11 Best Science Toys To Buy In 2021

11 Best Science Toys To Buy In 2020

Toys are an integral part of children’s lives. Science toys for kids stimulate the mind and get them thinking about the environment and the electronic world. These toys give them a better understanding and knowledge of plants, wildlife, and other creatures. Some of the best science toys for kids also teach them to care for the environment early on.

If you want to get one or more of the best science toys for your child, read on as we give you a list of the best ones and a few tips on picking the right one for your child.

11 Best Science Toys For Kids

1. Stomp Rocket Jr Glow Rocket

Stomp Rocket Jr Glow Rocket


The Stomp Rocket Jr Glow Toy is perfect for children aged three years and above. It is designed to give your kids all-round fun with safe, high-quality materials. With this toy, your kids can be active outdoors and agile, fast, and quick on their feet. Whether it is during the day or even after dusk, your kids can play with this toy, as the rockets light up after dark.

The glow rockets are strong, durable, and convenient to carry around. The toy set comes with foam rockets, vinyl air hose, and blast pads that are easy to set up and launch. Children can join in the launch and stomp the blast pads to watch the rocket soar high above them.

2. National Geographic Hobby Rock Tumbler Kit

National Geographic Hobby Rock Tumbler Kit


The National Geographic Hobby Rock Tumbler Kit introduces your kids to the scientific world of rocks and minerals. Watch as your children learn more about the earth and geology and bring out the fun and hard work as they search for these treasures. This scientific toy teaches your children the value of things through rock tumbling. The package comes with a tumbling machine, homemade jewelry, dazzling gems, and unique precious stones.

Children get to play with gems, such as the red jasper, amethyst, rose quartz, dalmatian jasper, black jasper, tiger’s eye, sodalite, aventurine, and agate. The powerful motor of the rock tumbling machine is durable and built to last. It is water-resistant, leak-proof, and made of long-lasting materials. It has low noise levels and features an automatic shut off timer that powers off the kit when idle.

3. National Geographic Mega Crystal Lab

National Geographic Mega Crystal Lab


The National Geographic Mega Crystal Lab guides your kids through the different bright-colored crystals and real gemstone specimens. The crystals glow on a nightstand where children can admire the LED display. Each of the crystals in this experiment kit is unique and collected from around the world, and includes fluorite, blue calcite, amethyst, quartz geode, and rose quartz.

This science toy gets your kids intrigued and encourages them to experiment with and watch crystals grow into different sizes and shapes. Get the National Geographic Mega Crystal lab for your kids and introduce them to crystal science and the art of making them.

4. Dan & Darci’s Dig A Dozen Dino Eggs

Dan & Darci’s Dig A Dozen Dino Eggs


The Dan & Darci’s Dig A Dozen Dino Eggs takes the kids back to the time when dinosaurs roamed the earth. This cool science kit for kids features cute realistic dinosaur eggs. The toy helps them learn more about the prehistorical species and archaeological discoveries that will amaze both girls and boys.

The toy set can make them curious to learn more about the different species of dinosaurs, and spark their interest in paleontology, the study of their fossils. It could also be a great toy to teach them about the climatic conditions and the history behind the disappearance of these gigantic creatures.

5. National Geographic Dino Fossil Dig Kit

National Geographic Dino Fossil Dig Kit


The National Geographic Dino Fossil Dig Kit is the perfect science toy for kids who show enthusiasm for pursuing paleontology and archaeology. This kit gives your kids the real feel and experience of being paleontologists as they check out, learn, and discover dinosaur parts and find real fossils.

This toy package comes with three realistic dinosaur fossils collected from around the world. It includes the mosasaur tooth, Dino bone, and Dino poop. Kids are transferred back to the prehistoric era of dinosaurs as they learn more about them. The package also comes with a magnifying glass and vibrant colored learning guide filled with pictures and fun facts about dinosaurs.

6. Learning Resources Primary Science Lab Activity Set

Learning Resources Primary Science Lab Activity Set


The Learning Resources Science Lab lets your children transform into chemists and scientists as they play with it. It gives them a real feeling of carrying out experiments in a science lab. Suitable for both boys and girls aged four years and above, this toy teaches them to mix solutions and learn about chemicals, substances, and solvents at a young age. The kid-friendly and safe science lab activity set comes with test tubes and a stand, beaker, funnels, a magnifying glass, liquid dropper, tweezers, goggles, and more. Each of the 22 pieces is visually appealing and looks like the scientific tools and equipment in a real laboratory.

7. The Young Scientist Club Magic School Bus

The Young Scientist Club Magic School Bus


The Young Scientist Club Magic School Bus is a collection of games for kids in a single kit. With this science toy, kids get to understand basic science concepts, such as solids, liquids, and gases, acids and bases, density, microbes, polymers, Archimedes principle, decomposition and chromatology.

