15 Best Sea Salt Sprays For Healthy-Looking Hair In 2022


Treating and pampering your hair will now be easy-peasy as we bring you some of the best sea salt sprays for the hair. Sea salt sprays offer sea minerals that are easily absorbed by hair for proper nourishment. These natural ingredients will make your hair healthier, softer, and bouncier. These sprays also provide a texture to hair with wavy or curly volume to make your hair look more alluring. So, if you’re planning a beach look, these sea salt sprays will help you with that. Check out the list of salt sprays below and get yours now!

15 Best Sea Salt Sprays For Hair

1. OGX Moroccan Sea Salt Spray

OGX Moroccan Sea Salt Spray


Make every day a beach day with the OGX Moroccan Sea Salt Spray. It has a mixture of Moroccan Argan oil, sea salt, and kelp extract. It is a product that helps add volume and shine and maintains your curls. Watch this video to know more about this product.


  • Moisturizes hair
  • Gives beachy waves
  • Makes hair look fuller, smoother, curlier
  • Gives texture to hair
  • Ideal as a leave-in spray
  • Lightweight


  • May have a peculiar smell
  • May leave behind a crunchy layer on fine hair

2. Davines This Is A Sea Salt Spray

Davines This Is A Sea Salt Spray


A good sea salt spray to give your hair the tousled beachy look that they deserve. Good for thin hair too. Just spray on wet or moist hair and let it dry.


  • Gives a matte finish
  • Leaves the hair full-bodied
  • Contains no added colorant
  • Free of chemicals and parabens
  • Maintains curls


  • Might be a bit drying
  • May not be suitable for thicker hair

3. KICK Sea Salt Spray For Hair

KICK Sea Salt Spray For Hair


The Kick Sea salt spray is so much more than just a spray. It makes your hair healthy with the natural ingredients and the richness of sea salt.


  • Contains sea salt, epsom salt, kelp extract, and magnesium
  • Protects hair from damage by providing nutrition
  • Nourishes from scalp to tip
  • Free from chemicals and parabens
  • Aqua based, to keep your hair light


  • May not add to the body of your hair
  • May have a strong scent

4. Toni & Guy Casual Sea Salt Spray

Toni Guy Casual Sea Salt Spray

The sea salt spray from the Toni & Guy casual collection adds texture and body to your hair for a rich beach-like look. This spray is suitable for all hair types.


  • Creates tousled, relaxed waves
  • Gives light hold to hair
  • Allows hair to move naturally
  • Has a fresh ocean smell


  • May make fine hair feel a bit heavy
  • Might make hair greasy for some

5. OsensiaSea Salt Texturizing Hair Spray

OsensiaSea Salt Texturizing Hair Spray


Osensia offers a hair spray with all-natural ingredients for that perfect beachy look. It nourishes the hair, makes them look healthy, and takes care of the scalp, too. This video will give you a better insight into how the product works.


  • Revives dry, damaged hair
  • Restores straight, wavy and curly hair’s natural beauty
  • No chemicals used
  • Hydrates rough, dry locks
  • Contains mineral-rich kelp extract


  • May not be suitable for use on wet hair
  • May make hair prone to tangling

6. Brickell Men’s Texturizing Sea Salt Spray

Brickell Men's Texturizing Sea Salt Spray


The sea salt spray by Brickell Men’s helps give your hair sufficient volume and lift for a refreshing, new look. It is suitable for men of all ages and hair types. The sea salt thickens the hair and adds a beachy texture to it. This spray is infused with natural and organic ingredients, such as sea salt, vitamin E, and hydrolyzed proteins. It helps strengthen and enhance the curls and is available in two sizes to suit your needs.


  • Alcohol-free
  • Unscented
  • Offers elasticity, softness, and bounce
  • Antioxidant benefits help nourish the scalp


  • Hold may not be strong enough for some
  • Might leak

7. GarnierFructis Style Beach Chic Texturizing Spray

GarnierFructis Style Beach Chic Texturizing Spray


Get a lived-in beach look without being there with the Garnier Fructis Beach Chic Texturizing Spray. That look, which is done-yet-undone, is best achieved with this salt hairspray. Before buying, have a look at this video for more details.


