13 Best Sandboxes For Kids In 2021

13 Best Sandboxes For Kids

Children love building sandcastles. Adults do too sometimes when they are at the beach. And why not? It is an excellent way to pass time, get creative, and show off your building skills. But what if there’s no beach where you live or at a convenient driving distance to your city?

You get the next best alternative to give your children a similar experience: kid’s sandboxes.

If your child loves playing in the sand, MomJunction gives you a list of 13 best sandboxes for kids that you may consider buying.

13 Best Sandboxes For Kids

Be it indoors or outdoors, these sandboxes offer plenty of ways to keep your child busy and entertained without any compromise on the development of fine motor skills. They are also safer and free of any contaminants. Keep reading to find some fun sandboxes with tables and more.

1. Step2 Naturally Playful Sand Table

Step2 Naturally Playful Sand Table


A classic table-style sandbox for your little bundle of joy, this is ideal for toddlers as its height suits them perfectly. It comes with a five-piece accessory set that helps children in scooping sand to build various structures.


  • Its lid helps in keeping the sand clean and dry when the sandbox is not in use.
  • The elevated design of this sandbox is ideal for toddlers.
  • It comes with a lid that can also double-up as a track for toy cars.
  • No sharp or pointed edges make it safe for children to use.


  • The color of this sandbox might seem dull and unattractive.

2. Little Tikes Big Digger Sandbox

Little Tikes Big Digger Sandbox


Is your child an engineer in the making? Do big machines fancy them? Give this big digger sandbox a try to delight them and fulfill their engineering desires. The package includes a working excavator to dig sand, a truck ramp, sand sifter, rake, shovel, sand cup, two characters, and a dump truck.  


  • Holds 100lb of sand with ease.
  • Promotes learning with pretend and activity play.
  • Encourages team-building skills.


  • The lid does not have a lock option.

3. Creative Cedar Designs Octagen Wooden Sandbox

Creative Cedar Designs Octagen Wooden Sandbox


Whether it is Lego, sand, or toys, the kids just love to build with them. Get this Octagen wooden sandbox and see your children become creative to make designs out of the sand. It comes with a cover that prevents excess moisture in the air.


  • Includes a top cover and ground liner, hardware panels, and a manual with instructions that help in building a sandbox.
  • Sandbox cover is made with eco-friendly and durable polyethylene.
  • It holds up to 500lbs of sand when assembled.
  • Stained cedar timber lets you have a sandbox intact even after regular outdoor use.


  • High building skills are needed to build this sandbox.

4. Kidcraft Wooden Backyard Sandbox

Kidcraft Wooden Backyard Sandbox


You ever heard of a wooden sandbox that comes with built-in seating? Well, now, you do. This sandbox is made of weather-resistant wood and has much space for children to sit in and play along.


  • Comes with a mesh cover to protect the sand from moisture when not in use.
  • Comes packed with a step-by-step assembly instruction manual for assembling.
  • Wooden panels are sturdy and prevent weathering and warping, thereby promoting durability.


  • Assembly of the product is time-consuming.

5. Calico Critters Baby Pool and Sandbox

Calico Critters Baby Pool and Sandbox


Are your kids into pretend-play games and have a few engineering instincts? Then this cute yet innovative Calico critters baby pool and sandbox is just what your aspiring little engineers would love to play with. It comes with a sandcastle, bench, five scoops of sand, bucket and shovel, watering can, and a beach ball.


  • Has a spacious play area with a slide and stairs, it boasts of a pool with a swim tube and a reversible sandbox.
  • Accessories are designed in 1:24 scale and proportional with precision.
  • Roleplaying games have a way of promoting and developing dexterity, fine motor skills, and critical thinking in children, making this a good pick.


  • The calico pieces are comparatively small.

6. Little Tikes Turtle Round Sandbox

Little Tikes Turtle Round Sandbox


When you cannot go to the beach to build sandcastles, you need the best possible sandbox for the kids to play with. The Little Tikes turtle round sandbox is shaped like a turtle to steal your kids’ attention instantly.


  • Inbuilt molded-in seats on each side let your kids sit while they build miraculous castles with sand.
  • Ideal for residential, outdoor living areas. Sandbox is spacious enough to play for more than one kid.
  • Comes with a lid dedicated to protecting the sand from pets and weather.


  • Does not include toys and the sand that is depicted in the picture.

7. Be Good Company Executive Sandbox – A Day at the Beach

Be Good Company Executive Sandbox - A Day at the Beach


Let your kids build amazing scrappers and enjoy the ambiance of the beach at your home with the Executive sandbox designed by Be Good Company. This sandbox also comes with delightful props to let your kids experience the vacation mode.


  • The design is inspired by the Zen garden desktop beach with fun in sun accessories.
  • Pearl white sand comes in a hardwood sandbox, which is durable and prevents sand from moisture.
  • Sand pail, mini seashells, ultra-fine sand, digging shovel, starfish, sandcastle, beach chair, sun umbrella, and a grooming rake are included.


  • Props or accessories that are included with the sandbox are not durable.