It comes with experiment cards and supplies that let children create sticky ice and slime, perform litmus tests, watch exploding volcanoes, create bubble sculptures, and conduct other chemistry experiments from within the comfort of their home. This science toy is suitable for kids aged five years and above.

8. Educational Insights Nancy B’s Science Club Microscope

Educational Insights Nancy B’s Science Club Microscope


This science toy is a microscope that lights up specimens, and lets kids zoom in and study them. The package also comes with an activity journal where children can record and draw out their fun findings and experiments. It provides real scientific tools and equipment for laboratory testing and observation of microbes.

The package comes with an activity guide that enables your small biologists to collect specimens and expand their science knowledge with the right equipment and study resources.

9. Threeking Robots

Threeking Robots


Threeking Robots encourage individual and group play and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor activities. They keep the kids engaged, entertained, and on the move while introducing them to digital controls, gestures, and sound effects.

This science toy uses powerful motion-sensing technology that lets your children control the robots with simple gestures and basic hand movements. The robots are lit up with LED lights and produce cool sounds with every movement.

Each piece is intellectually programmed to perform specific actions like walking, with forwarding movements to the right and left, and singing and dancing. These robots can also be remotely controlled and exhibit flexible, multi-joint movements of the hands, shoulders, thumbs, and even move around on skating wheels!

10. Ciro Solar Robot Kit

Ciro Solar Robot Kit


This kit is a combination of 12 robots in a single package. Children can learn to create and build robots according to different levels of complexities with this set. It gives them hands-on experience to assemble robots and modules and kick-start the motor. The robots are powered by solar energy, which means your kids can go outdoors to play and experiment with the robots.

The robots can be programmed to move on both land and water and focus on bringing out the kids’ creative and imaginative side. The toy is suitable for children aged eight years and above.

11. Nature Bound Bug Catcher

Nature Bound Bug Catcher


Nature Bound Bug Catcher toy is an explorative play set that enables children to connect and interact with mother nature and collect specimens and bugs using realistic scientific equipment. The package is accompanied by a colorful bug guide and filled with pictures of various insects like butterflies, honey bees, caterpillars, cockroaches, grasshoppers, and more.

It features seven pieces, including a bug catcher, net, magnifying glass, tongs, bug bottle, bucket, and tweezers. Another special aspect of this game is that children enjoy solving puzzles in addition to bug catching.

What Are The Advantages Of Science Toys?

  1. Real-life holistic approach: Science toys are proven to be highly beneficial for kids’ overall growth and development. They take learning to a whole new level and help children expand their knowledge even when they are at home. Most science toys come fully equipped with tools and materials, manuals, and guides to encourage learning.
  1. Active and engaging play: Science toys provide an interactive experience and encourage exploration of nature and understanding of the mechanics of everyday objects they see. It takes them away from the television and other screens that damage their eyes and learning abilities and make them lazy and lethargic.
  1. Expansion of knowledge: With science toys, children gain knowledge and understanding of various scientific concepts that can be useful for them in later years. Science toys are more effective than other toys and have a positive influence on their cognitive and intellectual development.
  1. Safe method of learning science: Introducing scientific facts, terms, and aspects to children in their younger years motivates them to dream about what they wish to pursue as adults. Science toys are one of the safest and best ways to introduce your kids to the theories and underlying principles of science while getting them to carry out experiments and demonstrations to test out each of the theories.

How To Choose The Right Science Toys?

With the many options available in the market, it can be challenging to choose the right science toy for your kids.

  1. Pay attention to your kid’s preferences: Buy toys that your child is most interested in. Do they like dinosaurs? Or robots? Or experimenting in a lab? Pick toys that are vibrantly colored, fun, and cool to play.
  1. Quality: Pick good-quality toys that are designed to last longer. Look for science toys that are made of sturdy materials that do not break easily on dropping or pulling. The longevity of the toy ensures the child stays interested in the subject for longer and learns more.
  1. Size: Avoid choosing science toys that are either too small or too big for your kids to hold. The laboratory sets should also have the right-sized equipment that the kids can handle easily. Bulkier and heavier toys can be difficult to hold for long, leading to falls and breakage.
  1. Safety: Check if the science toys contain harmful or other small components that might prove to be dangerous to your kid’s health. Avoid using those toys that require constant adult supervision and pose a threat to the vital parts like the eyes, skin, and other areas of the body.

Each of the above toys is specially crafted and designed to bring out your children’s best talents and skills. It makes way for engaging play, teaching them to stay responsible from a young age. Children can enjoy and learn while staying updated on scientific facts, experiments, observations, research, and fundamentals. Get science toys for your kids and watch their world light up with ideas and creativity, bringing smiles to their faces.