17 Best Relationship Books For Couples In 2023

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Being in love is one of the most beautiful things one can experience. However, relationships require effort and understanding to make them work. So, here’s our list of the best relationship books for couples to provide you with much-needed guidance. Whether you’re looking to improve your existing relationship, start a new one, or reignite the spark in a dying one, these books can give you tips and tricks that might work wonders. These books are well researched for updated information and let you learn from the past mistakes of others. So, if you wish to avoid heartbreak or arguments, these books can come in handy. Browse our list to pick one that suits your needs.

17 Best Relationship Books For Couples In 2023

1. Best Insightful:The 5 Love Languages: The Secret To Love That Lasts

The 5 Love Languages: The Secret To Love That Lasts Image: 5 Love Languages

This New York Times bestseller by Gary Chapman will turn your relationship into one that will stand the test of time. While falling in love can be a breeze, staying in love is the real challenge. The words of wisdom woven in the fabric of this narrative will help you reach new levels of commitment and intimacy. This is a must-read for every young and old couple alike. The 5 Love Languages is insightful and practical, providing solutions to dealing with the daily complexities and challenges that arise in relationships. If you’re on the hunt for a book on love and relationships, this should be at the top of your list. Check out this video on this product and find out more about its features.

Price at the time of publication: $7.19

2. Best Inspirational:Relationship Goals: How To Win At Dating And Marriage

Price at the time of publication: $11.99

Why lose at love when you can win at dating? This inspiring book by a preacher and firm believer in God will transform your view on love and marriage. What makes this book so unique is not the topics it deals with but rather how they are dealt with. Author Michael Todd conveys his honest, heartfelt, and realistic opinions on dating and love. This book reveals the author’s own story of heartbreak and healing. Keeping God at the forefront, this book unravels the secret to successful relationships. If coping and progressing in love is on your mind, grab a copy of Relationship Goals. Here’s a video of a detailed review of the product to help you decide.

3. Best Well-Researched:Mindful Relationship Habits: 25 Practices For Couples

Falling in love may not require thought, but staying in a relationship does. Be mindful and read carefully through each page of Mindful Relationship Habits by S. J. Scott and Barrie Davenport. The title of the book beautifully captures its very essence. Mindful and heartwarming practices in a relationship can lead to a strong and healthy connection between couples. The insights and suggestions given in this book are justified and proven by scientific research. Imbibing the words of wisdom in this book on love and relationships will make you proactive and more responsive towards your better half. The book is available in paperback, on the Kindle, and also as an audiobook.

4. Best To Build Stronger Relationship:Couples Therapy Workbook: 30 Guided Conversations To Re-Connect Relationships

Price at the time of publication: $13.99

Revive your relationship with this Couples Therapy Workbook by Kathleen Mates-Youngman. This book has been wonderfully structured as a series of questions on 30 different topics relating to love and relationships. In addition to this, each topic contains strategies to deal with difficulties and goals to be reached. Dealing with some of the most crucial topics, the questions unravel deep-seated feelings and insecurities and build a stronger relationship. Communication is truly the key to laying a strong foundation for any relationship. The book is available in a spiral-bound edition, paperback, and even on the Kindle.

5. Best With Real Case Studies:No More Fighting: 20 Minutes A Week To A Stronger Relationship

Author Alicia Munoz’s No More Fighting will help you tackle and avoid triggers that lead to arguments and disagreements. Continuous arguments in a relationship can be toxic and mentally exhausting. This book provides you with all the essential tools to open that can of worms and prepare your mind for the new possibilities of a healthy, loving, and fruitful relationship. Dealing with 52 challenges faced by couples the most, this book helps you save your relationship by helping you nip the problems in the bud. What makes this book unique is its inclusion of real case studies. The insightful stories will be an eye-opener, making couples realize their true love for each other. This book can be purchased as a paperback copy or even viewed on the Kindle. If you prefer to listen to it, you will be happy to know that it is also sold as an audiobook.

6. Best To Spice Up Relationship:The Couples Quiz Book: 350 Fun Questions

Perhaps it’s time you got to know your partner even better. What better way than by taking a quiz on how well you know the love of your life. These light-hearted questions will revive that spark of fun and bring back the much-needed excitement into your relationship. The questions allow you to get to know your partner better in a thrilling manner. The questions cover various topics, and the quiz prizes at the end of each chapter are presented as fun experiments. So spice up your relationship with The Couples Quiz Book by Alicia Munoz that can be purchased in paperback and viewed on the Kindle.

7. Best All-In One Book:The Ultimate Relationship Workbook For Couples

Do you feel like the spark in your relationship has fizzled out? Are you looking to purchase the best relationship book for couples? If so, The Ultimate Relationship Workbook For Couples by Ari Sytner could be a life-changer. Filled with dynamic exercises and guided conversations, the advice contained in this book will make your relationship rock solid. This all-in-one book on relationships will offer you a new take on love and open your eyes to the numerous possibilities you have been missing out on.

8. Best For Ground-Breaking Discoveries:The Seven Principles For Making Marriage Work

The down to earth and insightful take on love by John Gottomon reveals the secrets to making marriages strong and enduring. In The Seven Principles For Making Marriage Work, the author brilliantly underlines the struggles that lead to broken marriages and offers solutions in seven practical principles. Reading this book could help you make ground-breaking discoveries about your love life. This New York Times bestseller delves into issues relating to finances, religion, work, and family life. It reveals how romance and intimacy can be developed through better communication.