  • Gives a subtle, satin finish to your hair
  • Free of drying alcohols
  • Non-sticky, does not weigh hair down
  • Does not clump hair
  • Sheer-texturizing styler


  • May make hair feel crunchy for some
  • May not offer frizz control

8. Verb Sea Spray

Verb Sea Spray


A light spray on damp hair is all it takes to give that wavy look to your hair. Move your fingers after spraying to make your locks perfect beach-like.


  • Lightweight texturizing spray
  • Adds volume to hair when dried naturally
  • Gives waves when applied on damp hair
  • Defines loose curls
  • Paraben-free and gluten-free


  • May dry out hair
  • May feel a bit greasy when used on wet hair

9. Aweganics Sea Salt Hair Spray

Aweganics Sea Salt Hair Spray


Aweganics sea salt hair spray is a versatile hair spray that gives texture to your hair, making it beachy, wavy and also prevents dandruff.


  • Formulated with salinity similar to that of the ocean
  • Protects hair from environmental pollutants
  • Mixture of sea salt, brown seaweed extract, kelp extracts, essential oils that bring strength to the hair
  • Nourishes the scalp
  • Prevents dandruff


  • May not add volume
  • May make the hair feel sticky

10. Awapuhi Wild Ginger Texturizing Sea Spray

Awapuhi Wild Ginger Texturizing Sea Spray


This spray creates a beautiful beachy hairstyle even when you are not on the beach. The ginger extract nourishes hair inside out.


  • Adds volume to hair
  • Awapuhi extract balances hair moisture
  • Gives a healthy-looking finish
  • Enhances and defines curls
  • Lightweight


  • May not offer a strong hold
  • May not work well for fine hair

11. Bumble And Bumble Surf Spray

Bumble And Bumble Surf Spray


It is a surf spray for that salty, windblown hair look even when you are not on the beach. Spray a little over moist hair for the perfect look.


  • Retains hair moisture
  • Gives a clean, matte finish
  • Improves volume of the hair
  • Gives a wavy look when styled


  • May not work for thin hair
  • May not offer a strong hold

12. Suave Professionals Sea Salt Spray

Suave Professionals Sea Salt Spray


Create a loose textured look with full-bodied waves with the Suave Professionals Sea mineral infusion. The sea-inspired fragrance gives the complete feel of coming back from a beach.


  • Waves can last up to 24 hours
  • Blended with rich minerals from the sea to maintain the softness of the hair
  • Gives an airy softness to hair
  • Cruelty-free
  • Paraben-free


  • May not add much texture to the hair
  • Might weigh down fine hair

13. Gnarly Whale Coconut Milk & Peaches Beach Waves Sea Salt Spray

Gnarly Whale Coconut Milk Peaches Beach Waves Sea Salt Spray


Gnarly sea salt spray gives a tousled look that you wish for. With minimal ingredients, the spray is sure to leave your hair wavy without a trace of stickiness or stiffness.


  • Contains aloe vera gel and coconut oil
  • Keeps hair smooth and shiny
  • Fights dryness of the hair
  • Does not leave the hair crunchy after use
  • Little bit of product goes a long way


  • May not define curls
  • May have a strong cinnamon smell

14. FoxyBae Beach Please Sea Salt Texturizing Hair Spray

FoxyBaeBeach Please Sea Salt Texturizing Hair Spray


It is a versatile hair spray that provides a smooth texture to your hair. The Beach Please hairspray is made with the same salinity as that of the ocean to give your hair a beachy texture.


  • Contains cruelty-free ingredients
  • Biotin, natural sea salt, vitamins, and essential oils tighten the dreadlocks
  • Strengthens the hair
  • Nourishes the scalp
  • Prevents dandruff


  • May feel drying
  • May lead to buildup

15. Leyla Milani Beachy Sea Salt Spray

Leyla MilaniBeachy Sea Salt Spray

It is a sea salt spray designed to thicken your hair and give it a beachy look without damaging the hair. It also adds volume to your hair.


