13 Best Saucer Tree Swings For Kids In 2022


Enhance the aesthetics of your backyard with the best saucer tree swing. Whether you want to relax and lounge in the backyard or play with your kids, a swing set is perfect for some fun time. So, if your lawn has a tree with long branches, you can easily attach the swing and have some fun! These are suited for all ages and are great for unwinding. They come in different qualities, capacities, and water resistance capabilities — to choose the best one, you need to be mindful of your requirements. Your search for saucer swings ends here as we bring you several viable options to choose the best one for your backyard.

Types Of Saucer Swings

When shopping for a saucer swing, you may come across some possibilities as follows:

  • Surf oval tree swing: This swing is enormous and is ideal for several children at once. It is easy to install and has several adjustable options. This is recommended for children aged three and up and can support up to 330 pounds of weight. Further, you can tilt such swings to a 45° angle.
  • Hanging chair tent swing: This one-of-a-kind saucer swing shaped like a tent and can swing simultaneously. It would be an excellent choice for a breezy summer location to keep your children out of the sun.

13 Best Saucer Tree Swings

1. Best Weather-Resistant:Royal Oak Tree Swing

Manufactured with the Oxford 1680D fabric, this swing is 40 inches in size and comes with removable flags. Its unique design lets children play around excitingly, irrespective of the season. This swing is big enough for multiple kids and a single adult. It has industrial-strength steel frames and doesn’t feature any lead.


  • Can handle the weight of both children and adults
  • Weather-resistant
  • Easy to install
  • Durable fabric


2. Best Adjustable Hanging Rope:Super Deal Waterproof Saucer Tree Swing Set

The tree swing from Super Deal is made of the toughest materials, including Textilene fabric and a commercial-grade steel frame, and can support up to 700 pounds of weight. The swing comes with step-by-step instructions for easy installation. It is corrosion and UV-resistant. Furthermore, the swing is weather-resistant as well.


  • 40 inches in diameter
  • Can support multiple children at once
  • A layer of powder coating for rust resistance
  • Adjustable hanging rope


3. Best For Easy Storage:Homde Flying Saucer Swing

Handpicked cautiously, this saucer swing comes with an anti-fade Textilene. It has improved security, with no holes in the sitting area; hence, toddlers can use it. Its special material and design allow you to stand, lay and sit with ease on the swing. It is 24 inches in size; thus, large enough to support a kid or an adult.


  • Adjustable length of ropes
  • Easy and seamless mounting
  • Can be used directly or hung up
  • Collapsible for easy storage
  • Easy to disassemble


4. Best Top Layer:Hazli Large Saucer Swing

Featuring up to four safety handles and a comfortable pillow, this saucer swing for kids can be attached easily to any tree or swing set because of the free straps included in the package. It is made with a top layer of qualitative 900D Oxford material. Its sturdy fabric can withstand intense UV rays and rain. In the package, you will find a key wrench, two extra straps, and two carabines.


  • Easy to mount
  • 40 inches in size
  • Fit for children of different ages, heights and weights
  • Adjustable height


5. Best UV-Resistant:RedSwing Flying Saucer Swing

Dependable and durable, this saucer swing is made with a soft foam padded steel frame, making the swing UV-resistant, waterproof, weatherproof, and durable. It can handle a load capacity of up to 500lb at a time. Further, you can adjust its height to match your requirements. You will also find two pieces of snap hooks and two pieces of hanging straps in the package.


  • Upgraded braided ropes
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Comfortable and spacious
  • Detachable to move around


6. Best To Assemble:Trekassy Spider Web Swing

Large and sturdy, this one is 40 inches in diameter. This swing has a steel frame with a tight weave rope net seat that can support up to five kids or two adults at a time. The weight that this swing can support is 750 pounds. It is safe for children, and the package includes two-pack tree straps. The color of this swing will not fade for years. Its galvanized iron pipe is weather-resistant and anti-rust. Its smooth surface ensures utmost safety for little ones.


  • Durable net tree swing
  • Made from qualitative PE webbing with metal rings
  • Adjustable length
  • UV-resistant
  • Easy to assemble


7. Best For Backyards:Trekassy Swing Set

A combo swing set, this one includes a swing frame and a round saucer swing set. The set is adequate for playgrounds, backyards, and gardens. The swing set offers multiple ways to soar, hang and swing. The swing also supports 350 to 440 pounds, depending on how you hang it. The set is durable, and the 40-inches steel frame has a qualitative fabric seat.


  • Adjustable PE webbing hanging rope
  • UV resistant
  • A-frame swing stand
  • 2 inches heavy-duty weather-resistant steel tubes
  • Powder-coated paint finish


8. Best Synthetic Fabric:Songmics Saucer Tree Swing

Manufactured with strong PP and durable synthetic fabric, this tree swing comes with a steel swivel hook and lockable carabiners. The swing can handle up to 700lb of weight at a time. It’s 40 inches in size. Its seat and padded edges are relaxing, comfortable, and cozy.


