11 Best Ring Lights For Video Conferencing


When working from home, you need to think about prepping your room for a video conference. Powerful lighting can make all the difference to how professional you appear on screen, which is why the best ring light for video conferencing has become a must-have tool.

These lights are more effective than traditional bulbs as they brighten up your face, illuminate your eyes, and make you look alert and focused.

Ring lights come embedded with numerous LED beads that lend you a soft but balanced glow. Moreover, they’re compact and easy to install, and you can attach them to your laptop and phone effortlessly. Here are the top ring lights for professionals and students. Check them out and take your pick.

11 Best Ring Lights For Video Conferencing

1. Aixpi LED Ring Light

Aixpi LED Ring Light

With this ten-inch ring light, finding the perfect angle to record your videos won’t be difficult. The big and bright light of Aixpi produces soft illumination and is ideal for video conferencing and vlogs. It provides a soft shadow and even lighting for your camera. The kit includes a light stand for adjusting the height of the light.


  • Includes a cell phone holder for added convenience
  • Ten adjustable brightness levels
  • Multi-port charging compatibility
  • Clip is attachable to most phones


  • Might not get locked well with the tripod

2. Qiaya Selfie Ring Lights

Qiaya Selfie Ring Lights

This selfie ring light by Qiaya distributes even brightness and brightens up your face. With its three adjustable brightness levels, you can capture beautiful and high-quality pictures like the ones captured by a professional camera. It has a compact USB cable to help you avoid the fuss of constant battery replacements. The simple ring light is portable and could be an ideal video and photo lighting tool on-the-go.


  • Ideal for taking pictures
  • Includes built-in rechargeable battery
  • Can be used with most mobile devices
  • Durable construction and easy to use


  • Charge may not last long

3. Mactrem LED Ring Light

Mactrem LED Ring Light

The Mactrem Ring Light has multiple LEDs that can be altered and adjusted to 11 brightness levels to match your camera’s requirements. The kit includes a phone holder and a mini-tripod, making it a great purchase for any videographer.


  • Can be used as a floor lamp and a table lamp
  • Compatible with multiple charging ports
  • Includes a two-year service warranty
  • Three light modes


  • Tripod may be wobbly
  • Might be difficult to hold the phone vertically

4. UBeesize LED Ring Light

UBeesize LED Ring Light

With a coverage area of 30ft, this ring light with a tripod stand offers bright and clear lighting. It is a 360-degree rotatable tripod with a flexible gooseneck that helps you adjust your phone to the best angle. The prominent buttons allow easy switching of the modes and brightness levels. With 11 brightness levels and a dimmable feature, this ring light is a perfect tool for makeup, selfies, and video conferencing.


  • Includes a Bluetooth remote control
  • Ten-inch ring offers proper coverage of light
  • Compatible with most phones and devices
  • Compact and portable design
  • Includes a lifetime warranty


  • Might heat up quickly when overused

5. Wonew LED Ring Light

Wonew LED Ring Light

An adjustable tripod with an easy setup mechanism makes this ring light a great tool for your video and photo shoots. It has three color temperatures and ten brightness settings that can enhance your photo or video quality. The kit also comes with Bluetooth remote control, allowing you to operate from a distance of 30ft from the camera.


  • Durable tripod stand made of aluminum
  • Easy to setup
  • Compatible with most smartphones
  • Can be charged by USB or battery
  • Includes a one-year replacement service


  • Lights may glitch sometimes

6. Amada Webcam Light Stand

Amada Webcam Light Stand

The Amada Light Stand can be clamped to your desks for bright and clear video quality, streamed effortlessly with a webcam. It has three color modes that can be altered as per the lighting in your surroundings. The 360-degree rotatable swivel ball is ideal for most videographers, as it allows to optimize the light source from any angle.