  • Gives a wavy look to your hair
  • Makes thin hair look thicker
  • Leave-in spray allows nourishment
  • Makes hair voluminous and bouncy
  • Results last all day


  • May cause dryness

Benefits Of Using A Sea Salt Hair Spray

  • The salt in the sea salt hair spray opens up hair cuticles and plumps up the hair strands, thus giving them volume and texture that you noticewhen you come out of beach water.
  • Sea salt is texturizing and gives the same design to your hair that you get after visiting the shore.
  • Salt gives a subtle messy effect to your hair,thus giving you the “out of the beach” look.
  • Sea salt spray helps hold your hair and lets you achieve more volume along with gorgeous and tousled waves on the hair.

How To Choose The Right Sea Salt Hair Spray?

Choosing the best hairspray depends on various things, and importantly on your hair texture and how you want them to look after spraying. There can be different choices if your hair is curly, thin, thick, or wavy. You can keep the following points in mind while choosing sea salt hair sprays.

  1. Natural hair 

If you proudly own “natural hair,” stay natural by staying away from products that use harmful chemicals. Just moisturize your hair with oils like avocado oil, and use sea salt spray that will leave your hair moisturized and not dry them out. Prefer hair sprays with argan or coconut oil.

  1. Curly hair 

Keep your beachy waves bouncy by using surf sprays. A minimum amount will go a long way for your curls. Use a hair spray that has natural moisturizer, like aloe vera, to prevent drying.

  1. Thick hair 

Thick hair tends to go back to the original state after a few hours of applying sea salt spray. Use sea salt sprays that are heavy and sticky. Such sprays should be applied on damp hair and be hydrating enough to retain the look for a couple of more hours.

  1. Wavy hair 

For naturally wavy hair, use a hair spray to improve the texture and to give a matte finish. Hair sprays with active ingredients and essential oils create thebeachyseaside look.

  1. Fine hair 

Fine hair lacks bounciness and is not able to stand the beachiness. Spray the sea salt spray very close to the roots of your hair. The best hair spray will be the one that uses a light main ingredient to give volume and grit to your hair.

  1. Damaged/fragile hair 

There are various reasons for your hair to get damaged. Use a gentle hair spray that has less salt to prevent hair from drying. Sprays with oils, fragrance, and plain water will help create that perfect beachy look for your hair.

Why Trust MomJunction?

Poulami Nag is our content and product writer specializing in skincare and hair care products. She finds joy in bringing you products that enhance your appearance, making you feel and look good. She brings the top-rated products in this list of the best sea salt sprays for hair after assessing multiple products and user reviews from reliable websites and forums. She also talks about the features and includes a buying guide to help you pick a product suited for your unique hair type.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When should I use sea salt spray?

Sea salt spray can be used anytime, anywhere, although the best time to use right after washing your hair. Just spray it on dry or damp hair,as mentioned on the container,and move your hands through your locks for the desired look.

2. Is sea salt spray good for myhair?

Extensive use can make your hair drier than usual. The salt draws out moisture, and hence you should avoid using these sprays everyday.

3. How much should I use on my hair?

Hairsprays come in different strengths. The quantity depends on the length of your hair. If you have shorthair, then use little quantity as too much of it can harm your hair strands.

4. What should I use to wash the sea salt spray on my hair?

Sea salt hair spray can be washed with running water.

5. Can I use sea salt spray everyday?

Using sea salt spray everyday can spoil the natural texture of your hair. Use it occasionally when you want that beachy look.

6. Should this be washed off before going to bed, just like other hair products?

It should be washed off if you don’t want to keep on the style for the next day. If you want to keep the curls/ waves for the next day, you can sleep after spraying sea salt hair spray on your moist hair.

7. Can you use sea salt spray on short hair?

Yes, a little quantity can be used on short hair.

Sea salt hair sprays contain sea minerals that nourish your hair and make them healthier. Besides, they provide texture to your hair and help create different looks. The list above contains the best sea salt sprays for hair you can consider buying. Each of these products is unique and useful for different hair needs. So read the product descriptions and their features. Pick a suitable product based on your hair texture and thickness. Look for a product that has fewer chemicals and more natural ingredients.

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