12 Best Seat Belt Covers For A Layer Of Cushion In 2024

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Seatbelts are an essential safety feature in cars. Seatbelts keep you secure in position in the event of sudden braking or impact. As thin seatbelts can cause you discomfort and an injury during impact, you may opt for the best seat belt covers to provide a layer of cushioning. If the seatbelt material is too thin and uncomfortable to put on, it might dissuade you from using them.

We have rounded up tried-and-tested quality seat belt covers for your car in this post. When wrapped with a good cover, they reduce the pressure on the shoulder area, making it convenient to keep belts on, even for long, extended driving sessions.

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12 Best Seat Belt Covers

1. Best Comfortable: Coolbebe Seat Belt Covers

These velvety soft seat belt covers or pads make the look and feel of the seat belt quite cozy and offer a comfortable riding experience. The belt doesn’t lose its shape or form with repeated usage as well. If you want to know more about the benefits of these covers, check out this review video showcasing the reviewer’s experience.

Color: Black | Material: uper-soft velvet-touch fabric | Item Weight: ‎1.76 ounces | Product Dimensions: ‎5.51 x 5 x 0.02 inches


  • 100% polyester material and 100% polyurethane foam
  • Feature soft velvets pads that function as a harness for most types of vehicles
  • Comfortable and soft foam pads do not irritate the skin
  • Easy to remove and wash
  • Do not shrink or deform with repeated usage


  • Might run long for newborns
  • May be a bit bulky for some babies

Our Reviewer's Experience

"These strap wraps fit my child’s stroller and car seat harnesses without a hassle. They are slightly tricky to tighten, but their softness makes them my preferred choice. Besides, its black hue matches well with all kinds of belts."

protip_icon Do remember
Make sure to wash your seat belt covers using water, mild soap, and a soft brush to remove dirt and stains.

2. Best Irritation-Free: DorDor & GorGor Organic Baby Seat Belt Cushion

DorDor & GorGor Organic Baby Seat Belt Cushion Image: Dordor & Gorgor

Made of 100% cotton, this baby-friendly seat belt sleeve offers great comfort and is gentle on the skin. Thus, the seat belt protector offers protection to the baby’s skin from strap irritation.

Item Weight: ‎0.634 ounces | Product Dimensions: ‎5 x 6 x 0.5 inches


  • Extra padding for a good cushioning effect
  • Can also be used for strollers
  • GOTS-certified
  • Easy to wash


  • Velcro may not adhere strongly
  • May not be thick enough

Our Reviewer's Experience

"They protect my munchkin’s skin from the sharp edges of the car seat straps. It did take her a while to get used to its girthy design. However, its comfort and machine washability make it a practical choice."

3. Best Fluffy: Connyam Seat Belt Cover

This fluffy seat belt pad is made of 100% Australian sheepskin wool to ace the test of softness. The seat belt shoulder strap cover comes with a cloth sticker, allowing you to wrap or unwrap it around the seat belt or shoulder straps.

Color: ‎Black | Product Dimensions: ‎10.24 x 5.51 x 0.79 inches | Item Weight: ‎1.76 ounces


  • Versatile design allows you to use it as a car belt, bag handle, shoulder strap, and more
  • Smooth wool is safe for delicate and sensitive skin
  • Offers great flexibility and is wear-resistant
  • Compatible with standard seat belts


  • May slide up and down
  • Taking it off may require a bit of manipulation

My Personal Experience

"This sheepskin-based cover is a convenient and comfortable barrier between me and the belt. It did take me a while to get used to its bulky build, but it does not hamper my posture or driving abilities. Hence, I plan on sticking to it."

