11 Best Girls' Sandals To Buy In 2022

Your little girl has taken her first steps, and you can’t stop yourself from jumping with delight. You can, however, ensure that she wears the appropriate footwear by selecting one from our list of the best sandals for girls.

Parents put a lot of thought into their daughters’ clothes, including their footwear. They must, however, ensure that the sandals are of good quality, comfortable to walk in, and do not make them skid easily. To ensure these requirements are met, we have compiled a list of the most popular and fashionable sandals for girls.

11 Best Sandals For Girls

1. Best Anti-Slip: HLMBB Baby Shoes Sandals

These adorable baby girl sandals come with an attractive kitten design. The insole of the sandal is made of soft faux leather to keep your daughter’s feet comfortable. The sole is made of anti-slip material so your baby can have a fun time without having you worried.

Age: 6 months to 2 years


  • Available in five interesting colors
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Hook-and-loop fastener strap makes it easily adjustable
  • Comes with toe protecting front cover


  • Finding the ideal size can be a problem


2. Best Easy-To-Wear: Teva Kids Hurricane XLT 2

These cute pink strawberry print sandals are a favorite among little girls. It comes with a hook-and-loop fastener strap that is easy to open and adjust. Its EVA foam footbed cushion makes a soft base for your girl’s feet and helps take her first steps without any difficulty. It also comes with a nylon shank for better support at the ankle.

Age: 1-4 years


  • Available in 15 color and design options depending on the size
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Does not cause blisters or chaffing
  • Fully adjustable


  • Does not have arch support
  • Synthetic sole may become hard over time


3. Best Sandals With Heels: Salt Water Sandals Sweetheart Sandal

Even little girls like to walk around in tiny little heels. These pretty white sandals are made entirely out of leather. The little heart shape cut-outs add flair while the two-buckle closure ensures optimum adjustment.

Age: 1-4 years


  • Soft leather footbed
  • Flexible sole
  • Water-proof
  • Durable


  • Mostly suitable for narrow feet
  • Can be uncomfortable and tight for thicker ankles

4. Best For Summer: Femizee Girls Princess Summer Sandals

Its soft leather and cushioned footbed make it comfortable to wear. The closed toe-protector keeps rocks and pebbles away. The little flower on top of the sandal makes it a cute pair of sandals to wear with any outfit.

Age: 0-6 years


  • Available in seven colors
  • Rubber sole is slip-resistant and flexible
  • Easy to wipe and clean
  • Hook-and-loop fastener closure is wide and strong


  • Has a slightly unpleasant smell
  • White color can get soiled easily

5. Best For Sports: Crocs Kids’ Crocband Ii Toddler Sandal

If you are looking for sandals that can be worn for sports activities, then Crocs is among the popular brands for durable footwear. These pink and white sandals come with a lug sole that provides good and comfortable footing. Its hook-and-loop fastener ensures a firm fit.

Age: 1-4 years


  • Flexible and durable
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Provides a good fit
  • Available in 11 colors
  • Popular brand name


  • Expensive
  • Rubber straps can break easily if the child is too active

6. Best Breathable Sole: Orgrimmar Girls Summer Sandals

These are a pair of comfortable and pretty sandals for your little princess. These sandals are made from leather and rubber to provide a comfortable fit to little feet all day long.

Age: 0-4 years


  • Available in multiple colors
  • Lug sole ensures good footing
  • Breathable sole design
  • Wide enough for thick ankles


  • Can give a bad odor when unpacked for the first time
  • Difficult to find the right size


7. Best Comfortable: FITORY Girls Sandals

This pair is perfect to complete the party look. Its faux fur upper adds zing to any outfit. Its slip-on style makes it convenient to wear while its elastic back strap keeps the sandal on the feet. Its EVA sole is comfy enough for your little girl to wear and play all day.

