14 Best Scalp Massagers to Rejuvenate Hair and Relax Muscles in 2022


The best scalp massagers are known to give you a good massage with many health benefits. It is not only a luxury but is known to boost the circulation of blood in your head, relax your shoulder and neck muscles, and rejuvenate your scalp. This can also exfoliate the scalp by removing excess oils that can have a lasting impact on hair quality. A massage can also increase the thickness of your hair and is known to be a natural remedy for headaches and migraines. To get some lustrous hair in a hassle-free manner, we recommend you check out our compilation of some scalp massagers. They help rejuvenate hair and increase follicle thickness.

14 Best Scalp Massagers

1. Latme Electric Scalp Massager

Latme Electric Scalp Massager


With 3D Deep-Kneading shiatsu massage technology and 28 individual nodes, the handheld Latme Electric Scalp Massager has a one-button operation for easy use. The four massaging rotating nodes give you a full-head massage while improving blood circulation, promoting hair growth, relaxing tired muscles, and relieving stress. It is cordless and rechargeable, which provides you with the freedom of using it anytime and anywhere.

2. Queenwill Electric Handheld Hair Massager

Queenwill Electric Handheld Hair Massager


The Queenwill Massager improves blood circulation below your scalp and promotes hair growth. It mimics a hand-grasping action to vitalize and soothe your scalp gently. The water-resistant feature allows you to use it in the shower to deep clean your hair and keep it dandruff-free. It is made from superior quality ABS and TPR material and has an ergonomically designed handle fora firm grip.

3. Flathead Scalp Massager


Flathead Scalp Massager is made of BPA-free, lead-free silicone material. The massager comes with two attachments with different teeth patterns. They help to improve blood circulation, remove dead skin and dandruff. You can use this massager in the shower with or without shampoo and on both wet or dry hair and scalp. This massager is water-resistant and comes with an ergonomic handle.

4.  Usaga Head Massager

Usaga Head Massager


The Usaga 20-prongs head massager gives you a relaxing scalp massage to eliminate your anxieties and sleep problems. Move it slowly over your scalp, neck, and shoulders to feel a new experience. The size and weight make it portable enough for you to carry it along for a quick massage anytime. It is long-lasting and easy to clean with a cloth.

5. Freatech Hair Scalp Massager

Freatech Hair Scalp Massager


The Freatech Scalp Massager can stimulate your scalp and deep clean your roots while exfoliating and making your hair dandruff-free. The handheld dry and wet massager has uneven bristles that fit your scalp perfectly and an ergonomically designed handle for a firm grip. Itis suitable for everyone in the family, pets, andany hair and scalp type. The massager is made of premium ABS and silicone materials, making it an excellent choice to promote hair growth and relieve stress.

6. Tezam Electric Head Massager

Tezam Electric Head Massager


With up to 8,500 vibrations per minute, the Tezam Electric Head Massager is a multipurpose five-in-one device, providing deep relaxation amongst other benefits. The rubber beads on each spindle make it comfortable to use. It has double motion that works on your pressure points to relieve spasms and loosen knotted muscles. The thicker end can be used on any part of the body for stress relief. It is compact and easy to use.

7. Tenswa Electric Scalp Massager

Tenswa Electric Scalp Massager


With four massage heads and 28 individual nodes on each head, this massager rotates in a clockwise and anti-clockwise direction. By massaging scalp acupuncture points, it relieves headache, improves sleep, and promotes hair growth. This electric head massager is three-dimensional and has six massage settings. With a four-finger movement, it gives you intense relaxation and improves hair growth. It is removable and waterproof for hygienic cleaning.

8. Breo Portable Mini iScalp Massager

Breo Portable Mini iScalp Massager


The Breo iScalp Massager will give you the feel of a massage by an expert masseuse from the comfort of your home. With its deep tissue manipulating action, this massager stimulates acupressure points and promotes hair growth along with scalp circulation. Its waterproof feature makes it suitable to use straight after shampooing. The 96 natural silicone tips are designed to keep your hair tangle-free. This rechargeable device offers an ergonomic grip perfect for both men and women.

9. Afunso Scalp Massager

Afunso Scalp Massager


The extremely gentle Afunso Scalp Massager is unlike other conventional electric scalp massagers. The airbag contraction and compression feature ensure a full contact massage with no pain or discomfort. The airbag also contains a heating element to give your head a warm towel wrap feeling. Three massage modes with three intensity levels provide different massage techniques you may not even find in a salon. Since this massager is wireless, iteasy to use anywhere. It has a detachable head and is portable.