Coolbebe Seat Belt Covers
Best Comfortable
DorDor & GorGor Organic Baby Seat Belt Cushion
Best Irritation-Free
Connyam Seat Belt Cover
Best Fluffy
Color Black- ‎Black
Material uper-soft velvet-touch fabric--
Weight ‎1.76 ounces ‎0.634 ounces ‎1.76 ounces
Dimensions ‎5.51 x 5 x 0.02 inches ‎5 x 6 x 0.5 inches ‎10.24 x 5.51 x 0.79 inches
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4. Best Snug-Fit:Aden + Anais Seatbelt Cover In Pretty Pink

Aden + Anais Seatbelt Cover In Pretty Pink Image: Aden+anais

Why We Think It's Worth Buying

About 388 reviewers on Amazon have given their seal of approval to the product.

Here’s a pretty pink seat belt wrap cover made with 100% cotton muslin fabric that feels as good as skin. It straps snugly and protects children during strenuous long rides, making it a trusted choice. The comfortable seat belt cover measures 7.5×13 cm.

Item Weight: ‎2.39 ounces | Product Dimensions: ‎1 x 3 x 5 inches


  • Prewashed
  • 100% polyester fillings
  • Easy to wash and washing machine-friendly
  • Breathable material
  • Ideal as a gift


  • Strands of the stuffing may fray over time
  • May be smaller than expected

Our Reviewer's Experience

"Although thick, their padding keeps the car seat’s strap from cutting into my child’s delicate skin. Its cotton build also feels soft, and the animal prints add to my child’s delight."

5. Best Universal:Tianmei Faux Suede Seat Belt Strap

These plush brown bear seat strap covers have been crafted with high-quality suede to keep children comfy as they settle in for a long drive. This adorable seat belt cover has a cute design, and the Velcro strap in the rear helps attach the seat harness cover to the seat belt with ease, making it a dad-and-mom-approved product.

Product Dimensions: ‎10.24 x 2.36 x 1 inches | Item Weight: ‎3.84 ounces


  • Crafted with soft, durable, and high-quality materials
  • Universal style strap fits most models
  • Cotton lining for added comfort
  • Includes a 3D bear doll
  • Machine-washable and can be dry-cleaned


  • May not stay in position for long durations
  • Material may be a little thin

My Personal Experience

"While they took some time to reach their full size due to the vacuum-sealed packaging, I am happy with their cotton lining as it enhances comfort and keeps my set belt from pilling. They have also been compatible with all kinds of belts, and the plush teddy makes my little one feel secure."

protip_icon Trivia
Nils Bohlin, a Volvo engineer, designed the modern three-point seat belt in 1959. Volvo made the patent to the belt free for all car manufacturers (1).

6. Best Stress-Resistant:U&M Seat Belt Covers With Soft Velvet Feel

High-quality cotton seat strap cover pads make long drives easy and stress-free. These soft seat belt protectors aid in relieving the tightness of the belt strap for a comfortable driving experience.

Item Weight: ‎2.39 ounces


  • High-quality cotton blend pads for a velvety feel
  • Stress-resistant pads can withhold a good amount of pull without any discomfort
  • Six centimeters wide and 27cm long
  • Water-resistant cover


  • May interfere with the retraction of the seat belt
  • Might be slightly long
Our Reviewer's Experience

"The best part about these covers is that they offer plush comfort without the bulk. They may require occasional readjustments, but that's very easy to do. Their bright pink hue also makes the car’s interiors look more vibrant."

7. Best Cold-Resistant:U&M High-Density Wool Seat Belt Cover

The perfect snug baby car seat belt cover wrap is 25cm in length and 9.3cm and 6cm in foldable and unfordable width. Made of high-density Australian sheepskin, the seat belt pad will quickly become dad-and-mom-approved as it is extremely soft and gentle on the skin.

Item Weight: ‎3.84 ounces


  • Shrink-proof and non-deforming
  • Wear- and tear-resistant
  • Cold-resistant
  • Easy to clean and maintain


  • May not be wide enough
  • May be shorter than expected
Our Reviewer's Experience

"These wooly covers have made my car rides more snug and cozy, especially during winter. Their velcro fasteners keep them budge-free, and the grey hue requires minimal maintenance. The only issue was the stench, but airing them eliminated that too."

