11 Best Reading Pillows In 2021


The best reading pillow is the one that is comfortable for your head and neck and elevates your entire reading experience. You cannot expect to enjoy your reading session with a backache or neck strain caused by your ordinary pillow. Choosing the right reading pillow suitable for studying and watching TV can help your posture. These soft cushions are portable and can be used on the sofa, bed, and floor. Check out this list and pick the ideal reading pillow.

11 Best Reading Pillows

1. ComfortSpa Reading Pillow

The reading pillow from ComfortSpa is made from medical-grade material and provides support to the back, arms, neck, and shoulders. It has a breathable velour cover, lump-free foam filling, a handle for convenient carrying, and side pockets for storing small necessities. This wedge-shaped pillow helps reduce stress on muscles and joints. It arrives compressed and expands in 24 to 48 hours after unwrapping.

2. Linenspa Shredded Foam Pillow

Linenspa’s foam pillow is of standard size, suitable for children and teenagers. Its velour cover is durable and soft and is available in stone and navy colors to complement any decor. These pillows can be easily spot cleaned. They provide adequate support for your shoulder and back, suitable for post-surgery and other injury healing. The cover is made from 100% polyester, and its filling is 100% polyurethane foam.

3. Husband Pillow Reading Bed Rest Pillow

The backrest pillow can support the upper body completely. This comfortable support cushion with a detachable neck roll pillow has a built-in side pocket to store the remote and other items and an adjustable loft feature. The inner shell’s zipper lets you customize the pillow by adding or removing foam. It is 31 inches tall and is available in many colors.

4. Zoemo Bed Rest Reading Pillow

Zoemo premium reading pillows are created with your comfort and health in mind. They have a plush velour cover and are filled with high-quality cluster-ball fiber for optimal arms, back, and neck support. These pillows have reinforced skin-friendly covers. They are suitable for maternity care and treatment and measure 26.5×11.5×33 inches.

5. MittaGonG Reading Pillow

The reading pillow from MittaGonG has 100% shredded memory foam filling for increased breathability and is adjustable for personalized comfort. It features a high back and side armrests, allowing you to sit up in bed comfortably. The removable cover is constructed from velour fabric, and it is machine-washable and hypoallergenic.

6. Clara Clark Reading Pillow

Clara Clark’s pillow is made from shredded memory foam that molds and conforms to your body shape for optimal support. It provides improved airflow and is cushiony yet sturdy. This pillow remains stiff at room temperature and softens when exposed to body heat, ensuring it remains firm and helps one snuggle into it easily.

7. ComfortCloud Reading Pillow

The reading pillow from ComfortCloud contains shredded foam and is made from medical-grade material for people on bed rest or suffering from heartburn. It includes additional premium fill, allowing you to adjust the pillow according to your needs and comfort. With a convenient handle and side pockets, the pillow has a breathable velour cover that can be spot-cleaned or machine-washed.

8. Myooloo Gratitude Reading Pillow

Myooloo’s reading wedge pillow is scientifically made for proper back alignment at the appropriate angle. With shredded memory foam filling, this pillow can contour to support your back and doesn’t flatten. It has a comfortable velour cover, a top handle for convenient portability, and a neutral shade to complement any home design. The pillow also contains two side pockets and a large rear pocket for storing your essentials.

9. Faso Reading Pillow

Available in two colors, the lounge cushion from Faso has 11-inch arms to support the neck and shoulders. The outer shell’s zipper lets you customize the pillow by adding or removing foam or shifting the foam around to achieve the desired support. Its cover is removable and machine-washable, and you can wipe the spills and stains with a damp cloth. This pillow is odor-free and retains its shape after extended use.

10. TerriTrophy Bed Rest Reading Pillow

TerriTrophy 27-inch reading pillow contains a head roll and a plush cover packed in a waterproof storage bag. It is made from medical-grade material for people suffering from heartburn or GERD. You can use it as a wedge pillow to elevate the upper body while sleeping or resting. This premium cluster-ball fiber filling provides optimal support for comfortable sitting.

11. Hobed Life Cozy Fur Backrest Reading Pillow

The pillow’s ergonomic design is beneficial to the cervical and lumbar spine’s health. Its outer shell fabric is fluffy, long, plush faux fur with a pastel tie-dye pattern, and its filling is pure white, hypoallergenic microfiber. This backrest pillow is long-lasting and machine-washable. It is breathable, firm, and suitable for adults and children.

How To Choose The Right Reading Pillows?

Here are a few factors to consider when choosing the right reading pillows for your comfort.

  1. Material: Choose pillows made of memory foam filling, faux suede, microfiber, polyester, velour, velvet, and corduroy for long-lasting use and sturdiness.
  2. Design: Choose wedge-shaped reading pillows for a better sitting posture, keeping your spine supported and comfortable. Its high backrest and long arms provide adequate support to your neck and shoulders.
  3. Comfort and support: Choose an adjustable pillow that conforms to your body shape for optimal comfort and relaxation.
  4. Maintenance: Ensure the pillow cover is removable and machine-washable for easy cleaning. You should be able to spot clean the fabric in case of spills and stains.

How Do I Clean A Reading Pillow?

Choose a reading cushion with a detachable cover, if possible. You can unzip the cover and machine-wash it in cold water. If the pillow cover is not detachable, spot clean the minor stains and marks, but more severe stains may require expert cleaning. Ensure to check the cleaning instructions provided by the manufacturer for the correct cleaning method to use your pillows for long.

Reading pillows are comfortable, give a beautiful touch to your room, and can assist with body aches, snoring, acid reflux, and more. They provide support to your spine, waist, shoulders, and neck and help you relax. So, if your painful neck is keeping you from enjoying a good book, explore our list of the best reading pillows to choose the right pillow with maximum satisfaction and comfort.

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