11 Best Rope Bags In 2021

Best Rope Bags

Why would you need a rope bag when you have a multipurpose bag for carrying all your important gear? This is the question that occurs to many mountaineers and climbers.  Whether you are new to climbing or are a regular climber, you will need a rope bag to keep your climbing rope clean and tidy. A rope bag not only holds the largest ropes, but it can also efficiently hold your other gears and belongings.

Also, climbing is a messy activity, and it can make your ropes dirty. A high-quality rope bag with a sturdy base will keep your ropes and other gear clean and neat for next use. So if you love climbing and also want to keep your belongings and gear organized, here are the 11 best rope bags to buy.

11 Best Rope Bags In 2021

1. Psychi Rock Climbing Rope Bag with Ground Sheet Buckles

Psychi Rock Climbing Rope Bag with Ground Sheet

This Psychi Rock Climbing Rope Bag is simple, functional, and ideal to keep your rope and other climbing gear safe. The bag features a built-in groundsheet that offers a safe and secure base to keep your rope clean. Plus, the bag has back carry straps so you can carry it effortlessly while traveling. It also features a top pocket for keeping your phone, keys and other belongings safe.


  • Comes with rigid, quick-release closing buckles
  • Allows storage of 60 m long rope and sports climbing rack
  • Groundsheet has 2 corner loops
  • Lightweight and sturdy
  • Available in 7 vibrant colors


  • May not be 100% water-resistant

2. EDELRID Liner Rope Bag – Night/Oasis

EDELRID Liner Rope Bag - Night

If you are going on a long climbing journey, carry this liner rope bag by EDELRID, and it will become your ultimate travel companion. The bag offers reliable and lasting protection from dirt and dust while keeping your rope clean. It is a roomy bag that has enough space to store large ropes and other essential gear. It also features 2 tie points for better rope management and weighs only 380 g and thus, is easy to carry.


  • No-frill, high-quality rope bag
  • Comes with shoulder and compression straps
  • Accommodates ropes of size up to 80 meters
  • Clip-fix buckles
  • Slimming and compact design


  • Straps do not have thick padding

3. Nice Climbs Rock Climbing Rope Bag

Nice Climbs Rock Climbing Rope Bag

A backpack-style rope bag is functional and easy to carry. Just like a backpack, this bag can be carried on your shoulders in a hassle-free manner. This rope bag comes with zippered storage so you can store your small belongings safely. The bag is water-repellent and can accommodate 1×1 meter rope tarp that comes with color-coded loops to hold and store the ropes conveniently.


  • Folds and zips into a pocket
  • Compact and travel friendly
  • Plenty of room for large ropes
  • Water-resistant nylon construction


  • Some may find the tarp to be small

4. PETZL Bolsa Rope Bag

PETZL Bolsa Rope Bag

Here is a super lightweight rope bag with an integrated tarp and comfortable shoulder straps that make it easy to carry and doesn’t feel bulky. The bag is spacious enough to carry a rope that is up to 80 meters long along with additional gear. This practical and functional bag is easy to use and comes with a protective tarp to offer a clean 140×140 cm area to store the rope. It also features handles in all 4 corners of the tarp for securely storing the rope.


  • Adjustable straps for better comfort
  • Can also be carried in bandolier style
  • Different colored loops to identify ends
  • Prevents ropes from tangling
  • Comfortable zipper


  • Zippers may be prone to tear

5. Liberty Mountain Hansen Rope Bag

Liberty Mountain Hansen Rope Bag

With assorted colors and exciting designs to choose from, this Liberty Mountain Hansen Rope Bag is the perfect choice for you. Designed by Doug Hansen, this technical rope bag is water-resistant and holds up to 60 meters long rope. The product features shoulder straps, an internal tie-in loop, and haul loop for added comfort. This rope is specifically designed to meet the needs of cavers and search and rescue teams.


  • Strong and sturdy construction
  • Small tie-down loops in the bottom
  • Offers great value at a given price
  • Can be worn as a backpack


  • Does not come with a tarp

6. Weaver Leather Basic Rope Bag

Weaver Leather Basic Rope Bag

Made from 1200 denier high quality polyester, this bag features a spiral wire that is attached to the external portion of the bag that prevents the bag from collapsing. Plus, the bag also features webbing straps with quick-release, high-end buckles that are used for adjusting the height of the bag. The best thing about the bag is the drawstring top closure that offers quick and effortless access.


