong motor, it’s made to a 1:16 scale and has a controller with a 2.4 GHz frequency with no signal interference. The remote control is easy to use and has a quick and precise response. Equipped with 2 6V 600 mAh rechargeable batteries, they give your kid a playtime of about 50 minutes. Built with superior-quality material, this RC car has undergone impact and drop tests, ensuring that it’s tough and durable enough to withstand rough play. It also has TPR rubber tires that enable stable and smooth drifting at high speeds. This RC car conforms to the highest safety standards, making it safe for your kid.


  • Durable ABS plastic and PA material
  • 4 deep tread off-road tires
  • Light to indicate charging
  • Includes screwdriver, USB cable, and user manual


  • Doesn’t work well on rough terrains


10. Best With Long Battery Life: Tecnock Remote Control Car – Orange

This RC car comes equipped with an upgraded 800 mAh rechargeable battery, which gives you an uninterrupted driving time of about 45 minutes. This lithium battery does not have to be removed when charging, which is fast and convenient. Ideal for kids above 5 years, it can perform stunts beyond your imagination and move forward, backward, turn left, right, and do a gorgeous 360° flip and rotation. The transmitter frequency of this stunt car is 2.4 GHz, with a control range of 15 to 20 meters. At the same time, there is no signal interference when multiple cars are playing at the same time. This toy car is fitted with 4 flexible rubber tires, and their uneven texture gives them a firmer surface grip. The body is made of high-quality plastic, which has good resistance to crashes and being dropped.


  • Longer battery life
  • Easy to use controller
  • Non-toxic paint
  • Includes screwdriver, USB cable, and user manual


  • Controller batteries are not included


11. Best Wear-Resistant: Seckton Amphibious RC Car – Blue

This unique amphibious stunt RC car can do front and back 180° flips, 360° spins, and drives smoothly on the water and ground. With a powerful in-built engine, it reaches a maximum speed of 7.5 miles per hour in a short time and is ideal for kids above the age of 6 years. Built to a 1:24 scale, the ABS aviation plastic and high-grade PVC make the body more durable and waterproof. Its anti-interference 2.4 GHz remote control is very sensitive and has a control range of 200 feet. The USB line and rechargeable battery that comes with the car make recharging very convenient, and it automatically switches off when charging is done.


  • Non-toxic
  • Wear-resistant
  • Shock-proof
  • Ideal for all terrains
  • Screwdriver and instruction manual is included


  • The remote control is not waterproof


12. Best With Strong Motor: EpochAir Remote Control Car

This powerful RC car comes with 2 large capacity rechargeable batteries that are 1000mAh for the car and 3 AAA batteries for the controller. Each rechargeable battery has a life of 60 minutes, so you can play for up to 120 minutes with a simple replacement step. Its strong motor enables it to reach a 15 to 20 km/hr speed, giving your kid a thrilling driving experience. The car and remote control have a unique frequency pairing so that when you play with friends, the cars will not interfere with each other. The 2.4 GHz remote control is sensitive and has a control range of 164 feet. The front and rear of the RC car are reinforced with anti-collision bumpers and baffles to protect the body and motor from impact. It features professional anti-slip tires for various terrains and has passed rigorous tests and certification processes for safety.


  • ABS plastic chassis
  • Built to a 1:22 scale
  • Features a direction spinner
  • Powerful and flexible shock absorbers
  • Screwdriver and instruction manual is included


  • Some feel the car could be a bit bigger


13. Best With Shock Absorbers: Addsmile Remote Control Car

Equipped with two 1000 mAh rechargeable batteries that provide 100 minutes of running time, it also comes with 3 AAA batteries for the remote controller. The 2.4 GHz radiofrequency controller can make your car go forward, reverse, left, and right and responds well without interference. The remote controller has a control range of 40 to 50 meters and can take the RC car to 15 to 20 km/hr. The RC car has better collision resistance and a high friction grip with a durable PVC shell, reinforced body frame, and anti-skid rubber tires. While charging, the indicator light flashes and goes off after it’s fully charged. It also features vibrant LED lights that make night driving a fun experience.


  • Powerful shock absorbers
  • Minimum vibration
  • Features a direction spinner
  • Suitable for all terrains


  • Some feel the body should be made from more durable plastic


Now that you have been through our review of the 13 best RC cars for kids, it’s important to be aware of the factors you need to consider while buying one for your kid that is safe and also gives them no end of fun and pleasure.

What To Look For In A RC Cars For Kids

  • Speed

High speed adds excitement while using an RC car, as kids love seeing it perform stunts and tearing through the tracks. But you need to go for a slower model if you are buying it for a small child or toddler. The slowest RC cars usually go at a speed of 25 miles per hour, mid-range models at about 40 miles per hour, and the fastest ones can even run at around 60 miles per hour. So beginners should go for RC vehicles with speeds between 25 to 40 miles per hour. Then, as your child gets older and more experienced, they can go for a fast, high-end RC car.

  • Type

Though the designs of RC vehicles vary a lot, they can be divided into on-road and off-road vehicles. On-road vehicles move fast and are suitable for flat and hard surfaces, while off-road vehicles can go over rough terrain. Consider your personal preferences, the space you have for your child to drive the RC car, and where you are likely to use them so that you choose what works best for you.

  • Scale

For RC cars, the scale number is vital as they are modeled after full-size trucks and cars. The scale number stands for the size of the model as compared to its full-size counterpart. For example, a 1:20 scale means that the RC vehicle is 20 times smaller than the actual vehicle. Choosing a scale again depends on your personal preferences and needs. Most models have a scale number of 1:8 and 1:10 and are the most popular.

  • Motor

RC cars usually come with either brushed or brushless motors. The brushed motors are less powerful but are more reliable and are considered to be better for beginners and younger children. On the other hand, brushless motors are powerful, efficient, and have great acceleration.

  • Wheel drive

As the name suggests, 2 wheel drive cars are powered by 2 wheels, while all 4 wheels power 4 wheel drive cars. 4 wheel drives give you more power and speed, so you need to choose to keep this in mind.

Why Trust MomJunction?

Priti Bose is a passionate writer and reviewer of children’s toys and gifts. She brings you a list of the best RC cars for kids and provides you with a buying guide to help you choose one that can engage your child for hours. Priti has compiled this list after analyzing and comparing several RC cars and understanding all you need to know about these toy cars. Moreover, she also gives you safety tips one should consider when using remote-controlled cars.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How fast do RC cars go?

The speed of the RC car will depend on the age range to which the car caters. But as a rule, RC cars for kids don’t go as fast as the ones for adults. The speed can range from 2 to 5 miles per hour for toddlers and go up to 30 miles per hour for older kids. In general, RC cars start around 10 miles per hour for entry-level vehicles and can go up to 100 miles per hour for high-end cars.

With this comprehensive list, choosing the best RC car for your kids becomes easier. Although RC cars are available in most toy stores and come in various colors and shapes, choosing the best one can be daunting. However, you must ensure to consider the car’s features and your child’s preferences before purchasing one for them. Ensure that its maximum speed is set appropriately to ensure the safety and well-being of your children and to avoid unnecessary accidents. Moreover, the RC car should be made of non-toxic and quality material and include features that engage your children. Lastly, choose a product that is durable and has good battery life.

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