9 Best Riding Lawn Mowers That Are Handy To Work In 2022


If you have a large property to maintain, our list of the best riding lawn mowers can come in handy. Unlike regular lawn mowers that are difficult to use, riding lawn mowers can get the work done swiftly and efficiently. It looks like a compact tractor with a cutting deck attached under the mower. They are also larger than regular mowers and can easily cut grass measuring 70 cm to 100cm. You can use them for smaller lawns.

Finding a suitable one can be complex, with multiple riding lawn mowers available. So, explore our list and features to make an informed decision.

 9 Best Riding Lawn Mowers

1. Snapper 2911525BVE Rear Engine Riding Lawn Mower

Snapper 2911525BVE Rear Engine Riding Lawn Mower


The Snapper 2911525BVE mower is equipped with an 11.5hp Briggs and Stratton power built four-cycle OHV engine. This iconic riding lawn mower is ideal for all lawn sizes. It has easy-to-reach controls at the comfort of your seat. The convenient five-speed shift control on-the-go drive system and the vertical stand-on-edge features make this mower simple to maintain.


  • Perfectly sized to move in between trees
  • Easy to change the blade
  • Greased fittings
  • Chops up remaining clippings very fine
  • Easy to store


  • Reverse shifting can be hard

2. Ryobi 38 Inches Electric Rear Engine Riding Lawn Mower

Ryobi 38 Inches Electric Rear Engine Riding Lawn Mower


The 38-inch Ryobi mower runs on a 100Ah battery. It features a brushless motor for optimal performance and superior power. The fully charged battery gives up to 2.5 hours runtime and covers up to 2.5 acres. It supports standard 120V outlets and is compatible with a USB phone charger. The 12-position manual adjustable feature and cruise control allow you to conveniently cut your lawn evenly.


  • Powerful and convenient LED headlights
  • Low maintenance and easy to use
  • Prompt customer service
  • Quiet operation


  • Blades are a bit flimsy

3. Husqvarna YTH18542 Riding Lawn Mower

Husqvarna YTH18542 Riding Lawn Mower


Husqvarna lawn mower is equipped with an 18.5hp Briggs and Stratton Intek engine. Its foot pedal-operated hydrostatic transmission allows you to change direction and speed. This lets you keep both your hands on the steering wheel for optimum driving control. The tight 16-inch radius blades help move in tighter spaces, and the 13-inch adjustable mid-back seat lets you ride in comfort.


  • Durable
  • Well-built and easy to manage
  • Reverse operating system
  • Dual anti-scalp wheels


  • No warranty for the blades

4. Craftsman Z525 Gas Lawn Mower

Craftsman Z525 Gas Lawn Mower


Powered with a 679cc twin-engine, Craftsman is ideal for larger spaces. The 46-inch-wide deck cuts and trims grass in one-quick sweep. It features deck wash that saves time when underside cleaning. The mow-in-reverse function allows you to quickly move in reverse without the need for pausing your machine. It features a 360° instant turning radius and a supportive high-back seat.


  • EZT hydro-gear drive system with easy-to-operate dual levers
  • Adjustable blades
  • Easy-to-install seat
  • Optimum comfort
  • Two-year warranty


  • Instructions are not easy to understand

5. Husqvarna Z254 Zero Turn Riding Mower

Husqvarna Z254 Zero Turn Riding Mower


The zero-turn riding mower is equipped with a 26hp Kohler engine that reaches a maximum speed of 6.5 MPH. The patent-pending brake system automatically activates and deactivates in contrast to the steering levers. The air induction feature draws air from the top and bottom, delivering an even cut.


  • Super powerful and easy to use
  • Easy to assemble
  • Keeps the rpm constant
  • Trims the lawn in a jiffy
  • Durable reinforced steel built


  • The deck may crack due to excessive vibration

6. Ariens Zoom 34 Zero Turn Lawn Mower

Ariens Zoom 34 Zero Turn Lawn Mower


Ariens lawn mower is equipped with a 34-inch stamped deck made of a heavy-duty 12-inch steel guard. It is powered by a 660cc professional-grade Kohler 660V twin engine. The four-point deck hanging system makes it easy to get the work done. It features a foot-operated deck lift and a back-padded seat.


