11 Best retractable baby gates in 2021


Retractable baby gates for stairs, doorways, and hallways are the best way to keep your child safe while you are at work or performing other household chores. However, there are times when you need a gate that gets out of the way quickly. This is when you need retractable gates. These gates are simple to operate, and you can open or close them with just one hand.
These gates are safe and convenient, blending seamlessly with the home decor. You can choose from pressure-fit gates to divider gates. This buyer’s guide to the best retractable baby gates will help you choose the right product.

11 Best Retractable Baby Gates

1. Perma Child Safety Retractable Baby Gate

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This retractable baby gate measures 33×71 inches and has a double lock feature. It is waterproof and has a one-sided operation, allowing you to open and close the door while holding the child. The set includes catch mounts, screws, installation gates, and wall spacer shines for baseboards.

You can use this baby gate to keep mischievous pets weighing 10 to 40 pounds in check. The gate’s materials meet all safety standards. It is designed to lock the release mechanism automatically and has a simple two-step operation. You can install the gate within minutes and it is suitable for babies aged six to 24 months.


2. Summer Infant Store Retractable Baby Gate