  • Adjustable closure
  • Rubber base in the bottom for protection
  • The line doesn’t tangle
  • Plenty of room for rope and gear
  • Sleek and stylish design


  • Not a water-resistant bag

7. PETZL Kab Rope Pack

PETZL Kab Rope Pack

If you are looking for a stylish and urbanist rope bag, here is a bag designed to carry ropes that are up to 110 m long along with additional gear so you won’t need an extra gear bag. The bag features an integrated trapezoidal protective tarp that offers a clear area of 140x140x50 cm to accommodate a rope. Plus, the bag also consists of handles on 2 corners of the tarp that makes it ideal for storing the rope in this bag.


  • Comes with loop pockets to store belongings like keys and maps.
  • An extra pocket for topo map on the flap
  • Adjustable bandolier with belt
  • Keeps the rope and gear stable while traveling
  • Sturdy aluminum buckles


  • The single strap is not suitable for long approaches.

8. UBOWAY Rock Climbing Rope Bag

UBOWAY Rock Climbing Rope Bag

The heavy-duty 210D nylon construction makes this bag durable and lightweight. It weighs only 0.36 kg and doesn’t feel bulky on the shoulders. You can carry the bag horizontally or as a backpack for hands-free carriage, while it also comes with a built-in groundsheet to keep your rope clean and tidy when in use.


  • Advanced and appealing design
  • Back carry straps for hassle-free transportation
  • Large capacity bag
  • Available in 3 bright colors
  • Shoulder straps have mild padding for comfort.


  • Some may find the straps small and narrow.

9. Black Diamond Super Chute Rope Bag

Black Diamond Super Chute Rope Bag

This bag can hold ropes that are up to 80 m long, and has ample space to store other additional gears. This is a great climbing rope bag that comes with metal buckles and barrel compression straps. It has 2 tie-in loops to hold the rope securely in the bag while traveling. It also features courier style adjustable shoulder straps for comfortable carriage for long journeys.


  • Conventional roll-loading
  • Available in 3 color variations
  • Ropes won’t get tangled
  • Functions like a roomy backpack
  • Minimalist design


  • Some may not find the drawstring cord durable.

10. Black Diamond Super Slacker Rope Bag

Black Diamond Super Slacker Rope Bag

This courier style shoulder strap bag is known for its sleek and functional design. The bag features compression straps for pack ability, and it also comes with full zip and draw cord for closure. This is a high-quality bag that will keep your ropes tangle-free and clean throughout the journey. Plus, its Super Slacker spreads out neatly to flake your rope.


  • Ideal for 60 m rope and other gears
  • Durable nylon fabric design
  • High-quality tarp
  • Compact and storage-friendly
  • High-capacity bag


  • Some find the shoulder straps uncomfortable.

11. Trango Antidote Rope Bag

Trango Antidote Rope Bag

This is one of the high capacity rope bags that will allow you to store your rope conveniently while climbing. The bag closes with 2 metal buckle closures and prevents rope-tangling and dirty. The rope is easy to organize, and the tarp material is highly durable, so it doesn’t tear quickly. The bag easily accommodates ropes that are up to 80 m long and any other additional climbing gear, so you don’t need an extra bag for storage.


  • Features a large tarp
  • Large tarp with rope bag
  • Spacious bag with comfortable straps
  • Budget pick for mountaineers
  • Can be carried as a backpack or handy bag.


  • Not compressible

Now that we have seen some of the best rope bags, let’s have a look on the points  to consider when choosing rope bags.

Things To Consider When Choosing Rope Bags

A single rope bag doesn’t work for everyone, and thus, before buying a rope bag, it is crucial to learn about the features and benefits different types of rope bags offer. Here are the things to look for in a bag before buying one:

1. Carrier style

The design of a bag has an impact on its transport ability. Some bags come with a single strap while some bags offer double straps. The bags with dual buckled straps can be carried as a backpack on the shoulders and thus are comfortable. On the other hand, these bags can be tough to wear while climbing the ropes. The messenger style rope bags can also be clipped with carabiners when you are climbing.

2. Storage capacity of the bag

The climbing ropes can be large, and while the purpose of the rope bag is to carry the rope efficiently, the bags should be roomy and spacious. Most bags can easily hold up to 120 m long ropes. Some bags can hold small ropes but are spacious enough to carry other gear and items like shoes, phone, keys, water bottles etc. so for longer trips, pick a large bag, and for short trips, you can pick a low-capacity bag.

3. Design

A bag with a sturdy and functional design will hold your rope with large tarps and will also accommodate your additional gear. The bags with large tarps renege the rope when climbing is done. There are bags with different style openings that make packaging more convenient and quick. The large-sized bags are bulky while the small bags will accommodate lesser things, so choose the design based on your requirements.

Climbing rope bags are a crucial accessory if you like your rope and other gear to remain clean and tidy on your weekend hike. Different kinds of rope bags have distinct features and are designed for different climbers. Thus, analyze your requirements and invest in the best from our list of the 11 best rope bags you must get this year.

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