15 Best Rhyming Books In 2021


The ability to recognize and produce rhyming words is an essential skill, and the best rhyming books can help your child become an expert at that. Rhyming activities are enjoyable, and these books will help your child remember words easier than those presented in plain text. Moreover, singing the rhymes increases their memory power and attracts their attention. You can introduce your child to various themes, stories, languages, fairy tales, and more with these books. We have created a list of the interesting rhyming books below.

15 Best Rhyming Books

1. VTech Musical Rhymes Book

Give your child this easy-to-flip book. The V-Tech Musical Rhymes Book is designed with easy-to-turn pages that feature vibrant pictures and colorful pages. Each page contains pieces that can be twisted and played with. A music mode includes instruments, music, and words. This amusing musical book includes five piano keys for the baby to create their music and is ideal for children aged six months to three years.

2. Cottage Door Press 365 Bedtime Stories And Rhymes

Cottage Door Bedtime Stories and Rhymes book transports your child to the magical world of dreams with enchanting fairy tales and rhymes. The pieces are short and easy to read, keeping the child engrossed. It includes well-known rhymes such as Miss Mary Mack, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Little Bo-Peep, and stories such as Hansel and Gretel.

3. Cali’s Books Musical Book For Babies And Toddlers

Nursery rhymes are the most effective way to teach a child about rhyming, words, and sounds. Cali’s Books presents a musical book of popular nursery rhymes for children aged up to four. The colorful and engaging book has ergonomic push buttons on each page. In addition, the book comes with buttons that can withstand up to 300 pushes.

4. Peipei’s Books Bao Bao Learns Chinese

Learn Chinese with Bao Bao Learns Chinese from Peipei’s Books. The bilingual sound book includes nursery rhymes in Mandarin and Pinyin and features a real mom singing in a soothing and pleasant voice. It includes three songs from the East and three songs from the West. Each song has lyrics written in English, too. The board book is durable and safe for children.

5. Cali’s Books Spanish Nursery Rhymes

Introduce your child to Spanish with Cali’s Books Spanish Nursery Rhymes. This musical book is ideal for toddlers. The bilingual book is an educational toy that includes popular Spanish songs. The lyrics of the songs are written in Spanish as well as English. Each page features an easy-push button to play the songs. This helps develop motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

6. 101 Nursery Rhymes & Sing-Along Songs For Kids

101 Nursery Rhymes is an amazing collection of 101 popular nursery rhymes that a child can sing along to, and it comes with pictures as well. Favourites such as Mary Had a Little Lamb, Humpty Dumpty, Hokey Pokey, Wheels on the Bus, and many more are part of the 101 nursery rhymes. With these all-time classics, reading to your child will bring back childhood memories.

7. Cali’s Books Brazilian Nursery Rhymes

Brazilian Nursery Rhymes by Cali’s Book is a musical book for babies and toddlers. It introduces bilingual sounds and includes famous Portuguese songs. The learning book is interactive and designed with attractive colors and ergonomic push buttons for sound. This also helps in developing fine motor skills in babies. Batteries are included with the book.

8. I’m Just No Good at Rhyming: And Other Nonsense

If you have naughty kids and fun-loving grown-ups, this book is awesome for you! I’m Just No Good at Rhyming is full of wit due to its play with words and oxymorons, all in a hilarious, child-friendly, and entertaining rhyming book. The book comes in a new and bright jacket design and will be enjoyed by children of different age groups.

9. The Classic Collection of Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes

The Classic Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes, a collection of over 100 classic poems and nursery rhymes, is a must-have book for every child. This picture book features a four-panel gatefold, beautiful illustrations, and vibrant colors. Gina Baek’s illustrations bring the characters and images to life.

10. Crayola Nursery Rhymes Coloring Book

Coloring is a favorite pass-time among children. The Crayola Nursery Rhymes coloring book contains 96 coloring pages and adorable stickers. It stimulates imagination and creativity as the child uses colors of their choice and embellishes stickers to make each page their personal artwork story. It is suitable for children aged three and older.

11. My First Mother Goose Nursery Rhyme Book For Children

My First Mother Goose Nursery Rhyme Book is a 10×8.7×0.5inches board book. It is simple to hold with a child’s small hands. The book contains seven classic rhymes that every child should know. The illustrated book has tabbed pages to make it easy for the child to find their favorite rhyme.

12. Nothing Rhymes With Orange

A cute preschool book of rhymes, Nothing Rhymes With Orange is humorous and teaches lessons of friendship. The illustrated book has bright colors and encourages reading aloud. It introduces the child to useful topics, such as inclusiveness and conversation amongst differences. The book is also ideal for classroom reading for children aged five or six.

13. Daddy Dragon Saves The Day

Daddy Dragon Saves The Day is a picture book of rhymes for children three to six years. It includes bedtime stories that are short and funny to grasp the child’s attention. The book is designed with captivating colors and mythical, magical stories of dragons. It also teaches the child the importance of a father and family. It encourages a child’s imagination, as well.

14. Violin For Kids

Violin For Kids is a music book for children learning to play the violin and includes nursery rhymes, classical and folk songs, and Christmas carols. The over 50-piece collection includes instrumental renditions of popular rhymes, such as Jingle bells and London Bridge is Falling, and songs, such as America the Beautiful and Amazing Grace. The book is great for introducing a child to rhymes and music at the same time.

15. The Best Bedtime Book: A Rhyme For Children’s Bedtime

If you are looking for a book to introduce your child to the world of spirituality, then this book gives an insight into spiritual teaching. It teaches the child the importance of prayer and devotion. The book contains simplified stories from The Bible and is suitable for kids aged two and older.

How To Choose The Right Rhyming Books?

Here are some pointers to help you choose the right rhyming book for your child

  1. Age: Choose a book written and designed for your child’s age group. It ensures that it captivates your child’s attention and keeps them engrossed.
  2. Words: Younger children love playful rhymes, while older children love meaningful poems. Choose books with the right language and words since children are impressionable and learn inappropriate words easily.
  3. Design: Bright colors and a variety of textures appeal to a child. Pick a rhyming book with colorful illustrations. For example, rhymes on animals could include a furry, velvety tail, which children love to touch and feel.
  4. Material and prints: Choose materials that are safe for children and free of BPA. Printing should also be done with a laser or with eco-friendly, non-toxic ink. A plastic cover protects the book from spills and stains.

Rhymes are the simplest way to introduce new words to your child. Nursery rhymes and fairy tales stimulate children’s imagination and creativity. Popular children’s songs stay with us for a lifetime, bringing back happy memories of our childhood. So, relive your childhood by choosing a book from our list of the best rhyming books and reading it with your child.

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