Age: 2-5 years


  • Comes with a pretty drawstring bag
  • Available in multiple sizes and colors
  • Breathable material keeps it comfortable even in hot weather


  • Sandals available are often a size smaller
  • The elastic back strap tends to become loose after repeated use


8. Best Shock Absorption: LONSOEN Summer Outdoor Closed-Toe Leather Sandals

If your little girl is always jumping around, then these sandals may make it to your shopping cart. Its insole is made of soft rubbery material with good shock absorption so that your child can take her first steps easily. Its hook-and-loop fastener makes it convenient to adjust and remove.

Age: 9 months to 3 years


  • Lightweight
  • Rubber outsole pad for better grip
  • Closed toe keeps rocks and dirt at bay


  • Material may come across as abrasive for babies with delicate skin


9. Best Color And Design: Robeez Kids’ White Pretty Pansy Soft Sole

These gorgeous pink sandals are a great choice for little girls. It comes with a leather upper while the full suede non-slip sole ensures better durability. These sandals give good balance and help your child’s feet to grow without constricting them. These sandals have been approved by American Podiatric Medical Association.

Age: 0-2 years


  • Elastic at the ankle keeps the sandal firm on the feet
  • Leather upper comes with a 3D flower
  • Easily accommodates chubby feet
  • Enough room for feet to grow


  • Sizes are often too big
  • Sole could come across as thinner than expected


10. Best Squeaky Sandal: CINDEAR Squeaky Closed-Toe Sandals

If you are not sure of your little girl stepping perfectly, then these sandals can help boost your confidence. It makes a squeaky sound each time the baby moves feet correctly from heel to toe. If the sound bothers you, then you can remove the squeakers. These sandals are available in multiple color options.

Age: 1-2 years


  • Lug sole for firm non-slip footing
  • Toe guard to protect toes from dirt
  • Hook-and-loop fastener
  • Flexible and comfortable to walk


  • Squeakers may stop working after repeated use
  • Squeakers could become a choking hazard if not fit properly


11. Best For Special Occasions: Beeliss Baby Sandals

A pair of fancy silver sandals is exactly what can make your little girl stand out in a party. These shiny pair of sandals are made of breathable PU leather upper, so your baby feels comfortable. Its hook-loop fastener closure makes it easy to wear and take off.

Age: 0-18 months


  • Rubber outsole for flexibility
  • Fashionable look
  • Straps and sole have a slight padding
  • Resistant to occasional exposure to water


  • Has a strong odor
  • The upper of the sandal may lack durability



How To Find The Perfect Sandals For Your Little Girl?

The following are some essential points that are good to know before picking a pair of sandals for your daughter:

  1. Size: When looking for sandals online, you might first want to check the size. Every brand gives a size chart according to the US and UK measurements. You can measure your child’s feet and order the sandal accordingly. If you are still not sure of the size, then brands also mention the age group the sandal can ideally fit.
  2. Sole: Since toddlers are just learning to walk, their steps may not be firm, due to which they need non-slip sandals. A rubber or leather sole is soft on the feet and known to provide good traction.
  3. Toe protection: If your daughter is likely to move outdoors, then it is ideal for the sandals to have toe protection. It keeps rocks and dirt from entering her footwear. You can opt for open-toe sandals when she is indoors.
  4. Proper fit: Avoid buying too tight or too loose sandals . Children grow quickly, and their footwear needs to have some space for their feet to grow. It is always a good idea to buy sandals that leave some growing space for the toes.

When your little girl has just started to walk, she needs to wear sandals with a strong sole so she can walk comfortably. At the same time, if the sandal looks good, then she will love wearing it again and again, which is a win!

Why Trust MomJunction?

Proper footwear is an essential part of everyday life, especially for young girls running around, playing, and growing. Poulami Nag, our seasoned fashion and personal care writer, has compiled a list of the best sandals for girls that are well-constructed and comfortable to walk in. She has handpicked every product based on features like durability, traction, and overall construction quality. Her research process involves understanding the features and benefits of every product and aggregating user feedback across the most relevant e-commerce websites.

Which pair of sandals did you like the most? Do share your choice with us in the comments section below.

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