15 Best Scalp Scrubs For Thick and Healthy Hair In 2022


The best scalp scrubs have plenty of benefits. They help improve blood circulation, remove dead cells, and maintain your overall hair health. If you are experiencing dandruff, these scrubs are greatly helpful. They are also beneficial in keeping your hair well-managed and beautiful so that it can grow long and strong. Below listed are some unique scalp scrubs available online, so you can purchase one to boost your scalp and hair health.

15 Best Scalp Scrubs

1. Best For Dry Scalp: NatureLab Perfect Shine Scalp Scrub

NatureLab’s scrub is appropriate for dull, drab, and oily hair. It works as a dry scalp treatment and scalp moisturizer. It exfoliates the hair roots with grape stem cells and hyaluronic acid, which is safe for your hair. The product is paraben-free, user-friendly, and portable. It comes in a neat, white box. You’d love to use this for its lustrous, glossed finish. Take a look at this review video to know more about the product and make an informed buying decision.


2. Best Protein-Rich: Nexxus Clean & Pure Scalp Scrub

If you are looking for a protein-rich scalp scrub, this product from Nexxus is ideal. It contains a blend of elastin protein and marine minerals. The use of this scrub results in smooth hair with gentle exfoliation and cleansing. The product does not contain silicones, sulfates, dyes, and parabens and is safe to use. Nexxus is suitable for all hair types. Using this product could help you recover damaged hair. Here’s a review video summarizing the features of this product.


3. Best Water-Activated: Head & Shoulders Activated Scalp Scrubs

Head & Shoulders is a water-activated scalp scrub rich in coconut oil. It exfoliates the scalp effectively and gently to remove product buildup. It is free of sulfates and dyes, making it safe for use. This scrub should be used before shampooing for best results. The presence of coconut oil gives the hair a gentle shine. Here’s a video to help you know more about this product’s features and benefits.


4. Best Detox: L’Oreal Paris Scalp Care

L’Oreal’s scalp care is a detox scrub that removes unwanted impurities, excess oil, and buildup. Including this in your daily scalp care can assist you in maintaining healthy, beautiful hair. It does not contain harsh sulfates, which can cause hair damage. You should apply this scalp care product before shampooing wet hair.


5. Best For Scalp Acne: Zion Health Scalp Scrub

If you have scalp acne and want to unclog your pores, using Zion’s health scrub can help. This deep cleansing scalp and hair scrub can promote hair growth while adding a brilliant shine to the hair. The use of this scalp scrub can help strengthen hair follicles and improve blood circulation. This scrub can help control dandruff and remove dead skin cells.


6. Best Soothing: dpHUE Scalp Scrub

dpHUE, a natural exfoliating scrub, can aid in the treatment of dry scalp. It contains aloe vera and avocado oil, which have soothing properties for the hair. It’s a vegan scalp scrub that’s gluten-free. This sea salt hair scrub contains pink Himalayan sea salt, which provides your hair with the necessary vitamins and minerals. It deep cleans the scalp to give you a unique freshness.


7. Best For Exfoliation: Ouai Store’s Scalp and Body Scrub

Ouai offers a dual-purpose body and scalp scrub. It deep cleans from the inside out to remove buildup. Further, this is beneficial for exfoliation and moisturizing. It contains ingredients such as sugar and coconut oil to add a touch of naturalness. It is free of sulfates and parabens, letting you use it without worries.


8. Best With Natural Extracts: Cp-1 Store’s Scalp Scaler

Cp-1’s scalp scaler is an exclusive product for the scalp. It contains natural extracts of tea tree and sea salt to clean, soothe, and refresh the scalp effectively. Natural sea salt has powerful purifying properties. Further, it provides a distinct coolness to the hair. You can use this product for your head spa needs.


9. Best For All Hair Types: Pacifica Store’s Scalp Scrub

Pacifica’s product is appropriate for all hair types. It works by loosening the scalp’s stubborn buildup. This detox scrub contains natural ingredients, such as sea salt, jojoba, rosemary, charcoal, and mint, which help to nourish the hair. The scrub does not contain harsh chemicals. It is vegan, cruelty-free, and sulfate-free.


10. Best Long-Lasting: Davines Solu Sea Salt Scrub Cleanser

The Davines scrub cleanser is a deep-cleansing paste for all hair types that removes buildup particles and pollution particles that you are exposed to daily. It provides a texturizing effect and long-lasting cleanliness. Its cleansing ingredients include sea salt and beet sugar.


11. Best For Promoting Healthy Hair: R + Co Crown Scalp Scrubber

The R + Co scalp scrubber is a rebalancing solution for hair that leaves it clean, shiny, and nourished. The product promotes healthy hair by exfoliating the scalp gently, removing buildup, and softening deep inside. It is suitable for people with various hair types and is not known to cause any side effects.


12. Best Easy-To-Apply: Tph Scalp Scrub

Tph scalp scrubber contains sugar crystals, apple cider vinegar, and coconut to stimulate, detox, and cleanse the scalp and hair. The product comes with a duo-touch applicator for easy scalp application. It naturally promotes hair growth by removing dead skin cells. This scrub is appropriate for all hair types.


13. Best Skin-Friendly Ingredients: Drunk Elephant Hair and Scalp Scrub

The Drunk Elephant’s hair and scalp scrub is designed to blend and break down dead skin cells while gently nourishing the scalp to achieve an appropriate balance. The product contains a blend of six anti-oxidant and fatty acid-rich plant oils to keep the scalp flake-free. The scrub is made with skin-friendly ingredients that are non-irritating and suitable for use on the scalp.


14. Best Herbal: Aromatica Store Rosemary Scalp Scrubber

Aromatica’s salt granule extracts make it an excellent scalp exfoliant. It is sulfate-free, silicone-free, and vegan. The product, packaged in a tube, consists of herbal extract complexes of rosemary, brinjal, ginger, basil, and oregano. These ingredients provide essential nutrition to the scalp and the hair.


15. Best With Essential Oils: Oribe Serene Scalp Exfoliating Scrub

Oribe’s is an exfoliating scrub that polishes the scalp with essential oils to remove oil, dirt, and scalp buildup. The scrub contains a blend of alpha-hydroxy acids and fruit extracts to cleanse the pores and nourish the hair.


How To Choose The Right Scalp Scrub?

Here are some factors to keep in mind while buying a scalp scrub.

1. Versatile: A good hair scrub should be appropriate for all hair types. If you prefer products made for your hair type, choose a hair scrub made especially for it.

2. Scalp-friendly: Ensure that the scalp scrub you want to buy will not irritate your scalp.

3. Cruelty-free: There are several vegan and cruelty-free scalp scrubs on the market. Check out this feature when buying the best scalp scrub.

4. Nourishing properties: The scrub should have hair-nourishing properties to help your hair achieve a soft, shiny, fuller appearance.

While scalp scrubs help buff away dandruff, dirt, and dead skin, one of their underrated benefits is improving blood circulation, resulting in healthy hair. With various additional benefits, the right formulation can make your hair and scalp healthy for soft, lustrous hair. Therefore, make sure to check the ingredients and choose one that cleans and massages your scalp for effective, long-lasting results. Also, ensure the scalp scrub is free of harsh chemicals to prevent skin irritation and other hair problems.

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