11 Best Roller Skate Wheels In 2022


If you or your loved ones love roller skating, we have compiled a list of the best roller skate wheels to help you glide smoothly. Roller skating is a fun activity involving concentration, balance, and coordination. However, regular skating can lead to wear and tear of the wheels. Thus, it is important to ensure the wheels are maintained properly for optimal performance. Our list includes high-quality, durable wheels that you can use as replacements or spare wheels. With various options available, choosing the right wheels may be challenging. So, explore our list to find suitable wheels for a smooth ride.

Benefits Of Roller Skate Wheels

The right roller skate wheels offer the following benefits while skating:

  • Help gain traction
  • Bring maneuverability
  • Offer good rebound
  • Provide good grip

Types Of Roller Skate Wheels

Each type of wheel has its purpose based on the surface the wheel would be used upon.

  • Outdoor skating wheels: These wheels are softer and larger, thus offering more surface area to outdoor roller elements. A low durometer range of 78 – 88A offers more grip.
  • Jam skating wheels: The jam skating wheels are for dancers and gymnasts. With a durometer range of 93A – 96A, these wheels offer high agility while providing a strong grip.
  • Roller derby skate wheels: Having a durometer range of 90 – 96A, these wheels offer good grip and speed. In addition, roller derby wheels are light to wear.
  • Artistic skate wheels: Narrow wheels are the common characteristics of artistic skate wheels as they tend to stick less on the surface. They also have a durometer range above 100A to offer more agility.
  • Speed skate wheels: The speed skate wheels are slightly longer than the rest to provide quick acceleration. They are also harder and have a durometer range of 80 – 101A.

11 Best Roller Skate Wheels

1. Best Shockproof: Micnaron Outdoor Skate Replacements Wheels

The Micnaron roller skate wheels come in seven different sizes and with a standard center bearing ID of 6mm. This pack comes with additional accessories like metal rivets, screws, axles, and washers. They are easy to install; all you need to do is cut off the pole that connects the original wheels and put the new wheels and accessories. These solid rubber wheels are smooth and shockproof. Moreover, they do not peel.


2. Best Hybrid: Atom Skates Atom Pulse Outdoor Skating Wheels

Made with soft material, these roller skate wheels are great for outdoor use. The 78A wheels are perfect for outdoor pavements, streets, and sidewalks. They are available in five different colors and are sold in four-packs, so you can mix and match them. These soft hybrid wheels roll smoothly on any surface.


3. Best For Recreational Skating: RollerBones Recreational Roller Skate Wheels

This set by Rollerbones includes eight skate wheels, and you can choose from the six different color options. These wheels are high-rebound indoor roller skate wheels that are great for recreational and artistic skating. Each wheel is made of materials that are medium-hard and long-lasting. The wheels have a hardness of 101A and roll smoothly while providing a good grip on the rink floor.


4. Best For Reducing Friction: Radar Roller Skate Wheels

The Radar wheels come in packs of four and measure 38 x 59mm. Each wheel is made of neothane that is durable and long-lasting. These derby wheels are lightweight and made of high-quality components that reduce friction and maximize speed. The Radar Halo consists of an H-shaped hub that allows you to perform stops with ease. These skater wheels come in ten different color and hardness options to match any set or type of skates.


5. Best Long-Lasting: Moxi Classic Outdoor Roller Skates

These roller skate wheels from Moxi are durable and long-lasting and come in different stylish colors. The wheels are made of urethane and are one of the best outdoor roller skate wheels. The outer surface of these wheels is smooth, which helps them roll smoothly without any bumps on any surface. Each wheel measures 40mm x 65mm and has a hardness of 78A. The wheels come in a pack of eight.


6. Best For Indoor Skating: Pacer Mach 5 Speed Roller Skate

If you are looking for replacement skate wheels for indoor skating, give these wheels from Pacer Mach a try. These wheels come in sets of eight and measure 64mm x 36mm with a hardness of 98A. The best thing about these wheels is that they come with pre-installed ABEC 5 bearings, making them great for indoor skating.


7. Best For Traction: Sure-Grip Outdoor Aerobic Wheels

These super grip skates are best for outdoor skating, but some users find them apt for indoor skating too. Each wheel measures 62 x 38mm and has a hardness of 85A. The Sure-Grip wheels come in a pack of eight and are available in orange, red, black, blue, purple, yellow, pink, and green. The wheels are said to have a good grip and provide excellent traction, making them one of the best roller skate wheels for outdoor use.