9. Best Narrative:The Four Laws Of Love: Guaranteed Success For Every Married Couple

Price at the time of publication: $9.99

This book evokes couples to trust in God and use the foundational pillars highlighted by Jimmy Evans. Inject new life and vigor into your relationship with the four laws of love outlined in the book. This book narrates the story of Evan’s marriage and how it hurled itself towards a divorce. His experience as a speaker and man of God shines brightly through this narrative as he reveals the laws for achieving happiness in marriage. The Four Laws Of Love will help save your relationship before it’s too late.

10. Best Interactive:The Couple’s Activity Book: 70 Interactive Games To Strengthen Your Relationship

Neatly incorporated into this activity book are quizzes, crosswords, fill-in-the-blanks type stories, and brainstorming romantic activities. This is a fun and interactive way of reconnecting with your loved one. Forget the stress and difficulties, relax and read this book cover to cover. The thrilling experience it provides will reignite flames of passion. This is one of the best books on relationships and love for couples. In this book, author Crystal Schwanke has set up a perfect and imaginative way for couples to create intimacy and strengthen relationships.

11. I Hear You: The Surprisingly Simple Skill Behind Extraordinary Relationships

One of the first rules of a relationship is to open the doors of communication by hearing what your loved one has to say. This book on relationships magnificently captures the need for communicating daily. If conversation starters have been the reasons for the lack of communications, it’s time you heard or read Michael S. Sorensen’s book called I Hear You. This book imparts the skills and knowledge necessary to resolve and prevent arguments. It is available for purchase in hardcover, on the Kindle, and as an audiobook.

12. 201 Relationship Questions: The Couple’s Guide To Building Trust

Trust can make or break a relationship. You can now develop and build trust in your relationship with Barrie Davenport’s book, Relationship Questions. This book is structured as a series of different questions, covering various topics to help build a long-lasting relationship. Alongside building trust, the questions have also been strategically designed to reignite intimacy into any relationship. This book is perfect for reading on a date night at home with your special someone.

13. Communication Miracles For Couples

Price at the time of publication: $8.49

Communication Miracles For Couples by Jonathan Robinson is more than worthy of being on our carefully selected list of the best relationship books for couples. The material is restorative and in stills hope into a dying relationship. The advice offered by the author is intriguing and inspiring. This book is divided into three parts, covering topics like intimacy, fights, and bruised egos. To corroborate his viewpoints, the author has included clinical case studies and practical examples. Perfection in communication with your beloved is only a book away.

14. As We Grow: A Modern Memory Book For Married Couples

Price at the time of publication: $31.49

A marriage is a sacred commitment before the eyes of God and the law. This memory book by author Korie Herold allows you to recreate your wedding memories. Each page is unique and offers a canvas for celebrating marriage milestones and even recording family history. This serves as a wonderful keepsake memento and suits various occasions. This As We Grow memory book portrays that you can grow old together and still relive your youthful and passionate days. Its artistic design and colorful layout are appealing and attractive to the eye.

15. 175 Date Ideas

Price at the time of publication: $9.99

Dating can be an ordeal if you run out of ideas. After all, there are only so many things you can come up with. If you ever find yourself in this sticky situation and require some inspiration, this book containing 175 date ideas by Alida Quittschreiber will work wonders for you. Most of the ideas and suggestions are cute and practical. What makes this book so brilliant is the ingenious ideas that it includes. These ideas could be used for various occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, engagements, and weddings.

16. Relationship Workbook For Couples

Price at the time of publication: $3.99

This fun-filled workbook for couples By Eva A. Mendes includes numerous quizzes and activities that will lead to a positive outcome in the relationship. Each activity has been carefully selected to develop and build intimacy and a deeper connection between couples. If you’re looking to spice up your romantic partnership, this is the perfect book for you. Whether you’re in bed or on the move, it’s an insightful book to read. The colorful cover captures the bond of love and commitment well. This can be either purchased in paperback, read on the Kindle, or heard as an audio book.

17. 4 Essential Keys To Effective Communication

Communication is key to a successful marriage and a healthy relationship. This book by Bento C. Leal III delves into the essential keys for effectively communicating in different spheres such as work, life, and marriage. This book teaches you all you need to know about nurturing your relationship through appreciation for others. The beauty of this book lies in its universal appeal. It can be read at a book club or even within the confines of a home between couples.

How To Choose The Right Relationship Book For Couples?

Consider the following factors when choosing a suitable book.

  1. Type of book: While some prefer fact-based or research-oriented books, others understand better through real-life examples and practical tips. Also, consider the language of the book to ensure you can understand it easily.
  2. Reviews: Check the reviews of the book online to determine if it’s suitable for you. These reviews can provide you with an overview of how the book has benefited readers in the past and whether it contains information that will benefit you as well.
  3. Topics:Books on relationships cover various subjects and issues, from handling conflicts to providing support during difficult times. So, pick a book that includes information pertinent to your situation.
  4. Authors: Consider choosing books written by specialists like marriage counselors, psychologists, doctors, etc. Experienced writers can ensure updated, research-backed information to help you.

Why Trust MomJunction?

Wedetso Chirhah is a proficient product writer specializing in reviewing books. He has created this post on the best relationship books for couples after rigorously analyzing numerous reader reviews and recommendations. He has also shared a summary of each book you can read to pick a book as per your interest. His research and detailed description are something that you can rely upon to find the right book.

While relationships are hard to navigate, every couple could get by with a little help from the best relationship books written by experts in the field. Whether you wish to reignite the spark, rekindle lost love, express yourself to your partner, or make your bond stronger, these books will come in handy. However, before choosing a book, gauge whether it is an autobiography or self-help book and look for ones written in simple and easy-to-understand language.

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