  • Powerful and well-built
  • Heavily made and does the work done quickly
  • Comfortable to ride-on


  • Noisy operation

7. Simplicity 2691339 Conquest Mower

Simplicity 2691339 Conquest Mower


The Simplicity Conquest Mower is equipped with a 25hp Briggs and Stratton Commercial series V-twin engine. It is extremely powerful and has a gross horsepower of 3600 RPM. This 55-inch beast mower is made of ten-inch gauge steel with reinforced skirts, top, and edges. It features a push-to-start button and a complete instrument panel with a fuel gauge. The electronic fuel management gives you an automotive-style start, while the cyclonic technology forces debris away. The LED light and dual rear suspension give you the utmost comfort.


  • Rear rollers provide a smooth finish
  • 25% less impact felt than a standard tractor
  • Free-floating deck gives a contoured cut
  • Engineered to be compatible with a full line of attachments


  • May be noisy

8. Troy-Bilt Riding Lawn Mower

Troy-Bilt Riding Lawn Mower


The 382cc Troy-Bilt riding lawn mower is powered with an auto-choke OHV engine and a six-speed transmission that reach up to 4.25 MPH. Its 30-inch deck feature has five adjustable settings. The 13x5in front wheel and the 16×6.5in rear wheels turn in an 18-inch turning radius. It also features a manual power take-off for smooth blade engagement.


  • Comfortable mid-back seat
  • Compact and easy to store
  • Wheels are durable and built to last
  • Includes warranty against damage
  • Minimum maintenance


  • May have steering issues

9. Ryobi 38 Inches Electric Rear Engine Riding Lawn Mower

The 38-inch riding lawn mower by Ryobi is equipped with a 100Ah battery. It features three brushless motors for optimal performance and superior power. The fully charged battery gives up to two runtime hours or covers up to two acres. It supports standard 120V outlets and is compatible with a USB phone charger. The 12-position manual adjustable feature and cruise allows you to cut your lawn at a uniform level conveniently.


  • Battery lasts up to ten hours on standby
  • Fast and speeds up to 8mph
  • Blades are easy to replace
  • Quiet operation
  • LED headlights


  • No suspension on uneven grass

How To Choose The Right Riding Lawn Mower?

Here are a few things to keep in mind while buying a riding lawn mower.

  1. Landscape: Choose a riding mower that matches the slope and size of your property. In case your yard looks like an agility training course, opt for a zero-turn mower ideal for mowing lawns with irregular shapes.
  2. Hour-meter: The hour-meter indicates how long your mower has run from the last maintenance or oil change. It makes sure you keep your mower intact and serviced. Some recent models are equipped with a smartphone app that allows you to link your mower and keep track of the parts.
  3. Fuel checking meter: Choose a riding lawn mower that indicates the fuel level, so the mower doesn’t stop in the middle. It would be much preferable if you can see the levels from your seat.
  4. Sound: You can choose from several low-sound riding mowers, including the Ryobi lawn mowers.
  5. Engine type: Choose between fuel-operated and electric-operated lawn mowers according to your convenience. If you regularly trim your lawn or have a larger space, a battery-operated lawn mower is convenient.
  6. Cup holder and high-back seat: Comfortability is necessary to mow your lawn with ease. Choose a supportive seat for you to sit comfortably and a cup holder to save you from the hot, sweaty days.
  7. Mulching options: Most models have mulching options that make sure the clippings are held in properly and chops finely before blowing them back to the yard.
  8. Cruise control: Just like a car, cruise control allows you to lock in a ground speed with your lawn mower for a uniform finish.

Riding lawn mowers have higher fuel capacity and are easy to handle. The engines are powerful, allowing you to cut grass of all sizes. Choose the right riding lawn mower from our list that suits your needs and trims your lawn with ease.

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