8. Coolsand 3D Sandbox

Coolsand 3D Sandbox


Every now and then, we all get stressed out in our lives. There is a void that can only be filled with nature. Bring the ocean home with Coolsand 3D Sandbox, a sandbox that is all set to entangle you in the deep waters and relieve your stress while keeping your kids engaged in creative gameplay.


  • Ever heard about cool sand? Well, it’s like beach sand, except it sticks only to itself, keeping your hands and clothes intact.
  • Cool sand is moldable, holds the shape, and it is non-toxic. The sand never gets dried up, assuring the endless hours of gameplay.
  • Being an absolute stress buster, cool sand lets you shape creative molds and comes with safari-themed molds.


  • Not for ages below three, the plastic molds could pose a choking hazard.

9. Costzon Kids Foldable Wooden Sandbox

Costzon Kids Foldable Wooden Sandbox


Cast all your cares on Costzon Kids Foldable Wooden sandbox as it comes with heavy-duty wood. Get this sandbox today and start building dream castles.


  • The sandbox comes with inbuilt bench seats that allow kids to rest while playing. The seats can be extended after when the sandbox is not in use, and act as a protective cover.
  • The wood is painted with non-toxic and environmentally friendly paint, which assures your kids are safe.
  • The bottomless construction of the sandbox lets you adjust the sand depth your kids can have fun with.


  • Cover cannot keep sand dry in rainy weather.

10. Sandbox Crab 

Sandbox Crab 


Building and role-playing games help your kids develop dexterity, creative thinking, and fine motor skills. How about a sandbox that also acts as a mini pool for water play activities? Well, you’ve got one. Introducing the Sandbox Crab, which is designed like a crab to steal your kids’ attention.


  • The sandbox holds up to 300 lbs. of sand and is ideal for indoors.
  • Comes with a sculpted shell lid that prevents sand from pets and the moisture in the air.
  • Equipped with two large claw seats that help your kids to sit while playing.


  • The sandbox cannot hold large amounts of sand.

11. Costzon Pirate Boat Wood Sandbox

Costzon Pirate Boat Wood Sandbox


Prepare the ship, Pirates! Let your kids embark on the journey of building sandcastles with Costzon Pirate boat wood sandbox, which is made with heavy-duty wood and painted with eco-friendly colors. It comes with a black non-woven fabric cloth that helps in storing the sand with ease.


  • Pirate boat design attracts kids instantly and evokes the creative role-play in them.
  • The bottomless construction of the sandbox is adjustable and lets you adjust the sand depth for your kids.
  • Equipped with two bench seats that let your kids have all the space to sit and play along.


  •  The color of the sandbox is not eye-catching or shiny.

12. Tabletop Sandbox

Tabletop Sandbox


Bored with heavy sandboxes? Want something compact? Don’t you worry? Here comes the savior, Tabletop sandbox. Be it a desk, home, office, or even a dorm. You can have your creative thirst quenched with this desk sandbox.


  • Ideal for kids, teens, adults alike. Perfect gift for the loved ones who love the beach and the sand.
  • It comes with a cylindrical mold and one shaping knife which is used in sculpting sandcastles and scrapers that reside in your imagination.
  • The wooden box is designed to prevent sand from all types of weather, pets, and just everything.


  • Sand is not included with the product.

13. Supreme Toys Hippo Sandbox

Supreme Toys Hippo Sandbox
Buy-NowKids just can’t resist a cute Hippo sandbox. What if the sandbox can also be used as a pool? You heard it right. Presenting Supreme Toys Hippo Sandbox. Its spacious, weather-resistant, and holds fifteen gallons of sand.


  • The cute and elegant design is sure to capture your kids’ attention right away.
  • It’s easy to clean up the sandbox thoroughly as it comes in a compact size.
  • Sandbox is weather-resistant, perfect for any kind of weather.
  • The lid helps in preventing the sand from air moisture.
  • Can be filled with water to use as a pool.


  •  No drain for the water.

Benefits Of Playing With Sandboxes

Playing any game has myriad benefits for kids, and sandboxes are no different. Let’s have a look at some benefits of playing with sandboxes.

  • Enhances fine motor skills, development of critical thinking, hand to eye coordination.
  • Instills creative thinking at a tender age, develops social skills as kids play along with other kids.

Importance Of A Clean Sandbox

Playing in a clean and hygienic sandbox is important for your child’s safety and health. Therefore, wipe it clean after every use to avoid any communication of infections. Keep the sand covered when not in use to prevent it from contamination.

Factors To Be Considered While Buying A Sandbox

  • Check the wood quality to know if it can stand all types of weather conditions, especially in the case of outdoor sandboxes.
  • The paint of the wood should be eco-friendly and safe for kids.
  • Whether the Lid or Mesh cover is provided.
  • Space for children to rest or sit.

At What Age Can Kids Start Playing In A Sandbox?

Sandboxes are fun to play with at any age. Ideally, kids who are aged two and above would enjoy playing in a sandbox as they tend to develop an understanding for such games and activities.

Encourage your kid to step out into the sun, set up the sandbox in your backyard or garden, and let your child’s imagination run wild. Your child may play solo or bring their gang together as sandboxes for kids can be enjoyed by anyone or everyone!

Don’t forget to share some of your child’s favorite sandbox games in the comment section below.

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