7 Best Retractable Screen Doors In 2022


Everyone wants a home with plenty of sunshine and fresh air, but dust, pests, and insects can cause problems. So, we have created a list of the best retractable screen doors to come to your rescue. These doors are a practical addition to your home that filters sunlight and keeps your home cooler. These doors are flexible and easily attachable to door jambs and detachable when not in use. They allow you to enjoy the breeze and sunlight while keeping unwanted pests and dust at bay.

With multiple options available, it could be challenging to choose the right one for your home. So you can explore our list and buying guide to make an informed decision.

Benefits Of Retractable Screen Doors

The following are some of the benefits of retractable screen doors.

  • Flexible design: Retractable screen doors can be customized to fit door frames of any size, and they are easy to install and remove. Besides, they can be used for the back door, front door, balcony door, and more.
  • Good ventilation: The screen door facilitates airflow while protecting the house from pests and insects.
  • Available in different sizes: Retractable doors can be used not only on single doors but double doors too.

7 Best Retractable Screen Doors

1. Best Wind-Resistant:Loobani Garage Door Screen

This double-door garage screen door is designed to protect the garage from pests while allowing fresh air in. Its stripe design allows you to view things clearly from both sides. The strong magnets ensure the screen door shuts securely, while the additional gravity rods make it wind resistant.


  • Velcro attachment for easy and quick installment
  • Mesh screen door allows safe usage for children and pets
  • Easy to fold and store when not in use
  • Extra push pins ensure additional safety and durability

2. Best Easy To Use:Magic Mesh Hands-Free Retractable Screen Door

Why spend money looking for someone to install a retractable screen door when you can do it yourself with this easy-to-use screen door by Magic Mesh. Its magnetic closure gives you a hands-free experience and allows you to move in and out easily. For more information about the product, click this video.


  • Made of good-quality mesh
  • Available in different sizes
  • Suitable for French windows and single and sliding doors
  • Safe for children and pets
  • Includes 18 magnets

3. Best Easy To Install:Cool Genius Retractable Screen For Single Door

Designed for single doors, this retractable screen door ensures your house remains cool in hot summers as its mesh body allows good air circulation. All you need is a power screwdriver to install it firmly within your doorframe. The screen door can be installed in 30 minutes, and it is fully retractable, so you can keep it away when not in use. Check this video to learn more about the product.


  • Slides in and out easily
  • Fits most standard single doors
  • Installation does not require metal cutting
  • Latch and lock mechanism allows one-hand operation

4. Best Durable:Jcolushi Magnetic Screen Door

Are you bored of a plain screen door? Have a look at this beautifully designed retractable door with a countryside image painted on it. It effectively keeps flies, mosquitoes, and bugs out while letting in cool, fresh breeze. It is easy to install—all you need to do is stick it to the door frame with a nylon sticker. It is easy to push open, enabling one-handed operation, and its magnetic strip ensures it shuts firmly behind you.


  • Hook-and-loop closure at the middle and bottom for better wind protection
  • Comes with extra push pins
  • Tool-free installation
  • Safe for children and pets
  • Thickened hemming for durability

5. Best Replacement Warranty:Flux Phenom Magnetic Screen Door

With a strong, sturdy mesh, this screen door lets in fresh air while blocking pests and bugs. It comes with 26 strong magnets that keep the screen door firmly in place as you move in and out. Furthermore, it comes with thumbtacks and hook-and-loop tape for easy installation and use.


  • Adjustable design for best fit
  • Polyester mesh
  • Hands-free entry
  • Safe and easy to use for children and pets
  • Lifetime replacement warranty

6. Best Ventilated:Winsharp Aluminum Retractable Front Screen Door

This aluminum door screen is a practical solution to your air ventilation woes. Its strong frame ensures the door stays firmly in place and withstands wind. It lets in breeze while protecting your house from insects and bugs. It comes with a lock for added security for your children and pets.


  • Sturdy build offers long-lasting usage
  • Available in various sizes
  • Customizable on request
  • Instruction manual makes installation easy

7. Best Long-Lasting:GreenWeb Retractable Screen Door

If you are looking for a strong screen door that can be used when it is drizzling too, then have a look at this screen door. It comes with a patented water repellent mesh and is also equipped to keep out dust and pests. The sturdy mesh screen door comes with adjustable handles that enable you to move the door up and down. In addition, its aluminum frame makes it sturdy and long-lasting.


  • Manual makes installation simple
  • Ideal for all seasons
  • Safe for children and pets
  • Customizable frames on additional charges

How To Choose The Right Retractable Screen Door?

Here are the features you need to look for when buying a retractable screen door.

  • Size: The first feature you need to ascertain is the size of the retractable screen door. Measure your doorframe and look for the one that offers the best fit for your door.
  • Type: Opt for a sliding, magnetic, or pull-up/down retractable door based on your preference. Sliding retractable doors are fitted on the tracks along the doorframe and slide open and close. Magnetic retractable doors come with magnets installed at the door’s opening, so they close shut on their own after you have walked through them. Pull-up/down retractable doors can be rolled down when in use and up when not required.
  • Material: Fiberglass and aluminum are two of the most commonly used materials for retractable screen doors. Fiberglass gives better privacy as the visibility from outside is relatively less. Aluminum is relatively pricier but sturdier than fiberglass.
  • Installation: Some retractable screen doors are easy and quick to install, while others require tools and even a professional. If you hire someone to install the screen door, you will have to shell out more money. So, determine what you are comfortable with and then make a choice.
  • Storage: Some screen doors are foldable and easy to store when not in use, while others remain in the sill but hidden behind the door. Based on your preference, pick the one that would suit you.
  • Warranty: Reliable brands offer retractable screen doors with a good warranty option. Look for a brand that gives good customer service along with a good warranty.

Why Trust MomJunction?

Sakshi John loves writing about home and lifestyle products that are practical, functional, and affordable in everyday use. Her articles are thoroughly researched, and her review process involves going through hundreds of products and user reviews to present readers with the best options. In this article, she highlights the best retractable screen doors that can help you filter the amount of sunlight your home gets and keep your home cooler during summers. The products listed are quality-assured and long-lasting.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How should I clean a retractable screen door?

It is fairly simple to clean a retractable door. You can clean it with a regular detergent and some water to clear off any dust accumulated on the screen door. Once clean, gently wipe it off with a spare cloth and leave it to dry.

2. Do retractable screen doors protect the house from rain and wind too?

It depends on the type of screen door you have. If you want to use your screen doors during the rainy season or when it gets windy, look for a screen door that comes with a tightly woven mesh, as it offers considerable resistance to wind and rain. Other screens do not offer protection from rains unless mentioned by the brand.

3. Do retractable screen doors lock?

This varies for every product depending on its design. For example, some screen doors come with a latch on the inside.

Retractable screen doors are must-haves if you want to protect your indoors from dust and insects while enjoying the sunshine and cool breeze. These doors are available in various types and sizes and are versatile enough to be used on different types of doors. When choosing one, ensure it is easy to install and remove and is also easy to clean and maintain. Further, choose one that is safe for the children and pets at home.

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