8. Best For Tricks: Radar Wheels Roller Skate Wheels

Made of durable urethane, these roller skate wheels offer good grip on sidewalks, trails, and streets. The Radar Wheels are designed for agility and help you perform tricks on various types of outdoor surfaces. Each wheel contains a micro hub that gives you a responsive and smooth ride. These wheels measure 31 x 57mm and have a hardness of 78A. They are available in clear blue, navy blue, red, and yellow.


9. Best Fancy: Firefly Store New Lightup Roller Skate Replacement Wheels

If you are a fan of fancy roller skates, then try these wheels from Firefly Store. Each wheel comes with red, yellow, and green LED lights that glow automatically when the wheel spins. They are not only trendy, but also help keep you safe while skating outdoors. These wheels come in a pack of eight, and you can choose from two sizes—58 x 32mm and 62 x 32mm. They work fine for both indoor and outdoor compounds.


10. Best Grip: Sonar Wheels Zen Quad Roller Skate Wheels

The Sonar skate wheels are made of urethane that is durable and gives a long-lasting grip on the rink floor, sidewalk, or street. These are designed to reduce friction and maximize speed on various types of surfaces and are great for outdoor skating. The wheel design also offers easier performance stops and excellent handling for trail skating. These wheels come in a pack of four and eight different colors. They measure 32 x 62mm and have a hardness of 85A.


11. Best For Speed: Reckless Wheels Roller Skate Wheels

Made of durable dual-stacked urethane, these skate wheels give you a long-lasting grip on wood, polished concrete, or sport tile surfaces. Each wheel is designed such that it reduces friction and delivers maximum speed. The wheels measure 38 x 59mm and come in different hardness grades and colors, making them a great option for both casual indoor skating as well as competitive roller derby.


How To Choose The Right Roller Skate Wheels?

Here are a few things to keep in mind while looking for replacement wheels for your roller skates.

  • Wheel hardness: The hardness of the wheel is an important factor as it determines the usage of the wheels. Wheels with a hardness of 78A-89A work best for outdoors and slippery floors, while harder wheels with a hardness of 90A-103A are suitable for indoors and sticky floors. The lower the hardness number, the softer the roller skate wheels.
  • Wheel diameter: This is one more crucial factor as it determines the overall height of your skates, which in turn affects the acceleration, roll time, speed stability, and the weight of the wheel. Here is a chart to help you understand the wheel diameter better.
45mmArtistic, freestyle
57mm-58mmDerby, speed, jam, artistic
59mm- 62mmDerby, speed, jam
65mm- 70mmOutdoor, long-track speed
  • Lips: These are the edges of the wheel and can affect the overall grip of the wheels. Square lips (pointy edges) have a maximum contact patch and more grip, whereas rounded lips give less traction and provide more cruise ability, making them great for outdoors.
  • Wheel core: The innermost portion of the wheel is known as the core or the hub. This is also the place where the skate bearings snap in place. Usually, these are made of nylon, which is light, less rigid, and more affordable. An aluminum core is the strongest and most rigid and does not give you much traction. A hollow core is relatively light and can provide you with good acceleration.

Why Trust MomJunction?

After viewing and analyzing multiple products and user reviews on e-commerce websites and forums, we have compiled a list of the best roller skate wheels. These top-rated products are carefully picked for their high-quality build and optimal performance. This article also lists the type of roller skate wheels so you can choose one based on your preferences, and it comes with a buying guide section that will lead you to a product that meets all your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are roller skate wheels universal?

No, roller skate wheels are not universal since they are available in various sizes, shapes, and ranges. Roller skate wheels also vary based on the type of skating.

2. Are rollerblades easier than roller skates?

Rollerblading is easier than roller skating. Despite their larger base, the skate plates are shorter, making them difficult to balance. The wheels of roller skates may also clip, often compromising the safety of the rider. Hence, rollerblades are easier.

3. How long does it take to learn roller skating?

On an average, it may take up to 10 – 20 hours to learn roller skating. These hours should be spread out between ten rides of one to two hours each. Start with learning the basics such as balancing, accelerating, stopping, and turning. Then, practice regularly to perfect each step.

Roller skate wheels will be subjected to wear and tear, and so, you may have to replace them often. Remember all these points while choosing replacement wheels, as the performance of the skates depends on these. We hope this list helps you pick the right set of roller skate wheels.

How we chose the list

We researched the various functions of roller skate wheels and how each type suits various requirements. Then, we shortlisted the products that met the quality standards, affordability, and suitability. We have also considered the reviews of actual users from multiple websites and incorporated them in our analysis.

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