9 Best Sci-Fi Board Games In 2021


For fans of science fiction books and movies, the best sci-fi board games provide a way to enjoy the thrills with friends and family right from one’s home. Sci-fi themes, as we know, are bound only by the creators’ imagination and are replete with exciting concepts like space travel, alien invasions, time travel, superhero stories, and many more. In this post, we have curated a list of mind-boggling sci-fi board games for you to consider bringing home.

9 Best Sci-Fi Board Games

1. Fantasy Flight Games Cosmic Encounter 42nd Anniversary Edition Board Game

The space adventure involves exploring and building your galactic empire by conquering alien lands. The Cosmic Encounter 42nd anniversary edition board game is a strategy-based game with three- to five-player capacity. This sci-fi board game will keep you engrossed for at least one to two hours. A highly variable game, every round has a different outcome, making the game interesting. Children aged 14 and above can experience the various thrills of this futuristic board game.

2. Rebel Nemesis Board Game

A science-fiction board game for ages fourteen and above, the Rebel Nemesis board game is a thrilling survival game for one to five players. This horror sci-fi game is played on a strategy where players work together to get a dysfunctional spaceship fixed and save it from other-worldly creatures. The game includes twenty-six premium-quality miniature figures and 500 detailed features for immersive play. Each character has skills, weaknesses, and personal agendas that can affect the mission.

3. Fantasy Flight Games Doom: The Board Game Second Edition

Suitable for two to five players, the Doom sci-fi tabletop game by Fantasy Flight Games progresses through a series of missions to achieve its objective. It is a tactical board game inspired by a blockbuster video game called Bethesda. You can explore this game from the perspective of the invader and the marine. This game is complex, fast-paced, and customizable. Each mission features a special map, new rules, and objectives.

4. Czech Games Edition Under Falling Skies

Under Falling Skies is a game that is played solo. You can play it with a partner to solve the game together. The game deals with a multi-mission campaign and is played with intriguing dice placement mechanics which decide your moves. It is easy to learn and features thick cardboard, exciting artwork, and wooden dice to play with. The set includes several components for immersive play.

5. Portal Games First Martians Board Games

Based on the award-winning book Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island, this game makes the players face several challenges. The First Martians by Portal Games is suitable for ages ten and above. Its duration is 60 to 90 minutes, and one to four players can play it at once. With three campaign modes and three basic gameplay modes, this game has an intense theme with exciting adventures and challenges to keep you engaged. It also has an integrated app that keeps track of the progress and maintains the challenges.

6. Fantasy Flight Games Cosmic Conflict Board Game Expansion

An extension of Cosmic Encounters, the Cosmic Conflict by Fantasy Flight Games is a strategic game of alien politics and deep space warfare. Suitable for ages 14 and above, this sci-fi game can be played by three to six players. The thrilling game can last for up to two hours with engaging strategies. With alliances being the key part of the game, it allows multiple players to win together. It is not a standalone game and includes 20 new alien life forms.

7. Battle Systems Outlands Delta Garrison Sci-Fi Board Game

With many details and high-quality material, Battle Systems is a profound sci-fi miniature set including 144 pieces. It is flat-packed with a durable, dense card color-printed on both sides. The game has all the necessary accessories to build a multi-level sci-fi outpost and is expandable with other sets from the terrain collection. You may need plastic clips to attach some sections. It is suitable for children aged 14 and above.

8. GreenBrier Games Grimslingers 3rd Edition Board Games

A challenging game with various strategies, the Greenbrier board game is a western-themed fantasy card game. You can play it in two modes, versus and co-op. In versus, players play opposite each other using various spells. In co-op, players play together as a team. This game is suitable for ages 13 and above and offers 60 to 90 minutes of playtime. Players have to gather loot, fight strange creatures, face challenges, level up, and more to win the game.

9. Queen Games Armageddon Board Game

With a playing time of 90 minutes, Queen Games’ Armageddon board game involves tactical decisions. This post-apocalyptic sci-fi game is based on different strategies to build a new society for the remaining survivors. The family-friendly game is easy to grasp and play for beginners to advanced players. You need to build towns out of debris to provide shelter to the survivors while protecting everyone from the Marauders.

How To Choose The Right Sci-Fi Board Games?

Here are a few tips to help you choose the right sci-fi board games.

  1. Playing time: Some games last for an hour, while others last longer. Depending on your choice and need, you can choose the game’s duration.
  1. Age range: These games are designed with different recommended ages depending on the game’s difficulty and complexity level. You can check the recommended age mentioned on the game cover to choose accordingly.
  1. Number of players: Choose board games with more than two players to make them suitable for family game nights. You can also pick games that allow individual or cooperative playing.
  1. Durability: Sci-fi tabletop games are made of paper, fiber, or binding boards. Ensure the components are sturdy for long-lasting use and replayability.

Sci-fi games have inspired some of the most memorable and exciting virtual adventures over the years. It allows you to travel through space and time in the comfort of your home. Browse our list of the best sci-fi board games and get ready for an interesting gaming session.

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