  • Spacious and comfortable
  • Metal frame with thick ropes
  • Wear and aging resistant
  • Strong plastic connectors


9. Best Heavy-Duty:Play Wild Saucer Tree Swing

Sturdy and durable, this saucer tree swing helps offer fun for every age. It is 25 times more weather resistant and doesn’t fade or tear anytime sooner. The mats of the swing are heavy-duty outdoor fabric with 50000+ UV resistance and powerful rust resistance.


  • Different configuration options for hanging
  • Easy instructions for assembly
  • Can be folded down
  • Portable for easy storage
  • Comfortable platform


10. Best PP Jump Mat:Langxun Rainbow Saucer Tree Swing

Made with a steel frame covered in soft foam padding, the top layer of this saucer tree is stitched together from qualitative 900D oxford in six different colors. The swing seat is made from a PP jump mat. The materials ensure that the swing stays resistant to intense UV rays and rain and comes with multiple safety improvements and upgraded designs. The swing seat and Oxford cloth are sewn with six stitches to make sure that the swing is firm and bears the load with ease. For comfort and safety, there are four sponge handles on the rope.


  • Safety of use
  • Qualitative and durable
  • Quick installation and easy disassembly
  • Includes an installation tool and two hooks
  • Adjustable suspension rope


11. Best For Child Safety:Turfee Blue Saucer Tree Swing

Including the main wrench, two carabiners, two additional straps to hang the tree swing, the Turfee Blue tree swing comes in 40 inches size. Its unique design has four side handles that offer additional stability. Also, the swing is pretty easy to install; hence, it wouldn’t pose a problem. You can effortlessly attach it to a tree, a swing set, or any other equipment in the playground.


  • Premium quality material
  • Non-BPA and non-toxic
  • Safety test approved
  • Safe for children


12. Best Water-Resistant:Treeswin Saucer Tree Swing

Treeswin’s outdoor swing, which comes with two reinforced swing straps, one tiny carry bag, and two carabiners, can be firmly placed on a bean or a tree. It is manufactured with a soft foam padded steel frame, which is UV and water-resistant, and weatherproof. The Textilene fabric, along with strong braided ropes, ensures that the swing stays in its place for a long time.


  • Durable and qualitative
  • 45 inches in size
  • Can support multiple children at a time
  • Grade steel frame and M9 screws


13. Best Load-Bearing Capacity:Pacearth Saucer Tree Swing

Manufactured with 900D Oxford fabric, this saucer tree swing is 40 inches in size. It offers greater load-bearing capacity and has a longer life with an anti-aging feature. The swing is softer, ductile, and more wearable. Its quality has met UV test and safety requirements to ensure qualitative engineering.


  • Multiple strands braided ropes used
  • 660lb of load capacity
  • Two swing straps and
  • Galvanized climbing carabiners


How To Choose The Right Saucer Tree Swing?

When buying the right saucer tree swing, consider the following crucial factors.

  1. Ease of installation: Most saucer swings are simple to install. However, you may require a ladder if you are short. Aside from that, each swing comes with a set of instructions. As a result, you can ensure that the swing is simple to install and not cause any problems.
  2. Durability: Many swing mats are composed of tough nylon or polypropylene or oxford polyester. In general, they endure longer and perform better. Therefore, you should consider purchasing a made of such material so that you do not have to replace it again.
  3. Weight and size: A saucer swing is typically 40 inches or smaller. Although there are a few enormous swings, they would require larger trees. Check the swig’s sturdiness and the weight it can support. It would be ideal if the chosen swing could accommodate multiple children at once or up to 700 pounds of weight.

Why Trust MomJunction?

We have compiled this list of the best saucer tree swings after analyzing the product descriptions and considering many user reviews. And we have specifically selected these tree swings due to their sturdy design, easy installation, weather resistance, good weight-bearing capacity, and adjustability. Furthermore, we have described the best features of each product and included a buying guide to help you choose the right product for your children.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many kids can get on a saucer swing at the same time?

It would be safe to allow only three kids to sit on the swing. And, when standing, no more than two kids should be present at the same time.

2. How high should a tree swing be off the ground?

Typically, a tree swing should be no higher than 24 inches above the ground.

Saucer tree swings make summertime more fun as you play with your children in your backyard. Available in various designs, ensure the swing can bear enough weight to accommodate your and several children. It should also be made from durable materials so that it lasts longer. To find the right swing, you should also consider other factors, including waterproof material, size, easy installation, and more. Once you find a suitable saucer tree swing for your backyard, your children will love to spend more time outside, reducing their screen time.

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