11 Best Sandbags For Training & Workout In 2021


A sandbag is a heavy sack used in various cardio workouts and muscle training exercises to build strength, power, and stability. Sandbags make a good substitute for barbells, dumbbells, and other strength training equipment.

By changing the load of the sandbag, you can try different levels of challenging training exercises every day. Owing to this, wrestlers and sportspersons prefer the dynamic sandbag training for building strong shoulders and calf muscles. Sandbag training could also help fight high cholesterol and maintain blood pressure (1).

If you too want to try this form of training, check our list featuring some of the best sandbags for training and workout.

11 Best Sandbags For Training And Workout

1. SKLZ Super Sandbag

SKLZ Super Sandbag

The SKLZ super sandbag is a useful training tool to meet your athletic goals, as it can help you develop immense strength and power. The outer shell has a durable zipper closure and Velcro reinforcements for lasting use and is strong enough to prevent breakage and sand leakage. It includes four removable weights, each weighing 10lb and adjustable. The sandbag can be used for multiple workouts, including squats, Romanian deadlift, and forward lunges.


  • Secure and long-lasting
  • Can be used for upper and lower body training exercises
  • Provides multiple grip handles


  • May not be suitable for heavyweight lifting
  • Doesn’t come pre-filled with sand

2. Fitshit Sandbag

Fitshit Sandbag

The heavy-duty Fitshit sandbag is available in two sizes. The medium sandbag weighs 25-65lb, and the large one weighs 50-110lb. It comes with six flexible handles and a durable outer shell with a well-stitched zipper, offering convenience and security. The sandbag is a good choice for multiple workouts, such as master squats and weighted burpees.


  • Available in three colors
  • Stimulates major muscle groups
  • Can be adjusted as per convenience
  • Suitable for athletes and sportspersons


  • Doesn’t come pre-filled with sand

3. Hyperwear SandBell Fitness Sandbags

Hyperwear SandBell Fitness Sandbags

Bring home this effective and versatile sandbag available in different weights, varying from two to 50lb. It is made of neoprene, ensuring good grip and leak-free construction. The durable sandbag is suitable for small group training and boot camps. You can use it as a dumbbell, medicine ball, and slam ball.


  • Pre-filled with sand
  • Versatile and ready-to-use tool
  • Convenient for athletic performance and obstacle race training
  • Can be stored in a small space


  • Doesn’t have a handle

4. Garage Fit Sandbag

Garage Fit Sandbag

Highly durable and waterproof, this sandbag is suitable for resistance training and intense workouts. It comes with a double seal and has inner liners and hook-n-loop fasteners to prevent sand leakage. You can find the sandbag in four different colors, and in varying limits from five to 75lb.


  • Has eight gripping handles
  • Provides functional strength
  • Easy to maintain and wash
  • Suitable for multiple workouts


  • Not pre-filled with sand

5. Yes4All Heavy Duty Sandbag

Yes4All Heavy Duty Sandbag

The Yes4All sandbag is made of durable 1000 Denier coated Cordura nylon fabric. The multi-functional gear offers many fitness benefits through different workouts such as burpees, snatch, and hammer curl. The sandbag has a good zipper closure with X-shaped stitches at core points to prevent wear and tear. The sandbag comes with variable weights ranging from 5 to 200lb and can be used for improving athletic performance and training.


  • Improved and durable design
  • Includes one external and three internal bags
  • Available in different colors and sizes
  • Suitable for multiple workouts


  • Doesn’t include pre-filled sand

6. Goplus Workout Fitness Sandbag

Goplus Workout Fitness Sandbag

If you are looking for an adjustable and versatile sandbag, this one from Goplus could be an ideal choice. It is made of a durable fabric and has double Velcro ensuring ‘zero leakage. The sandbag set is available in three adjustable weights of 20lb, 40lb, and 60lb. Beginners and professional fitness enthusiasts can use it for different workouts, such as front-squats and bend-over rows.


  • Has six rubber handles for safety
  • Made of moisture-proof and wear-resistant material
  • Suitable for outdoor sandbag exercises and army training
  • Machine-washable and easy to clean


  • May not be suitable for heavy weightlifting
  • Sand should be filled separately after purchase

7. Pellor Fitness Weights Sandbag

Pellor Fitness Weights Sandbag

Gym fanatics require a sturdy and versatile tool for a workout, and the Pellor sandbag serves that purpose to build power and strength. The outer shell of the bag is made of durable 1200D oxford fabric, which makes it ideal for multiple fitness levels.

It is double stitched and has a nylon zipper and Velcro, to withstand stabbing and smashing. The sandbag has six handles for easy gripping and stability. You get three filler bags in this set of 10lb, 20lb, and 30lb bags to accommodate a maximum weight of 60lb.