8. Best Compatible: Gampro Car Safety Seat Belt Strap/Shoulder Pad

Trusted and tested by many, this seat belt protector is soft and easily fits into all kinds of harnesses for all types of belts and bag straps. The seatbelt pad measures 10×2.3in.

Item Weight: ‎1.41 ounces


  • Made of polyester
  • Features air-permeating sponge fillers
  • Works for backpack and shoulder bags
  • Fade-resistant


  • May require frequent readjustment
  • May not be as thick
Our Reviewer's Experience

"These protectors have successfully resolved the issue of the belt digging into my skin. I wish they were a bit longer, but the cushioning makes it comfortable. Additionally, the elegant black color blends well with the car’s interiors."

9. Best Easy-To-Wrap: SSAWcasa Car Seat Belt Cover

The easy-to-wrap seat belt cover for kids is comfortable, skin-friendly, and works well with all vehicles. Whether it is for a seat belt in a vehicle or the straps of a bag, this seat belt shoulder pad works with all. The product measures 11.8×3.5×4.7in.

Item Weight: ‎3.2 ounces


  • Attractive unicorn print
  • Comfortable pad does not rub on clothes
  • Easy-to-slide cover
  • Comes with a hook-and-loop fastening tape


  • May not be suitable for long journeys
  • May not be thick enough

10. Best Supportive: SSAWcasa Car Seat Belt Cover

Perfect as a pillow or support, this high-quality micro-suede seat belt padding cover is perfect for children. The comfortable seat belt protector is made with PP cotton, covered by micro-suede fabric, and its dimensions are 11.8×4.7×2.5in.

Item Weight: ‎0.705 ounces | Product Dimensions: ‎11.81 x 3.54 x 4.72 inches


  • Offers comfort and cushioning
  • Easy to remove and wash
  • Comes with a hook-and-loop fastening tape
  • Universal fit


  • May not be suitable for older children
  • May be slightly puffy

Our Tester's Experience

"Scratches and red marks on my daughter’s neck are a thing of the past now. These covers and padding keep her skin protected and double as neck support if she wishes to nap. Their Velcro attachment is convenient, and the fact that it's machine washable is a significant perk."

protip_icon Quick fact
As per data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, seat belt usage in passenger vehicles saved approximately 14,955 lives in 2017 (2).

11. Best Attractive:Mykubi Spiderman Seat Belt Covers For Kids

Cute and attractive, this seat belt cover sleeves with Spiderman animation is perfect to entice kids to strap themselves up!

Fill Material: Cotton | Color: Red | Item Weight: ‎9.9 ounces | Product Dimensions: ‎22 x 10 x 4 inches | Material: ‎Polypropylene, Suede, Cotton


  • The seat belt cover pads are attractively designed with Spiderman animation.
  • It is made up of breathable, soft, odor-free, and lint-free fabric.
  • The Velcro stick-on feature makes it easy to open and remove.
  • The dimensions of the product are 6.5×3.9×3.1 inches.
  • The product, due to its attractiveness, is perfect to give to children.

12. Best Adorable: Fioday Car Seat Belt Cover

*The prices provided in this article are based on the latest available information. However, they may vary due to changes in pricing by the seller and/or promotional offers.

The adorable accessory with unicorn design and smiling expression on the pillow will keep your child engaged as you drive towards your destination. The cotton seat belt pad protects children from the rough, rugged exteriors of most seat belts.

Item Weight: ‎4.6 ounces


  • Offers ergonomic support to neck and back
  • Car pillow fits most seat belts
  • Gentle on the skin and soft to the touch
  • Easy to adjust and remove using the adhesive
  • Machine-washable cover


  • May be difficult to buckle and unbuckle the belt
  • May be smaller than expected

Our Reviewer's Experience

"Besides being an efficient seat belt cover, it doubles as a pillow. Its plush build and cartoon design also keep my son occupied when we are stuck in traffic. Although on the larger end, installing and removing it has been a breeze."

