5 Best Safety Gates For Babies

A s soon as your little one opens her eyes, your instinct tells you to keep her safe. It becomes your only priority; to ensure your baby’s safety. During the initial months of infancy, your baby will mostly be restricted in her movement. Thus, you have a smaller area to check for your baby’s safety.

As she begins crawling around the house, you know it’s time to baby-proof the house. She will be soon be zooming along, crawling her way over to the doors or the stairs. These simple adorable acts infact have many safety hazards. It is one of the reasons you need to install a safety gate.

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5 Best Safety Gates For Babies:

Depending on where you want to install the safety gate for baby, you can choose from a myriad of options available in the market today. Here are some of the best ones that will ensure your baby’s safety and protection.

1. Farlin Baby Safety Door Gate:

Safety Gates - Farlin Baby Safety Door Gate
This is priced at INR 8,500.

  • This safety door is quite easy to use and can be opened with one hand. This safety gate becomes easy to use when you are carrying baby or have soiled hands.
  • It is a safe way to keep your baby away from the stairs
  • Available in many bright colors and cute fruit themed design blocks
  • Provides an intelligent and fun game to your baby
  • The design blocks are made of EVA foam making them safe for your baby.
  • Features auto swing shut double doors that ensure more security for your baby
  • It fits around 72 to 99 cm width frame

2. Evenflo Position And Lock Wood Gate:

Safety Gates - Evenflo Position And Lock Wood Gate
This is priced at INR 4,249.

  • This is a pressure mount gate
  • Is very easy to install
  • Does not require any additional hardware during installation and thus causes minimal or no damage to your walls or doors
  • The locking bar is marked and notched to help you install and re-install
  • Made with sturdy wood frame and plastic mesh
  • The gate is very durable and is ideal for the healthier and stronger babies. The wood frame ensures that the gate does not give way even if your baby pushes through
  • The materials are non toxic and are safe for infants to use
  • The product dimensions are 6.4 X 64.8 X 59.7 cm

3. Safety 1stNature Next Bamboo Gate:

Safety Gates - Safety 1stNature Next Bamboo Gate
This is priced at INR 6271.

  • The panels on this gate are made of 100% recycled plastic
  • The gate features a durable bamboo frame
  • The gate can be extended to fit in doors and openings that are between 28 to 48 inches
  • It has a height of 24 inches which will easily keep your baby safe and away
  • The gate features a pressure mounted system. This makes it easy to install and move around between different locations
  • The product dimensions are 61 X 66 X 5.1 cm

4. Munchkin Easy Close Metal Safety Gate:

Safety Gates - Munchkin Easy Close Metal Safety Gate
This is priced at INR 8,793

  • This baby safety gate can be used anywhere around the house. You can use it at the top of stairs, the bottom of stairs or in between rooms and passageways
  • Features a double locking system on the handle
  • The handle is easy for adults to operate but is extremely difficult for a baby or child to use
  • It is equipped with a steel made U-shaped power frame. This helps to keep the gate firmly in place
  • The doors can swing open in both directions
  • It locks shut with a simple push
  • The product dimensions are 78.7 X 74.7 X 5.1 cm

5. Regalo Extra Wide 58 Inch Wide Span Walk Through Safety Gate:

Safety Gates - Regalo Extra Wide 58 Inch Wide Span Walk Through Safety Gate
This is priced at INR 10,259

  • The gate can expand up to 58 inches. This helps it to be used in a wide range of open areas
  • The gate features a convenient walk through design
  • It is made with sturdy all steel material
  • The gate is PVC free
  • The recommended age for using this gate is between 6 to 24 months
  • The product dimensions are 5.1 X 147.3 X 76.2 cm

What Is A Safety Gate?

A barricade to restrict the baby’s movement to a safe area is usually known as a safety gate. To clear a safe area, remove glass, heavy crockery and items that can cause the kid harm. You can install the safety gate on top of the stairs, at the bottom or even inside the house in any open area.

Make sure you follow all installation instructions properly to ensure the gate is properly fitted. Test the gate out before you start using it to ensure it is a snug fit.

While these safety gates will guard your baby, you should ensure that they aren’t left on their own. Keep your baby under constant adult supervision.

Which one of these best baby safety gates is your favorite? Do share your experiences with other moms here.

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