  • Suitable for beginners
  • Durable and damp-proof
  • Suitable for fat burning and muscle exercises
  • Easy to add and remove filler bags


  • Doesn’t include sand
  • May not be suitable for a high-intensity workout

8. Dimok Workout Sandbag

Dimok Workout Sandbag

The Dimok aqua bag is a unique workout tool available in three different weights. It functions by pumping in water or air through the valves. The weight and stability of the sandbag depend on the amount of water you fill. An empty sandbag weighs 3lb and can be used for beginner level exercises. The maximum weight of this sandbag is 79lb, which can be used for strengthening the arms, legs, and core.


  • Versatile and portable
  • Perfect for cardio and military training
  • Includes an air pump for filling the air
  • Suitable for all fitness levels


  • May not be durable

9. Estleys Workout Sandbag

Estleys Workout Sandbag

The Estleys sandbag lets you have robust workout sessions. It has a durable and washable outer shell made of oxford cloth, which is finely sealed to prevent leakage. The set includes six sandbags, each weighing 10lb that you can adjust as needed. You can find six soft rubber grip handles on the sandbag used for numerous workouts such as presses, lunges, and squats.


  • Available in four colors
  • Durable and easy to clean
  • Has a double Velcro design
  • Highly flexible and water-resistant
  • Reinforced stitching with ripstop technology


  • May not be suitable for high-intensity workouts

10. IronMind Tough-As-Nails Sandbag Set

IronMind Tough-As-Nails Sandbag Set

If you have been looking for a tough and high-intensity sandbag, then the IronMind sandbag can be a good choice. The sturdy bag can withstand a maximum weight of 300lb. It can be filled with the required amount of sand, rags, or straws. The sandbag is ideal for heavy exercises such as MMA or stone lifting and comes with training material for motivation and guidance.


  • Durable and high-quality design
  • Includes a sandbag and two liners
  • Suitable for strength and functional training
  • Can be used for indoor and outdoor workouts


  • May not be suitable for beginners

11. Meister Elite Fitness Sandbag

Meister Elite Fitness Sandbag

Meister sandbags consist of three kettlebells weighing 10lb,15lb, and 20lb, which can be used separately for free weight workouts. It is made of durable PVC for extensive cardio and circuit workout sessions. The sandbag has eight easy-to-use handles for comfort and grip and comes with an additional thick inner core for rigidity and to prevent sagging. The strategically designed handles help to perform presses, rows, and curls.


  • Easy to load and unload the bag
  • Highly portable and durable
  • Provides comfort and tight grip
  • Includes additional cushioning


  • Doesn’t include sand
  • May not be suitable for heavy weightlifting

How To Choose The Right Sandbag For Training?

Look for these features to choose the best sandbag for training or workout.

  • Material: Choose sandbags made of durable material that can withstand smashes and hits. A sandbag with multiple handles made of soft rubber can be used for multiple training workouts. Sandbags with reinforced stitching and thick liner bags must be selected to avoid sand leakage.
  • Filling used: Sandbags that can be filled with water and air are perfect for military and outdoor sandbag training as they are easily portable. For gym and home training purposes, you can have pre-filled bags or sandbags with removable and adjustable weights to match your fitness level.
  • Others: Some additional features you can look for are machine-washable, easy to -maintain, waterproof, and tearproof.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is sandbag training effective?

Sandbag training has been a game-changer in the fitness world and is considered to be an effective and useful training method for aspiring athletes and fitness freaks. What makes sandbag different from other workouts and training is its unstable load and dynamic stability. Sandbag training is useful for beginners too, who can start simple workouts by adjusting to low weight in filler bags and eventually increase the weight for challenging exercises.

2. How much weight should I use for sandbag training?

This depends on your fitness levels and goals. Beginner sandbag weights can be 60lb for men and 35lb for women, and the sandbag weight can be increased by 1-2lb each day for more challenging workouts and better results. In advanced sandbag training, 100lb for men and 60lb for women would be ideal to try different workouts for good conditioning. It is always good to start sandbag training with manageable weights and gradually increase the maximum capacity.

3. How do you make a sandbag for training?

While making a sandbag, consider three important things for its durability and quality – filler material, liner bags, and the outer shell.

  • Sand has always been a good option as a filler material. Wood pellets and pea gravel can also be used in filler bags as they have a similar density.
  • Liner bags must be chosen according to the weights you chose to lift. If you are targeting for a maximum weight of 50lb, selecting 30lb and two 10lb liner bags can be a good idea. Contractor garbage bags and inner tubes of car tires can also be used as liner bags.
  • Finally, the outer shell can be made of ordinary or military surplus duffle bags with a good grip. All the filler bags can be placed in the outer shell and closed with duct tapes.

Sandbags are an exceptional tool for conditioning and strengthening the body. The customizable weight capacity for core strength and power makes it unique fitness equipment. Various factors, such as an outer shell, gripping handles, and filler bags must be considered to avoid injuries and get better results. Compare the features and get the best one for yourself.


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