10. HEETA Scalp Massager

HEETA Scalp Massager


Get a unique massage experience with the waterproof HEETA Scalp Massager. This manual massager suits well for thick, thin, long, and short hair types. You can also use this massager to groom your hair or your pet’s hair. The soft hair brush comes with a perfectly designed non-skid grip and soft silicone bristles that glide through your hair smoothly. In addition, the scalp brush promotes blood circulation and makes you feel relaxed.

11. Marnur Scalp Massager

Marnur Scalp Massager


With three interchangeable attachments, the Marnur Scalp Massager gives you a unique massage experience. It comes with a hairbrush massager, a mini full body massager, and a shower loofah pad, making it an all-in-one device. The firm superior-quality bristles are durable and gentle on your scalp. Use the mini full body massager to revitalize your skin. With the shower scalp massager, you can enjoy the advantages of superior cleansing, exfoliation, and dandruff-free scalp. Designed to fit your palm, this massager is comfortable, compact, and convenient to use

12. Briogeo Scalp Massager

Briogeo Scalp Massager


With its gentle massaging action, the Briogeo scalp massager invigorates your scalp to encourage overall scalp health. It can be used alone or combined with a Briogeo shampoo or oil for an intensive salon therapy experience. It is suitable for allhair types and works well with oily, dry, frizzy, or straight hair. As it is water-resistant, it can also be used during the shower without any worries.

13. Ryoma Scalp Massager

Ryoma Scalp Massager


The Ryoma Scalp Massager is a multipurpose device and an overall body massager. The flexible steel balls in the specialized claw heads encourage blood circulation while relaxing tired muscles. Soothe your scalp and relieve yourself of stress and tension with this easy-to-use massager. It requires no batteries and no charging and is available in attractive colors.

14. Euhome Scalp Massager

Euhome Scalp Massager

A fabulous addition to your hair routine, the Euhome Scalp Massager is lightweight and comfortable to use. The extremely soft, odor-free bristles are flexible and will not hurt your scalp. They work on your roots to give you a deep cleanse. The massager is suitable for any hair type and has an anti-skid structure. You can use it at home or anywhere to provide yourself with the luxury of a massage break.

How To Choose The Right Scalp Massager?

Here are some features you can consider while choosing a scalp massager.

  1. Type of massage head: Consider the type of massage you are looking to decide on a suitable head. Some massagers have silicone bristles that give you a gentle massage, while others have metal spindles toprovide you with an intense feel.
  2. Speed settings: Look for speed options to help you control the intensity of the massage.
  3. Massage settings:Electric scalp massagers have settings that give you the option of different types of massages.
  4. Size:Choose a compact design easy to carry along with you in your handbag.
  5. Weight:Consider the weight of the massager as you have to control it with your hand. It should be lightweight for ease of use.
  6. Wearable or handheld: Most massagers are handheld,and some are wearable, like a ski helmet.Choose the one that is most suitable for your needs.
  7. Waterproof:Choose a waterproof scalp massager as it enables you to use it while in the shower too.
  8. Battery: Some devices take standard batteries, and some are rechargeable.Choose your type depending on how often you use it.
  9. Attachments: Different attachments enable you to get a little extra from your device. There may be an extra-head to massage your face or an additional style of massage head to try on your scalp.
  10. Magnets: Scalp massagers containing magnets stimulate hair growth as they nourish the scalp, encouraging healthy hair growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How often should I use a scalp massager?

Using the scalp massager one to three times a day is recommended to improve hair growth and thickness.

2. Do scalp massagers hurt?

No, as long as they are used correctly, a good quality scalp massager will not hurt. With most massagers, you can control the intensity to maintain a comfortable pressure on the scalp.

After a long and stressful day, there is nothing like a relieving massage that benefits hair growth. These scalp massagers are portable and can provide you with the feel of a spa at home. To choose one, we recommend considering some factors like size, weight, attachments, massage speed and patterns, and battery. The right scalp massager will not hurt when you use them. These scalp massagers can relieve pain from the neck, shoulders, and head by improving blood circulation and also exfoliates your scalp, making you feel fresh and energized.

Why Trust MomJunction?

Our team of writers and editors has compiled a list of the best scalp massagers to help you feel relaxed and soothed. The products on this list are carefully handpicked after extensively studying customer product reviews and considering factors like the type of massage head, speed settings, size, weight, and portability. This article also has a well-researched buying guide to help you make the right choice.

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