  • Long and flexible gooseneck-shaped mount
  • Ten brightness settings
  • Easy to control and recharge
  • Compatible with most smartphones
  • Can be used as a table lamp and a book light


  • Might get discharged quickly

7. Yarrashop Computer Ring Light

Yarrashop Computer Ring Light

The dimmable lighting provided by the Yarrashop Ring Light removes the unflattering shadows to highlight your face during your photo or video shoots. Its bright light can enhance facial highlights and enable proper makeup application. You can quickly change its light settings from afar, using its Bluetooth remote control. It could be a perfect companion for photo shoots or video conferences with three color modes and ten brightness levels.


  • Eight-inch diameter is suitable for most video requirements
  • Metal tripod reduces wobbling during usage
  • 360-degree rotatable light adds comfort
  • Compatible with most phones


  • May discharge quickly

8. Elegiant Selfie Ring Light

Elegiant Selfie Ring Light

Embedded with 72 LED beads, the Elegiant Ring Light offers a wide range of color and brightness modes. You can use it as a table lamp or as a light source during your video conferences. With its 360-degree rotatable tripod, you can find the perfect angle and shooting spot for your videos.


  • Durable aluminum frame
  • Multi-port charging feature
  • Compact and portable design
  • Easy to operate with its clamp mount stand
  • Compatible with most devices


  • Might take time to recharge

9. Yoozon Selfie Ring Light

Yoozon Selfie Ring Light

This ring light with an adjustable phone holder by Yoozon makes your meetings and video conferences more effective. You can attach your phones vertically, horizontally, and can even rotate the tripod in the required direction. Its versatile functionality and ten brightness levels make it a perfect tool for videographers and makeup artists.


  • Three light modes
  • Easy to install
  • Includes a Bluetooth remote control for easy operation
  • Offers high coverage area


  • May consume a lot of charge to function

10. Evershop Computer Selfie Ring Light

Evershop Computer Selfie Ring Light

The Evershop Ring Light eliminates unflattering shadows and provides soft light to protect your eyes. It includes a phone holder for hands-free operation and for setting the perfect angle for your video conferences. Its adjustable 360° ring can help you obtain high-quality images from any part of the house.


  • Three light modes with ten brightness levels for a customized effect
  • Adjustable stand
  • Universal charging port
  • Includes a Bluetooth remote control


  • Phone holder doesn’t have an inner padding
  • Size of the ring is small

11. Disnadda Selfie Ring Light

Disnadda Selfie Ring Light

The Disnadda Selfie Ring Light is compact and portable with 40 high-quality LED beads and is ideal for video conferencing on the go. You can adjust its brightness levels as per the environment to obtain clear and shadow-free videos or pictures. It has a built-in rechargeable battery that is compatible with any USB port. With its dimmable effect and universal phone compatibility, it is a great addition to your camera kits.


  • Includes a Bluetooth remote control
  • Easy adjustability to different brightness levels
  • Lightweight and has an easy-to-attach clip
  • Projects soft light


  • May not provide much coverage
  • Might need constant recharging

How To Choose The Right Ring Light For Video Conferencing?

Here are some features you should consider while buying a ring light for video conferencing.

  • Portability: The more compact and easier to set up a ring light, the easier it is for you to travel.
  • Ring size: The larger the ring diameter, the more is the coverage area. If you are involved in calls that require you to move around the space, consider ring sizes of ten or more inches. For conferences limited to small spaces, an eight-inch ring is sufficient.
  • Color temperatures: Most ring lights have three color temperatures: white, cold white, and warm. It is measured in Kelvin and is referred to as the temperature emitted by that color. The higher the Kelvin, the cooler the color is. Choose the ring light with three color modes and based on your surroundings.
  • Brightness: Consider the ring light with adjustable brightness settings and color modes so that you can have a high-quality image.
  • Charging: Rechargeable ring lights are better than battery-powered ones, as they help you avoid the fuss of constant battery purchase. Choose a product with a high run time and universal charging compatibility. This way, you can connect to your phone, laptop adaptors, or directly to a power outlet to recharge them.
  • Other features: Some ring lights have additional features, including tripods, phone holders, or a Bluetooth remote control. They help you with hands-free operation.

The above list of the best ring lights for video conferencing could be better alternatives to standard light bulbs. They are versatile and include options to alter the light as per the requirement. You can also use them during photoshoots, as they avoid shadows and brighten the space.

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