Our Tester's Experience

"Thanks to this cover and its unicorn design, my child does not fuss about wearing the seatbelt. She loves its cushiony build and likes using it as a pillow while napping during car rides. Moreover, the loop and velcro fasteners keep it from moving around."

How To Choose The Right Seat Belt Covers?

Seat belts are an essential accessory in vehicles. However, the constant pull of the car seat belt and the cutting strap adds a lot of agony on one’s neck. Hence, to eliminate that discomfort, a seat belt cover can be handy. That said, it is important to choose one that fits your needs best. Here, we tell you how to pick the best seat belt cover.

  1. Plush and padded: The soft padding of a seat belt cover ensures a comfortable riding experience. For kids, the padding on the cover can double as a snug pillow and comfortable hold-on.
  2. Fabric: Fabrics like 100% cotton or velvet make the feel of the product gentle and soft on the skin. Also, a breathable and easy-to-clean fabric makes maintenance easy, especially when you have little ones.
  3. Attractive design: If you are choosing the cover for a kid, it should look like one. For instance, the Spiderman or unicorn print seat belt covers are not just high on attractiveness quotient but also make the battle of strapping the seat belt across a child a bit easier.
  4. Right dimensions: When traveling with people of different ages, it’s essential to get seat belt covers with a universal design. Hence, opt for a seatbelt cover that has a standard size and wraps securely with a hook-and-loop mechanism.
  5. Suitable for all kinds of harnesses: The seat belt pads should be designed for any kind of strap, including cars, flights, and more. If you have kids, look for covers that can be used in strollers, bouncers, and other vehicles to maximize functionality.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the benefits of using a seat belt cover?

Seat belt covers or shoulder seat belt pads provide a cushioning effect while wearing the seat belt. They make long drives more comfortable and relaxing while reducing the chances of skin chaffing by the belt.

2. How can I make my seat belt more comfortable?

One of the best ways of making a seat belt more comfortable is to add a layer of padding to it by wrapping a seat belt cover around it.

3. How do I protect my clothes from wearing a seat belt?

Since wearing seat belts is important and mandatory, enveloping them in plush seat belt covers can act as a protective barrier between the belts’ sharp edges and clothes. Thus, they are safe and effective option for protecting your clothes from unwanted wear and tear.

4. Are seat belt covers safe?

If the seat belt cover is made of 100% cotton muslin or other such skin-friendly fabrics and materials, it is safe.

Why Trust MomJunction?

We have compiled some of the best seat belt covers you can consider buying for a comfortable traveling experience. The products we have listed here are made of soft, safe, and high-quality materials and are easy to remove and wash. They are selected after considering multiple customer reviews and testers’ experiences to ensure good quality and long-lasting performance. You can explore the buying guide with the necessary information to choose the right product.

The Bottom Line

A seatbelt is essential to ensure your safety while traveling in vehicles. The best seat belt covers are ergonomically designed and provide a layer of cushioning to kids and adults alike. Seat belt covers come in attractive design patterns, so you can purchase one that suits your tastes and preferences. We recommend the DorDor & GorGor Organic Baby Seat Belt Cushion, which is made of 100% cotton and offers optimal comfort while shielding your baby’s skin from abrasion, and the shape-retaining Coolbebe Seat Belt Covers, which are comfortable and easy to maintain. You can also try the Aden + Anais Seatbelt Cover, which is breathable and snug. The products listed above are tried and tested by the reviewers and made from plush materials to ensure you are comfortable throughout the journey.

Infographic: What Are The Various Kinds Of Seat Belt Covers?

Seat belt covers are accessories that effectively prevent the sharp edges of the car seat from chafing your neck and damaging clothes to a certain extent. Check out the following infographic to discover the variant types of seat belt covers to help you pick the best ones that suit your needs.

Different Types Of Seat Belt Covers (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

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  1. The three-point seat belt – an innovation that saved over 1 million lives
  2. Seat Belts

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